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Christie 26 Dec 2015
I'm looking for the marriage record for A.L. Bozarth to Fanny Hendrickson, 13 Feb 1886 in Cowlitz county, Wash. I need a copy of the record itself NOT an index.

Linda Roehrig 26 Dec 2015
Looking for info. on the Wilke family in Woodland, Cowlitz, WA area. Friedrich William Wilke (went by William) and son Edmond as well as other children Friedrich might have had. There was a Fred Wilke age 23 who lived in Lancaster, Cowlitz, WA area with the Hezekiah Caples family, working as a farm hand on the 1900 federal census. Is he Friedrich William Wilke's son? Friedrich William Wilke is a brother of my great great grandfather, Gottfried Wilke. Another brother, Charles G Wilke lived in Seattle WA before moving to Oregon. Any info. appreciated. All three lived in Schleswig township, Manitowoc, WI at least til 1890. Gottfried remained in Wisconsin. Fred William Wilke married Auguste Sy, the daughter of Abraham and Christine Schmidt Sy 15 March 1876 in Sheboygan WI. I don't know what happened to her.

Billie Sue Hankins 13 Oct 2015
I am trying to find information on a child (baby girl) that my deceased aunt, Marcia Ann Pitts gave birth to at Cowlitz County Hospital sometime between 1942-1951. A Dr. Davis delivered the baby girl. The adopted parents names were supposedly Hansel and Dotty Johnson. Mr. Johnson worked on a barge there in Kelso, Washington. I believe the little girl was named Brenda Lee Pitts at birth. Marcia Ann possibly lived with her sister Frankye May Pitts Sizemore Dye. Marcia Ann died in an accident in 1955. Frankye Dye is also deceased. I will be traveling to Longview in October, 2015 to seek any information I can find. Can you help me?

David McClellan 21 Jun 2015
Looking for imformation concerning one Dorthy Mae Robinson. Would anyone know her, and/or have any photos of her and family? Any help would be good...Thank You.

Paul Klenke 18 Apr 2015
I am searching for an old pre-1920s photograph of Huntington Rock in residential Longview (picture and map of location of this little volcanic rock outcrop here: Huntington Rock was once apparently quite a bit higher (maybe 30 feet higher) than its current state. In 1920 the highest parts of the rock outcrop were removed. Per the National Geodetic Datasheet for the benchmark that once was on the summit:"THE OLD STATION [benchmark] HAS BEEN DESTROYED, THE MOUND HAVING BEEN CUT AWAY IN 1920. THE OLD STATION WAS HUNTINGTON 1873. ONLY ONE REFERENCE MARK WAS ESTABLISHED AND WAS STAMPED NO.2 BY MISTAKE. THE CLOCK TOWER AND THE TANK ARE GOOD AZIMUTHS."Such a rock outcrop that was 60 ft higher than the surrounding terrain would have been a notable landmark in the area and I'm surprised no old-timey photos exist of it (on the Internet). Perhaps you can help. Perhaps you've seen this rock in the background of an image you've laid eyes upon. Thanks.

Linda Roehrig 13 Feb 2015
looking for information on Wilke family that lived in Woodland, Cowlitz, Washington. William Wilke (1847-1922), C.F. Wilke (1876-1904) and Edmond Wilke (1879-1936), father and his two sons. William, the brother of Charles Wilke (1863-1920) from Seattle, moved from Schleswig, Manitowoc, Wisconsin to Woodland, Cowlitz, Washington. Looking for a sister, Louise Sievert (1852-?) and her husband Carl Sievert (1851-?), who may have also moved to Washington. William was married to Auguste Sy in Manitowoc County, Wi. She was born in 1853, the daughter of Abraham and Christine Sy. Unknown if she died or they divorced before he moved to Washington. Auguste's brother moved to Washington as well, Charles Sy (1846-after 1943?).

