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Vaughn Hageman 3 Dec 2005
BRAACK, BREWER, DEVOSS, HAGEMAN, KNOLES, MAPES, STICKEL(LE): I am looking for any relatives or people familiar with any of the above surnames. Most of my relatives came to WA/OR in or about the 1870"s. Most of them started in the WA territory and then headed south. Some of them settled in the Raymond/South Bend area, others ended up in Kelso/Longview area of Cowlitz Co. I have been researching these family members for several years and would appreciate any info to add to mine and will gladly share my info.

Mark Burleson 2 Oct 2005
I am looking for information on a Military Road built in the 1850's and 60's. I know this road started at Fort Vancouver, went through Cowlitz County and on to Olympia and Seattle. I'm looking for a detailed map or any map that would show me the route of the road. I believe Ulysess S. Grant was the surveyor. Also, I'm curious if any existing roads today were originally the Military Road. Anything would help. Thank you.

Paula Grant 16 Aug 2005
I'm looking for info for Arminta Frances Cochran who married Ermon Eulace Grant. Need marriage, and children info for them, and the parents of Arminta. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

John M. Seeborg 13 Jul 2005
I was just curious about whether or not it would possible to find any living descendents of my Dad's step mother, Reeta Oikarinen, from Puolanka, Finland. These would not be blood relations of mine but it would be interesting to find out who they are and maybe contact them.

All I know is that Reeta (also called Greta) was a sister to Mrs. Apeli (Tina) Mustonen of Hazeldell (the one bordering Columbia Heights not Vancouver. Tina and her husband came to America first with their two sons Oscar, and August (Gus), and a daughter whose name I don't know. The youngest son, Gus as I knew him was born on April 1, 1898 (three months older than my father) and is believed to have been about 5 years old when they came to America. When they got settled on their farm in Hazeldell, and discovered that their next door neighbor on Columbia Heights (my grandfather was also a Finnish immigrant and a wiower with young children, they sent for Tina's widowed sister, Reeta to come and join them. She did and in a few months she and Grandpa (Steffan Tolvanen Seeborg) were married.

Reeta brought with her, her youngest daughter Anna, and a niece, also named Anna. The daughter I remember as Anna Bakkila, though actually George Bakkila was her second husband. She had a son by her first husband named Roy Hanson, meaning that his father was also a Hanson but I know nothing about his father because he was before my time. Reeta's niece I remember as Mrs Sam Moilinen, the mother or Aili Laulainen.

Reeta also had son named Eli Oikarinen who came to America about 1910, lived for one year with her and my grandfather, then returned to Finland or so the story goes. However, a few years ago, my niece Kathy Rismoen, found some Oikarinens living in the midwest which makes me wonder if he really returned to Finland (or the family just thought he did). Maybe he moved to the midwest, got married, and started his own family. I may never know, but the 1910 census for Columbia Heights gives his age as 30.

Reeta is believed to have had other children who never came to the United States but may have descendents who are still living in Puolanka, Finland. It'd be interesting to find out about them too. I have lots of information on my natural family lines dating back to the 1600's and 1700's. Grandpa was from Lieksa, Finland, and Grandma (Anna Gretha Jussila) was from Haukipudas, Finland. I'd be happy to share my information on them if anybody was interested.

Doreena Dropulich Tompkins 7 Jul 2005
There are three different Dropulich's listed on the 1910 census for Oak Point, Cowlitz Co - Charles, Marion and Mike Dropulich. My Grandfather's name was Marion Dropulich so I am not sure if this may be a distant relative of ours. My Grandfather was not born until 1920, but my Great Grandfather was born in 1888 and came over to America sometime in the early 1900's from Croatia (Then Croatia was under Austrian rule so this is why it would say Austria). I am now in the process of doing a genealogy check into the Dropulich name, and would like to learn more about the Dropulich's in this census. Thank you.

Jim McDavitt 7 Jul 2005
Seeking information on the ISAAC and IRENE LYONS family. Mrs. Lyons would be my great aunt. Her maiden name was "Gowdy" and may be spelled "Goudy". Either spelling is correct. Mrs. Lyons was born in Cambridge, Iowa. Am interested in contacting those researching her line to share data and photos. [Ed.'s note: Jim submitted obituaries for both Isaac and Irene, which may be viewed on the Obituaries page.]

