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Marilynn Stephens 27 Dec 2015
My husband and I own property in Cinebar that we purchased in 1990 and have coerced it into a Douglas Fir tree farm. The farm is located on Windy Springs Drive just east of Justus Road. There is an area on our farm where nothing would grow. You can stand and look to the east, and see a "cut" in the trees in the distance. We were told that there was a railroad that terminated on our property and was where they brought the Chinese to carve the cinnabar from the "rocks" with spoons. I can recall that my neighbor, who has a place up the hill to the NE of our farm and toward 508 as the crow flies has a giant cinnabar rock. It is impressive to behold. I am curious where I can read about the old railroad or the Chinese miners.

Kim McMahan 17 Jun 2015
I'm looking for more info on Franklin B. McMahan, my great-grandfather.

Ryan Hardesty 12 Apr 2015
I'm from Pike County, Kentucky, run some Facebook groups devoted to local history and the Hatfield McCoy feud, and recently found out that many of our local families had members who emigrated to Lewis County in the 1880s to 1900. Some of the families are Hatfield, Dotson, Blankenship, Blackburn, Coleman. I was just trying to make some connections out there and help connect anyone to their Kentucky and West Virginia roots. Thank you!

Lillian Francy 17 Mar 2015
We are trying to find out when the Logan Hill School was started, we know it consolidated with Chehalis in 1940. We have pictures of it. The building later became the Logan Hill Grange. Do you have any information on it? Thank You.

Sharon Pettit 13 Feb 2015
Hello, my gggrandparents moved from WV to Lewis Co. and both died there, Nancy Vance Christian in 1920, John D. Christian in 1924. Is there anyone who can do a lookup for a death cert. for her? I ordered one for each, and the state could only find his death cert. and not hers. I am stuck. Anyone who could help me? Thanks, Sharon Pettit, 10221 Shawnee LaneSpotsylvania, Va. 22553.

Donna Watkins Neff 24 Jan 2015
I have been researching my family and found so much, but bits and pieces are missing. TUCKER WATKINS ~ Does anyone know anything about a TUCKER WATKINS (MY great grandfather)? He was married to ELIZABETH KING. They married and lived in Douglas county, Oregon before moving to Washington. Also, ETHAL M WATKINS ~ I know she lived in Mineral, WA in 1930 but I am getting conflicting information. It says she was born in 1910. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wanda Tackett 21 Dec 2014
Looking for information on Philip T Henry and Meary Elizabeth Henry. They are listed in Lewis Co in 1930, and Philip as a widowor in 1940. Both are buried at the Cowlitz View Memorial Cemetery. Phillip died 4 Feb 1943, Meary (Mary) died 25 Nov 1938. On the 1910 census it states 2 children born/1 living. I am hoping for an obit, and maybe information about the one living child. Thanks. [Editor's note: Mary E. (Taylor) Henry's obituary was published in The Centralia Daily Chronicle on 26 Nov 1938.]

Joe Kerchen 26 Nov 2014
Have some information on Kerchens, Temples, and Hinkley.

Jason Eastman 26 Nov 2014
I have been doing research on my Eastman line. It appears they owned a bunch of land in the current Adna area and I have come across several pictures using Ancestry.com and AncestryDNA. Through your searches have you come across and info on this group?
William R. Eastman Jr: My 2nd great grandfather
Birth 28 Mar 1828 in New York, United States
Death 31 Mar 1898 in Adna, Lewis, Washington, United States
Laura Rocella Chapman
My 2nd great grandmother
Birth 2 Nov 1843 in Green, Wisconsin, United States
Death 25 Aug 1909 in Adna, Lewis, Washington, United States
Photo: "Taken 1890 Dads' hopyard: William Eastman driving hack; Otis Eastman, brother of William, standing on ground towards back of hack; his wife (Aunt Maggie) in back seat; At her left Laura Rocella Eastman wife of William Eastman; Linda in front seat." (Would like to identify others in the photo.)

Sandra Mulhearn 5 Oct 2014
I am wondering if you have any information on Wilhelm/William Dittmar (b. 1868 in Milwaukee, WI, d. 1953 in Seattle). According to his obituary in the Centralia Chronicle he is reported to have owned a number of sawmills in SW Washington. The obituary also says he was a member of Lewis Co. 'Last Man's Club'. I haven't been able to find any information about this club. The article mentions the following members if it helps - Harry Stuchel, Mr. Hartley, W.W. Emery, Charles Gilchrist, Ted McHaferty, Jim Gilchrist, Frank Merlin, Jerry Startup, S. Webber, F.C. Clipson, G. Davis, Joe Vance, and Arthur and Carroll Brown.I did find one reference to a Dittmar-Springsteen mill. A Napavine man killed his wife their.William had travelled to Washington with his father (Andrew Dittmar d. 1892), brother (George Henry Dittmar d. 1894) and sister-in-law's (Auguste Guenther Dittmar -who died in WA (1887), then he went back and married her sister Elizabeth who also died (1893). They are all buried in Fern Hill along with one of George Henry's children (d. 1891). I am also curious if there was a particular disease that may have caused most of their deaths - I found the baby died of pneumonia. William married Carrie Kastle in Lewis County in 1894. They later divorced. There are some newspaper articles about that as well. There was also a reference to a Dittmar Road being changed to Rush Road. Carrie's stepfather was Thomas Rush.I would appreciate any help/advice/information you could provide. I can provide you the articles I have found as well.

