Bailey Wells contributed these scanned pages from the 1955 yearbook for Pe Ell High School. Each page is linked below. An Every-name Index is also available.

Page Title
1 Front Cover
2 High School photo
3 Administration Title Page
4 School Board and Superintendent
5 Principal and Faculty
6 Faculty
7 ASPHS Officers and Student Council
8 Custodians, Cooks and Bus Drivers
9 Librarians and Office Assistants
10 Seniors Title Page
11 Seniors
12 Seniors (cont'd)
13 Seniors (cont'd)
14 Seniors (cont'd)
15 Underclassmen Title Page
16 Junior Class
17 Sophomore Class
18 Freshmen Class
19 First Period Classes: English III, Ag. I, Typing II
20 First Period Classes: General Science, Home Ec. I
21 Second Period Classes: Shorthand, Fr. P.E., U.S. History
22 Second Period Classes: Fr. P.E., So. P.E.
23 Third Period Classes: Algebra, Math, Home Ec. II
24 Third Period Classes: World History, Ag. II, Chemistry
25 Noon Activities: Lunch time, Boys' Chorus
26 Fourth Period Classes: Typing I, World Geog.
27 Fourth Period Classes: Ag. IV, Civics, English II
28 Fourth Period Classes: Wash. History, Consumer Education
29 Fifth Period Classes: Home Ec. III, Plane Geometry
30 Fifth Period Classes: Eng I, Bookkeeping, Driving
31 Activities Title Page
32 Football
33 Football (cont'd)
34 Basketball
35 Basketball (cont'd)
36 Journalism and "Cuties"
37 Band and Chorus
38 Extra-Curricular Activities: Pep Staff
39 Future Farmers of America and Junior Play
40 Girls' League Officers, Band Club Officers and Annual Staff
41 Honor Society and Lettermens' Club Officers
42 Senior Ball
43 Advertising Title Page
44 Advertising
45 Advertising (cont'd)
46 Advertising (cont'd)
47 Advertising (cont'd)
48 Advertising (cont'd)
49 Advertising (cont'd)
50 Advertising (cont'd); Football and Basketball Managers
51 Autographs
52 High School photo