Alice Wiszmann 21 Jun 2005
Hendricks Family..Jessie,Sarah,Mary, Anna,charles, Jessie & Fred were @ Mt Coffin in the 1800s. Do you have any information on this family? Also anything about a Andrew Jackson or just Jackson Brinn (Brin). Thanks Much.....

Jan Redelsperger 30 Apr 2005
Looking for an obituary for my great greandmother Margarette Gilmore Poland, the wife of Alexander Poland. It took us forever to located a death date on her and now we figure it was sometime in March of 1905 according to info in the Civil War Pension Record of her husband Alexander. The obituary would have been in the Kelsonian, and I understand that there was a fire and all of that info before Aug 1905 is lost. We have so little information on her - I hope to someday be able to contact a family member with a Poland Family bible or something fantastic like that.

John Ferguson 30 Apr 2005
Looking for relatives of Rudyard Kip Miles; Leroy K. Miles and Jennings Miles who are buried in Longview Memorial cemetery.

Alyce Madison 27 Mar 2005 [Updated 31 Aug 2014]
I am looking for information on the MEZGER family who lived in Longview, WA. Mary Tjaden Mezger was living with her son Walter and family in the 1930 census. I would like to find the death date and place for Mary or other Mezger family members. Help is appreciated. Thank you.

Gary Stuart 24 Feb 2005 [Updated 31 Aug 2014]
I live in Cowlitz County. My ancestors homesteaded here. I have been researching their family trees for several years, and I would like to find extended famiy ties. My surnames I have information on are Stuart, Chilton, Dahl, Pea and Razey.

Jennifer Montgomery 6 Apr 1997 (Updated 31 Jan 2005)
Looking for descendents of Joseph Putnam Bywater RAREY and Susan Olive SMITH who moved into Cowlitz Co., WA about 1900 from Kansas. Children included Mary Alice, 1869; Alfred, 1871; Joseph Marion, 1872; Norah Belle, 1876; William Edward, 1879; Myrtle May, 1884; Almeda, 1886; Alvanley, 1886; Fred, 1889; Bessie Leona, 1892. Any help appreciated. THANKS.

Patsy Moore Huddleston 29 Jan 2005
I lived in Kelso in 1956,when I was 8 yrs. old. It seems as though we lived on 3rd Ave S. Does anyone remember an old apartment building that might have had 4-6 apts? We lived upstairs and I remember it had steps going up the outside of the building on the back side. I walked to school and I thought it might be Wallace school on Elm. Does anyone know how old Wallace is? Also we would walk to a neighborhood theatre. I thought possibly it might be what is now "Kelso Theatre Pub". Did it used to be a theatre in 1956? Also my dad was a pipeliner and I remember going to where the gas pipeline crossed the river. Does it sound feasible that the pipe crossed high above the river like a bridge? My memory does not serve me too well and I would appreciate any help I can get.

Lucy Ann Baird-Clark 15 Jan 2005
I would like to get in contact with descendants of George and Mary (SPANGLER) BAIRD. Here are the families that married into the BAIRD/SPANGLER line: INGRAM, KEENE, WESTFALL, CHUINARD, DUNHAM. I welcome the opportunity to exchange information. I have information on some of the ancestry of George and Mary Jane.

Cindy Eriksen 21 Nov 2004
I am looking for family of Clinton VanDyke Tooley. I have found in a 1930 census that he had a daughter named Ida Daniels and 2 sons, William Tooley and Harold Tooley. The social security death index indicates that he died in 1975, in Cowlitz Co., WA and that Ida Daniels died in Cowlitz Co. Clinton was my gg uncle. He was the biological brother to my g grandfather, Mervin C. VanDyke, but was adopted very young by the Tooley family. I met him once when I was young (about 1969-71) as he found our family after my g grandpa had already died.

Beverly Walker 29 Aug 2004
Nellie (Colwell) HORN, married Martin I. HORN and died in West Kelso, Cowlitz Co., WA. Her obit was printed in the Kelso Daily News, January 28, 1925. In the obit it says that interment will be at the I.O.O.F. cemetery. I am trying to find which cemetery she is buried in. Nellie's parents are buried in the Cowlitz View Memorial Gardens, but I called and they don't have her listed there in the cemetery. Any help very appreciated!

Beverly Walker 15 Aug 2004
My great-grandfather and great-grandmother, William L. & Mary Abby COLWELL moved from Oklahoma to the Longview area about 1910 & then to Kelso a bit later. They had several children including my grandmother, Blanche Ione COLWELL who lived in Kelso until she died. She married Alfred BISHOP; C. F. Kennedy; & William E. CHINN. Other daughters married into the HORN family & Wamsley family. William L. & Mary COLWELL are buried in Kelso WA.

