Superior Court Notes

Two more divorce cases were filed with the county clerk during the past week. In both instances the wives were plaintiffs. Lydia A. Toomore was married to Joseph H. Toomore in the State of Minnesota in the month of February 1889. The couple lived together in a cat and dog fashion until October, 1905, when they separated. Since that time Toomore has failed to support his wife. Plaintiff wishes to have the community property in Centralia placed in her own right. She also wants $50 per month alimony and $120 for attorney's fees and court costs.

Mattie E. Craig and Charles A. Craig were married in Wisconsin in 1893 and managed to live together until May 10th 1894, a little over a year. The defendant then took his wife to live with his mother and it was then the trouble commenced. He soon failed to support her with the necessities of life and she was forced to earn her own living and that of their one child. There is no property and the plaintiff asks only for the custody of their minor child.

Source: The Centralia News-Examiner, Friday, 7 Sep 1906. p. 2.

Transcribed by Jenny Tenlen. She has no further information.