"Golden Wedding Is Celebrated; Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sareault, Cowlitz Pioneers, Renew Vows of 1878"

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sareault celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Monday, September 24, at their home on Cowlitz prairie, where they have lived most of their lives. At St. Francis Mission church, near the site of which at old Cowlitz Mission, Mr. Sareault was born 72 years ago, they again renewed their vows of 50 years ago, made at Sacred Heart church, Montreal, Canada, September 24, 1878. Mr. Sareault's grandfather, Simon Plamondon, was the first white man to set foot on that part of what was then Oregon territory at old Cowlitz Landing, near the present town of Toledo, being connected with the Hudson Bay Company. His father was James E. Sareault, known familiarly to the real pioneers of Lewis county as "Eli, the blacksmith." The father crossed the plains in 1848 with the Oblat Fathers with the same immigrant train in which were the historic Huntingtons whose impress has been felt ever since in Cowlitz county.

During his lifetime J. B. Sareault lived for a time in British Columbia, on Cowlitz Prairie and in Portland. During his residence on Cowlitz he has had his full part in development of the country. In 1877 he accompanied his father to Canada where he attended school for a time at St. Laurent College. It was there he met his wife, whose maiden name was Marie Rose Major, who was born at St. Roch de L'achigan, near Montreal, October 5, 1860. Following their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Sareault came west and lived for 15 years in Portland, where Mr. Sareault was employed by the firm of Frank Brothers Implement Company. From Portland Mr. and Mrs. Sareault moved to Cowlitz prairie where they have since lived. They have a fine, new modern home in which to enjoy their reclining years. Both are in good health and enjoy life very much.

Sunday a gathering of relatives and friends spent the day at the Sareault home, a large family dinner being served in the evening. This was attended by nine of their ten living children, the only one who was not present being Mrs. W. J. Steffen of Crofton, Neb. Those in attendance were Mrs. A. H. Brooling of Chehalis, Mrs. I. J. Marquis and Mrs. B. J. Hall of Onalaska, Mrs. J. F. Borte and Miss Irene Sareault; George, Elias, Hector and Joseph Sareault, all of Cowlitz.

Among the 75 neighbors and friends present Sunday were some from Toledo, Winlock, Chehalis, Onalaska and Portland; also present were Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Miller of Cowlitz, who recently celebrated the half-century mark of their wedded life.

Together with the many beautiful gifts received were $50 in gold from their children and $50 in gold from Mrs. Sareault's brother and sister in Montreal. (photo)

Source: The Chehalis Bee-Nugget, 28 Sep 1928, page 3.

Transcribed by Diana Smith. She has no further information on this individual.