Kathy Heath 21 Jul 2004
I am trying to locate the grave of my grandmother's sister. My great grandparents, James and Sarah Ann (Palmer) Jones, and their children (all were born in Stella) were living in Stella, Cowlitz Co., WA in 1900 when their youngest, Hazel Grace Jones aged 3 months, developed pneumonia. They took her to Portland for treatment but she died there on March 18, 1900. I have a Return of a Death from Oregon and it says that the intended place of interment was Stella, Washington. I only know of the Stella-Weist Cemetery and Hazel is not listed as being buried there on the website that I found. So, she is either buried there but maybe has no headstone or is buried somehere else close by. Her grandfather is buried in the Martin's Bluff Cemetery outside of Kalama. If anyone knows of how to contact the Stella-Weist Cemetery or of somewhere I can check that might lead me to where she is buried, I would appreciate hearing from them. Thank you.

Nancy Welch 21 Jul 2004
Need information on George Clifford ("Cliff") Craig m. Agnes ???, lived in Longview, came to Longview as a child. Edith Eaton m. Richard Nelson Craig - children Kenneth Eaton Craig b. 4/1909, Robert O. Craig both born in Kelso. Kate Eaton Price - sister of Edith Eaton and "Hap" Eaton m. Leone, lived in Cougar, WA - brother of Edith Eaton Craig.

Kim Jeffery Torgler 7 Jul 2004
Searching for Burial location of Martin H VENEMON, who died in Castle Rock on 25 August 1919. He seved in Company A, 11th Ohio Cavalry nad Company F, 4th US Cavalry.

Jan Redelsperger 1 June 2004
My sister and I are doing research on our family in the Cowlitz County Area. My maternal grandmother's family was Lucius and Jemima Doble and my paternal family was Alexander and Margaret Poland. We have been unable to locate a death date of Margaret (te) Poland in any of the county books in Kelso. We believe that she died between 1901 and 1910. She is listed on the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery list but there is no date of death given. Her husband Alexander is buried there. Also trying to locate information on Ruthadora Poland Rulifson (Alexanders's daughter)and her daughter Ethel Rulifson. We understand that Ethel married but have no further information. Thanks for your help.

Brian Hale 1 June 2004
Can someone please find obits for Solomon J. and Hannah Jane (Schwab) Beck? They are buried at Cowlitz View Memorial Cemetery in Kelso.

Solomon died January 14, 1918
Hannah Jane died November 10, 1911

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Kerry Serl 19 May 2004
Looking for descendants of Mildred Smith (b December 1896) and Dewey Burgess (b: Abt. 1897 Alabama). Married: Abt. 1922. I know of one daughter, Marjorie A Burgess (b: 1828 Washington). The 1930 census shows them in Longview, Cowlitz County, Washington.

Melinda 30 Mar 2004
I am looking for any information regarding my son's grandfather, Russell Robert KERNAGHAN. I have information that he died in Kelso, Washington in 1990. I would like to find out if it is possible to get a death certificate transcription. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Karl Voiles 29 Mar 2004
Looking for any information about Alonzo W. CARNER (1858-1952), who lived in Castle Rock for a period from at least as early as 1932.

Susan Lang 21 Mar 2004
Greetings all! Currently researching my Great Grandpa, James G. Jones who resided in Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington from appox. 1885 until his death in 1926. James G. Jones was born December 24, 1829 in New York. He married Sophronia Beers of Connecticut. Grandpa Jones was a traveler, never staying put in one place for too long. His daughters, Cynthia M. Jones and Elizabeth F. Jones were born in Illinois. In 1860, the Jones and Beers families were living in Nemeha County, Kansas. In 1870, Grandpa James and family, now with 2 other children Elzira and Calvin S. Jones were in Jasper county, Missouri. Feeling the itch again, 1880 found them in So. Pueblo, Colorado where it is presumed that his wife, Sophronia, died. Grandpa married Sophronia's sister, Mary Liberta Beers, and they are found with Calvin S. in Cowlitz County, Washington in 1885, 1887 and 1910 Auditors' Census. James G. Jones' daughter, Elizabeth (also known as Lizzie) was the widow of John Dudgeon. She remarried George Fouth. James' son, Calvin S. Jones married a woman by the name of Augusta Phoebe. In their household lived a woman by the name of Patience Glover, the widow of Civil War Veteran, Abner B. Glover. I am not sure of the relationship between Patience and the Jones family. James Jones address at the time of his death at age 96, was 703 So. 5th Street in Kelso. He also was the proprietor of a store believed to have been called "Jones Place" in Kelso where he sold a variety of candy, nuts and tobacco products.

