Note to researchers: when requesting assistance from our volunteers, please be specific in your requests, and provide as much information as possible (complete names and towns, if possible). "Please find John M. Doe in 1880 Census" is likely to elicit a response, whereas "looking for all Does in Lewis County" may result in no response.


Reference Description Volunteer
1860 Lewis County, WA Census - INDEX ONLY   Carole Merrill
1867 Lewis County, WA Census - INDEX ONLY   Carole Merrill
1870 Lewis County, WA Census - INDEX ONLY   Carole Merrill
1880 Lewis County, WA Census   Francis

Carole Merrill

1900 Lewis County, WA Census   Carole Merrill
1910 Lewis County, WA Census   Carole Merrill
1920 Lewis County, WA Census   Carole Merrill
1930 Lewis County, WA Census   Carole Merrill


Reference Description Volunteer
Finn Hill Cemetery Records, Lewis Co, WA
(located at the end of Nelson Road, outside Rochester, but in Lewis County)
Students of Jan Watson Jan Watson
Lewis County Cemetery Records Lewis County Genealogical Society - see their website for a listing of cemeteries. They request a donation to the society for lookups. LCGS Cemetery Listings
Napavine Cemetery, Napavine, WA I would be willing to do lookups in for the cemetary in Napavine, WA as I only live a couple of miles away. Jeffrey Grimes


Reference Description Volunteer
Lewis Co. Marriage Index, 1858-1968 Washington State Dept. of Health Francis
Washington State Marriage Index, 1968-1996 Washington State Dept. of Health Francis
Washington State Divorce Index, 1968-1996 Washington State Dept. of Health Francis
Washington State Death Index, 1907-1996 Washington State Dept. of Health Francis


Reference Description Volunteer
"Diary of Eva Crockford 1957" Kristin has indexed the names mentioned in the "Diary of Eva Crockford 1957". Eva lived in Chehalis, WA at the time. The index is posted on Kristin's website. She will scan pages from the diary upon request - check the index first, then let her know which pages you wish scanned. Kristin Cummins O'Laughlin
Morton: 1889 - 1989 Centennial Caroll La Gra, Editor and Publisher, 1989
History and family history of early settlers and families of Morton. No index, so allow sufficient time for a reply.
Karl R. Stinson
Nowhere to Look But Up: Early Settlers of Morton and Mineral LaVonne Sparkman, 1989. Karl R. Stinson
"Ole Time Lewis County Families" of Cowlitz Prairie (northwest of Toledo): GRAY, LAYTON, RAYTON and others I have done quite a bit of research on various 'Ole Time Lewis County' families since my Gray connections (Viola Ella Gray, dau. of Wm. A. Gray & Elizabeth N. Staley) of Cowlitz Prairie settlers (nw of Toledo, Wa.) tie by inter-marriages to many of the other families: Layton (a story unto itself), Rayton (Detering-Edwards-and more), Geo. B. Roberts (of Hudson Bay co. fame), and then several of the French Trappers (also of the HBC time frame). Inter-marriages include: Drake, Payette, Davis, Ford, Ticknor, Borst, Roundtree, and more...

If I can be of help to anyone, just send me an E-mail and I will first send what I have (if anything); and then do some minor research from my armchair to see if I can find more. I can NOT work from just a name alone, since many times one may have used a nickname or their middle name as their given name (the more information you can provide, the better).

Howard T. Mayhew, Jr.
Pioneer Association of WA (before 11 Nov. 1889) Membership applications and accompanying genealogical material for pioneers in Washington Territory (prior to November 1889) and their lineal descendants. Early records indicate name, birthdate and place, date of arrival on West Coast, date of arrival in Washington Territory, place of origin, place of arrival. Later records include lineage data and may be accompanied by written family stories. (Over 10,000 records). Gary A. Zimmerman


Reference Description Volunteer
Centralia High School Yearbooks - 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944 LaVonne will email or scan info from the Centrlia HS yearbooks for 1941-1944. LaVonne Schoneman
Centralia and Chehalis-area Newspapers, 1889-1941 Full text of newspapers, including the Centralia Chronicle and Chehalis Bee-Nugget. Not all dates are available. Diana
Lewis County Newspaper Abstracts, 1884-1899 Ruby Simonson McNeill and Sharon Lyden Jan Watson
Morton High School Yearbook - 1957 Morton High School, Morton, Lewis Co., WA Dianna Parks-Isam

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Still can't find the information you're looking for?

The following advice was shared by Lewis County researcher Myra from Fresno, CA: "A few months ago I contacted a lookup volunteer at this website. They could not locate death records for the persons I was looking for and referred to a place in Chehalis which did not help (can't remember place now).

Since that time, I found two places that may assist those looking for vital statistic information in Lewis County, WA. Through the website and information below, I found all but two of my father's kin in Lewis County.

The Secretary of State's "Ask a Librarian" Website: (request searches of old obituaries, Washington State death index by soundex (which can be time consuming if exact date of death is unknown)--work done by volunteers.

Timberlake Library
110 S. Silver Street
Centralia, WA 98531

A reference librarian found the name of a relative in several old city directories the library had (1940s).

Of course, I sent a gratuity ($) to the person (in each instance) who helped me."

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