Donna R. Watkins Neff 14 Sep 2014
I am doing a family tree on The Watkins of Lewis county. I am not find very much and would like to learn more if possible from anyone who may have information. This is what I have so far. NOT VERY MUCH. My dad (Alfred R Watkins 1941-2009). My Grandfather (Alfred E Watkins). My grandmother (Mary Alice Watkins Karr 1901-approximately 1984). My great uncle (Virgil Karr 1908-1975). Virgil's dad (Martin Chris Karr 1868-1939). If you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Phyllis Campbell 28 Aug 2014
Many of my maternal relatives settled in the Salkum area around 1900 after relocating from Minnesota. My grandfather was Rev. William R. Blair. After his first wife, my grandmother Ida Ann Fuller, died in 1905, he was left a widower with four young children. He then married Katherine Gore. I have a number of family photographs of the Fullers and the Blairs, and a few of Katharine Gore that I would be happy to share.

Monta Lee Dakin 18 Aug 2014
My great grandfather, Charles Hammer (or Charles E. Hammer) is buried in Centralia. He died in 1930. I am looking for more information about his time in Centralia.

Gwen Keen 17 Aug 2014
I am searching for the marriage date and place of William Thomas "Tom" Keen dob 1907 Oklahoma and Edith Marie Sharp dob 11-16-1913 Oklahoma, as well as the birthplace of their oldest son Lawrence Franklin Keen (I know I saw several years ago, but cannot find and would like to order certs for my genealogy files). I know they married and had both Larry and Jimmie in Washington state but where? Eludes me. I thank you for your time, in advance. [Editor's note: According to FamilySearch.org, William and Edith were married in Thurston Co., WA in 1931. In the 1940 census, they were enumerated in Clallam Co., but their 1935 residence was listed as Mineral, Lewis Co., WA.]

Robert Hevener 17 Aug 2014
I have 175 Shares of Tahoma Mercury Company left to me. Any information on that company? Fun to research it.

Carol (McEntyre) Thompson 17 Aug 2014
I would like to be added as a researcher for surnames McEntyre, McEntire, McIntyre and McIntire. Specifically the descendants and ancestors of my great-grandfather Commodore Chauncey McIntire, 1821-1899 who married my great-grandmother, Saphronia C. Scott. After her death, he married #2, Lavina (Daniel) Oppelt Gish in 1866. Your former researcher Don Drake, (deceased) was related through the 1866 McIntire-Gish marriage. My more recent genealogy keeps my family in Washington as my parents met, married and lived in Chehalis until 1941 when they moved to California. I have many McEntyre and maternal family living in Washington as early as 1910 through present day. My website is www.mcentyrefamilyproject.org.

Luke Broersma 17 Aug 2014
I came across a photo of a school house in 1909 in Forest, I believe. It's either in Forest or maybe Napavine? I tried to figure it out, but there doesn't seem to be enough info online about the schools nearby, or pictures for comparison. Here is the photo. My wife's great grandpa is in the front row, 8th from the left. His name was Raymond C Wisner. He is about 9 in the picture if it's from 1909. If you can confirm which school it is, I would be interested to know.

Lynn Boyet 10 Aug 2014
I am looking for info about the settlement of Baugh. It was the area before Riffe, Lewis County. Do you have info about Baugh, Lewis County, Wa? I believe it was derived by the last postmaster of Osborn (Baugh) and the public subscription school of Baugh (donated land by a Baugh relative couple). I am looking for more info about the Baugh School.Researching the Post Office of Osborn has been interesting to me. Have not determined why it was Osborn, when his last name was Osborne. Yet, his two brothers were prominant around Coulee City Wa and honored their name by establishing Osborne Wa around 1933.

Brian Moon 10 Aug 2014
I am looking for any information on a person who was born between 1968-69 at the Chehalis, Washington hospital and was adopted from there by attorneys or an attorney parent or doctor/ medical profession parent. The biological mother was Elsie Mae Edwards and the father was Keith Nason/Westfall. If you have any information on this child please contact me. Thank you.

Jill Edwards 19 Jul 2014
I descend from Francois Xavier Vautrin. One of his daughters, Helen (Helene, Ellen) Vautrin married Moise Plamondon (son of Simon Plamondon and his second wife.) I read that a Mrs. J.B. St. Germain is the daughter of Moise Plamondon and his first wife. Helen Vautrin appears to have died young, like at 18, so it is likely that she was Moise's first wife. I'm looking for information about Mrs. J.B. St. Germain. If she is the daughter of Helen Vautrin then I'd love to know if there are descendants around, and especially if there were direct female descendants in the tree. Thank-you for your help or advice on where to look.

