"Shop Safety Committee Campaign." State of Washington: Ninth Biennial Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Factory Inspection 1913-1914. Edward W. Olson, Commissioner. Olympia: Frank M. Lamborn, Public Printer, 1914. pp. 269-275 [Google Books]

"Very happily, as the letter to the Governor stated, the shop safety committee movement has met with the hearty approval and co-operation of the employers and workers of the state, ever since its first suggestion, and through the work of this Bureau up to October 1, 1914, shop safety committees have been organized in 423 plants throughout the state. The number of men employed in these plants under normal conditions is 25,722, of which number 1,285 arc now acting as members of the safety movement. Following is a complete list of the plants organized, showing the number of men employed and the number of committeemen in each plant:

Location Name of Firm Number Men Employed Number Committee men
Centralia Chehalis River Lumber & Shingle Co. 112 2
Centralia Eastern Railway & Lumber Company 205 3
Doty Doty Lumber & Shingle Company 160 3
Littell Chester Snow Log & Shingle Co. 90 3
Morton Lake Creek Shingle Company 9 3
Napavine Emery & Nelson 35 3
Pe Ell Yeomans Lumber Company 58 3