Wanda Tackett 21 Dec 2014
Looking for information on Philip T Henry and Meary (Mary) Elizabeth Henry. They are listed in Lewis Co in 1930, and Philip as a widowor in 1940. Both are buried at the Cowlitz View Memorial Cemetery. Phillip died 4 Feb 1943, Meary (Mary) died 25 Nov 1938. On the 1910 census it states 2 children born/1 living. I am hoping for an obit, and maybe information about the one living child. Thanks. [Editor's note: Mary E. (Taylor) Henry's obituary was published in The Centralia Daily Chronicle on 26 Nov 1938.]

Brendan Golden 13 Dec 2014
Seeking info on Irv Huntington, USN photographer in WWII, schooled in portraiture in Chicago IL in 1945/6. My cell is 630-379-6701 or email phone no. I can call you for info on Irv. Thanx.

Garric Simonsen 26 Nov 2014
Seeking information regarding surnames; Bennett, Martin, Carlstrom, Thorén (Theren), Clarkston & Bergstrom. My Swedish great grandfather Erik Persson (Eric Pearson) was a railroad superintendent with the Wisconsin Lumber & Timber Co. (1900's-1930's). He was married to Ottolina Thilander and had two children, Eric Holger Pearson and Brita Pearson. I have a substantial collection of photographs and postcards from this time. There are additional unnamed family portraits loaded to a blog, please visit for more information. I'm also interested in knowing more about W.L. & T Co. owner J. S. O'Gorman, as I may have photographs of him and his son as well.

Scott Moritz 8 Nov 2014
I'm looking for any information on PFC Francis Roberts, USMC killed in action on 27 July 1943. Earned the Navy cross for gallantry. I need his burial information and any photos that I can use for a tribute to those Marines Killed in action during WWII.His home town was Kelso but he also lived in Spokane.

Barry Gates 10 Sep 2014
My gr-gr-uncle Hans was named after his three uncles, Hans, Hugo and Diedrich STORM. We found his uncles Hugo & Diedrich, Theodore-"Hugo" and "Frank"/ Franz-Diedrich settling in Tower Township. His uncle Hans was actually a third immigrant brother, "John"/Johannes-Hans-Gustav Storm. Frank came over to Washington by 1872. John "must have" joined him in Cowlitz County by 1882, at the latest, because he received a US DOI BLM land-patent in 1892, which has a 10-year residency requirement. He, however, wasn't in the 1881 census there with Frank. John went to Alaska or the Yukon, during one of the gold rushes. Hugo went by wagon to Seattle, King Co., WA to drive John back to Tower. All of his stuff was in his hotel room, but he was nowhere to be found. Hugo brought his stuff back to Tower, but without John. Some claim John struck it rich, and that his money was never found either, but that starts to sound a bit more fanciful. Their mother was buried in Tower Cemetery in 1900 (see at We aren't sure if he died before or after the detailed stone was erected or not. Hugo settled on Frank's patent, over at Knowles Place and Tower Road, beyond the east end of Storm Road. John's grant was to the west, north off Tower Road, just south-west of source for the west fork of Rock Creek. If any researchers come across newspaper reports or details on this, I'd love to hear more about it.

Alice Dewey Robinson 10 Sep 2014
I am trying to put information together regarding my family members who were loggers during the 1900s in the Cowlits area. I know they were logging there but not what logging camps. The surnames are Pea, Strong, Quillin and more that i can remember. Also, do you know if any women worked in the camps as well? THANK YOU.

