McCall's Spring (aka "Cove Spring")

Luther Davenport forwarded the photo below of McCall's Spring: "This photo is of McCall's Spring. named for the family that owned the property after 1840, but in 1773 it was called "Cove Spring" by the McAfee company on their expedition into Kentucky. This spring was the site of their camp of several days during July 1773. It is the source of Gilbert's Creek which flows easterly about 4 miles to the Kentucky River. It doesn't look like much, but is the source of a fairly good sized stream.

During the summer & Fall of 1862 Kentucky was in the grasp of the worst drought in state history. Following the Battle of Perryville on Oct. 8th of that year. General Kirby Smith's cavalry camped here. At that time the spring supplied water to satisfy his men and mounts and several water barrels before reduced to a trickle. The ONLY known time it ever failed."

McCall's Spring