Randle Reunion Enjoyel [sic] By Many Despite Rain

RANDLE - In spite of wet picnic tables and muddy youngsters, the first reunion of the Randle high school classes of 1951, 1952 and 1953 was a success, with about 125 people attending from as far as California to renew old friendships.

Plans were made to meet again in 1964, for a two day event, which will include an evening of dancing.

Ted Koher was the speaker for the reunion program.

Those winning gag prizes were: traveled longest distance, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Koher and family, Bayside, Calif.; last one married, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Myers, Packwood; youngest child present, Annette Myers; couple who moved the most, Mr. and Mrs. Avery Maloney, (Delores Myers) and family from Myrtle Creek, Ore.; longest married from each class, Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Scott (Lorraine Goble) Randle, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Morris (Barbara Henderson) Randle, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wharton, (Shirley Hackney) Packwood; couples with most children from each class, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rogers (Myrtle Cates), Randle, Mr. and Mrs. Maloney and Mr. and Mrs. Don Fuchs, both Packwood; bachelor, Larry Homes, Morton; most worn class ring, Barbara (Ward) Plummer, Puyallup; teacher who came the fartherest [sic], Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Farris and family, Moses Lake.

Others attending with their families from Packwood included: Mr. and Mrs. Howard Music, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Myers, Shirley (Hackney) Wharton, and Mr. and Mrs. Don Fuchs.

From Randle: Mr. and Mrs. Don Sawyer (Yvonne Hackney), Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Randall (Elsie Bowen), Mr. and Mrs. Charles DeWalt (JoAnne Hickey), Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rogers (Myrtle Cates): Mr. and Mrs. Robert McMahan (Beulah Justice), Mr. and Mrs. Rodger McCall, and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Embum (Sharon Meade), Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hall.

Others attending from out of the district, with their families, included:

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Doctor, Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. Claude Orr, Mountlake Terrace; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Horton (Sue Slagle) Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Horton (Kathleen Callahan), Tacoma; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Zulauf (Ellen Ray), Montesano; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Morris, Belfair; Mr. and Mrs. Ted Moffitt (Beverly Shoemaker), Silverton, Ore.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schultz (Barbara Fuchs), Fox Island; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hessler, Morton; Mr. and Mrs. John Scott, Roseburg, Ore.; Mr. and Mrs. Keith Temple (Ruby Scott) Roseburg, Ore.; Mr. and Mrs. Dick Plummer (Barbara Ward), Puyallup; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hickle, Lompoc, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gibney, Wind River; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Walters, Mineral; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Farris, Moses Lake.

Source: The Daily Chronicle, 16 August 1962, page 3. Microfilm available at Centralia Timberland Library, 110 South Silver, Centralia, Washington 98531.

Transcribed by Kathryn Lester