Index to: "An Illustrated History of Umatilla County and of Morrow County"

The following is an index of biographies published in the "An Illustrated History of Umatilla County and of Morrow County" [Authors: Colonel William Parsons and W. S. Shiach. Published by W. H. Lever, Spokane, Wash., 1902]

Diana has kindly offered to transcribe biographies from this book on request. Biographies will be posted to the ORBios project site as they are transcribed. Please email Diana with your request [PLEASE NOTE: if their name does not appear in this index, then there is no biography for that individual!]

This book is also freely available from the Hathi Trust Digital Library.


Albrecht, Charles
Andrews, Frederick W.
Arnold, John W.
Ayers, Thomas W., Jr.

Baddeley, J. A.
Bahr, John N.
Baker, William
Barrett, C. A.
Beam, John E.
Belts, Douglas
Bentley, John M.
Bitney, Walter R.
Boyd, Edward D.
Boynton, Frank W.
Bowlus, Lewis
Brown, William J.
Buzan, George
Byers, W. S.

Campbell, William R.
Cate, Charles R.
Chapman, D. William
Cherry, Jacob S.
Cleaver, Elmer E.
Coffey, A. L.
Colbern, Presley E.
Conklin, William W.
Cottrell, Newman H.
Craig, Elvin E.
Cunningham, Charles

Daniel, Cornelius V.
Daniel, James R.
Daniel, William P.
Decker, Benjamin H.
Despain, Charles A.
Despain, Jeremiah B.
Dickerson, T.
Doherty, Patrick
Dorothy, R. M.
Drumheller, Samuel

Edwards, Morgan G.
Elam, A. M.
Elder, E. Orville
Elder, Sylvester B.
Emrich, M.
Evans, James M.
Evans, John
Evans, William H.

Failing, Jesse
Ferguson, James M.
Ferguson, W. A.
Finley, Alexander K.
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fitzgerald, William
Folsom, William
Frazier, Henry L.
Friedly, Albert
Froome, George M.
Froome, James W.
Froome, John E.
Furnish, W. J.

Gambee, Eber B.
Geinger, Frederick
Gibbs, Elijah
Gillett, William W.
Good, William A.
Goodwin, Moses E.
Grubbe, James B.
Gulliford, Arthur V.
Gulliford, Jasper S.
Gulliford, John L.
Gulliford, William H.
Gurdane, John S.

Hagen, John H.
Hailey, John, Jr.
Hailey, Thomas G.
Hargett, James D.
Harrington, S. F.
Harrison, John H.
Hascall, Charles D.
Hascall, Fred W.
Hawke, James
Hays, Samuel F.
Heathman, John M.
Hemphill, Alfred C.
Hemphill, James M.
Herndon, John E.
Hill, Frederick A.
Hodgson, Joseph
Hoon, J. E.
Horne, David
Houser, Christopher
Houser, Zoeth
Howard, Theodore F.
Howdyshell, David
Hubbard, Joseph A.
Huson, Lewis M.
Huston, James T.
Jamieson, Robert
Jones, George F.
Judd, Frederick E.

Kelley, Patrick J.
Killgore, J. F.
Killgore, J. R.
King, John H.
Kirk, Thomas J.
Knotts, Isaac K.
Koontz, James H.
Kramer, Jacob

LaFontaine, Gustave
Lee, H. B.
Leezer, J. M.
Lightfoot, Samuel G.
Lisle, Samuel I.
Livermore, Lot
Luhrs, John

Macomber, Charles E.
Maloney, James W.
Manning, Jasper S.
Martin, John
Mathews, C. W.
McBroom, Jacob H.
McCarty, David
McCormmach, John W.
McCullough, Benjamin F.
McDonald, Angus R.
McIntyre, A. J.
McLeod, John S.
McLennan, Colin
McReynolds, Charles N.
McReynolds, Jacob
Michael, Albert F.
Miller, Abram
Miller, Samuel A.
Moens, Polydore
Moody, Ralph P.
Moore, virgil F.
Morrison, Marcus L.
Morse, Clarance C.
Moss, C. J.
Mossie, Henry

Nelson, Ebner B.
Nelson, James
Nelson, N. Chris
Nelson, Peter

O'Harra, Marion

Parris, Sailor S.
Patton, Robert H.
Peebler, George D.
Pierce, Nathan
Piper, William
Power, James
Price, James Dallas
Price, John Lloyd
Proebstel, George W.