James Jones, George and Lizzie Fouth, Abner and Patience Glover are all buried in the Cowlitz Valley cemetery. Mary Liberta Beers Jones is not listed there. There is a listing of these people in the Longview Library on pages 92, 134 and 150 but I do not have access to these.

I would invite anyone with older folks from the Kelso area who might recall the Jones store or any of these families to contact me please! Also would love to hear from the Glover, Jones and Fouth descendants who may be able to further shed light on these people who were always on the move! Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Harlene Soper Brown 17 Feb 2004
Does anyone know if Martha LINDLEY HUNTINGTON came out to Washington/Oregon with her sons who settled in Cowlitz County? According to the "Huntington Family Association", she died in 1856. Her daughter, Emily Huntington Longley, was in Iowa in the 1880 Census.

Jim Eastman 7 Feb 2004
Looking for information on Jay William Eastman, born 29 Nov 1877 in Emporia, Kansas. Lived in Longview, WA in 1930 where he was a real estate broker. Wife's name - Ellen (Pierson). His father was Daniel Webster Eastman, born in NH, died in Kansas in 1912.

Nancy J. McCorkle Miller 27 Jan 2004 [Updated 30 Aug 2014]
I am a descendent of W.A.L. McCorkle and Diana Saville through son Eugene, through grandson Alfred, through g-g-son Alfred. I am doing a project for a University of Washington class on DIANA SAVILLE MCCORKLE (b. 10 Dec 1832, Rockbridge Co., Virginia; d. 19 May 1878 @ Lexington, Wa buried Kelso/Longview (Cowlitz Co) in Catlin Pioneer Cemetary). I would be interested in any information that you have about Diana's life, including even slight mentions in letters or newspaper articles or photographs. I would be happy to pay for copying, mailing costs, etc. if you have such information. Any information about W.A.L. McCorkle's situation, donation land claim, business dealings, letters, etc. would also be appreciated. I will be visiting the Cowlitz County Museum to examine their records of W.A.L. and Diana. Thanks so much. [Update: Nancy completed her book titled Diana Saville McCorkle and donated a copy to the Cowlitz County Historical Museum.]

Barbara Krueger 26 Nov 2003
Looking for people who attended school in Oak Point in 1921. Principal or teacher was Samuel D. Williams, married to Metta. I have a group photo in front of open door of school with about 35 children of mixed ages and perhaps 2 women teachers.

Eva J. Hall 25 Oct 2003 [Updated 30 Aug 2014]
Martha Ann (Sisk) & William Jasper LOWE moved to the Longview WA area from Benton Co AR in the late 1920s or early 1930s. They had 9 children, Loyd, Eda, Pearl, Jay, Warren, twins Issac & Joel, and twins Iris Dean & Ira Lee. I would like to correspond with someone that knows where Martha & Jasper are buried and what happened to the children, whether living or dec'd, and the children's families. Thank you.

Rita Boerner 7 Aug 2003
I am searching for information on Ivan and Hazel Casey. They lived in Longview, WA. Ivan was born in AR to William and Carrie Bates Casey. Thanks.

Anne Hackett 20 Jul 2003 (Updated 13 Jul 2006)
Please help me find the Hackett family who once resided at 105 Grant Street Kelso, Washington. I have a letter dated December 16, 1942. Names listed are John, who had recently died;Emma and the person who signed the letter, M.M. Hackett. Also mentioned was Bess who took her husband to Arizona for health reasons.The letter was addressed to Mr. L.R. Hackett Graham, NC. Two sons were mentioned but were not named. Thank you.

Kathy Heath 16 Jul 2003
Looking for anyone that might be connected to my family. They were in Cowlitz Co. from about 1880 to 1900. James H. Jones and Sarah Ann Palmer were married at the courthouse in August of 1882. They had the following children who were born in Cowlitz Co.: Lillian Ann, Frank Henry, Ida Mae, Clarence O., Amos E., Laura E., Hazel Grace. Sarah Ann Palmer's parents were John H. and Eliza Ann (Redding) Palmer. John died in Cowlitz Co. in 1883 and is buried in Martin's Bluff cemetery. John and Eliza Ann's children were: Mary E., Sarah Ann, William H., Eliza Jane, Clara Ellen, John Stephen, Emma L., Charles E. and Minnie V.