Holly Schley 19 Jul 2014
I am searching for information on the Edwards family living close to Riffe, Wa post 1940. I believe there was a daughter born in 1940 named Elsie Mae Edwards. Do you have any history/info on this family? Thank you.

Holly Matter 5 Jul 2014
Miss Julia P. Day taught high school in Centralia from 1901 to 1903. (She had previously taught the Grand Mound school, and was Principal for Bucoda for a year.) I would appreciate any information about her during her time in Lewis County, and of course any infomation on her teaching, including photographs of her with her classes (or with the school in general). She was a fellow teacher and friend of Lizzie Agnew (daughter of Jane Agnew, who owned the Agnew Hotel). Thanks so much!

T. Pagel 5 Jul 2014
I'm looking for information on William M. Smith (1836-192?) and his wife Sarah Ann Daggett (1857-190?) who lived in Centralia, WA. They are the parents of my gg-grandmother Gerturde Susan Smith-Moon (1883-1912) and her brothers Fred Clifford Allen Smith (1879-1947), Calvin Oran Smith (1880-1943), and Neb B. Smith (1887-1934). Any information would be appreciated.

Darryl Hodkin 26 Mar 2014
I am a distant relative of the following individuals who are buried in the Toledo, Washington Cemetery: Ingram Fletcher PARTLOW, DOB: December 4th, 1873; DOD: February 25th, 1945. Susanna May PARTLOW (BEATTY), DOB: January 22nd, 1875; DOD: March 30, 1962. Is there a person I can contact directly that would possibly have information on the Death of my ancestors as well as any write ups if there was any? The funeral home was Fir Lawn Funeral Home located in Toledo Washington. Thank you for your time.

Walter Gerald Moon 25 Dec 2013
From Pamela Alexander Moon: My father-in-law (Walter Gerald Moon) has done extensive research on the Moon family line. He has traced the line back to the Vikings to present. He is looking for more Moon family to connect with and share findings. Do you have any information that you could give him any Moon reunions or contacts? Please contact him at above email. Thank you so much!

Polly Hart 24 Dec 2013
I'm trying to find information about my Great Grandfather and family from Pe Ell, WA. His last name is Byers. I believe he is Henry A Byers on your 1910 census list. If this is the same man, he came from Michigan originally. My mother's maiden name was Lylian Mae Byers, born 1918. Her older sister Wilma Byers (approx. 20 years older than my mother) gave me some photos before she died that show a general store in Pe Ell, WA which my great grandfather owned. You can see the name Byers on the sign. I also have a souvenir that has the name Pe Ell, WA on it. I am trying to find out if I still have any living relatives in the area. I highly doubt that the building the store was in still exists but I'd love to find out for sure. I am now a resident in WA and want to visit but would like to find out more before coming. Thank you.

George Hanson 28 Nov 2013
The J. F. Edlund and G. H. Hugh families of early Morton, Kosmos & Verndale later moved to Alaska - they're chronicled on these websites: John Fredolph and Lillie Rosella (Mead) Edlund Family and Fritzler-Edlund Photo Project. Pearl Edlund Farr passed away after returning to Morton at the age of 103 where she was born. I am a descendant of these families and recently moved from Girdwood, Alaska to Paradise, CA.

Gloria Kiddy 28 Nov 2013
I am a descendent of Alonzo B. Dillenbaugh who was very well known in Lewis County (A. B. Dillenbaugh was my great great grandfather on my father's side). I have been doing a great deal of research about him and his family. I have one huge mystery/puzzle I have been unable to resolve. About 8 years ago my husband and I were "grave hopping" in the Chehalis and Centralia area. At that time we found the grave of A. B. Dillenbaugh's daughter, Lottie May Dillenbaugh who died at age 17. There was about a two foot high headstone for her. She died of consumption. She was buried in a family plot. Next to her was buried "Baby Boy Kernodle" who was her nephew who only lived one hour. He had a flat headstone. Her obit said she was buried in "the old" or "the first" Baptist Church. Can you give me any help as to where we can find this again? I would be so appreciative!

Tressa Pagel 10 Nov 2013
I am the great great granddaughter of Gertrude Susan (Smith) Moon. I have been researching her but am unable to find much information on her. I know she was born in Missouri abt. 1884 and died in Lewis County, Washington in 1912. Her family moved to Centralia, WA and she married Joseph H. Moon on 12 Nov. 1899. I believe her father was William Smith born abt. 1837 and died sometime after 1920 and her mother was a Sarah Smith born abt. 1858 and died sometime around 1910. I also think she had three brothers Fred Smith (1880), Orin Smith (1884) and Neb Smith (1888). I'm looking for any information that someone may have on Gertrude Smith and her family. Thank You.

Steve Hill 10 Nov 2013
I am told I was born in 1945 in the St Helens Hotel as some of the rooms there were converted during the war to hospital rooms. My mother, Elaine Enguist Hill, always told me I was born in the hotel. Considering there is a St Helens Hospital I am trying to verify her info. Is there any record of this having been done?? Thanks for any info.

