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James Terry 20 Dec 2010
I'm looking for information on my grandfather, Sidney Terry. I know he died in Longview, WA in September 1965. I am looking for information on his grave or death. Thanks.

Barry Buehler 18 Dec 2010
We are trying to find a record of where Cecil Becker's grave site might be. According to his death certificate, he was buried at Oak Point. He was an infant, about 4 mos. old and died in Jan. 24, 1924. Any help would be appreciated.

Shirley Zimin 9 Oct 2010
I am looking for any info on Walter Grindle, his son Sylvester and Slyvester's daughter Bertha Grindle who married Joseph Irish. Walter is my 3rd great-grandfather. Thank you.

Candy Baker 2 Oct 2010
I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather, William F. Shanklin who was murdered in 11/1899 in Kelso, by Mr. Martin Stickle. This information was reported in the Anaconda Standard (MT), 12/20/1900. My Shanklin family lived in Butte, MT. I am trying to determine if this Wm. Shanklin was my relative. Is there a way to find Court records? Any help you can give me would be appreciated. [See Q391 for update.]

Link Jackman 2 Oct 2010
[This message is in response to Query #51] The Earl E. Jackman I know was my step father And (Father) from about 1958 when he married my mother when we lived on the Hoopa Indian reservation. (NO CA) We moved to Cougar WA in 1959. He did not die in Cowlitz Co. He passed away here in Tacoma or now Lakewood WA. (Pierce county) Great Man. Good father.

Eric Stroschein 21 Sep 2010
I am working on a genealogy that includes several people from Cowlitz County near the Silver Lake area from the late 1800's on. Some of the surnames are Booth, Day, Page, Elliott, Carriger, and Laird. I have been to the courthouse and I have pulled several land records there. It seems that the Booths and the Pages were large landowners in that region. Would you know of any people working on these surnames in you area that may be of assistance to my research?

Jason Townsend 4 Sep 2010
Looking for an obit or information on Patty J. Jacobs. Birth: 07 Mar 1950; Death: 13 Jun 2008, Longview, Cowlitz, WA.

Jenny Handel 29 Aug 2010
I have a Castle Rock High School Commencement Souvenir for the class of May 24, 1901. It is in very good condition. Please contact me if you are interested in it.

Harlene Soper Brown 26 Jul 2010
OBITUARY REQUEST: A lady wrote me asking for an obituary for her dear friend, Juanita R. Mace. Juanita died, possibly in Kalama, on Jan. 8, 2009. (She was born 10 Aug 1928, according to SSDI.) I didn't find her listed in The Daily News obits online and my health prevents me from doing leg work right now. Linda would be grateful if someone could find an obituary for her friend.

Bryan Mayo 16 May 2010
I'm trying to find where my father Jennings Bryan Mayo is buried. He died in 1993. My brother found dad's obituary. He is apparently at Green Hills Memorial Gardens, but his name isn't on their list (nor is my step-mom Pearl, who is also there). Any help would be appreciated.

Darrell 15 May 2010
Looking for infomation on Robert E Tunstall. He and wife Nina are on the census in 1910 and 1920 in Cowlitz Wa. and in Marion Co. Ar. in 1900. In 1860, he was living with his mother Helen and sister Elizabeth in Buffalo City, Ar. No father, living next door to Edmund Tunstall. Trying to make a connection between the two families.

Kimberley 13 May 2010
I am looking for the burial location of Adrian Curtis Hescock, who died on 19 Jun 1997 in Longview, WA. Thank you.

Janice Leeson 27 Mar 2010
Looking for information on Rex Wallace Leeson. SS Death Index show date of death as 3-3-2005 in Longview, Cowlitz County, Washington.

Mary Judy 7 Mar 2010
Looking for anyone born in Longview, Wa.around 1943 related to Herbert Leroy Meisinger.

Nancy Miller 20 Feb 2010
I am looking for the place that Shirley Rea Harpster is buried; she died in 1979 at the age of 39. She is buried in Kelso, Washington. Her maiden name was Horsley, and I am also looking for school pictures. I hope you can help. Thank You. [Editor's note: Shirley Rae Harpster is buried in Hubbard-Whittle Cemetery in Castle Rock, WA.]

Jean Morrison 4 Jan 2010
I have read that the Collins Logging Co. built a store, hotel, school and Methodist church around 1900 in Ostrander. Does anyone know where the church was located? It could just be noted in relation to the school, highway or some of point of interest.

Cathy 20 Oct 2009
I'm looking for an uncle that was born to my grandfather Herbert Leroy Meisinger in Longview, WA. Unfortunately the baby boy was born out of wedlock and adopted by a doctor that worked at the hospital there. This was in 1943.

