Supporting S.A.R. Ceremonies

Message sent on Sept. 27, regarding the S.A.R. marker dedication ceremonies, from

Hello all,

Have recieved several responses from those who attened the dedication of the McAfee markers. Everyone was very impressed. Have also recieved inquiries about helping out somehow, and how much this all costs.

The total expenses for the markers, dedication, ect. for James, Robert, George, Samuel, William McAfee and Thomas Gaunt comes to $1435.00. As of my last accounting The McAfee descendants had sent in $1105.00. A great effort, but as you can see a $330 balance.

If any of you want to contribute, you can see an opportunity is present. The SAR has set upon an enormous task of marking EVERY Revolutionary soldier buried in Ky. and have done so to almost 50 in last few months, and I can imagine if this balance is left unattened it may limit the efforts of the SAR in helping other families.

If interested, please send donations to:

Isaac Shelby Chapter of Sons of American Revolution
Attn. McAfee Markers
C/O Forest Chilton
906 N. Pope Lick Rd.
Louisville, Ky. 40299

Look forward to more McAfee stories and military records in future. and have several photos of the SAR services with each brother's new marker.

Luther D.