Christopher Fox 10 Nov 2013
I have found a lost infant son of my great aunt and uncle Katie and Harry Greeno. Because of a slight spelling error my cousin Loren Olson tried the spelling Greenoo. The infant child was Harry Francis Greeno which is at least documented in the Claquato Cemetery in the IOOF cemetery. I have been emailing Lacie at the cemetery and she told me the cemetery register was stolen, I think she mention in the 1940's or so and it was never recovered so Lacie is attempting to piece the plot location. Is there another plot internment record to find the actual location of little Harry Francis Greenoo aka Greeno? He died early January 1914 and I think interred January 5 1914. He was 7 months old and died of whooping cough. The family was Catholic and had a Catholic servcie, no records were found at the Catholic church. The funeral preparation were done by Sticklin funeral home. Lacie mentioned there were family plots but I don't think this was one of them. If some one died and didn't have a family plot would the burial just be placed in the next grave or was burial just haphazard or was the burial next in line of burials? Lacie feels to start in section 1 of the IOOF part of the cemetery and basically look at unmarked graves and probe for a headstone that is buried under 100 years of grass clippings. I believe since Katie's family lived in Centralia and Chehalis, being Catholic and the deceased was a child a marker would have been placed. Dad Harry was in the Army and stationed in Texas and Katie was most likely living with him.
*Who would have made gravestones then?
*Were there other funeral homes that we might find a date before or after little Harry's death that didn't have burial plots that may have been next in line?
*Since Harry was an infant was there a section for that in IOOF or also being Catholic a section in IOOF for that?
The nice gal at the Museum mentioned finding graves with a probe to go through the years of dirt and grass clippings and finding sucken headstones. There was a family rumor that this little Harry existed but could never be found so was dismissed only as a rumor but is now proven only not to be able to pinpint where the actual grave is. If it has sunken it would be a small dip in the grave being such a small casket. In this secton there must be several thousand graves because the graves at the Claquato cemetery is about 11 thousand. Would someone have alternate information on burial locations? We have tried the cemetery, Sticklins, the Catholic church, the museum. Museum had an alphbetize log of the burials that had Harry listed but if it could be found all the burials just before and just after his burial date I wonder if that might narrow down Harry's location? Do you have any thoughts to help or have others that might have ideas without having to walk the entire IOOF section of the Claquato cemetery probing and uncovering sunken headstones. I guess I will need to have the cemeteries permission and be very tidy if allowed to uncover the headstone. This project was over 20 years finding little Harry. Would you and others you know help? I live in Mount Vernon WA so this is not just a little trip and Loren and I are fighting the weather. Thank you.

Jll D. Land 10 Nov 2013
Is Anna C. Pieper on the 1920 census for Lewis County WA? Is she on the same 1930 census?Do you have records of her remarrying? Do you have records of her death and where she is buried? I would be so appreciative if you could supply any of this info.

Evelyn Mackenzie 8 Sep 2013
I am doing reasearch on the Robertson family. Archie Edwin and Mary Elizabeth (Beck) Robertson were on the 1940 census at 853 Gertrude Ave., Chehalis, Lewis, WA. Interested in updating children, who are all deceased now: Nona, Doris, Muriel, Gordon, Esther, may have gone to Chehalis high school. Anyone else looking for this family? Be glad to hear from them. My ancestry.com tree is Mackenzie Robertson Bartlett. This family is connected to my grandfather. Thank you.

Carolyn Sullivan 25 Aug 2013
I have a number of cancelled checks and other various similar documents (early 1900s) signed by Louise (Lula) Urquhart and James A Urquhart, daughter and son of William Muir Urquhart of Lewis County, Washington. I am happy to donate these items to direct descendants of either James or Lula. Please contact me if you are interested and can show me your connection to these people.

Nathaniel "Nate" Thompson 22 Jul 2013
Nelle and Burton Irwin (married approx 1919) (Burton Not BOYD) had children Harlan, Eugene and Lois. Lois (d. March 2013) (first married to Mead Magill, then Marshall Thompson) had children Eileen(1943) and Harlan(1945) (and son Gary with Marshall Thompson). Harlan (who carries the name Thompson not the biological name of Magill) married Charlotte (Wetzel) in 1965 and had children Harlan Marshall Thompson(1968), Amy Louis Thompson(1971), Nathaniel Paul Thompson(1979) and Andrew Michael Thompson(1981). Marshall has two sons, Ryan David Harlan Thompson (1991) and Cameron (1993). Nathaniel (married Denise Mosteller of Toledo WA) has two children Madelynn (2000) and Hayden Andrew (2002). Amy and Andrew have no children to date.

Funny thing- I grew up in Napavine and I dated girls from Pe Ell, not knowing at all that my family came from Pe Ell! Burton worked for the railroad (as a paymaster????) My Dad Harlan recently served as Centralia City Mayor. Eileen is married to Jerry Owens with daughters Shawn and Shelly. Shawn married Bob Peters and they have three children: Hillary, Bailey, Christian. Shelly married Andy Macomber and they have three children: Danika, April, and Lucas.

