McAfee Marker ceremony - Sept. 13, 2008

Message sent on Aug. 15, 2008, regarding the S.A.R. markers for McAfee ancestors, from

"I been in recent contact with Rev. Chilton from SAR. who has a planned agenda for the ceremonies for Sept 13.

George and Samuel markers will be set at their gravesites at New Providence Cemetery Robert's marker will be placed at James McAfee Cemetery (per family request) Thomas Gaunt's marker will be placed at Old Mudd Meeting House (per family request)

The SAR plans to meet at New Providence Cemetery(easy to find and plenty of parking) where they will set up their program. Here they will conduct individual honors for each soldier at this central location.and the George, Samuel, and Robert markers will be permanantly set either prior to or shortly after the conclusion of ceremonies. However, since Thomas Gaunt's marker has been requested at Mudd Meeting House which is several miles away, and no family is expected to attend(if wrong please advise) It will be set permanantly a few weeks later when a simialr ceremony is scheduled at that location.

If you plan to attend please advise so we will know how many programs to print.


Luther D.