Raley, James H.
Renn, Benjamin F.
Rhodes, Allen
Richards, Darwin
Richmond, A. J.
Rigby, George W.
Roberts, William
Ross, Donald
Roumagoux, Francis F.
Roy, Lewis E.
Rugg, Alby Williams
Rugg, Alfred H.
Rugg, Emery A.
Rugg, George W.
Rush, John
Russell, Charles H.
Rust, Joseph A.
Rust, William

Scott, William M.
Shafer, James W.
Shannon, William H.
Shick, Amos
Simonton, James
Simpson, Cris
Simpson, Edwin
Smith,Charles J.
Smith, Edgar L.
Snyder, Elmer A.
Snyder, Frank
Stanfield, Robert Nelson
Stewart, Harold
Still, Alexander
Still, David
Still, Robert G.
Suiste, J. A. L.
Suiste, Joseph N.
Swaggart, Nelson

Taylor, James
Temple, William P.
Thompson, Robert G.
Thomson, Oscar F.
Turner, Harry E.
Turner, Otis
Turner, O. C.

Vanskiver, David N.
Vincent, Fred W.
Vinson, John S.
Vogel, Lewis A.

Walker, Horace
Walker, Hugh G.
Walker, John
Warner, Artimas P.
Warner, Fred S.
Warner, Samuel
Waucop, R. W.
Waugh, Alexander
Wegner, Julius F. W.
West, Peter
Whittker, Harry
Wilder, James E.
Wilson, Oscar F.
Wright, David A.
Wright, William T.
Wynn, John M.

Yates, Samuel K.

Adkins, Jesse J.
Allen, Reuben
Andrews, Arthur
Ashbaugh, Edward C.
Ayers, Alfred L.
Ayers, Thomas W.
Ayers, William

Barratt, William B.
Bartholomew, A. G.
Becket, John W.
Boon, C. C.
Boothby, Joshiah S.
Borg, Peter O.
Bowman, Commodore P.
Brown, John C.
Brown, John P.

Carmichael, John B
Cecil, Nathaniel
Cecil, William Y.
Cluff, Edward
Conser, George W.
Cox, Franklin D.
Crawford, Vawter

Day, Edward F.
Doherty, James G.
Dutton, William P.

Elder, John N.
Esteb, Isaac R.
Evans, Allen

Farnsworth, Frank P.
Farnsworth, Orin E.
Finley, William B.
Fleek, Jackson
Florence, Sterling P.

Garrigues, S. Parker
Gay, Henry C.
Gentry, Francis M.
Giger, A. C.
Gilfillin, Tom
Gilliam, Frank
Gilliam, William

Hale, N. J.
Hardman, David N.
Hayes, James M.
Herren, David A.
Howard, James L.
Hynd, Robert F.
Hynd, William
Hynd, William g.

Ingraham, Charles W.
Irwin, William R.

Johnson, Henry C.
Johnson, John H.
Jones, Henry
Jones, James H.

Keithly, Julius
Kenny, Michael
Kilcup, Edward W.
Kirk, Jesse
Kirk, J. Crocket

Lichtenthal, Mathias
Lindsay, Alexander

Mason, Joseph
Matlock, Horace J.
Matlock, J. W.
Matlock, Thomas J.
McCullough, Thomas
McGee, J. J.
McVay, Nathaniel R.
Miller, William H.
Minor, C. Arthur
Minor, Ellis
Minor, William O.
Morgan, Milton R.
Morgan, Thomas
Morrow, J. W.

Nichols, R. A.
Noble, George
Nunamaker, James R.

Padberg, Edward L.
Parker, Benjamin H.
Petteys, Amanuel C.
Porter, David A.

Redfield, C. E.
Rhea, C. A.
Rhea, Elijah W.
Rhea, James P.
Rhea, Thomas A.
Royse, John F.
Rush, Harvy C.

Saling, Edmund E.
Saling, Edmund S.
Saling, William L.
Sayer, Robert
Scott, William G.
Shipley, Jay W.
Slaght, Myron J.
Sperry, Elisha G.
Stanton, Elihu B.
Stephens, Virgil A.
Straight, William E.

Tash, Hiram
Thompson, John A.

Vincent, George W.

White, J. M.
Williams, John H.
Wills, Robert C.
Woodward, John
Woolery, J. A.
Wright, Albert
Wright, Anson, E.
Wright, Silas A.

Young, Alexander
Young, Jacob S.