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Betty Suva Follett 26 Aug 2021
Hello! I have done quite a lot of work on my husband's genealogy. I am stuck on several issues with the family of great-grandmother, Malantha Anna Prather Follett. There is a marriage record for an Anna Prather with Lafayette Waterbury on 1 Oct 1874. Malantha's middle name was Anna, but her sister's name was Rachael Ann, so the Prather girl that married Mr. Waterbury could have been either Malantha or Rachael. The girls' birthdates were only three or four years apart. Is there any way of knowing for sure who the wife was? (I currently have him married to Rachael, but I've moved him back and forth several times).

Any ideas on what happened to the mother, Nancy King Prather? She had a land patent issued to her in 1877, then there's no sign of her in the 1880 census, so I'm guessing she might have died during that time span. But she was fairly young at that point. Of course, she could have remarried and potentially moved from the Lewis County area or even out of state.

If you can help with either of these two issues, I would greatly appreciate it. [Editor's note: Betty included a PDF of the family group sheet for this family.]

Phillip M. Heavner 29 Aug 2020
I am looking for information on Bertha (Berte) Lyda Smith, wife of Halley Victor Smith (married 1930 in Lewis County, later divorced), and daughter of Thomas and Grace Lyda. She would have been born about 1909. Bertha is a particularly difficult problem, as she doesn't seem to have had much contact with the rest of the family there. Her obituary would probably be the best source, along with a death certificate. Bertha's mother was Grace Veness, niece of Jack Veness of lumber fame. Her father was from North Carolina and worked in lumber. Some of the family have also suggested that she remarried to a Fisher and also that she died before 1977, but nothing definite is known.

Thank you for any help you can provide. I also would be glad to be of reciprocal assistance for anyone looking for Western North Carolina information. I belong to a couple of fairly active societies here at home and have had occasion to research across a number of counties.

Justine Hopkins 25 Jul 2020

Need information on my Gr. Gr. Grandma's family: Estina Belle Allison, Toledo, Washington or Winlock, Washington... Allison farm and homestead was located in Winlock, WA. Alanson L. "Alfred" Allison, born 1830, died 1907, Winlock, Washington.

Alfred Allison married Mary Eliz Kennedy, daughter of Captain John Knox Kennedy, Pioneer of Washington state. My 4x great grandpa came over in April 1862 by covered wagon and settled in Walla Wallla, WA.

I found the information on the Allison family posted by Jayne Allison McCarley, but I am now looking for info on Logging companies in the 1925 - 1930s in or around Winlock. I think Alfred Allison and Sons had a logging business. I can't find anything, I'm not sure of the exact dates and then also I believe my grandfather and great-grandfather worked with their in-laws which were Allisons. Would also appreciate information about my Gr. Gr. GRANDPA Edward William Hopkins, or my grandfather, Dillon Fayette Hopkins, born 1899 in Bremerton, WA.

Colette Sexton 9 Nov 2019

Follow-up to 2007 query: James P. Sexton was the husband of Carrie (COX) Sexton. They might have lived near Morton, WA. Carrie (COX) was the sister of Fannie (COX) Davis. Fannie was the wife of Duran Columbus Davis. Duran's father was Mary Floyd Davis. Wonderful information given at the Davis-Cox family reunion.

(Update from 2012) The child who was born to Frank and Effie Sexton on 22 Jul 1916 was NOT named Helen Anna Sexton, as I was previously informed. The child's name was Hazel Mae Sexton, born 22 Jul 1916 and died 23 May 2001. Sorry for the confusion. Is there anyone with other info on our family? Thank You Very Much!

Marilyn Wright Powers 9 Oct 2019
I would like to have information regarding my great grandparents and/or extended families of GEORGE WASHINGTON WRIGHT and MARY ELIZABETH NICHOLS WHITE WRIGHT and HOLLIS C. GORE and MARY EVELLINE TOWNER GORE. Both families lived in LEWIS COUNTY, WASHINGTON from 1880's till their deaths in the 1900's (1915-1925). My father was born in Ethel, Lewis County, Washington, child of Walter A. Wright and Mary Maude Gore Wright.

My Gore and Wright family are listed in the 1910 census for Ethel (Gore) and Salkum (Wright). I would like to be able to locate the homesteads of Hollis & Mary E. Gore and George & Mary E. Wright. It might be a bit confusing but three of the children of the Wright's married three of the children of the Gore's. 1. Del/Bertha Wright; 2. Walter/Maude Wright; 3. John E./Alta Gore. I am also interested in the Towner's (and there were several) that lived in Lewis County as that was Mary Evelline Gore's maiden name.

Nancy Spool 9 Aug 2019
I am interested in a Mr. Lindberg who owned timberland in Mineral, WA. He built his home in Mineral around 1900. Was active in the lumber business there. We are living in what used to be his home on Mineral Lake.

Mike McDonald 1 Jul 2019
Obtained this 1946 Coleman lantern from a friend who found it at the Packwood Community Yard Sale. Noticed it is painted Orange. There are no other marks, stamps or identification other than the Orange Paint. My speculation runs amuck and suggests to me that I can spin a story about it being from a Crown-Willamette or Crown-Zellerbach logging camp - which is simply a story - but

Is there a map of the following I can use to help create the illusion, in particular between about 1945 and 1955

Judy Mitchell 10 Nov 2016
I am trying to find out information about my paternal family - census nformation, burial sites, misc. My father's name: Peter Mitchell {deceased}. However his parents' names were: Charles Micewitcz and Katherine Pocona. His death certificate indicates he was born in Meskill, Lewis County; he said he grew up in Doty; and my cousins say the family resided in Pe Ell. His parents were Lithuwanian immigrants. His had 4 siblings: Mike, Stella, Helen, Alex. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Jilona Speer 2 Oct 2016
Hello, I have lived in Pe Ell for about 17 years now. I have always been fascinated with the rich history in this area. I have been trying to research the old building that sits outside of Pe Ell, I believe in the McCormick area, it looks like an old hospital with a lot of windows. The building sits on the left hand side of the highway. Any information you could provide would be great. Thank you for your time.

Robert Carna 10 Aug 2016
looking for information on John Morgan, sister of Mary Morgan Snow.