Candy Baker 31 Aug 2014
[Update to Q332]: I actually found my Great-Grandfather in Butte, Montana - but he is not the same Wm F. Shanklin that was murdered in Kelso. Strange, tho, that he died about the same time. I am still trying to track down more information on him and his parents. He lived in Lebanon, Meigs, Ohio with his Mother, Elizabeth, from at least 1870 to 1885. They were land owners. I actually went back to Ohio June 2012 and saw the land, but a dead-end, as I do not know his Mother's Maiden name, nor the name of his father. No info on her or when she died. He married and had two boys before moving to Butte in 1890. How or why he got there I still do not know. Another false lead on Elizabeth is that her Maiden name is "Francis", people say. Even tho the initial "F" stands for Francis, the time line and locations of her birth as recorded in the Census' do not measure up. She was born in Kentucky. I went there==found a ton of "Shanklin's", saw a cemetery but the young Shanklin I talked with said we were not of their line===so I am still stuck. :(

Todd Wheeler 21 Mar 2009 [Updated 31 Aug 2014]
I am trying to identify the parents of Alfred Baker Cunningham born January 24, 1884 in Castle Rock and any information about that family at that time. Thank you very much.

Margaret Doughty 30 Aug 2014
I am the daughter of Rebecca Jolly Copple born Jan 1934 in Ariel, WA, daughter of David A Jolly and Beatrice Jenkins Jolly. David and Beatrice had 12 children including my mother, who was the only girl. My mother still lives in Ariel on Dubois Road on the property my grandfather homesteaded. Both of my grandparents are buried at Lone Pine Cemetery along with my great grandparents Asher M Jolly and Elzadia Jolly Kamle. I am our family genealogist and have information on the Jolly, Jenkins and Wodage Families as well as many many photos I am more then willing to share. I am hoping that others will be able to fill in empty spaces in my tree, especially of the Jenkins and Wodaege families. My mother's aunt was Lucia Jenkins Wolfe who was very active in Cowlitz County History and I have some letters that she wrote my mother talking about her life as a child. If you are interested please contact me.

Dan Jones 1 June 2004 [Updated 30 Aug 2014]
Seek info on Grace A. Davis, a teacher for nearly 50 years who died in Centralia in the mid 1970s. She had taught in Portland, Ore. through 1924 and apparently moved to Washington about two years later -- some in our family thought maybe she had taught in Kalama during the World War II period.

Walt Steesy 8 Nov 2008 [Updated 30 Aug 2014]
Earl Regis Olmstead (c1922-Oct 2008) and his wife Twyla (1917-1998) lived in Castle Rock. I would like to make contract with any descendants. I'm genealogist for the Olmste(a)d Family Association and I have 110,000+ Olmste(a)ds in my records. I'm always glad to share information on any Olmste(a)d or descendants.

Pat (Dahlquist) Flippen 6 Jun 2009 [Updated 30 Aug 2014]
I have been reading the info and inquiries for persons seeking info on the old schools in Cowlitz Co. I lived across the fence from the old Stockport School in Pleasant Hill. The land for the school was donated to the school district by my Great-grandfather. My grandfather and father attended the school, as did my sister and I. The school was torn down in the late 1940's or early 1950's after we moved from the area. The land then was returned to the family. I now own it, after purchasing it from one of my relatives. My family also donated the land where the Stockport Cemetery is located. When my sister and I went to the Kelso Historical Society, they had never heard of the Stockport School! They knew about the older school that was located in Ostrander, but not Stockport. We have some family pictures that show the school in the background. The Stock family homesteaded in the Pleasant Hill - Ostrander area in the late 1850's and I have a copy of the DLC signed by Pres. U.S. Grant. If anyone has further info about the Stockport school, I would love to hear from you. I have been working on an article to send in to the Cowlitz Co. Museum in Kelso about the Stockport School and am still looking for pictures of the school to add to those I already have on hand.

Karen Laulainen Plummer Sun., July 18, 1999 {Updated August 2014]
Laulainen - Makela - Wayrynen - Raappana: I have 1000 names on my Family Tree Maker files from the above families who settled in Astoria Oregon and Cowlitz County, WA. I will put them on line when I figure out how. In the meantime, I would be delighted to share information with anyone interested. It's a work in progress.

