1910 Census for Lewis Co., WA - Index by Precinct

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Index by Precinct

Total Population: 32,093
Agate 253 123-05B, 123-06A, 123-06B, 123-07A, 123-07B, 123-08A
Ainslie 301 126-12A, 126-12B, 126-13A, 126-13B, 126-14A, 126-14B, 126-15A
Alpha 278 125-04A, 125-04B, 125-05A, 125-05B, 125-06A, 125-06B
Big Bottom 142 128-15A, 128-15B, 128-16A, 128-16B, 128-17A
Boistfort 522 ED 130
Centralia City 7,310 ED 131, ED 132, ED 133
Chehalis City 4,507 ED 134, ED 135, ED 136
Cinnibar 191 125-02A, 125-02B, 125-03A, 125-03B
Claquato 1,488 ED 137
Clark 431 139-10A, 139-10B, 139-11A, 139-11B, 139-12A, 139-12B, 139-13A, 139-13B, 139-14A
Coal Creek 266 140-01A, 140-01B, 140-02A, 140-02B, 140-03A, 140-03B
Cowlitz 420 142-01A, 142-01B, 142-02A, 142-02B, 142-03A, 142-03B, 142-04A, 142-04B, 142-05A, 142-06A
Doty 763 ED 147
Drews Prairie 122 144-06A, 144-06B, 144-07A
Dryad 831 146-01A, 146-01B, 146-02A, 146-02B, 146-03A, 146-03B, 146-04A, 146-04B, 146-05A, 146-05B, 146-06A, 146-06B, 146-07A, 146-07B, 146-08A, 146-08B, 146-09A
Eagleton 150 146-10A, 146-10B, 146-11A
Eden Prairie 214 145-06A, 145-06B, 145-07A, 145-07B, 145-08A
Ethel 203 143-04A, 143-04B, 143-05A, 143-05B, 143-06A
Ferry 139 149-01A, 149-01B, 149-02A
Forest 351 123-01A, 123-01B, 123-02A, 123-02B, 123-03A, 123-03B, 123-04A, 123-04B, 123-05A
Granite 87 143-07A, 143-07B
Greenwood 367 148-01A, 148-01B, 148-02A, 148-02B, 148-03A, 148-03B, 148-04A, 148-04B
Hannaford 195 124-01A, 124-01B, 124-02A, 124-02B
Harmony 124 150-01A, 150-01B, 150-02A, 150-14A
Independence Creek 189 148-08A, 148-08B, 148-09A, 148-09B
Klikitat 388 150-03A, 150-03B, 150-04A, 150-04B, 150-05A, 150-05B, 150-06A, 150-06B, 150-12A
Kopiah 298 124-03A, 124-03B, 124-04A, 124-04B, 124-05A, 124-05B
Lincoln Creek 279 148-05A, 148-05B, 148-06A, 148-06B, 148-07A, 148-07B
Little Falls 631 126-01A, 126-01B, 126-02A, 126-02B, 126-03A, 126-03B, 126-04A, 126-04B, 126-05A, 126-05B, 126-06A, 126-06B, 126-07A
Logan 88 140-04A, 140-04B
Mauermann 370 151-06A, 151-06B, 151-07A, 151-07B, 151-08A, 151-08B, 151-09A, 151-10A
McCormick 420 151-01A, 151-01B, 151-02A, 151-02B, 151-03A, 151-03B, 151-04A, 151-04B, 151-05A
Mineral Creek 684 129-06A, 129-06B, 129-07A, 129-07B, 129-08A, 129-08B, 129-09A, 129-09B, 129-10A, 129-10B, 129-11A, 129-11B, 129-12A, 129-13A, 129-14A
Morton 497 129-01A, 129-01B, 129-02A, 129-02B, 129-03A, 129-03B, 129-04A, 129-04B, 129-05A, 129-05B
Napavine 1,304 ED 138
Newaukum 289 141-06A, 141-06B, 141-07A, 141-07B, 141-08A, 141-08B
Pe Ell 838 152-01A, 152-01B, 152-02A, 152-02B, 152-03A, 152-03B, 152-04A, 152-04B, 152-05A, 152-05B, 152-06A, 152-06B, 152-07A 152-07B, 152-08A 152-08B, 152-09A
Prescott 425 127-13A, 127-13B, 127-14A, 127-14B, 127-15A, 127-15B, 127-16A, 127-16B, 127-17A
Randle 357 128-07A, 128-07B, 128-08A, 128-08B, 128-09A, 128-09B, 128-10A, 128-10B, 128-11A, 128-11B, 128-12A, 128-13A, 128-13B, 128-14A, 128-18A
Salkum 297 143-01A, 143-01B, 143-02A, 143-02B, 143-03A, 143-03B
Salmon Creek 442 145-01A, 145-01B, 145-02A, 145-02B, 145-03A, 145-03B, 145-04A, 145-04B, 145-05A, 145-09A, 145-09B
Salzer 257 124-06A, 124-06B, 124-07A, 124-07B, 124-08A, 124-08B
Skookumchuck 818 139-01A, 139-01B, 139-02A, 139-02B, 139-03A, 139-03B, 139-04A, 139-04B, 139-05A, 139-05B, 139-06A, 139-06B, 139-07A, 139-07B, 139-08A, 139-08B, 139-09A, 139-15A
Stillwater 332 126-08A, 126-08B, 126-09A, 126-09B, 126-10A, 126-10B, 126-11A
Sulphur Creek 506 150-07A, 150-07B, 150-08A, 150-08B, 150-09A, 150-09B, 150-10A, 150-10B, 150-11A, 150-11B, 150-13A
Tilton 72 125-01A, 125-01B
Toledo 375 144-01A, 144-01B, 144-02A, 144-02B, 144-03A, 144-03B, 144-04A, 144-04B, 144-05A
Union 437 141-01A, 141-01B, 141-02A, 141-02B, 141-03A, 141-03B, 141-04A, 141-04B, 141-05A
Veness 322 127-18A, 127-18B, 127-19A, 127-19B, 127-20A, 127-20B, 127-21A
Verndale 369 128-01A, 128-01B, 128-02A, 128-02B, 128-03A, 128-03B, 128-04A, 128-04B, 128-05A, 128-05B, 128-06B, 128-18B
Windom 14 149-02B
Winlock Town 1,140 127-01A, 127-01B, 127-02A, 127-02B, 127-03A, 127-03B, 127-04A, 127-04B, 127-05A, 127-05B, 127-06A, 127-06B, 127-07A, 127-07B, 127-08A, 127-08B, 127-09A, 127-09B, 127-10A, 127-10B, 127-11A, 127-11B, 127-12A, 127-22A

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