This picture was submitted by Cheryl Wilder. She also submitted the Back of the photo, which has the students' signatures. Her comments on the picture are followed by a listing of students.

"Other signatures on the back of the pic (but are not listed by Betty Powell Bowden) are those of Carley M., Richard Greer, and Barbara Goyette (sp). (Carley M. was at OHS for only a year, then moved away.) Of course, there may be mistakes, that I don't know of, but my mother-in-law was quite sure of all the names. I counted 25 or 26 signatures on the back, but there are only 23 students. Hope someone finds the pic useful. Anyone is welcome to contact me."

Onalaska HS, 1944, Grade 8


Back row, left to right:
Warren Oldoren
Joyce Harms
James Amrine (sp)
Rayetta Keenan
Jerry Tryon
Lorraine Shore
Jack Weaver
Hazel Hadler (sp)
Second row, left to right:
Teacher, Mrs. Groesbeck
Bonnie Tryon
Duane Chapman
Delores Literal
Dick Norris
Grace Stonex
Raymond Shipp (not sure of Shipp)
Olga Westfall
Front row, left to right:
Lois Extine
Betty Powell
Edna Jean Hammond
Dorothy Hulbert
Barbara Rogers
Shirley Arnold
Charlete Nealy (sp)