Maryhellen Acevedo 18 Aug 2014
I am looking for an article that was written about my parents in 1977 or 1978. Names are Juan and Martha Acevedo. It was pertaining to being a new business (Acevedo and Acevedo) in Castle Rock WA. Could you help me find this?

Kara Green 16 Aug 2014
My Grandmother was given up for adoption when she was 12 days old. Her birth certificate states she was born at Kelso Hospital, Kelso WA on Feb. 15th 1924. Her mother was Pearl Irene Johnson, age 16, resident of Kelso, born in Washington. Her Birth name was Betty Lou, then changed to Marjory Lagreide. I found many dead ends with Pearl Irene, perhaps she was a temporary resident of Kelso.

Mary Jo 16 Aug 2014
I am looking for all information regarding Melody Ranch that you may have. I have known the last two owners but they don't have much information either. Please and Thank you.

Don Tucker 25 Dec 2013
I'm trying to find someone who can help me with regard to finding information on the Dumas family, now in the Grasseth Cemetery. John Dumas was my deceased mother's stepmother's son. We used to spend much time with them during the year at John and Necoline's home up in the hills above Oak Point (I considered them my grandparents). Enoch and Stanley were their sons. I played with Stanley as a boy. Suggestions on how to find someone who knew them or can help me find information on the Dumas's? Also played with some of the Pederson boys who lived nearby. Thanks.

Dineice 25 Dec 2013
I am looking for past history of my house built in 1887 (Lexington) Kelso, Washington - THE MCCORKLE HOUSE.

Gayle Carpenter-Courts 25 Dec 2013
I am a granddaughter of Theodore Ted Carpenter found on pg. 174B of the 1880 census for Owl Creek precinct. I am interested in an and all records of the Lorenzo Dow Carpenter family in Owl Creek. Are there photos, plats of the family farm etc.. I live in DuPont Wa. and am interested in traveling to see whatever can be seen about the Carpenters there.

Dennis Blumer 25 Dec 2013
I was looking for information on the Raymond Blumer family that Lived in the Kelso Area. They owned a Pontiac and GMC dealership in the 50' and 60's. There may be family still in the area. Raymond was my Grandfather's cousion. Thanks.

Gregory 1 Sep 2013
I would dearly like an obit please for: MANN Jesse, 06 Dec 1858 - 5/30/1946, DN 31 May 1946 p. 12:1, DN 01 Jun 1946 p. 9:1 1946.

Jennie Kordenat 1 Sep 2013
I'm searching for photos, stories, biographies, family trees etc. for:Lottie Helen (Westberg/Wastburg/Wustberg) Slater born in 1899, died in 1977. She and her husband, Franklin Laroy (Leroy, or various spellings) Slater, born in 1893, died in 1964, owned and operated the Lone Fir Store, Service Station, Tavern at 3741 Pleasant Hill Road in Kelso, WA. They were my great grandparents and I am searching for photos or stories about their store/service station/tavern and also about their family histories. I'm especially interested in Franklin LaRoy Slater's family history. There are few records on his history and it appears that there is another Franklin Slater that lived in Oregon (Newberg) that may have a similar birth date. He often went by Roy and his father was Franklin Lewis Slater. Apparently for some reason he didn't want to talk about his family, my grandmother thinks it had something to do with him being married to a German woman and he wasn't German or something like tha t. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Barbara Krueger 22 Aug 2013
S. D. Williams was the principal of a Cowlitz Co. school between about 1910-1920. Several years ago someone sent me a photo of him with the students. Would any of those people still be alive, and have additional photos of when they were in school....or their children have the photos in an old scrap book? Thanks much. [Editor's note: this is an update to Q184.]

Michelle Mirante 21 Aug 2013
We are looking to purchae a house that was built in 1913 at 810 Harmony Rd, Longview, Wa. The Assesor page only goes back as far as 1997 and we are looking for more hitorical information on the homestead. ANY information on the home and the families that originally lived there would be GREATLY appreciated. It helps us to honor those who create such a beautiful place and restoration as well.