Anita Chapman Thompson 29 Sep 2009 [Update of query posted 2 Aug 1997]
I am searching for info on the ARTHUR DOUGLAS family of Castle Rock, particularly HELEN HOLLY DOUGLAS (his wife), and any descendants. She was born in CO and moved to the Portland area with her mother (CAROLINE HOLLY) and sister (EMILY HOLLY) sometime in 1910-20. She was living on the old Star Route in Castle Rock in 1943, and Arthur died some time before then. Helen died in 1954. I have been unable to find the Star Route and would be interested in its location also.

Further info on Helen Holly Douglas: I have her death info and her mother's (Carrie Clyde Holly) but no info on her sister Emily. I think there is a possibility her husband was Walter, not Arthur, also.

She was a teacher and wrote a couple pamphlets which are published. Carrie Clyde Holly died in Castle Rock, but is buried in Portland, as is Helen. Carrie Holly is somewhat famous, as she was one of the first women allowed to be elected to political positions in Colorado and was instrumental in getting some laws passed pertaining to women's rights, but I can't remember what.

Mary Jo Powell 29 Aug 2009
I am searching for pictures of the original structure of Kelso High School. Do you know of any records or historical information that would lead us to actual pictures? All we have been able to find is the structure on Allen Street in Kelso, and we want to view the structure as it used to stand, on Academy/Church Street.

Carl Erlandson 12 Aug 2009
I have contracted with a Vancouver pro genealogist to photo 8 graves sites of some of my common ancestors at 3 different cemeteries in Cowlitz CO including Woodland IOOF. I was able to locate their names via Cowlitz CO cemetery lists, however I can't find the grave sites for - John Robinson 1839-?, Margaret A. Eaton Robinson 1845-1881 or Joseph A. Eaton 1813-1893. Some of their relatives were found in Woodland IOOF. A Clark County cemetery is located right alongside Woodland at the county line, but I can't find a listing of names buried there. Do you have info??? The next step is to hire a pro to research if we can't get this info. All help is appreciated.

Carl Erlandson 5 Aug 2009
I'm related to the Robinson and Eaton pioneer families thru my Grandmother Ethyle Taylor Oyster (1897-1971)... John Robinson & Margaret Ann Eaton's family appear to have migrated to Washington Territory from Iowa prior to 1860 via wagon train(s)....Both John & Margaret are shown in the Clark County 1860 Territorial census. The 1880 census showed them to reside in Cowlitz County. Does anyone know where/who I might contact to get a history of the wagon train(s) they traveled with??? I assume the groups came to Portland or Fort Vancouver prior to going on to their respective settlements.. Thank you for any help rendered...

Dexter Hawn 30 Jul 2009
I would like to know if anyone in the Longview area would know the location of the collection of genealogical records that were compiled by Mrs. Sally G. Stevenson pertaining to the "Rapelje" (or other variant spellings of this name) family. Mrs. Stevenson resided at 1548 Commerce Ave. in Longview in 1960 and had been involved in genealogical research since 1936. I presume that she is now deceased.

Becky Wilkey 30 Jul 2009
I am looking for more information about one of my grandfathers brothers. His name is Leonard N. Hodges. He was born in about 1912 in Douglas county MO. He moved to WA sometime before the start of WW2. His address on the form when he volunteered for military service listed his home as Cowlitz WA. I remember my grandfather making the trip to my uncles funeral in WA in or about 1969. I know he lived in WA but do not know if he still lived in Cowlitz at the time of his death. I really do not have any idea of how to find out more about him. Can you please point me in the right direction to find more information? Any help would be appreciated.

Patrick B. McCarron 14 Jul 2009
I am trying to find the location of the church in which my parents were married. According to their marriage certificate, they were married in St. Anne's Catholic Church, Cowlitz county, on Feb. 1st, 1941. Their names are Edward D. McCarron and Margaret M. Krauskoff. Can you tell me if there ever was a St. Anne's Catholic Church in Cowlitz county, and/or if it still exists? What city was it in? Any help you can supply to me is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Donna Fugere 16 May 2009
I would appreciate any info you have re: Jesse Fowler (J Fowler) one of the signers of the Montiello Convention in the mid 1800's. We know tht he was married to Margaret (Berry) Fowler and she is buried in Cowlitz County, but we are unable to find where he died and is buried. While we were in Kelso at Cowlitz Historical Society, they did not have the Daily Journal which had her obituary in it. We were hoping to see it and perhaps find out about her husband, Jesse, but to no avail.

