Civil War Vets posing

Writing on back of photo

(The names on the back of the photo read, from left to right: Bill Young, Mr. McFadden, Mr. Eylvia (Sylvia?), Dan Shaner, Mr. Sparks, Tom Landis, Mr. Kiser.)

This picture was submitted by Tami (DeRossett) Moorcroft. Here are her comments on the picture:

"This was in my Gramma Inez's pictures it is of the elders of MossyRock that were in the Civil War. I scanned both the picture and the back of the picture it is names of the men in the picture. Dan Shaner was good friend to the Brannan's and I believe his sister was married to one of the Brannans. Anyway none of these are my direct lines but thought they would be of interest to someone out there!"

Editor's Note: An email from Jenna Cain (1 Nov 2003) provides additional information on the photo: "The picture of the Civil War veterans on the Lewis County Genweb site includes my gr-grandfather, Charles Thomas Landes. I was very pleased to find this. I would like to point out an error on the identification. The man identified as Mr. Eylvia is probably Robert D. Silva. It was mis-spelled Sylvia. If you look closely, you'll see that the beginning letter is S, not E. Robert and his wife Martha can be found on the 1920 census in the Sulphur Creek Precinct., living with their son. R. B. Silva & family. The name is found as Silva in several places, including the old newspapers."

Another email, from Becky Chafin (11 Aug 2005), provides more information on Mr. Kiser: "That is Andrew Jackson Kiser. He and Mr Silva were great friends. There is a newspaper clipping (early 1900's) from Washington state (Lewis Co.) about both men and the fact that they fought on different sides of the war. Andrew was a Unionist and Mr Silva was confederate. I have a copy of the article. Andrew served under Sherman and named his son Sherman after the general.. I would love to hear from some of his descendants as I have pictures of him when he was part of the Kentucky Volunteers, also much info and pics of his mother, father, siblings,etc from the 1860's thru today!!!!"