Gregory 14 Aug 2013
Mary H. (Clark) Ramsey died 25 Mar 1926 in Castle Rock, Cowlitz Co., Washington, USA. I would like to know where she is buried please.H er husband, Joseph Jamaes Ramsey, died 3 Aug 1917 in Castle Rock, Cowlitz, Washington, USA. I would like to know where he is buried, please. Thank you.

Glenda Hayes 20 Jul 2013
My G-grandfather David Forest Lee and G-G-grandfather Charles J. Lee are both buried in the Kalama IOOF cemetary. In my family the verbal history says that Charles J. Lee donated the land for this cemetary as his wife Georgiana Glen Lee who died in 1888 was buried there, as the first burial on that land. There was a headstone for her which has disappeared, either taken or more likely sunk into the ground. I am sending this information as an addition to the Kalama history as Charles was a settler there sometime after 1870 and before 1873 when his son David was born there. I've had trouble finding any Lee or Harris family information at this site. The Harris group which was large and lived at Owl Creek near Kalama. I have more information on these families and both are found at

Wendye Mickel 20 Jul 2013
I am trying to find some more information about my great-grandfather, Jesse Frances Van Name. He was an attorney in or near Kelso, Washington in the late 1800's. My grandmother Florence Ruth Van Name was born in Kelso on 1-12-1896. I have found a few documents that list his name but per my great uncle he disappeared while on a business trip. I cannot find any information for him in any newspaper,etc. Per US Census he was born in Illinois 1857 but have no further information. Does anyone have any other documents?

Robert James Merrill 25 Feb 2013
I am the son of John Frank Merrill and am looking to reconnect.

Nick Warwick 16 Feb 2013
I am trying to find any information that I can on a Hospital way back possibly late 1800's to early 1900's. I have been told it was called the County Farmers Hospital, or the Poor Farm. It was located at the foot of Beacon Hill in what was called Beulah Acres. It Is now and has been for many many years a residence. I have found some death records of people that died at the Cowlitz County Poor Farm and only lists a location of "North of Kelso." Which this is. If you have any knowledge of this place or its history, I would really appreciate it. I live 3 doors down from the place. Thank you very much for your time. [Editor's note: Bonnie Waldier was also born at this hospital. Does anyone have any information on it?]

Tom Henderson 16 Feb 2013
My grandfather was Burris (Burt) Lowe. My mother (Louise) was his daughter. Any info you might have on the Fakes or the Lowes would be appreciated. Thanks.

Darrell Smith 24 Dec 2012
A viewing of the 1871 Cowlitz census reveals the names of Nathaniel Stone's immediate family. He had children, grandchildren, and brothers living in Cowlitz County. 1866 marriage records indicate his son, Jasper Stone, married a local girl. In the 1871 census, Jasper was county auditor. By the 1881 census they all had moved. I grew up on the orchard he must have planted by his homesite. Both the orchard and house are indicated in the 1887 map. I wonder what became of them all?

Laura Severson 30 Oct 2012
I am trying to find a headstone photo for John and Anna Marie Severson. I am sure they are buried in Longview Mermorial Park but they aren't listed on Find a Grave. In addition to these folks, I am looking for the grave stone for Ivar Larson, brother of Anna. Thank you!

Bonnie Waldier 28 Aug 2012 [Updated 5 Jul 2014]
I am still trying to find the exact hospital where I was born in 1940 on Beacon Hill. II know there is a building on Beacon Hill that is a nursing home, and I am wondering about it. It's at 128 Old Beacon Hill Drive, and I have heard it has been there for many years and may have been used for something else before that. When I was born in March of 1940, it was just Mom and me, and I kind of think we were in a county building for poor Mothers or something. Mom was very ill after a 3 day labor, and she had to stay there for at least a month after my birth. After a few weeks she sent me to her sisters in Kelso to take care of me. I have waited for the 1940 census for years and she and I are not on it!! Any leads or advice on where to look for records would be so appreciated!

