Below is a transcription of the newspaper account of the Flag-raising ceremony at Bennett school (in Ethel, Lewis Co.) in 1914. This newspaper article was contributed by John Blair. You may also view the scanned version of the original article.

A. C. Canterbury Urges Reverence To Our Flag


(Too late for last week's issue.)

         Last Friday and the following Monday were days that will long be remembered by the pupils of the Bennett school in district No. 119.

         Five years ago the pupils of the school each gave ten cents toward purchasing a flag. As there was no pole upon which to raise the flag, it was laid away and was not used only as a means for decoration on patriotic days. At the suggestion of their teacher, some of the eighth grade boys volunteered to go to the woods and get a flagpole. While they were gone some of the other boys dug the hole. The next day the boys met and the pole was put in place. Monday was observed as Flag day in the following manner:

         Mr. Canterbury gave a talk on "Our Flag and What it Means." After the address the children all stood and with patriotic spirit sang "America." Then, at a given signal, they marched out in ordered lines and faced the pole. At another signal, with soldierly-like precision, and in step with the drum, they marched around the pole and each pupil planted his name at its base, thus silently pledging allegiance to their flag and to the country it represents.

         The flag was then raised and as it slowly ascended the children joined in singing "Red, White and Blue." The flag salute was given as follows: At a signal the pupils, with hands to their sides, faced the flag. At another signal, every pupil with right hand lifted, palm downward, the fore-finger touching the forehead above the eye; standing thus all repeated slowly: "I pledge allegiance to my flag and the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." At the words "to my flag" the right hand was extended gracefully, palm upward toward the flag, and remained in this gesture till the end of the affirmation, whereupon all hands immediately dropped to the side.

         All joined heartily in singing "The Star Spangled Banner," after which they repeated softly the chorus, "'Tis the star spangled banner, Oh long may it wave, O'er the land of the free, and the home of he [sic] brave."

         The pupils who took part in the exercise were: Joseph Zandecki, Clifton Wright, Frances Blair, Aileen Mulchi, Keither Burchett, Ethel Blair, Gladys Canterbury, Olive Wright, Fred Blair, Anna Gore, Rosalie Zandecki, Clyde Burchett, Arley Wright, Myrtle Gore, Clarinda Powell, Daisy Canterbury, Frank Blair, Lucille Christian, Luther Brooks, Mable Gore, Olive Canterbury, Grant Wright, jr., Willie Kerr, Octavia Powell, Louise Blair, Ethel Wright, John Zandecki, Lacey Burchett, Ruth Gore, Fern Todd, Christina Zandecki, Lewis Brooks, Mary Blair, Henry Kerr, Hazel Wright, Mary King, Goldie Kerr, Delbert Gore, and Elsie Canterbury.

John Blair has also contributed two photos taken in front of the Bennett School in Ethel. He would like your help in identifying some of the people in the photo: Photo #1, Photo #2.