Old Moyrus Church Graveyard

O'Donnells in Carna Parish, Co. Galway, Ireland

The following records are extracted from microfilms of baptisms and marriages in Carna Parish, Archdiocese of Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland. Carna is located in western Galway along the coast of Galway Bay between Roundstone and Cil Cairn. The parish includes the townlands of Rusheenamanagh, Moyrus, Ardmore, and others.

This microfilm was read in the National Library in Dublin, Ireland and was in poor condition. For example, the baptisms from 1853-1873 and marriages from 1860-1870 were almost entirely unreadable. I tried to pull out all the O'Donnells I could, but I am sure that I missed many more.

You can also follow links to O'Donnells known to be in my tree. I'd love to hear from anyone researching O'Donnells in Carna parish! Please e-mail .


Parish Microfilm P.4218
National Library of Dublin
Archdiocese of Tuam
Parish of Carna (Moyrus)
Baptisms: 1853-1880
Marriages: 1852-1880

Marriages performed by the Very Rev. John Canning:

26 May 1859 Thomas Early Margaret O'Donnell Timothy O'Donnell and Margaret Early The date may be June 26 - the month was cut off in the microfilm; the date before this wedding was May 15, and the next wedding was July 4.
15 Aug 1859 John O'Donnell Bab Canavan Thos. and Bab Canavan  
22 Aug 1859 Patt O'Donnell Bridget _?_ Peter Nee and Winifred O'Donnell Bridget's last name was illegible.
1 Nov 1874 John Donohue Mary O'Donnell Michael Kane and Bridget Connelly  
16 Aug 1877 John Kilmartin Anne O'Donnell Martin Kilmartin and Kate O'Donnell Married in Rusheenamanagh (townland in Carna)
12 Dec 1878 Patt O'Donnell Honor Green Patt McDonough and Ellen _?_  


4 Jun 1874 Colman O'Donnell Michael O'Donnell not listed The mother's name was obscured by a large black spot on the microfilm.
18 Oct 1874 Margaret Brown Simon Brown and Bridget Canavan Patt O'Donnell and Barbara King Baptized in Ardmore.
10 Nov 1874 Joseph Cain Patt Cain and Bridget O'Donnell Thomas Cain and Mary O'Donnell  
11 Nov 1874 Joseph Nolan Joseph Nolan and Mary O'Donnell Joseph McDonough and Bridget Connelly  
12 Nov 1874 Mary Green Coleman Green and Kate O'Donnell Michael O'Donnell and Bridget Green  
17 Feb 1875 Joseph O'Donnell Michael O'Donnell and Honor _?_ John and Sarah M___? (Morgan?) The right edge of the film was dark, so the last names were obscured.
17 Feb 1875 Martin O'Donnell Owen O'Donnell and Kate Kelly Joseph King and Bridget Kelly  
3 Mar 1875 Bridget O'Donnell Michael O'Donnell and Mary Toole Timothy O'Donnell and Bab Kelly (or Keily)  
23 Mar 1875 Patrick Ridge Jas. Ridge and Mary O'Donnell Thos. and Mary Ridge  
28 Mar 1875 Patrick O'Donnell Mark O'Donnell and Margaret (Devane?) Patrick and Mary O'Donnell Margaret's name was hard to make out; Devane is my best guess. The baptism took place in Rusheenamanagh.
11 Apr 1875 Joseph O'Donnell Bartly O'Donnell and Mary Green Mathias Corbett and Anne O'Donnell Baptized in Moyrus. Bartly may also be Barthw (an abbrev. for Bartholomew)
27 Jun 1875 Ellen Connelly Adam Connelly and Mary O'Donnell John Connelly and Bridget Geraghty Baptized in Rusheenamanagh.
3 Apr 1876 Anne O'Donnell Bartly O'Donnell and Anne Ridge Mark O'Donnell and Mary Keiley (or Kelley) Baptized in Rusheenamanagh.
6 Aug 1876 Joseph O'Donnell Thomas O'Donnell and Norah Derrawn Mark O'Donnell and Mary Connelly. Born July 30, 1876.
11 May 1878 Mary O'Donnell Bartley and Anne O'Donnell Joseph McDonough and Mary Malkenien(?) Baptized in Rusheenamanagh. Malkenien may actually be Mulkerrin (source: )
30 Jun 1878 John Kilmartin John Kilmartin and Anne O'Donnell Patt O'Donnell and Bridget Lyson(?) Bridget Lyson may be Bridget Lydon (source: )
30 Jun 1878 Sarah O'Donnell Bartley (or Barthw) O'Donnell and Anne Ridge Mark O'Donnell and Winifred Ridge Baptized in Rusheenamanagh. Sarah was my great-grandmother.