Laura Charles 17 Jul 2012
I am looking for any information on the Rev Leo E McDaniel, he was my hero when I was a child. I was told he passed many years ago. I only just found out in the last few days that he actually was alive, then doing a SSDI search found out he had passed. I have tried everything possible in internet searches to find where he is buried or maybe an obit, I know his wife's name is Shirley and they had a least one daughter who was named Virigina. He was born in 1921 and passed 2010 in Longview, was born in Fayette, Ohio. Like I said I thought he hung the mooon and stars, I have mentioned him several times on my personal web site I list it so that you can see how much he influenced me, I would like to beleieve that he would have remembered me, I was just 13 the last time I saw him, and was told that he passed back then, mid 70's and was heartbroken to know I could have been in contact with him all these years. Thank you for any information that you can help with.

Gloria Lowrey 17 Jul 2012
I am trying to find the cemetery where Frank Hobart Jennings is buried. He died October 20, 1990 in Kelso. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bette Hansen 4 Jul 2012
I am trying to find info. about Maud Hill's descendants. Maud was born in 1885, in WA State, possibly in Kelso. I am quite certain that her father was a brother to my great grandfather Daniel Webster Hill. I have a photo taken in Kelso of the Hill family homestead in 1896 with Daniel, his wife Mary Emma (Poujade) Hill and their 4 children, Guy, Edna (my grandmother), Roy & Inez and 2 of Daniel's brothers (Maud's father?) P. Alberni, B. C. is celebrating its Centennial year of incorp. in early Aug. Maud's husband Francis Wm. Weist from Portland, whom she married in 1900, owned a logging Co. here from 1912 to 1918 and I am quite certain that his wife Maud and 3 sons (Clyde, Clifford and Vernon) would have lived in P.Alberni with him. If I can prove this, our family will be considered as a family of 100 yrs. in P.Alberni. Thank you for any information you might be able to provide.

Florence Maria (Hopf) Hale 28 May 2012
I am trying to find imformation about my Great great grandpa Leo Anton Hopf. He was mayor of Woodland, Washington in 1906 and did have a farm. I have also been told the he had a creamery and The Hopf Hotel. There are other things about him that I would like to know. How long did he live in Woodland and did he pass away there and how many children did he have and what was his wife's name and etc.

Deborah 18 Mar 2012
I live in Oregon. I used to visit my great aunt in Long Beach, Washington. Her name was Catlin. Clara was her first name. My Grandfather's name was Vincent Jonathan Grewelle. Grandmother was Ruth Grewelle. Is there any info you can tell me about them? We found my grandfather's grave in Longview and some other small info. Nothing much. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Donald Renstrom 24 Jan 2012
We're looking for descendants of Dorothy Pauline and Stanley S. Hansen. Listed as living in Kelso, Cowlitz, Washington in the 1930 census. We believe that these are cousins and children of Ole Peter (Peter) Nelson (Nilsen), our great great Uncle, and his wife Jennie Seaberg. Dorothy Pauline was born in approx 1914 and her brother in about 1916. She in Montana and he in North Dakota. Documents show that these children were adopted by Louis A. Hansen after he married Jennie Seaberg Nelson. We're looking to re establish the family connection and also perhaps find out about their biological father our uncle, Ole Peter Nilsen.