Jean Morrison 16 May 2009
I am searching for someone who may have info or especially pictures concerning the early Ostrander area. Many families moved west from PA along with my grandparents in the 1880's to follow the lumber industry.

Kristopher Buxton 2 May 2009
Looking for information about my grandpa's brother; for him, the only thing we have found so far is on your site, listed as:

Walter L. Pringle, Kelso; Coast Geotetic Survey; killed in Auichice, Alaska, Sept. 3, 1945

Mike D. Bush 19 Apr 2009
I am interested in learning more about the Bush family, as it appears I am related to the Daniel Webster Bush family as posted on Christine L. Hammond's page. My cousin has been doing a lot more of the family tree, but I do know that Dewitt Clinton Bush, son of Daniel and Alice Bush was my great-great-grandfather. Dewitt C. married Lotia Anne Darby.... they had 2 sons, Wilbur and Raymond. Wilbur Bush is my grandfather.... 2 sons, Clinton and David L. David L. Bush is my father... Joy E. Thompson is my mother. [Editor's note: Mike would like to get in touch with Christine Hammond - if anyone knows her new contact information, please let me know.]

"familyhistorytree" 19 Apr 2009
I am looking for information with any names involving Joe F. King during the strikes before the Longshoremen's union was created.

Lisa Rumel 7 Apr 2009
Howard Jefferson Houston died in Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington, April 6, 1928, he was a logger and had two wives during his lifetime, I am trying to learn about them they are: Evangeline Leilly and Ruth Manchester, also would like to know more about his nephew James Daniel Houston who might have lived in the area as well.

Vonda Oswald 21 Mar 2009
I am looking for the parents of Lisa Stroud who passed away in the 1970s. She was a classmate of mine & my best friend. Her memory has stayed with me always. Please let me know & Thank~You so much!

Glen Williamson 21 Mar 2009
We are seeking the death records of John and Jenny Kennedy of 1060 Hudson St., Longview, Washington. They are both deceased and lived at this address nearly 35 years ago. Also would like to know their birth dates, marriage dates etc.

Nancy Hicks 12 Mar 2009 [Updated 30 Aug 2014]
Looking for anyone who might have known Bertha (Bert) FOSTER (b.1894), mother of Robert and Annetta. She lived in Cowlitz County for some time...passed in '77 I think. We last saw her the summer of '72. She was a very good friend of my grandmother's, and I would like to contact her descendants.

Shaylee McCarty (Erdelbrock) 11 Mar 2009
I am looking for any information on the following families from Toutle, WA: the Gardner family, the Mangs family, and the Varner family. I am putting together a very intricate family tree and history. Any information would be greatly appriciated!

Barbara Morrissey 4 Feb 2009
I am looking for information on the family of Robert Millar and Margaret Curry. Robert was born at sea, his birth recorded in New York upon arrival in 1847, he died in Kelso, 15 Jan 1914. His wife was Margaret Curry, born in Ireland in 1847, she died in Kelso 16 April 1926. They arrived in Kelso Washington about 1901/1902 from Michigan.

Children were:

Mary Ann Millar b.12 Oct 1874 in Canada d. 11 July 1938 in Kelso. She married Frederick P. Kunkle who died 10 Aug 1934 in Washington.

George Patterson Millar b. 23 Dec 1879 in Canada, d. 31 May 1931 in Kelso. He married, second, Lena Vittone.

Elizabeth Millar b. 13 March 1878 in Canada d. 15 Dec 1937 in Longview, WA. She married Joseph Albert Audinet who died 09 May 1953 in Longview.

Also, Alberta Margaret Weeks, a granddaughter to Robert and Margaret. She was born 13 April 1895 in Michigan d. 19 Dec 1948 in Kelso. She married Harry Curtis Hartzell who died 12 Jan 1959 in Kelso.

Any information about this family would be greatly appreciated. It will be next to impossible for me to get to Washington as I live on the East coast. Thank you .

Breezy Blankenship 11 Jan 2009
I have information on a Native American married in Cowlitz Co. in September 14, 1846; sadly I can not validate this. I was just beginning in genealogy, at the time I did not take notes. However, I remember it was from a book about early marriages of the first counties of WA. Her name is Lizzie - no last name listed with the marriage. She then move to Jefferson county with her husband Reynold Malmquest or Malmquist. The last name did not go over well with the locals so the family started going by Twiggs. I have extensive information on their child. I found her name at her time of death was Lizzie Bates . She did not remarry, in her probate it does not state why her name was different.

Steve Thomason 11 Jan 2009
I am looking for Robert Lee Mask who is buried at the Silver Lake Cemetery but he is not listed on the Silver Lake cemetery web site. Can you help me find out why?