I'm trying to trace the family back through Pe Ell to (family legend has it) Mary Eunice Lincoln Harlan, married to Abraham Lincoln's son. This also sets the Harlan family to be related to Asian adventurer General Josiah Harlan (the thematic basis for the movie "The Man who Would be King"). Thank you!

Julie McMullen 25 Jun 2013
I am interested in the Fuller Family reunion that was held annually in the 70s and 80s in Lewis County. Does anyone know anything about it, such as if they are still being held? My great aunt, Roxie Hammill Wilcox, wrote a book in the 70s called "Some Fullers of Buchanan and Dickenson Counties in Virginia And Their Descendants". Many of the Fullers moved to Lewis County and I have been entering all their data into Ancestry.com. Would love more info about the Fuller Family reunion or any Fullers.

Colin Townsend 27 May 2013
I am working on the family tree of Oliver Cromwell Oliver of Walkington, Yorkshire, England. Whilst in America he lodged with the Gould family who ran the dried goods store. In 1913 his fiancee Eliza Jagger arrived from England and it was the intention to make their home in America but they returned to England in 1915. They married in Pe Ell in 1913 or 1914 and one of the witnesses was a Mary Gould. I have a picture of the original Marriage Certificate but it is very difficult to read. I wonder if any relations of the Gould family are alive today and can shed any light on this episode. I understand that Oliver had family in America, having emigrated a generation before. Many thanks.

Joyce A. Murphy 26 May 2013
I am searching for information about Wanda B. Tally who married Noah White. They are buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Centralia, Washington.

Margie Smith 4 May 2013
This is probably a long shot, but am looking for descendants of the wife of a James Crowley (not sure of spelling). I have a large family portrait of who I am told was his wife and her sisters. I am not related and would like to get it to her family. All I know is James Crowley was called "the kid" and lived in Centralia. I'm guessing first half of 1900s. Since he lived with my grandmother, assuming his wife died first. Thanks.

Margie Watson 4 May 2013
My cousin Fay Hill and I are working on her husband's family records. Looking for Isaac and Nancy Ann (Hill) Moore.

George Trovas 4 May 2013
I would like help finding some information on one of my Grandfather's brothers. His name was Dimitrios (Dimitri) TROVAS, born May 22 1890. He migrated from Greece and was living and working in Chehalis WA. His military draft documents state that he was a labourer at the Chester Snow Log & Shingle Co, Littel. If you can add any light to what happened to this person I would very much appreciate it.

Ralph Goble 4 May 2013
I am trying to learn more about my great grandmother - her name was Vashtie Music. She married Grant Goble and they had four children. When they divorced, she took two with her, Archie and Elizabeth. My grandfather's name was Abe Goble. Vashtie then married Andrew Scruggs. She passed away 2/21/1961 in Morton, Lewis, WA, and is buried at Rainey Valley Cemetery in Glenoma. Can you help me with this? Thank you.

Dianna Charles 6 Apr 2013
I am wondering if a house still stands at 1702 Mc Fadden St, Chehalis, Washington my Great Great Grandparents lived there from late 1920 to 1922, Jacob Lee Shockley & wife Mary, he died April 14, 1922.Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank You.

Joanne Larson 9 Mar 2013
I am doing my ancestor research and I cannot find anything on my G-G-Uncle Theodore Helmer Larson (Larsen) and his wife Dorothy (Simcox). I know they lived most of their life in Chehalis, Lewis County. I have found their headstones. Would you have any more information on Theodore (Ted), pictures, etc. Where would I find an obituary on him? I know he died July 31, 1989. I look forward to your response. Thank you.

Sharon Mae Rose 9 Mar 2013
Adam Rose of Pe Ell had a son, Ralph Burt Rose - he is my husband's father. Who are Ralph's siblings? Who took care of Ralph when his father died? What ever happened to Ralph's mother? Who is she? Ralph has a son, Dennis Ralph Rose from Tacoma WA. ( my husband) I am wondering if you can enlighten me on more of the Adam Rose family history. Rose Bro. Ranch, Pe Ell WA. They had a butcher shop. So many questions can you help? Thank you.

Carla Gurr 16 Feb 2013
My mother is trying to complete genealogy records for her cousin, George Lincoln Holmes. I found an obituary that lists his deceased children: George Lincoln Homes, Jr. and adopted son George Leslie Holmes. Can you give me birth and death dates for these children? My mother's cousin's birth was November 21, 1931, and his death was January 17, 2012.

Katie Farver 16 Feb 2013
I have info on Simon Plamondon. I am a descendant of Harriet Blanchet. My grandfather was George Plamondon. Have a Master's thesis from Western on Simon.

