Joseph W. Suver

is a descendant of the pioneer Suver family of Polk Co., Oregon, and contributed the following update to the biography of Joseph W. Suver that appeared in The History of the Willamette Valley.

Born in Berkeley County, Virginia, in 1814; came to Oregon in 1844, and settled at Luckiamute Valley, where he engaged in the occupation of farming. He married Delia Pyburn in Polk County, Oregon, in 1851; their children's names were Caroline, Marshall, and Green B. (full name - Green Berry). The tiny village of Suver, OR bears the family name. Green Berry married Edna Grace; their children were Joseph, Samuel - born August 29, 1904, and Loretta. Joseph, a college professor, had one son, Geoffrey. Loretta married Delmar Newman after being a nurse in WW II, settling in Eugene, OR, where they operated a seafood store; they had two sons, Denis and Philip. Samuel Suver married Laveta Opal McClain in 1932, farming near Camp Adair; he later worked for a sawmill in Independence, OR, then Roseburg Lumber Co. in Roseburg, OR until his death in 1964 – one daughter, Carol Jean, born 10-14-1942 in Corvallis, OR; married to Phillip L. Richeson, a submarine sailor, on Sept. 23, 1961 in Roseburg, OR. Their children are Meredith Gayle, October 25, 1962, and Brian Keith, October 22, 1964. Meredith married Paul Hillenbrand in November of 1986; their children are Seth Jeremiah, born February, 1989 and Heather Nikole, born September, 1993. Brian fathered two sons – Derek Thomas, born December, 1993; and Phillip James Lee, born October, 1997.

Submitted July 17, 2011 by , daughter of Samuel Suver.

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