Index to: "Early History of Thurston County, Washington"

The following is an index of biographies published in the "Early History of Thurston County, Washington" [Mrs. George E. (Georgiana) Blankenship, Compiler and Editor; Published Olympia, Washington, 1914]

All of the biographies from the "Early History of Thurston County, Washington" were transcribed by Diana Smith and are posted below.

This book is also available as a fee download from the Internet Archive.

Allen, John Beard
Ayer, Charles Henry

Beatty, David Crane
Bettman, Louis
Bigelow, Daniel R.
Billings, William
Brewer, Reese A.
Brown, Benjamin F.
Bush Family

Chambers, Andrew
Chambers, Margaret (White)
Claypool, Charles E.
Cook, Dr. Alonzo G.
Crawford, Samuel L.
Crosby Family

Drewry, David T.

Ferry, Elisha P.
Frost, Robert

Gordon, Merritt J.

Harris, Isaac

Irwin, Mason (Judge)

James, Samuel
Johns, Bennett Willson

King, Charles D.
King, William D.

Lemon, William
Linn, Oliver V.
Macleay, Thomas Moore
McFadden, O. B. (Judge)
Miller, William Winlock (Gen.)
Millett, Byron (Judge)
Mills, George W.
Milroy, Robert Houston (Gen.)
Mitchell, John R.
Mitchell, William H.
Moore, P. D.
Murphy, John Miller

Ostrander, Nathaniel (Dr.)
Ott, Jacob and Elizabeth

Parker, John G. (Jane Hays)
Pattison, James (Jane Willey)
Percival, Samuel Wing (Capt.)
Phillips, Albert A.
Prather, Thomas

Reed, Thomas Milburne, Jr.
Reinhart, Stephen D.
Rosenthal, Gustave

Sargent/Sarjent, Elisha Nelson
Shannon, George D.
Simmons, Christopher Columbus
Sparks, John G. (Margaret Isabella Scott-Brewer-Palmiter)
Steele, Alden Hatch (Dr.)
Sternberg, John Henry William
Stevens, Isaac Ingalls
Sylvester, Edmond and Crowell H.

Thompson, William O.

Willey, Samuel (Capt.)
Woodard, Harvey R.

Yantis, Alexander
Yantis, B. F. (Judge)