Kenyon Luce 16 Feb 2013
I am part of a project to take pictures of the headstones of all soldiers that fought for Vermont in the Civil War. Can I get a map of the cemetery, location of the headstone and the names of others around them so I can find them so I can take pictures?Tvhey are: 1. Hoyt, Moses, Mountain View Cemetery, dod, 2-03-1921 2. Lawton, Eliel W. Fern Hill Cemetery, dod 8-3-1897 3. Crosier, Warren H, Toledo Cemetery, dod aft 1900. All help greatly appreciated.

David Green 16 Feb 2013
I am the youngest child of Ivan Cecil Green, son of Frank and Iva (Benedict) Green. Frank died in Clinton, Indiana in 1918 in a building collapse. Iva later returned to Washington and married William Erchebrach. I am looking for any information on Frank's parents, John and Nancy Green. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ralph Anderson 26 Dec 2012
I live in Doty and the property I live on is where the old Doty grade school used to be. I am having a hard time finding out any information that will give me more history of the school. I have one calender picture that was taken between 1914-16 and that is it. I believe the school was demolished in 1924-25 and the house I live in was built in 1955. There are a few remnants of concrete walkways in the yard I find by accident when digging. So if you can help lead me in the right direction that would help a lot. Thank You.

Patricia M. Pleas 10 Sep 2012
We are searching for the grave of my husband's Great Grandmother. Her name was Helen Pleas (or Place) and she died February 12, 1909. Her death certificate only says that she died and was buried at Centralia. Can you lead us to the cemetery or any obituaty or other information? Thank you so very much for your time.

Stella Richie 29 Aug 2012
I am a descendant of Conley Blankenship whose daughter Armedia and her husband, Floyd Rife, moved to Lewis county with a group of settlers. Conley's son Thomas Isaac also moved there as well. Conley moved sometime after his wife, Elizabeth Charles, was killed by a train in WV. Conley brought his granddaughter, Rebecca Bailey, with him and at some time his Daughter, Lydia, also moved. Lydia first married a Bailey in WV and had 2 children, Rebecca and Charles Bailey. Lydia died in Tacoma in 1929, she had the last name Justus. Elias Stanton Blankenship was a grandson of Conley's and he also moved. I have been researching the family but I have very little info on the family that lived in Washington. I would appreciate hearing from any descendants for an exchange of info. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Michelle René Reinhardt 26 Aug 2012
I am the great grand-daughter of Myrtle Schuster (Strom) and great great grand-daughter of Caroline Strom (Anderson) who was married to Fred Jonas. Caroline owned a boarding house in Chehalis. She moved from Nebraska in 1901-02 to Chehalis to be with family after her husband Otto Strom passed away in 1901. She had a son and a daughter, Roy and Myrtle (b. 1900). Caroline married Fred Jonas, members of Chahlis Presbyterian 1912 or 1914. Myrtle lived in Chehalis her whole life. Myrtle married Fred Schuster (his father was Frank Schuster from Vienna/Germany) and had 2 children, Donald and Margaret. Myrtle passed in 1981. Margaret graduated from Chehalis High School in 1943, and went to Linfield College for a nursing degree. She married Harry Chowning and they had 4 children, Dennis, Margaret (Peggy), Nancy and Tom. The family is spread between Washington and Oregon. I really would like to find my grandmother's birth record: Margaret Schuster. Family plot "Jonas" Fern Hill Cemetary - Woodman of the World marker for Fred Jonas's mother and large rhodadendron plant. I am trying to find as much information about my family as possible. Any assistance would be greatly apprecaited.

Janet Stacy 26 Aug 2012
Please could you provide information of location and current land owner of Centralia Arrowsmith Coal Company Coal mine. Registered by Cecil Arrowsmith, R.F.D. Box 404, Centralia, WA (1962). Listed in 1962 Directory of Washington Mines. This was my grandfather's coal mine. and I am in search for family tree purposes. Thank you for your time.

Forrest L. Garchow 23 Aug 2012
I am the family genealogist for my mothers's Hudson/Rhodes family in Michigan. Sarah Elizabeth Rhodes Robinson, b. 31 January 1895 in Arthur Twp., Clare Co., Michigan; d. 15 March 1976 in Woodland Convalescent Center, Woodland, Cowlitz Co., Washington; buried in Mountain View Burial Park, Centralia, Lewis Co., Washington, was a member of my mother's Hudson family. I am interested in securing any information about Sarah, her husband, Leonard Robinson and their families that may bee available. I am particularly interested in obituaries and extended families and other resources that may be available. I will be happy to exchange information about her early families extending back into England in the 1800's, if interested. Thank you for your assistance.

Jamie Kelly 20 Jun 2012
My maiden name is Mix. Coy D. Brown is my grandfather. His father was Jonathon Brown. How are the Oppelt's and Brown's related? Thank you.

Tracy Arnold 18 Jun 2012
Looking for information on Cora Schwarz (born in Feb 1889 in Michigan, lived in Montana, died in 1974 in Lewis County). Married to Joseph Schwarz. Maiden name is Wagner (but may be Bessolo). Moved to Lewis County sometime between 1920 and 1930. Had a son named Joseph (born about 1911). We are trying to get more information to make a positive connection before ordering death certificate.

