Last Tuesday night a number of Jeanette Stone's friends gave her a surprise in honor of her birthday. The evening was spent with games and dancing, one feature of the evening was a fortune telling booth. Those helping her celebrate were merle Riley, Viva Robinson. Mary Austin, Lonny Hogman, Blenda Ronquist, Sylvia Ronquist, nancy Ronquist, Frances Foley, Helen Foley, Ruth Pohosky, Margaret Brodbeck, Maxine Case, Helen Workman, Faye Literal, Patricia Johnson, Geraldine Andrus, Betty Jane Shay, Mary Hogue, Doreen Hammond, Sonny Reed, George Farnham, Vernon Cupp, Donald Sparks, Marvin Schillington, Gilson Greeley, Ray Stone, Leo Wilson, Clyde Rankin, Virgil Briggs, Rex Delano, Dorothy Riley, Henry Hogman, Henning Hogman, Warren Bailor, Barry Warwick, Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Riley.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McGee and Bob Cameron visited Sunday in Tacoma.

Mrs. Jeanette Evans and the Misses Dorothy Miller and Helen Kwapil spent the week end visiting in Seattle.

A number ofour [sic] local Rebekahs attended the district meeting held in Randle Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Chapman visited Sunday in South Bend with their son and family.

Mrs. A. B. Morrison of Yakima is visiting her friend, Mrs. H. L. Lauderdale.

Dr. and Mrs. Yahn, Dr. and Mrs. Gleason, Mr. and Mrs. B. Prigmore and Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Cook, all of Winlock were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Lauderdale.

Zoe Plants was initiated in the Eastern Star last Thursday night. The lodge rooms and dining room were decorated with lovely chrysanthemums.

Mrs. D. H. Hammond entertained Friday afternoon honoring her mother. Mrs. H. C. Watters, who is leaving Friday for a visit in Long Beach with her son and family. The afternoon was spent with bridge, high score being held by Mrs. C. A. Reed and low by Mrs. J. F. Myles. Mrs. C. R. Workman won the cut prize. At the close of the afternoon a delicious lunch was served by the hostess. Those enjoying the afternoon were Mesdames C. A. Reed, Jas. Box, F. R. Butz, M. E. Case, Phil Zettel, Helen Smith, George James, Wm. Morison, H. J. Brodbeck, R. E. Kelly, Allen Austin, V. Wosika, J. F. Myles, E. H. Robinson, E. Z. Brown, A. L. Ward, Alice Durrell, C. R. Workman, Jack Poore, W. F. Bailor and Miss Bertha James.

Mrs. C. H. Secoy entertained a few ladies Wednesday afternoon in honor of her mother, Mrs. E. O. Chinn. The afternoon was spent with fancy work after which lunch was enjoyed. Halloween motifs were used for decorating the rooms and the lunch tables. Those enjoying the affair were Mesdames S. E. P. White, C. B. Ziegler, Roy Stone, Allan Austin, Henry Choniere, E. H. Robinson, George Farnham, W. F. Bailor, Chas. Shay, Grant Hogue, F. P. Gunder, K. L. Carlisle, C. B. Sparks, A. V. LeClerc, A. J. Rankin, Carl Sparks.

Miss Sue Gallagher entertained the sewing club at her home last Tuesday night, one feature of the evening was a miscellaneous shower honoring Miss Daisy Sweitzer, a bride of the near future. Those present were Mesdames J. P Sweitzer, R. E. Sweitzer, Monte Reed, R. L. Littelton, W. E. Briggs, Ted Jessen, Ted Butz, Sam Duarte, J. E. Morgan, Pete Hendrickson, M. J. Gallagher and the Misses Adeline Kelly, Zoe Plants, Sigrid Hansen, Herdes Hansen, Elizabeth Vaughn and Bertha James.

Mrs. P. J. Regan entertained the "Chatter Box" club at her home Thursday afternoon with following ladies present, Mesdames Frank Foley, Chris Henricksen, C. E. Jacobsen, N. O. Peterson, M. E. Jeffries, R. L. Littenton, Dave Powell, G. E. Bryson, Glenn Booth and M. A. Griffiths. A social afternoon was enjoyed followed by a dainty lunch, the hostess u sing [sic] Halloween motifs for decoration.

Mrs. Cecilia Fox surprised her many friends and relatives last Saturday morning upon her arrival from Michigan where she (line missing from copy) friends gathered at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Robert Foster, and gave her a welcoming home party. The evening was spent with games followed by a lovely lunch. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Hinkle, Le Rue Hinkle and Harvey McGuire of Centralia, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Misner and family of Napavine. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Cupp, Mr. and Mrs. E. Isaacson and sons, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Rogers and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Sweitzer.

Miss Nellie Booth of Chehalis visited several days last week with her sister, Mrs. L. L. Choiniere.

Miss Lettie Davis of Spencer, S. D. is spending the winter with her friend, Mrs. E. W. Olsen.

Mrs. O. I. Taylor of Long Beach, Calif., who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Roy Stone, and her brother, A. D. Grabenhorst, has returned to her home.

Mrs. Nellie Sweitzer is visiting with her sister and family at Aberdeen.

A daughter was born Wednesday, October 31, to Mr. and Mrs. George A. Keenan.

Source: The Lewis County Advocate, 08 November 1934, page 8. Microfilm available at Washington State Library, 6880 Capitol Blvd. S., Tumwater, WA 98512

Transcribed by Kathryn Lester