Donna Fugere 3 Jan 2009
I am the great great grandchild of Jesse of the signers of the Monticello papers. I would appreciate any information or sources of info for my geneaology research. I'm not sure, but I think he and Margaret Berry Fowler came to what was known as Fowler's slough...later, Lake Sacajewea, in Longview. I don't know if Jesse had brothers, sisters, or Margaret, for that matter. If you could guide me in the best direction to obtain info, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Douglas Stevens 3 Jan 2009
I am trying to find information on my great great grandmother. Her maiden name was Suzanna Whitmeyer. We do not know her DOB or place of birth. Her first married name was Adams, she got divorced and then married to August Meyers. She and August homesteaded about 12 miles north of Vancouver, WA before or around 1900. We were told she died in a major southwest, WA fire around 1900. These websites, and, provided the following information: "Near Kalama, Mrs. August Meyers and three children barely got out of their house, and never got out of their yard." I am assuming Mrs. August Meyers is my great great grandmother. Any information you can provide that would help me find a death certificate, cemetery, new paper articles etc... would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Judith Berry 13 Dec 2008
In some of my research I find info about the Fowler land donation claim. I undertand that there were many Fowler reunions in Longview over several years and would like info as to the names and participants as well as other info of the Jesse Fowler descendents.

Patt Anderson 25 Nov 2008
We are interested in any info you have on the Lithow Post Office that was established around 1900 on the Thomas Madden homestead located in the Toutle River area. Where did the name Lithow come from? My husband's family homesteaded the same area in 1908 until 1928. Their name was Olas and Matilda Anderson. Thank you for any info you may have.

Carl Erlandson 3 Sep 2008
My mother, Mary Ellen Oyster Erlandson, has family roots in the Cowlitz County area. I'm looking for genealogy data on my Oyster/ Means/ Taylor/ McNulty/ Robinson/ Eaton relatives who immigrated to Cowlitz County in the 1800's and lived out the remainder of their lives there. I started a public family tree under "C.N. Erlandson" at last year. I can be more specific about info needed when you respond.

Billy Figgins 29 Aug 2008
Looking for any family of Kenneth Smith of Rainier, Wa. or Mrs. Donna Liddy of Kelso, Wa. Related to the Dixson, Dixon, Scott, McDaniels families of Norton, Norton Co. Ks. My connection is through Ruth Dixson Figgins, my grandmother, whose sisters were Mary Dixson Scott and Alma Dixson McDaniels of Norton, Ks.

Bev Porter Moltzau 19 Jul 2008
I am looking for an obituary for Georgia L. Scott, who was born 9 Apr 1905 and died 17 Mar 1999 in Longview, Cowlitz Co., WA. Thanks so much!

Dineice 7 Jul 2008
I am looking for information about the McCorkle house built in 1887 in Lexington, Cowlitz Co.

Jean Morrison 20 Jun 2008
Does anyone know where I might find information about some of the old school districts? Do old photos exist for them? I am particularly interested in the area around Ostrander, which I know had a school, and the area I believe was known as Tucker, in the area of Pleasant Hill road, probably 2 or 3 miles south of Castle Rock?

Donelle Firth 4 Jun 2008
Trying to find family of Elias Maclin Howard. Lived in Cowlitz County with his wife and children, approx. 1890/1920. Wife's name was Euceba Francesa Burns. Children were: Leander Howard, John Howard, Wesley Howard, Henry Howard, Leonard Howard, Arther Howard, Marion Howard, Elias Maclin Howard, Frace George Howard, Agnes Lewzetta Howard, Euceba Nettie Howard, George Dewey Hoard, Richard Hobson Howard, Adeline Hobson Howard. Leander Howard married Cecilia Angela Paquette, approx. 9/10/1890. One of their children was Mary Howard who married Ezpine. Any one have any info on the following family please email me. Thanks.

Carol McKenzie 30 May 2008
I am looking for info on a house that fell into the river and was owned by Jack Hinze family, I think in Castle Rock.

Gina Matthews 16 May 2008
Researching the Alexander Johnson Family of Cowlitz Co, Washington, USA.

Alana 26 Mar 2008
I am wondering if anyone can tell me how I would find a Catholic record of Birth and/or Baptism for an individual born in 1848 in Cowlitz, Washington Territory, other than those books, volumes 1 thru 7, Catholic Records of the Pacific Northwest. Where else might I look? This was a child born to an HBC [Hudsons Bay Co.] father who was probably posted in the area.