Nancy McCorkle Miller 24 Jan 2012
I have some questions about the service of Company G of the 1st Regiment of Washington Territory Volunteers during the Indian Wars of 1855-56. I believe that the term of service of this unit was 24 October 1855 to January 1856, based on the muster rolls, reference # AR82-1-12-4221. I am a lineal descendent of W.A.L. McCorkle, the captain of this unit, and would especially like any day reports, status reports, letters, diaries, or any other document that would tell us the details of this unit's activities while in service. As was stated succinctly in History of Clarke County, “Mr. McCorkle was commissioned Captain of Company G, by Governor C. H. Mason, during the Indian troubles of 1855-56, and proceeded to the Chelachie valley and prevented the savages from crossing through the pass into the lower country.” I would gladly pay the cost of any copying, mailing, etc. that sharing the materials would entail, or I could visit Cowlitz County to see them directly. Thanks.

Jonathan Wiggins 23 Dec 2011
I am trying to research my family history as it is unknown on my father's side up to his Grandfather, and what he knows about his Grandfather is extremely limited. His Grandfather is Joseph Sherwood Wiggins who moved to Longview, WA sometime around 1926-1930. I have Census records from 1930 that shows him residing in Longview and having his wife Fanny/Fannie/Frances P./Payne Wiggins with him along with their two kids Joseph/Joe Sherwood Wiggins Jr. and Hampton Glynn Wiggins. I am running into a serious road block with both Joseph Sherwood Wiggins SR. and Frances/Fannie P. Wiggins. I can track them back to Polk County & Tyler Texas, but that is it. I was hoping there were records there that in Longview that could become available - or at least the details/information contained within. Thanks so much if you can assist or point me in the right direction.

Carol Nakamura 28 Nov 2011
I am interested in the William Davolt-Catherine Jones Family. My great-great grandfather Silas Jones was Catherine's brother. I am interested in knowing who Catherine's ancestors were on her father's side. Her father, George Jones was born (Mar 29) 1785 in Roanoke County, VA. Her mother Lydia McMurtry born (Dec 7) 1795, Mercer County, KY.

Kathy Wodaege 28 Nov 2011
I would like to obtain any information I can on the above named families. Abraham Wodaege was my Grandfather. Thank you for your time.

Lois Clay Perkins 4 Oct 2011
Just discovered that my great uncle, James William CLAY, born 1877 in McDowell County, NC was living in Cowlitz County in the 1920 and 1930 census. I know he had two daughters, Dorothy and Merna. James died on December 13, 1957 and I would love to have an obituary if available. Also, I do not know what happened to the daughters and would to hear from anyone who might know anything about them. Thank you so much.

Darlene J. Johnson 4 Sep 2011
Researching Hastings, Jordan, Sisson, Franz surnames. Any background info on these families would be helpful. Clifford Hastings started the first farmer's market in the Stella area.

Wilma Bramlette 1 Aug 2011
Clement Banen Adams born May 29, 1886 Idaho; died Oct. 12, 1947 Kelso WA. His son, Clement Carlos Adams, born July 29, 1927 Cardston, Alberta, Canada; died March 28, 1952, Bakersfield, Kern Co., California. They are both listed in abstracts for Cowlitz Valley Memorial Cemetery, but they are not listed in the Cemetery. I need pictures, please advise me on my next step. Clement Banen Adams SD-17-29-4. Clememt Carlos Adams SD-17-28-1. Thank You.

Becky Molt 11 Jul 2011
We would like obituaries from those buried at Shanghai Pioneer Cemetery and Rose Valley cemetery. We would also like information about military status.

My husband and I have been working on this project almost 5 years. The cemetery has been plowed with a loss of many of our pioneer graves sites. Our records like most cemetaries have been passed down through the years and have lost their accuracy and completness.

We are now under the control of District # 6 who have been doing an excellent job in keeping it up and adding improvements. My husband and I have been keeping the flags flying on military days as instructed by George Fogel.

Under the circumstances I want to find everyone and be sure the information I get is correct. So I do check every piece of information for verification.

We already have photos of all the graves taken in 2008 but plan to give our grounds keeper a thumbs up and a month to make sure everything is mended and in top condition. Then we will photograph them again. We are also working on a large map and complete information book for the library and all other keepers of the list.