Anne Heckel 16 Jun 2012
Am looking for any information on my great-grandparents, James Madison Corp and Lovina Sheldon Corp.

Denise Stocking 30 May 2012
Would anyone have information on a Peter Miller who might have lived or visited in Pe Ell, Washington in or around 1922-1923? There was a Miller family that lived across the street from the Charneskis on 3rd Street in the 1920 census but there is no Peter Miller listed. Looking for Peter Miller! Also wondering if anyone knows what year Wendell Iverson moved to Pe Ell? He was the Superintendent for the Pe Ell schools for many years. Thank you!

P. J. Sanders 5 Apr 2012
My Grandfather, George Hense, had two sisters: Lena Hense born Dec. 23, 1873, who married Julius Guderyan AND Dora Hense, who married William Guderyan on Dec. 24, 1894. The sister of Julius and William Guderyan was named, Rose. She married Jesse McElfresh and the death of their one son, Arthur McElfresh, is commemorated by the monument in the City Park in Centralia, WA.Do you know anything more about the monument in the City Park in Centralia? Do you have any pictures, etc.? I'm looking for anything you have. Thank you!

Lucy Ann Baird-Clark 31 Mar 2012
Looking for any information on Ella or Ellen (nee Baird) Knowles. She was born abt. 1874 in Houston Co., Minn. She was last known living with her husband, first name unknown, in Olequa. This could have been from about 1890 on. Other dates are unknown. Her mother was Catherine Baird of Winlock.

Gladys Edwards 25 Mar 2012
In reply to Q411: This is an answer to the Harlan query. If she was a school teacher in Salzer Valley, near Centralia, WA in the 1920's, she is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in Centralia, WA. When you enter the cemtery take the first right, then take the first left to the first bend in the road and she is buried right near that curve in the road. She was my husband Robert Edwards's grade school teacher.

Ernest Dresher 2 Mar 2012
Do you have any info about the Dillenbaugh family, that ran the Dillenbaugh school from 1878-1933. Are there any pictures of the school, and where was it located. Macomber Rd? Thanks.

Jeffrey Spencer 2 Mar 2012
I am looking for any information about Charles H. Trousdale. I know he was the postmaster when the town of Glenavon was established outside of Chehalis (1907). His wife's name was Helen (Spencer) Trousdale and she died in Lewis County in 1896 (October 8th). They had a daughter, Francis Trousdale, who died as an infant on October 3, 1896. I am also trying to locate where Helen and Francis Trousdale were buried.

Monica Davis Altona 25 Feb 2012
My grandparents were David and Zelma Francis Knapp of Centralia. I have an aunt Dee in Galvin? My dad lives in Napavine. Are there any Lewis county records out there? I'm curious to know about my father's side.

Theresa Miller 24 Feb 2012
I am looking for and information regarding relatives of my maternal grandfather, Louis Konopka. His father, Thomas Konopka, arrived in the U.S. from Poland in 1904 per family stories and verified through Ellis Island online search. The rest of the family arrived in the U.S. in 1914 including Marya (mother), Wladyslaw (Walter), Ludwik (Louis), and Stanislaw (Stanley). Thank you in advance for any leads you might be able to provide. Family stories say that Thomas worked in a logging mill. They later moved to Chicago, IL, where my mother was born in 1941.

Diane Carter 13 Feb 2012
My Shuler relatives moved from Oklahoma to Mossyrock, Washington in the early 1900's. I have many of their burial places correctly researched; however, one distant cousin, Daniel Edwin Shuler (1895-1924) died in a horrible bus accident on Dec 21, 1924. He was traveling with his young son, Elbert Taylor Shuler, as well as many others on the bus. A storm was raging and a huge tree rolled down the mountainside and hit the bus. I have a newspaper article detailing this accident. One other article telling of the funeral services, states that they were to be interred in the Harmony Cemetery. Not ever having been to that area, I couldn't tell you if there were headstones or not. An index done many years ago did not include their names. Daniel E. Shuler and his wife, Cora Belle Dunn, had 3 children: Floyd Wilford Shuler 1916-1916; Elbert Taylor Shuler 1918-1924; & Dorothy Fay Shuler 1920-1922. What tragedy was endured within this family! Cora left the area, moved to Idaho and remarried.

Margaret (Irish) Church 16 Jan 2012
I am looking for information on my great uncle La Fayette Irish. I understand that there is a street in Chehalis that is named after him. Is this true? Also, I do know that he made fiddles. I have one that was passed down to my father, then to me. Also, I understand that the Westside park was donated to the City of Chehalis by the Irish family. If so, could you tell me when that was? Any information will be helpful. I am just getting started in tracing my family lines, and I find it all so interesting. Thank You.