BJ Shawd 24 Mar 2008
I'm working on my husband's ancestry and in tracing down his IMEL line believe Evelyn Virginia Anderson (daughter of Rose Imel Anderson) married Max Zimmerman. It appears they both died in Longview, Cowlitz Co., Washington.....I would love to obtain obituaries for the two of them to confirm if I've found the right people. Evelyn Virginia Zimmerman died on Aug. 24, 1996 in Longview and husband Max Zimmerman died on May 1, 1997 in Longview. Could someone possibly help me locate their obits? I would be most grateful!

Raida Knapp 17 Mar 2008
I am looking for information on John & Margaret (Jones)Knapp who are the parents of Peter Jones, William Henry Norris, Peter and Cornelius Knapp. I have obtained death certificates on William and it states his father was John Knapp and he was born in Wales, and Margaret Jones was born in Canada. Peter Jones Knapp died 13 April 1924 death certificate shows his father was John Knapp from Canada and mother Margaret Jones from Canada. Peter Knapp died on 13 April 1924 and Cornelius Knapp was murdered about Dec 1900 and both are buried in Cowlitz County. John Knapp died Jan 9, 1852 in Porter Co, IN. Cannot find his widow-Margaret(Jones)Knapp who was born abt 1797. Any help would greatly be apppreciated.

Patricia Shelton 26 Feb 2008
Plane crash on Mt St Helens on March 13, 1970 - plane found April 1970. Three people killed. I am trying to find out where the remains of Patricia (Diamond) Hill were sent for burial.

Janet Fields Williams 27 Jan 2008
My father, Orville B. Fields lived in Kelso, WA. from approx. 1908 to about 1927. He graduated from Kelso High School in 1925. I am looking for info about the schools in Kelso during 1915-1925. Thank youfor any help or direction!

Laurie Shawver 31 Dec 2007
While going through some of my grandmother's old photograph I discovered some sent to her by a cousin in Kelso, WA. I am trying to fill in the blanks now - there are few clues. So far I have Anna MOYER married Wylie BROWN in Iowa in 1886 and moved to Cowlitz Co where daughters Bessie (abt 1888) and Katherine (abt 1891) were born. I find them all living together on the census through 1910. In the 1920 census the women are all together, Anna and Bessie are both widows and Bessie has a daughter Viola (25 May 1912). From Viola's birth record I find her father was Paul SCHUMANN whom Bessie apparently married between 1910-1912. From the note's on the pictures Katherine was known as Kit and had at least a son Erland. There is also a Audry about 10 years younger than Viola - she was not on the 1930 census with Anna, Bessie and Viola so I am assuming she is Kit's daughter. Looking for who Katherine Brown married? I know that Anna died 30 Aug 1934 but cannot find where she is buried. Cannot find any death record for Bessie SCHUMANN, did she remarry? Any further information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

James K. Miles 18 Dec 2007
I would like to contact John Ferguson (query 218) who wanted to contact relatives of my father Rudyard K Miles and Leroy Miles and Jennings Miles.

TerriLyn Young 14 Dec 2007
Herman Rohde was born in Germany about 1847. He and his wife, Maria "Elizabeth" Ankert came to Cowlitz county from Cuyahoga county, Ohio between 1874 and 1876. Herman and his sons operated a shingle mill. Elizabeth is buried in Castle Rock with five of their ten children (Mary, Herman, Dolly Rhode Umiker, Henry, and Louis) but I can't find record of Herman Sr. after the 1887 Washington State and Territorial Census. I wonder if a widowed Herman Rhode listed on the 1920 US census as a patient at the Everett hospital is my Herman Rohde. His daughter, Dolly's 1957 death certificate gives her father's name as "John." Maybe Dolly's children didn't know their grandfather or he did go by the name John? Does anyone know about this family?

Maxine 2 Dec 2007
I would like an obituary for my Aunt Edith Nelson who died Dec 1970 in Cowlitz, Longview area. Thanks.

Joanne Barnard 8 Nov 2007 [Updated 30 Aug 2014]
Looking for any info about Charles Francis EDWARDS. Born February 22, 1869 in Keokuk Co., Iowa. Died about November, 1941, in Longview, WA. He owned a gas station in Moses Lake. Thanks.

Trudy 14 Oct 2007
Would there be any one willing to do and obit look up for me on my grandmother - her name was Minnie Ellen (Mickey) Lewis, and she died July 21, 1959 in Longview. Thank you.

Bev Porter Moltzau 12 Sep 2007
I am seeking help with Morris J. (J. Morris?) NASH and his wife Inez....they are listed in the 1920 census, living in Kelso and then she is listed in 1930 census, again living in Kelso, listed as head...not widow? I am hoping to find either death records, divorce record, or? on this couple. Any help received would be greatly appreciated.

