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Sunday, May 25

8:00 P.M. ........................BACCALAUREATE

Monday, May 26

8:30 A.M. ........................JUNIOR-SENIOR PICNIC

Tuesday, May 27

1:10 P.M. ........................CLASS DAY

Wednesday, May 28

8:00 P.M. ........................COMMENCEMENT

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1.   Processional     High School Orchestra
2.   Invocation     Rev. William J. Sharp
3.   Salutatory     Olive Wolff
4.   "When Jolly Good Fellows
Got Together", by Ballard    
Boys' Quartette
5.   The Electrical Age     Lehman Proffitt
6.   World Peace     Hazel Shoemaker
7.   "Morning"     Girls' Glee Club
8.   The Orient     Farnham Davis
9.   The Constitution     Maria Nissley
10.   Violin Solo     Ruth Davis
11.   Valedictory     Elton R. Allison
12.   Presentation of Diplomas     G. T. Castle,
Chairman of Board
13.   Benediction     Rev. O. M. Andrews

Those desiring to congratulate the graduates may do so after the program.
The line will form at the left of the audience and will proceed past the
graduation into the south hall.

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Green and Gold

"Act Well Your Part, There All Honor Lies"

Ophelia Rose

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In order diplomas will be presented:

Elsie Herriford Helen Frazier
Alice Swanson Boyd Cocking
Delford Phillips Hilda Wright
Hazel Shoemaker Austria Moore
Maria Nissley Gordon Holliday
Lehman Proffitt Christine Smith
Thelma Kulien Augustine Girou
Margaret Simmons John Skinner
Elton R. Allison Etta Galloway
Olive Wolff Claude Lee
Farnham Davis Louise Field
Ruth Davis Mary West
Lulu Minkler Joe Bowen
Dorothy Kalahan Ethel Larson
Marion Nicholson Alice Ness
Oren G. Hall Harold Zurfluh
Eugenia McClung Lela Poore

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Lloyd Burdette Don Ward
Edith Taylor Carrie Crippen
Daisy Pratley Estella Davis
Bertha Haas Ted Hilton
Henry Conklin Edna Phelps
Clara Davis Hoyt Young
Mamie Manberg Clarence Lenhardt
Boyd Lemmon Harry Saunders
Cordellia Heinricher Pearl Rhodes
Lillian Van Riper Elwood Kalahan
Albert Le Fevre Jennie Baker
Vera Kent Harriet Soderling
Floyd Matthews Ralph Swanson
Devere Hackney Barbara Welde
Irma Moore Elma Widell
Hiram Roberson Harold Castle
Leona Rogers Lucile Robinson
Lily Anderson Kenneth Lindley

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1.   Processional     Mrs. J. M. Stone
2.   Invocation     Rev. O M. Andrews
3.   Solo     Eugene Alvord
4.   Scripture Reading     Rev. Charles Baker
5.   "Abide With Me"     Ladies' Quartette
6.   Address     Rev. C. H. Lorimer
7.   Solo     Mrs. Lloyd Dunn
8.   Hymn     Congregation
9.   Benediction     Rev. Frederick Luke
10.   Processional     Mrs. J. M. Stone

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