Another McAfee Reunion?


Hello all

Have been hearing talk about another McAfee descendants reunion in near future. I understand that plans must be made for travel, scheduling around work and family commitments, ect. Therefore I see no way that such an event could be brought together before next fall. However, if we are to have one, plans need to be put in motion soon.

The last reunion was a huge success with over 100 descendants attending from several different states. At that time the Sons of the Revolution placed bronze markers on the graves of James and William McAfee. Since then markers have also been placed for brothers Samuel, George, and Robert, and brother in law Thomas Guant.

Also at that reunion, the McAfee descendants attended Sunday church services at Providence Church were they found the congregation all dressed in pioneer costum and a lunch prepared for our benefit.

If you would be interested in attending an upcoming reunion of the descendants of James, Robert, George, Samuel, William, or one of their sisters then please respond to this email with updated mailing address, email, or phone number.

Also looking for anyone interested in being on a planning committee for a weekend (Friday,Saturday, Sunday) event. Putting together a driving tour, and group gatherings, other activities.

Also looking for names and contact information of anyone with McAfee connections. so pass the word, and feel free to forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Luther A. Davenport
Descendant of James McAfee jr.