Entertain Ladies' Aid

Mrs John W. Weaver and Mrs. Paul Mullen were enjoyable hostesses at the home of Mrs. Weaver Thursday afternoon when they entertained the Methodist Ladies' Aid Society and friends. The rooms were prettily decorated with roses, poppies and Shasta daisies, which were in profusion everywhere. Mrs. W. W. Emery and Mrs. C. A. Wood sang a duet and Mrs C. A. Wood rendered a piano solo. A pleasant afternoon was spent, after which ice cream and cake were served to the ladies. The following were present: Mrs. Yates, Mrs. Charles Tschudin, Mrs. Chas. Hall, Mrs. Robert Roselius, Mrs. Clothier, Mrs. Louis Stemm, Mrs. E. M. Underwood, Mrs. Molile Barnett, Miss Edith Ford, Mrs. Roy Ellis, Mrs. Roland Mullin, Mrs. W. W. Emery, Mrs. H. B. Dickinson, Mrs. C. A. Wood, Miss West, Mrs. John Place, Mrs. John Weaver and Mrs. Paul Mullin.

Source: The Chehalis Bee-Nugget, Friday, 28 Jul 1922, p. 2.

Transcribed by Jenny Tenlen.