Elizabeth Jones Broshears

Alice Harrison submitted this photo of Elizabeth (Jones) Broshears, taken in 1848. "Elizabeth was the daughter of Gabriel and Keziah Jones and the wife of Joseph Smith Broshears. Elizabeth, along with her father, mother, and brothers Lewis and Maurice, came out west in 1844 with the Michael T. Simmons group who, in 1845, became the first American settlers to settle North of the Columbia River. Elizabeth's husband, Joseph Smith Broshears was the brother-in-law of Simmon's sister, Catherine, who married Doc Maynard of Seattle fame, and he and Elizabeth were in attendance at the marraige of Catherine and the Doc out on Bush Prairie." [Editor's note: more informaiton on Elizabeth's family's migration to Oregon Territory with the Simmons group can be found in this transcription of Chapter 17, "The Immigration of 1844" from Hubert Howe Bancroft's "The History of Oregon, Vol. I: 1834-1848".]

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