Stephen Core submitted this photo of of his great-grandmother, Hattie (Casto) Jackson, and her siblings, all children of David D. and Rachel Casto. "This is a picture of the four Casto children of David D. & Rachel Casto who came to Lewis County in 1890s from Caldwell County, Missouri. Left is my Great-grandmother Hattie (Casto) Jackson who was married to Charles S. Jackson. In back is Jesse O. Casto who married Susan (Milie) Casto. Right is Cloria (Casto) Thompson/Jennings/Newton. In front is Enoch S. Casto. Enoch in about 1910 had a stroke that left him paralyzed for the rest of his life. I think this picture was taken on Enoch's farm at Tilton after 1910."

Casto Siblings