Index to: "Historic Sketches..."

The following is an index of biographies published in the "Historic Sketches of Walla Walla, Whitman, Columbia and Garfield Counties, Washington Territory, and Umatilla County, Oregon" [Frank T. Gilbert, Author; Published by Print. and Lithographing House of A.G. Walling; Portland, Oregon, 1882]

All of the biographies from this book were kindly transcribed by Diana Smith, and are linked below.


Baldwin, Alexander
Day, W. W., Dr.
Donaldson, Joseph
Graham, William
James, Andrew J.
Johnson, Ambrose
Lowe, S. J.
McCoy, James C.
Muncy, Elias
Neal, Alexander, Jr.
Torrence, E. A.


Favor, A. J.
Hemingway, E. L.
James, Arthur A.
James, George W.
Mays, F. W. D.
Pomeroy, Joseph M.
Rigsby, James W. & Walter W.
Scholl, Ernst & Emil
St. George, Harry
Stine, William


Davis, James S.


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Adams, Fred F.
Babcock, Chester N.
Baker, Dorsey S., Dr.
Barker, O. P.
Barnes, Wm. T.
Berry, Geo. T.
Blalock, N. G., Dr.
Boyer, John F.
Brechtel, Oswald
Brewer, J. F.
Brunton, William H.
Cantonwine, W. J.
Caton, Nathan T.
Cochran, James W.
Colwell, E. N.
Cornwell, James M.
Day, J. H., Dr.
Dewar, James M.
Dickinson, Abraham C.
Erwin, Samuel H.
Evans, Milton
Ferguson, William F.
Fix, Andrew J.
Foster, James W.
Frazier, Cantrel R.
Fudge, John
Gwinn, Joseph L.
Harbert, Joseph W.
Hood, John R.
Hull, Orley
Ingalls, Henry
Ingalls, Theodore P.
Keiser, William M. & Roxcia
Kirby, John F.
Kirkman, William
Lamb, J. M.
Langford, W. G.
Lasater, James H. Long, John & Garrett
Loundagin, George W.
Lyons, Patrick
McAuliff, James, Gen.
McGwire, William H.
McMorris, Lewis
Maier, Christian
Mills, Edward D.
Mix, James D.
Page, Thomas P.
Painter, William C.
Powell, E. L.
Preston, William G. & Platt A.
Pumpelly, Marcellus
Quinn, Thomas
Randall, Lewis
Rattlemiller, Leonard
Reed, Alexander
Reed, George K.
Rees, Raymond R.
Reynolds, A. H.
Russell, Charles
Scott, John
Stanfield, William
Starrett, George
Stephens, William
Stewart, Daniel
Tash, Andrew J.
Thomas, Alfred
Thomas, Wallace B.
Tracy, John
Truax, Sewell
Williams, Nicholas C.
Winans, William P.
Witt, Bennett B.
Witt, Philander S.
Wooton, Davis
Yenney, Philip