Index to: "The Oregonian's Handbook of the Pacific Northwest"

The following is an index of biographies published in the "The Oregonian's Handbook of the Pacific Northwest" [Published by Oregonian Publishing Co., Portland, 1894]

Diana transcribed the Washington biographies from this book - click on the link to read the biography.

Name County
Brooke, George S. Lincoln Co.
Dillman, L. C. Spokane Co.
Donahue, T. P. Lincoln Co.
Ferguson, E. C. Snohomish Co.
Gray, James B. Lincoln Co.
Griffitts, Thomas C. Spokane Co.
Hyde, Samuel C. Spokane Co.
Jones, Arthur D. Spokane Co.
LeFevre, A. Spokane Co.
Leghorn, J. F. Spokane Co.
Martin, H. N. Lincoln Co.
Morrow, J. H. Walla Walla Co.
Mount, Wallace Lincoln Co.
Pietrzycki, M. Columbia Co.