McAfee Markers - update

Message sent on May 15, 2008, regarding the S.A.R. markers for McAfee ancestors, from

"Great news,

The markers have all arrived for
Thomas Guant

They are currently in possession of Rev. Chilton in Louisville and he is awaiting a date to plan the dedication ceremony. Would like to coordinate with everyone so all could be done in same day

Robert's is to be placed at James McAfee cemetery
George & Samuel's at Providence Cemetery
and Thomas G.'s at Mudd Meeting House
All in Mercer County

William's is also in . He was dedicated at same time as James's, but was to be set in Louisville, but his descendants were unable to attend then.

Open to suggested dates to pass along to Rev. Chilton, but I suggest late summer as travel plans need to be made and weather might be a little cooler mid sept., but any date will be OK with me.

Luther D."