Charlott 12 Sep 2007
Would like to find an obit for William Rudolph who died in Kelso on 5 April 1944. He had lived in Sherman County, Oregon prior to his re-locating to Kelso in 1911.

Philip DeLamarter 11 Aug 2007 [Updated 31 Aug 2014]
Looking for information about the ancestors and descendants of John C. Delamater b. 02 Apr 1823 who married Elizabeth Lauretta Little 28 May 1863 at Council Bluffs, IA and moved to what later became known as the Cowlitz County area. He had several children that I know of: Ellen & Abraham from a previous marriage with Naomi F. Wright 01 Feb 1852, Cass County, IL; and Dan, Lydia, Rosetta by his 2nd wife, Elizabeth. John C. died 11 Dec 1880. Dan lived in the Arkansas precinct.

Kay Wills Cooke 28 Jul 2007 [Updated 1 Jan 2012]
I am looking to connect with anyone else doing research on the Wills, Bozarth/Bozorth, Strong, and Wright families. I have information and photos to share in return for yours! Thank you, Kay (Vancouver, WA).

Carol Scott 29 Jun 2007
I am researching the family of Gottfried THIEL, born 28 Mar 1828, in Prussia; died 18 Jul 1892, in Cowlitz County, WA. I have information about immigration, area of birth, names of children, and additional family members in Stillwater, MN. Will exchange info.

Andy 10 Dec 2006
On pages 18 and 21 of the 1983 "History of Cowlitz County" are mentions of the name F. D. Huntress, described as the first public school teacher in what was to become Washington state. It's stated that nothing more is known about him after he left Cowlitz County, presumably before November of 1852.

His description sounds very much like the Frederick D. Huntress found in Rootsweb's WorldConnect Project and at the Huntress family web.

The 1850 census of Frankfort, Waldo County, Maine, shows Frederick D. Huntress, age 46, born Maine, teacher, with Mary 35, Hellen M. 11, Frederick W. 6, and Clara J. 3.

About four months later the Lewis County, Oregon Territory, census, taken Nov. 26, shows F. D. Huntress, age 48, born in Maine. (Not listed as "Frederick D.", as the article states.)

According to the web site cited above, Frederick D. Huntress, son of George and Jane (Warren) Huntress, was born at York, York Co, Maine, on 24 December 1801, married around 1838 Mary Moore, died at Frankfurt, Waldo Co, Maine, on 20 December 1852 and was buried at Forest Grove Cemetery, North Lebanon, York Co, Maine. Information at the web site indicates his children Helen, Frederick and Clara all died unmarried.

Linda Burbee Markstrom 20 Nov 2006
I am wondering if any of the Burbee families in Cowlitz Co. were related to Charles E. Burbee who was born in approximately 1890, in Connecticut.

Duane Sivanish 16 Nov 2006
Looking for information on John H. Dircks ( Oct 11, 1899 to Nov 5, 1971) and wife Esther S. Koistinen (Beb 9, 1903 to July 13, 1993) of Longview, WA. I know they are buried in Willamette Nat. Cemetery. John has a big family living near MPLS. Mn. (Wondering what brought him to the west).

Jerry Sehlke 1 Oct 2006
I am looking for information on the families of William George & Elizabeth (Pearson) SEARLES and William & Margaret (Searles) SNELL (William George and Margaret were siblings). They moved from Nebraska to Castle Rock about 1882 or 1883 (the Snells are listed in the 83/85 census' but I haven't found the Searles in them).

The Searles family apparently only stayed in Castle Rock for 3-5 years and then moved on to Ellensburg WA. William G and Elizabeth had eight children: Charles Raymond, Walter Rodman, Daisy Isabelle, Marion Hunter, Mildred Elizabeth, George William, Sidney, and Douglas. I belive that 1 - 3 of the the boy were born in Castle Rock: George W. (b ~ June 24, 1893), Sidney (b ~ 4 Oct 1894) and Douglas (b ~ 28 Sep 1897). However, I don't have confirmation on any of these births. I would appreciate any information on this family, especially confirmation whether any/all of the younger boys were born in Castle Rock.

The Snell family stayed in Castle Rock and I know that at least part of the family (William, Margaret and their son William C.) is buried in the I.O.O.F Cemetery, Castle Rock WA. William and Margaret had four children: Lillian, Louise, William C., and Margaret. I would appreciate any information on this family, especially obits for William (d 14 Apr 1931), Margaret (d 4 Nov 1922) and their son William (d 9 Apr 1918).