Jean Morrison 30 Jun 2011
I am trying to reconnect with Edward Stover who descends from the Edward Stover who lived in Cowlitz County in the early 1900's. I communicated with him in 2006 and we talked about the possible connection between the Stovers who lived in Cowlitz County.

Linda Scarborough 29 May 2011
I am looking for Betty and Ray Whittle. They moved from Longview, Washington to Castle Rock, Washington towards the end of 2010. I have not been able to locate them since. She has been a friend for over 20 years.

Jean Morrison 23 Apr 2011
I am searching for information about the history of the early M.E. (Methodist-Episcopal) church in Ostrander and Kelso. I do know that the one in Ostrander was not built until after 1890 or so, but I find an M.E. church minister living not far from the early people who were in Ostrander in the 1870 census. I am assuming he was the minister in Kelso. So I am trying to locate where that church may have been and also any other information concerning the records for those churches, etc.? Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

Jo Peters 27 Mar 2011
I know this is a common name but I am in dire need of assistance. I know that the mothers name was Francis Smith - they lived in Longview and perhaps Lexington (Cowlitz County) Washington. One son was born there in 1947 Jimmie Doyle Smith on 09/15/47 - one daughter may have been born in Lexington (Pearl Dean Smith, DOB 08/24/41). I know that moved from Washington to Cleveland County Oklahoma and were living there according school census in 1954-57. That is all I have, there was another daughter born in a town in Oklahoma between the two so I am unsure if Pearl was born in Lexington Oklahoma or Lexington Washington.Help please I have searched, started a tree, and hit a dead end which suggests to me that Francis Smith remarried and moved again.

Michael Feely 10 Mar 2011
I am looking for the obituary and funeral home for my father, Mr. Robert J. Feely, who passed away on 1-5-98 in Longview, Wa. I need a copy of his death certificate. Thanks.

Virginia Seaholm 4 Mar 2011
Have some records of Harold Carsner; all of his Merchant Marine time, ship, passport, photos and other fascinating items from 1940's. It was found in a "junque" shop in a leather case. Would like to return to a living family member or if no family then perhaps a local museum would be interested. This material is located in Tacoma area. He is found with family (parents: Arthur and Winnie Carsner) in 1920 census for Kalama @ age 4 years 10 months. We have not been able to find his grave or information about his wife, Josephine or him after 1943, other than he retired from the railroad and died April, 1971, no location given. On the SSDI form his SS# is 703-07-3734. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you.

Donna Fugere 25 Feb 2011
[Updated to queries Q292 and Q309:] I have yet to find a when or where for the death of Jesse Fowler, signer of the Monticello Convention. I have info re: the lake in Longview known previously as Fowler's Slough.......but any more info you can get me would greatly be appreciated. Is there an option to obtain pictures of the lake or any other including Jesse Fowler? Any and all info is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Donelle 16 Feb 2011
Would like information on any Howards or Paquettes living in and around the Cowlitz County area. Thank you.

Tatiana deFigueiredo 8 Feb 2011 [Updated 30 Aug 2014]
I am beginning research on the Westervelt and Ward families of Kelso, Cowlitz, Washington. I am looking for genealogy on the families of Jack and Jewel Westervelt and Walter Beatty Ward. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ed Ward 21 Jan 2011
I am trying to determine if my father, Dean Wilbor Ward (Date of birth: Oct 30, 1919) lived in Washington during the 1930's. His father's name was Avery Ward....who moved from Iowa (Greenfield) to Washington (Kelso) around 1930. Thanks.

Bo Ahlsgard 21 Jan 2011
I am looking for any info on Sterling Potter. He was born 15 october 1909 in Chicago, IL and died in Woodland, Cowlitz Co., in Sept 1980. Thanks.

Tara Miller 8 Jan 2011
Looking for a copy of marriage record from 10 Dec 1920 for Bert McKinley Douglas, my great-grandfather, to see if his parents' names are listed.