McAfee Reunion - recap

Summary of events at first McAfee Reunion, Oct. 5-8, 2007, from

"The McAfee reunion was all I had hoped. About 100 came. The marking of James's grave was GREAT. The SAR reps were all dressed in Colonial costumes and Color Guard were all Revolutionary soldiers. The rifle salute was given by a frontier militiaman using a Kentucky Long Rifle. Everyone was invited to church at Providence on Sunday and when they showed up there (I couldn't make it) the ladies were dressed as pioneer dresses and the pastor portrayed an old circut rider minister. A vote was taken and all agreed to get together again every 5 years."

Regarding plaques recognizing the contributions of the pioneering McAfee brothers in the Revolutionary War:

"Also several of you have offered to help with the costs involved in James & William's grave markers. I assure you there is no need. Thanks to Diana Rose for sponsoring James's & Jan Marx for sponsoring William's. I covered the expenses for the stone collars and travel expenses for the SAR group. However, The Rev. Forrest Chilton who presided over the ceremony is engaged in recognizing all Revolutionary soldiers buried in Kentucky, and so far this year has performed over 45 ceremonies just like the one for us. In this regard, he has asked if descendants of the other McAfee's would be interested in bronze markers for their ancesters as well, and Mr. W. J. Smith of Lawrenceburg has already stepped forward and the wheels are already turning for his ancester Robert. Robert was murdered in New Orleans and rests in an unmarked grave so arrangments were made to have his stone placed next to James's. Samuel and George are buried at Providence, brother in law Thomas Gua nt was also a Rev. soldier. If anyone wants to sponsor a marker for them, I already have the documentation needed.

The costs involved are as follows: The bronze plaque is free from government, but the SAR requires if they do their thing, that an SAR marker be installed. This is $102.00 and includes the site registered on a national database of soldiers, the masonary collar is another $25.00, and a $50.00 travel fee is charged for over 50 miles from Louisville. If we all get together and have all done at once this fee is 1 time. So it seems to me that since everyone has been so willing to help that we could recognize all of the brothers, and no one person needs to bear the entire costs (just a thought)."