"Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Quick"

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Quick, respected pioneers of Chehalis and Lewis county, celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary, December 31, 1924. The celebration is a quiet one, with most of their family with them here in Chehalis.

Mr. and Mrs. Quick were married December 31, 1874, at Marshalltown, Iowa, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Metz, who formerly lived in Chehalis, and were themselves Lewis county pioneers. Mrs. Quick's maiden name was Mary Kitch. In 1886 Mr. and Mrs. Quick came to Winlock in this county. In the spring of 1887 they moved to Chehalis, and in the fall of 1888 went back to Iowa. They returned to Chehalis in the fall of 1890, and have made Chehalis their home ever since.

Five children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Quick, four of whom are living. H. B. Quick, Mortimer Quick and Mrs. Alice Sticklin were born in Iowa. Mortimer was killed in a runaway accident in Iowa, April 29, 1899. Harry Quick was in Iowa at that time also. Harold W. Quick and Mrs. Corabelle Parrot were born in Chehalis. Harry B., Harold W. and Mrs. Corabelle Parrot live in Chehalis now, Mrs. Alice Sticklin residing between Chehalis and Centralia. Harry has developed a large automobile business in Chehalis, and his brother, Harold W., is associated with him. Before the days of the automobile Harry conducted a large harness making business in Chehalis.

C. B. Quick was employed as a butcher by August Donahoe when he came to Chehalis. Later he went into the butcher business for himself, at various times running his own business, working for others, and later managing the Carstens Packing Company branch in Chehalis. Mrs. Quick has always been prominent in church and music circles, for years being director of music in the Methodist church in Chehalis. For years they lived on Alfred street, and later built a home on Main street. A few years ago they sold that, and bought a small acreage just east of the city limits, on the Pacific highway, where they are now living.

Mr. and Mrs. Quick have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances who will join the Bee-Nugget in extending congratulations and best wishes on this their fiftieth wedding anniversary occasion. (photo)

Source: The Chehalis Bee-Nugget, 2 Jan 1925, page 8.

Transcribed by Diana Smith. She has no further information on this individual.