J. C. Russell 7 Jun 2003
I am trying to find information on Darrell/Daryl Jensen/Jenson who lived with his parents in Kelso around 1960 and entered the USAF. I served with Darrell and have been unsuccessful in locating him or any members of his family. Does anyone know Darrell? He would be in his late fifties or early sixties.

Shirley Wheet 3 Jun 2003
In the database for WWI Civilian Draft Registrations there is a Grant Jackson Ackles b Aug 1877, registered Cowlitz Co, WA. Information on Grant Jackson or any other Ackles in Cowlitz Co. would be helpful.

Willie 5 May 2003
I am seeking any one who may have known Charles BOND and his wife Delilah who lived in the Toutle Lake/Silver Lake area. This would have been quite a few years back as I think they both died around the 1960's? These are my great grandparents and would just like to know if there were any "stories" to tell of any one who may have known them. Thank you,

Kimberly Aparton-Whelan 15 Apr 2003
[Message originally posted by Kimberly's mother-in-law, Edie, in Nov. 1998] Looking for twin sons of-Gladys Ramsey & Matthew Aparton-born around 1924 in Kelso, Wa. Possibly adopted by mother's new husband-any help to find them will make our family so happy-THANK-YOU-for your time.

Sandra Carter 9 Jan 2003
I have found my great grandparents in the Kelso newspapers in 1910 living in Hazel Dell. Sometimes their home is listed as Lexington. I know where both these places are today and they are no way close to each other. Can anyone explain the Hazel Dell location in 1910? Thanks.

Patrick Jackson 5 Jan 2003
Had a great-uncle named William Allen. He was born in Texas but moved to Washington. He lived in Woodland, Cowlitz, WA. His wife was named Tessie and they had two daughter's named Marjorie and Amy Jean. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

Marianne Monagle 31 Dec 2002 [Updated 1 Sep 2014]
Gladys Marie Slater Hodges ELLEFSON: b. May 20, 1899 in Portland OR and died in (?) in April 1978. I am uncertain the exact day death in April- I got the death date and month from the SS death index. What else I know that may be useful: She lived in Portland, Multnomah Co, OR area I believe most of her life, at least till about 1950 or later...? Her SS death benefit went to the address of Woodland, Cowlitz Co, WA. However, I am not sure if that was her last address and went to her husband (if alive) or if was just the address of some other family member who took care of her final arrangements. For all I know she may have died in OR, but I can't find evidence yet of that. I am sure ELLEFSON is her married name. She was adopted as a child along with her brother Wendall Slater and raised by Elizbeth (Turpin) and Leander Hodges, of OR. I do not know if she had any kids from this marriage or not. Any help greatly apprecitated.

Margaret Doughty 10 Dec 2002
Looking for any information on maternal family. Asher M Jolly, wife Elzadia Mahalah Ellsworth homesteaded in Ariel, WA. Children: Elizabeth, Maybelle, Addie, David (my grandfather), Delma, Martin. Elzadia remarried Lorenzo Holcomb, Abraham Kamle. David Asher Jolly married Beatrice Johannah Jenkins, daughter of Fred Loraine Jenkins and Johannah Nelphina Wodaege. Children: David, Daniel, Stephen, Timothy, Philip, Rebecca (my mom), John, James, Joseph, Peter, Paul, Michael. Jolly, Jenkins, Wodaege families lived in Ariel, Woodland, Kalama.

Neal Kane 17 Nov 2002
I am looking for information on my father, Harvey Theodore Kane (SS#525-38-7543), who reportedly passed away in Cowlitz Co. on 8 Jul 1992. Could you please assist me with any information you can find. Thank you.

Jack Hillman 19 Oct 2002
I am related to Adam Catlin's wife, Mary J. Galloway. Her father and my GG-Grandfather were brothers. Any help with this family will be appreciated, as I have little info on them.