Any information on these to families would be much appreciated!

Cathy Cadd 1 Oct 2006 [Updated 5 Jan 2012]
My grandfather, James Richard Harrison, lived and worked in Cowlitz County. In March of 1937 he worked at the Blue Ribbon Bakery. He has written down that his employer was Louis Gilmore. My grandfather was a pastry chef from what little we know of him. Was hoping to find out some more information on this Bakery and if there is a photo of it somewhere. Thank you.

Norman Wood 1 Oct 2006
I am looking for a marriage record for Weslie Rexford Wood and Vivian Marie Johns. I am a son of Wes and I am trying to put together a family history. If you can help I will certenly appericate it. Thank you.

MIke Clark 18 Sep 2006 [Updated 31 Aug 2014]
Attempting to contact Sandy Philpott who placed on query on this site on January 16, 2000. I am working on the descendants of Nathan Davis and Jane Branham. Would like to make contact with Sandy.

Charles Stowe 20 Aug 2006
Francis H. Akin - Need info on place of Francis's birth and hopefully his parents names. Francis is on 1850 census of Clackamas Co., Oregon City, Oregon Territory, age 33 (abt 1817), b. MA, living with the G. F. Curry family. 1860-1880 census he is in Cowlitz Co., Washington Territory. By 1870 he has a wife Elenore, age 32. The 1880 census shows his parents b. MA. I find no reference to Francis listed in any databases. Hope someone can give me a clue to find him before 1850. Thank you, Charles Stowe, 18003 Vintage Dr., Grass Valley, CA 95949.

William Crane 18 Jul 2006
My gg.grandfather had a brother, Nathaniel CRANE, who moved from Washington Co, VA, to Castle Rock, WA, in 1904. Nathaniel died in 1912, leaving a large family of sons and daughters. Just trying to re-connect the Crane family again.

Tina Attig 4 Jul 2006
I am trying to locate an obit on Carl Leroy Perkins and Ruth V Perkins his wife, Carl died in Longview on 16 Mar 1978 and Ruth died in either Longview or Kelso on 18 Jan 1971. Any information on them would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to find out if they had any children and where they might have been buried. Thank you in advance.

Kathy Lovelett 1 Jul 2006
Looking for any information on Minnie A. (Oldfield) Martin b: abt 1878, Kansas and/or Thomas B. Martin b: abt 1875, Iowa. Believed to have been living in or near Ryderwood, Cowlitz, WA. in 1936. Any info would be helpful.

Sharon Losey 9 Jun 2006
I knew a Doris Carmella Stover, whose parents were named George and Patricia. They were probably born around 1900-1910. Doris yob was 1928. I am anxious to connect with any relative of Doris. Please email or call me at 360.786.8456 (Olympia).

Andrew Meeko 11 May 2006
My great, great grandfather Francis Goerig is one of the pioneers in the Woodland area. His daughter married into the William Martin family. I have photos relating to this period to share and would like to glean any info others might have. I hope to attend the centennial celebration in Woodland this June.

Patsy Scheer 11 Apr 2006
Looking for anyone who might have any information on LuLu Watson Dibble who resided at Longview, WA. She was the daughter of Dora ( who was deceased in 1892) and William Clinton Watson; and step mother Maude Hill Watson of Geneva, Nebraska. In 1909 Lulu May Watson married Harry Dibble in Fillmore county NE., later moving to the state of Washinton. Three children were born to them: Allen, Carmalita, and Beth Gale. Would love to have Lulu's obituary and possibly find out where her father W.C. Watson is buried. My grandfather Alonzo Watson of Alexandria, Ne. was Lulu's uncle.

Jean Morrison 26 Mar 2006
I am looking for anyone who is descended from the Blauser family who lived in Cowlitz Co. in the early 1900's.

Morna Inez Williams Owen 1 Mar 2006
Hello. My mother, Carolyn Virginia Simmons, married Walter A. Williams, Jr. right after WWII in Raleigh, N.C. My father was stationed there as a paratrooper. His family was from Kelso, WA. My parents went back to WA after my father got out of the Army and settled in Kelso. I was born in Longview, WA on 3/1/49. When I was 3, they moved back to N.C. and eventually divorced. I never saw my father again from age 7. His mother, Mae Barlow Williams was an artist and had a studio where she taught oil painting. I have a photograph of her and 2 of her original paintings, one dated 1899 of Mt. Rainier. I am interested in locating any of my family or sharing my grandmother's art with anyone who is interested. Ironically, I too paint and am self-taught, or inherited it. Last, but not least, my mother is 80 years old, in good health but memory is failing. The names she speaks to me of my father's family are Kenny and Margarite. She says my grandmother had children of her own before she married my father's father. I would assume their last name would be Barlow. My husband and I would love to come to Kelso/Longview and visit any relatives.

