Mrs. Orvel Van Nostrano entertained the Kil-Kare club last Wednesday evening. Following a pleasant evening spent at sewing and games, the hostess served a delicious lunch to Mesdames Willis Ray, Lawrence Duprey and Ralph Smoots.

Making a business trip to Seattle Friday were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Radmaker and son, Bob.

Guests at the Rae Peacock home last Friday were Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Johnson and children, Marjory and Richard from St. John, Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Ellsworth have as their guests this week, Mrs. Mark Rice and family of Minneapolis, Minn.

Mrs. Eddie Greear has as visitors this week, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hindman of Ellensburg. Mrs. Hindman will be remembered as the former Wilma Greear.

Last week Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weaver entertained Mrs. Jenny Davis whose home is at Winthrop, Washington.

Mrs. Merton Smith was a charming hostess last Tuesday at an afternoon tea given in honor of Mrs. A. W. Argo and Mrs. Mary Wilson, mother of Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Wilson's home is at Nampa, Idaho. Entertainment for the afternoon included piano selections by Miss Nancy Carlisle and several vocal numbers by Mrs. Charles Osborn. Besides the honored guests and the hostess, others enjoying the tea were Mesdames, Al La Clerc, Fred Clyde, Charles Osborn, Kenneth Carlisle, E. H. Robinson, Jack Poore, R. E. Kelly, A. L. Ward, George Gabrielson, Vince Wasika, Lynn Butz, Jack Weaver, Clarence Jacobson, Bernice Burkett, George Zopf, Earl Plummer, T. J. Claspill, Al Brown and Ada Brown from Chehalis and Mrs. Piper from Salt Lake City.

Guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Gabrielson for several days were Mr. and Mrs. Orville Kennedy of Ravendale, Wash. Visitors last Thursday at the Gabrialson home were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kinaven of Aberdeen.

John Bailor of Seattle and Miss Maureen Smith of C?l???* were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bailor. Miss Frances Bailor is spending several weeks with her parents.

Mrs. Ida Groesbeck was hostess at a bridge luncheon in honor of her sister, Mrs. J. Kapp of Santa Rosa, Calif., and Miss Myrtle Nordlund and her mother, Mrs. Mordlund of Seattle. Present were Mesdames B. Walker of Chehalis, Merton Smith, Mary Wilson and Wallace Bailor.

Motoring to Raymond Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Ben Harrison and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wildman. They were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wes. Mrs. West is a sister of Mrs. Wildman.

Miles Doyle and Irvan Lee have purchased a plane and Onalaska residents who would enjoy an airplane ride are asked to come to the Chehalis airport. Rates are $1.50 per ride.

Last Saturday afternoon Mrs. Merton Smith Entertained at a dessert - bridge luncheon in honor of Miss Myrtle Nordlund. Guests for the affair were Mesdames Ted Butz, Fred Clyde, A. W. Argo, Mary Wilson, George Zopf, Ida Groesbeck, Wallace Bailor, J. Kopp of Santa Rosa, Calif, N. Nordlund of Seattle and Miss Frances Bailor.

Guests at the Earl Plummer home the past week end were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richardson of Snoqualamie Falls. Sunday the entire party picnicked at Offut lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Willard Foulke entertained Mr. and Mrs. Adam Godwin of Castle Rock Sunday. The Godwins are former residents of Onalaska.

Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Reeves and Mr. and Mrs. Abel Brodbeck enjoyed Saturday at Sunrise Park.

Dinner guests in Chehalis Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Duprey and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smoots who were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Asher.

Picnicking at Deep Lake Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Ellsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rice and family, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Noble and family and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Earl and children of Tacoma.

Onalaskans are shocked by the death of Bert Reynolds which occurred Sunday at Tillamook, Ore. Mr.Reynolds underwent an apendectomy last week and failed to rally from the operation. Mr. Reynolds operated the butcher shop in Onalaska until about two months ago when he moved to Rockaway, Ore. His many friends in Onalaska offer their deep sympathy to his widow and children.

* [print bled through from back page, possibly Colfax]

Source: The Advocate, 22 August 1940, page 12. Microfilm available at Washington State Library, 6880 Capitol Boulevard South, Tumwater, Washington 98512

Transcribed by Kathryn Lester