Descendants of Adam Catlin

1 Adam Catlin 1842 - Unknown b: Bet. June 29, 1842 - 1844 in ST. Clair County, Illinois. d: Unknown
    +Mary Josephine Galloway 1856 - Unknown b: December 20, 1856 in Kelso, Washingon m: May 04, 1875 d: Unknown
...... 2 James Catlin 1876 - b: 1876
...... 2 Charles Catlin 1879 - b: 1879
...... 2 Ernest Catlin 1883 - b: Bet. 1883 - 1884

Jack also posted a photo of an unidentified man. The photo was taken in Kelso. Any help in identifying the man would be appreciated.

Glen Williams 4 Oct 2002
I am trying to research my Aunt, Wynona Williams. She married a man named Clarence Phiefer and in the 1930's they lived in Kelso, Washinton. I am trying to locate an address for them if they were there in 1930 so I can look them up on the census. I would also like to connect with someone in Kelso that would look up some county records on them to help with my research. Anyone? Thanks, Glen Williams, K. C., MO.

Robert Bee 22 Sep 2002
Looking for descendants of Joseph Thomas Krivanek (1883-1957) and his wife Gail 1883-1950). They had two children: Jeroma and Joseph Thomas Krivanek, Jr. My grandmother, Agnes Krivanek Wrabetz, was Joseph's sister. Joseph owned an electrical appliance business in Longview.

Roger Hughes 2 Aug 2002 [Updated 1 Jan 2012]
Continue to wish to be in contact with any Bemis-and-related family members with roots in Castle Rock, Cowlitz County, Washington. They pioneered from Vermont/New Hampshire to Rock County, Wisconsin; Eureka Township, Greenwood County, Kansas; and then, Washington Territory. Specifically looking for folks with ties to Leander Bemis (b. abt 1819, Vermont or New Hampshire; d. after 1887, possibly in Cowlitz County) and/or his son Arthur L. Bemis (b. 1849, Rock County, Wisconsin; d. 1885, Cowlitz County). Arthur L. Bemis married (1873, Greenwood County, Kansas) a Sarah Miller (b. 1851, White River Township, Gibson County, Ind.; d. 1937, Castle Rock, Cowlitz County). Related surnames include Peabody, Shintaffer, Wolf, Hughes, Royer, Davi(d)son, Dykeman. Also could include surnames How(e), Perkins, Tucker, which were in the family of Leander Bemis' spouse, Fivilla Perkins.

Lucy Ann Baird-Clark 9 Mar 2002
Looking to correspond with anyone related to or decended from Samuel Baird 1814-1898, Jonathan Harmon Baird living there in 1880, John Spangler abt. 1840-1936. Also anyone who is related to Hardings living there in the early 1900's. Please e-mail.

Randy Sutten 7 Mar 2002
I'm looking for the family of Lorraine Archer, daughter of Hannah Collins Wilson. I'm her 2nd cousin; her uncle Beverly Collins was my grandfather. We are having a family reunion- would like to get in touch with her or her family. I'm hoping she or some of her family still live in Cowlitz County.

Kathleen Rizer 27 Jan 2002
Looking for information, esp. parents, of this Uriah Springer found in the 1900 Cowlitz Co, Washington Census. The census shows this family:
Uriah Springer b. May 1834 age 66 married 19 years, he b. Illinois, parents both born Indiana
wife Livina b. July 1850 in Ohio having 7 children/6 children living
children: Maud b. Dec 1882 in Illinois
Elbert b. Feb 1885 in Illinois
Claud b. May 1887 in Illinois
Minnie b. Nov 1890 in Wash.
and Bessy b. June 1893 in Washington

Jack Hobaugh Mond., Nov. 12, 2001
Found in 1920 census, Cowlitz Co., WA: William Hobaugh 24, b. OR, Amy 18, b. WA. Any additional info? Thanks, Jack.

Mary Houser Mon., Oct. 8, 2001
Looking for information on burial sites for Sarah (Sadie) Mustard/Mustered Lafady and her husband Chance Lafady. She died after 1912 in Cowlitz County, WA and he died 1941 in Castle Rock, WA. They were both born in Illinois. Looking for information on their children-probably Arnold, Clarence and Murven. And any other information available.

Harlan Pittelkau Mon., Oct. 8, 2001 [Updated 2 Jan 2012]
While at the Southwest Regional Archives at Olympia I also recovered a copy of one for a "Neeman Pach" (could be Herman) who became a citizen on the same day for which my grandfather (August Pittelkau) was one of the two attesters. (A copy of this certificate are posted here.