Elizabeth Hicker 28 Feb 2006
Surnames: Spangler, Metter, Booth, Nolan, Trahanes, Curtit, Ferrier, Doc. Campbell, Walter S. Bowen, Pinto Family. Hi, I'm looking for information regarding Little Falls "Vader". Old family stories, pictures, and business around 1860's through 1950's. Interested in information on old pioneers including patents, any information on the four clay companies especially the Toronto Clay Company in Vader proper. I'm very interested in corresponding with family members, and those who lived on Cougar Flats. I need pictures of the old Cougar Grange located on the side of Hwy. 506 near the Stillwater creek and Little Falls Cemetery. I have quite a bit of information in bits and pieces and would very glad to share what I have.

Nancy Coleman 18 Feb 2006
I am looking for descendants of Mattie Caldwell Iverson and her daughter, Mrs. Ferryl Luff. Mrs. Luff came to Longview, Cowlitz Co. sometime before 1950. Her mother Mattie and Mattie's second husband, Christian Matthew Iverson, moved to Longview in 1950 from Beulah, ND. They lived next door to the Luffs. Chris died 15 Aug 1968. I do not have Mrs. Luff's given name or the address where these people lived. Thanks for any help!

Bodil Westberg 20 Jan 2006
Hallo, I search for relation to this family: Anders Westberg. b. 1835-07-11 in Skålsjön, Liden, Sweden (1) m. 1862-01-02 in Sillre, Liden, Sweden to Mårta Mariana Nilsdotter. b. 1837-01-05 in Burträsk.


Hulda Helena Westberg. b. 1862-03-15 in Oxsjön, Liden
Kristina Westberg. b. 1864-02-20 in Oxsjön, Liden. See table 2.
Anders, Alfred Westberg. b. 1867-07-07 in Oxsjön, Liden. See table 3.
Amalia Westberg. b. 1870-08-26 in Oxsjön, Liden
Johan Oskar Westberg. b. 1873-05-02 in Oxsjön, Liden (3)
Anna Westberg. b. 1875-09-27 in Hoffsudde, Alnö. See table 4.
Nils Westberg. b. 1877-12-19 in Hoffsudde, Alnö
Karl Albert Westberg. b. 1880-06-08 in Hoffsudde, Alnö (5)

This family migrated to the USA on 1891-08-18 from Johannesvik, Alnö, Sweden.

(1)1910 United States Federal Census Record about Andrew Westberg - enumerated in Arkansas Precinct, Cowlitz Co., Washington.

(3)World War in Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record: Name: John Oscar Westberg; City: Not Stated; County: Cowlitz; State: Washington; Birth Date: 2 May 1873; Race: White Roll: 1991537

(5) 1920 United States Federal Census Record about Albert Westburg - enumerated in Arkansas Precinct, Cowlitz Co., Washington.

Table 2:

Kristina Westberg. b. 1864-02-20 in Oxsjön, Liden. On 1883-11-04, married Jonas Petter Nilsson. b. 1860-01-05 Böle, Tynderö, Sweden.


Johan Ferdinand Jonsson. b. 1884-02-18 in Jårvik, Alnö
Mårta Axelia Jonsdotter. b. 1885-11-08 in Jårvik, Alnö
Karl Gustav Jonsson. b. 1887-08-30 in Hamsta, Timrå

Table 3:

Anders, Alfred Westberg. b. 1867-07-07 in Oxsjön, Liden. On 1895-08-01, in Washington State (Washington Marriages, 1802-1902 Record), married Margareta Charlotta Thelberg. b. 1860-11-.. (1900 United States Federal Census Record).


Dotter Hilm (?) C., b. September 1899
Lotta Westberg. b. abt. 1900 in Washington (1910 United States Federal Census Record).
Roy Westberg. b. abt. 1903 in Washington (1910 United States Federal Census Record).
Daisy Westberg. b. abt. 1906 in Washington (1910 United States Federal Census Record).

Table 4:

Anna Westberg. b. 1875-09-27 in Hoffsudde, Alnö (Y). Migrated to the USA in 1894 from Alnö (Y) (Indiko).

Married to ? Johansson.


Hazel Johansson. b. omkring 1900 in Washington (1910 United States Federal Census Record).
Clerence Johansson. b. omkring 1902 in Washington (1910 United States Federal Census Record).
Helen Johansson. b. omkring 1903 in Washington (1910 United States Federal Census Record).