Peter McAfee (1927-2010)

I have been researching our McAfee line in earnest since 1995. One of the first McAfee cousins I communicated with was Peter McAfee, who descends from James McAfee Jr. through his son Thomas Clarke McAfee (Pete is a son of Harry Cook McAfee). Pete provided information on James McAfee Jr's descendants, and helped point me in the direction of other resources that I might find helpful. In 1999, I created the original McAfee website, and decided to transcribe all of Robert B. McAfee's writings. Pete stepped up again, to contribute the photos posted on the site, and to transcribe McAfee's history of New Providence Presbyterian Church. Over the years, Pete continued to share tidbits and photos that he came across in his own research.

For the past several years, I have tried to contact Pete with a question, and never heard back from him. I had hoped it was just that his email address had changed. However, a recent email from his niece shared that Pete passed away in 2010. Pete died in Los Angeles on 26 Mar 2010. His wife, Aleida Wesson McAfee, died on 23 Feb 2010. Both were active members of the West Valley Y Service Club, who wrote a lovely tribute to Pete and Aleida.

Pete was a good friend of McAfee researchers, and this website, and will be greatly missed. Although this tribute is belated, it is no less heartfelt.

Written by Jenny Tenlen