My family was in Cowlitz County from at least 1891 to 1911 or early 1912. I have moved our Internet site to a new site that is in collaboration with a research associate in Germany. It is

I still have the picture of the Pittelkau family school on the site. I believe that it was located at the property near Carrols and not at the land purchased in 1900 in the eastern part of Rose Valley. There are also tax information pages there for 1894 and 1910 that are very interesting. Each of my pages linked from my directory page has its own, complete URL so they sometimes take a few seconds, sometimes minutes, to download depending on the density of the page.

Cathy Hutchinson-Larkins Thurs., Aug. 30, 2001
I have been trying for 3 years now to locate where my great uncle is buried.
1.I have a power of Attorney from Cowlitz county stating that David Hutchinson died in Kelso.
2.I have a copy of an notice stating that David M Hutchinson son of David K and Eliza Hutchinson drowned near his home in Kelso Washington state, they lived in Freeborn County,MN. This notice says he lived in Washington for 22 years!
3.I have David Hutchinson's probate records from Cowlitz county....His estate wasn't settled until 1907 and the man died abt 8 June
BUT he is not listed on the death index, there doesn't seem to be death certificate, no burial place, no obit for Cowlitz county. He owned alot of property in Kelso: Lots 7 & 8 of block 19...Lots 7 & 8 of block 31 and block 53 all in Kelso. Sooooooooo somewhere there has to be something that tells of where he was buried....Or an article in a local newspaper in Cowlitz county somewhere! For a man who owned so much and lived there so long, why can't a burial place be located! I looked in his parents home town, but he wasn't sent there. BUT if he drowned, was a body found? I would say yes or how would they know he drowned... A Miss Hattie C. Dix had a claim as a creditor against the estate until 1907 when it was finally thrown out of court, she had been denied as a creditor several times but kept putting a $800.00 claim against the estate. That was alot of money back then and according to the probate records David wasn't even worth that much. Soooo his estate was settled 6 years after his death. Hmmmmmmmmm. I thank you for any help you can send my way. I am very furstrated with this surname...

Heatherdawn Sun., July 15, 2001
Looking for anyone with connections to the C. Letcher Sadler Family. Letcher and wife, Emma Corn, had at least 3 sons, Virgil Monroe, Oley Ray, & John "Jack" N. who were born in Washington - at least one, Oley Ray, was born (January 26, 1893) in Kelso, Cowlitz County per Oley's obit. The family moved to So. CA in 1909.

Tom Bradler Sun., July 15, 2001
I'm looking for information about my Greatuncle Claude RATCLIFFE and his family who lived in the Longview/Kelso area. I believe he had one son Art RATCLIFFE. Claude was probably born around 1890 in Virginia. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Gayle Ryans Fri., July 6, 2001
I am looking for any info on the LEE ALSTON family that left Palio Pinto County, Texas and went Longveiw, Washington in November of 1928. Mrs. Alston was my husband's great-Aunt and we are searching for them. Thank you.

Cathy Larkins Fri., May 18, 2001
I am searching for the descedants of one Richard Rasmussen and John Pollard of Kelso, Cowlitz County 1892. They were witnesses to my great grandparents (Grant Hutchinson & Eliza Jantzen) wedding, their names are signed on the marriage certificate. I have recently received several old photo's that suppose to be connected to my HUTCHINSON line. One of the photos is suppose to be of a Mr. and Mrs. Rasmussen. I am hoping that by finding descedants of the Richard RASMUSSEN and John POLLARD I will find my great grandfather Grant C. HUTCHINSON. I thank you for any help you can send my way... (View photos Cathy sent with this query.)

Linda Mesinar Fri., May 18, 2001 [Updated 10 Sep 2014]
Hello I am just starting my HUNTINGTON family research and am looking for information on this family and will share any info I have. John Dorsey HUNTINGTON (b.8-14-1847) in Nashville, Brown Co., Indiana came across the plains with his parents in 1852. He married Alma Ada Williams (b.1856) of Fairaboo, Pope County, Minnesota. One of their daughters is my Great Grandmother Annie Belle HUNTINGTON, who married Paul P. Kolstrup in 1880 in Cowlitz County, WA - at the home of her father John Dorsey Huntington. There were two witnesses listed, S.B. HUNTINGTON and Sarah HUNTINGTON, I have no idea who they are. On my Great Grandfather Kolstrup's naturalization application two of the witnesses were: Wallace HUNTINGTON and James HUNTINGTON, from Cowlitz County, I have no idea who these two are either. Annie Belle's sisters and brothers are listed in the family history as: Dr. Walter D., Hannah, Zenas, Laura, Elsie, and Remi.

Cathy Larkins Fri., April 28, 2001
Looking for a photo studio...A. G. Churchley. I recently came into some very old family photos of my gr grandparents Grant and Eliza Hutchinson and their sons Harry and Arthur..I am guesing these photos to have been taken abt 1895. Grant and Eliza were married 1 May 1892 Harry looks to be abt 2 1/2 born 1893 and Arthur looks to be abt 1 born 1894 in the photos. The photos have alot of advertising of the photo studio on the backs. I thank you for any help you can send my way.

Roger McCumber Sun., April 22, 2001
I'm looking for information on the NOAH family of Cowlitz County. Jacob NOAH b abt 1848 married Almira Catherine McCUMBER 7 Nov 1870 in Douglas Co., OR. Jacob died in 1877 leaving Almira with 3 children, George, Jacob, & Emma. She remarried Joseph NOAH abt 1880. (Unsure of relationship of Jacob & Joseph.) They had 3 children, Maggie, Creed, & Josie. Almira died 9 Feb 1899 in Portland. Joseph then married Ora Rhodes of Boistfort and they moved to Castle Rock. oseph was killed in a logging accident near Castle Rock. He and Almira are buried at Winlock. I'd be happy to share what info I have.

Dave Johnson Tues., April 10, 2001
I am looking for the family of Gary Biles who died in Longview in October, 1982. His father was Bernard Biles who died in Mar, 1985. Bernard is my great uncle and Gary had at least a partial genealogy on both the Biles and Ballard familys. My grandmother was Merle Biles Johnson. If any one can put me into contact with the Widow or the children of Gary Biles I would appreciate it.

"DMCDO24510" Sun., April 8, 2001
Looking for any information on Alvie Whittle b. 1887 in Castle Rock, Wa, and his brother Oliver (Wendell) b. 1893 also in Castle Rock. I have no information on their parents.

Jim Flaherty Fri., April 6, 2001
Castle Rock Shingle Mill: Searching for the name of and any history of the shingle mill operating in Castle Rock about 1902 and possibly earlier.

Harlene Soper Brown Thurs., March 15, 2001
MOULTON Family: My husband is descended from Susan B. MOULTON b. 1868 Iowa; d. 1928 Kalama; married James Walter HUNTINGTON 1886 in Cowlitz Co. They were married at the home of Thomas B. MOULTON and Lydia MOULTON was listed as a witness. The 1880 Census for Thomas MOULTON lists:
T. B. b. KY
Lydia b. CT
Chris Moulton b. WI
Fred Moulton b. WI
Harry Moulton b. Wash. Terr. another source says IOWA
Lusa Moulton b. Iowa
Tommets Moulton b. Iowa
Thomas B. and his family were in Cowlitz Co. by 1880. I believe, but don't have proof, that my Susan B. MOULTON was their daughter. Timewise she would fit between Harry and Lusa and she was born in Iowa. Any clues, information or connections would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so very much, Harlene Soper Brown Great-Great Granddaughter-in-law of Susan B. MOULTON.

Jean Morrison Tues., Feb. 27, 2001 (Updated 27 Mar 2006)
Does anyone have any information about the town of Ostrander, in addition to that listed on this website? My mother grew up there and attended school there in the early 1900's. I am searching for someone who might have any old pictures, or newspaper articles about the town. I would like to pay for someone to make copies of those. I also would like to learn more about more of the early families who lived in Ostrander.

Keith & Sharon Freeman Fri., Feb. 23, 2001
I am looking for information on Lyman Wynkoop. He at one time owned property in Cowlitz County near Kalama. I believe it was called Pidgeon Springs. Family tradition has it that this was a hot springs and that people came there to "drink the waters." According to cemetery records in Lincoln Memorial Park in Portland, Lyman committed suicide in Cowlitz County on 14 September 1923. He was born in Iowa in August 1849. Thanks for any help you may be able to give me.

"GinToney" Mon., Feb. 19, 2001
Can anyone tell me where I can find a record of I.O.O.F. members who are buried in Cowlitz View Memorial Gardens? Also, what funeral home would have been the one for a person who died in Kelso in 1921?

Cindy Curry Mon., Feb. 12, 2001
Looking for information on Grace VanCleave, Kelso, Cowlitz Co., WA. Known to have been living there in 1952. Believe she is buried in the vicinity. Would like to find descendants.