Kem Hart-Baker 24 Dec 2011
I'm hoping to find someone in Lewis County who may have knowledge of or a direct connection to Elizabeth (WEBB) FORNER CAREW who died in Chehalis on 19 Apr 1916 and was buried in International Order of Oddfellows (IOO) in Claquato Cemetery, Chehalis. She was b. 14 Mar 1825 in England, the d/o Charles J. Webb and Ann Marie (COLES) Webb. She grew up near Roseneath, Ontario, Canada; married John C. Forner in Ontario and they had 11 children. Many of those children migrated to various parts of the US, including Utah, Oregon and Washington. I'm trying to find out the name of and information pertaining to a 2nd husband whose last name was CAREW, possible first name of Andrew but that is not confirmed. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with knowledge of this family and any descendants. Thank you.

Nancy Morrissette 29 Oct 2011
I'm looking for the obituary for the following Zwiefelhofers:


Elland Sohn 30 Sep 2011
Looking for my lost sister, Rebeckia Ann Pierce Blankenship, living in Onalaska, Lewis County, Washington, USA. She died Nov. 26, 2006 according to a family tree. She is listed in KevinSacco08 family tree, but her lineage is not correct. She also has the maiden/surname as Pierce-Kirk. I beleive this is why I never found her alive. Could you inform me as to how I may contact or they contact me with the Blankenship family. I would also like to know how I can find her Obituary notice and receive her death certificate. I would be listed as Living sister Washburn. Thanking you in advance.

Mary Lindsted 26 Sep 2011
I am looking for two (2) obits for a husband and wife. Agnes Rose d. 7-22-1933 in Centralia, Lewis, Washington. She was 44 yrs old. Her husband was Adam Rose d. 7-26-1946 in Pacific, Lewis, Washington. He was 77 yrs old.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Denise Stocking 14 Sep 2011
[Update of Q600] Can you help? My uncle was born May 15, 1923 at the home of MINNIE IPE in Centralia and was given up for adoption. He was told his biological mom was a 16 year old girl and that she came from a "good home" in Pe Ell. His name is IRVIN WENDELL HURLBURT and he was adopted by WILLIAM & BERNICE BRANT-HURLBURT from Portland, Oregon. LAURA BRANT-TINSLEY worked at the Minnie Ipe Maternity Home at the time and called her sister Bernice and told her that she had a baby at the home if she wanted him. Bernice drove up from Portland and picked up the baby boy. My research has shown that this was not a legal adoption. Does anyone have any information that can help my 88 year old uncle find his family?

Jean Morrison 14 Sep 2011
Does anyone have a picture of Centralia High School around 1912? This is assuming there was a high school around that time. Also does anyone know if a yearbook exists for that time period? Thanks.

Stephanie K. Frieze 30 Aug 2011
I am looking for information regarding a home for unwed mothers which would have existed in Lewis County in the late 1890s. I have reason to believe that my grandmother was born there in 1894 and adopted by Royal and Amanda Austin. I am interested in finding information about my grandmother's origins. [Stephanie has more details posted in her blog.]

Christine Geiger Alonso 29 Aug 2011
I am the surviving great granddaughter of John and Angelina Manfredi who are buried in the Greenwood Memorial/Sticklin Cemetery in Centralia, Washington. My great-grandfather, John Manfredi died in December 1945 and was born in Italy in 1872/1873. My great-granmother, Angelina Manfredi died in Sept. 1946, and was born in Italy in 1871. I am trying to locate a copy of the death notice, death certificate for both John and Angelina. My grandmother, Lucille Manfredi Parrish Short is also buried in the cemetery. She was John and Angelina's daughter. All of the relatives on my mother's side are now deceased, as is my father. I have never been able to locate any of these records. I am most interested in finding information on Angelina, my great grandmother. I do not know what her maiden name was, where she came from when she was married to my grandfather, etc. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide. At the time of their death, I believe they were all living in Centralia. My Grandmmother Lucille Parrish (their daughter) was living at 311 West Cherry, in Centralia, Wa.

Doris Hayashi 26 Aug 2011
I have a great aunt, Myrtle Nelson, who is listed in the 1920 Federal Census as a public school teacher in the Lewis Co., Temple District. We know that she graduated from Stadium High School in Tacoma in 1916 and is living in Tacoma in 1922. Is there some way to research if she was a teacher in Lewis Co. during 1920-21?

Brad Macomber 15 Aug 2011
Found an old posting (query 412) asking if there any Barstow folks left in Cinebar, Washington. I am a GG Grandson and do have information, etc. If interested please contact me.

Roger Paget 11 Aug 2011
I am looking for the "Journal" of Christopher Columbus Pagett (1822-1899), which is mentioned in the book, "The Toledo Community Story." That book was published by The Toledo Parent-Teacher Organization in about 1976. The physical volume was described, so I assume that someone may still have it. Any tips will be appreciated.

Barbara Whited-Rabbitt 10 Aug 2011
I am looking for Irene Oster who attended Centralia High School and graduated in 1955. We were girlfriends in high school, and I would love to find out where she is, if she is alive, what her married name is and any contact information available. She would be in her 70's. Thanks for your help.

Judith Jones 23 Jul 2011
I am looking for obituaries for both Stanley Waltrip and Homer Waltrip, Stanley's son. They operated a dairy near Centralia in Lewis County, Washington for years. Stanley married a lady named Iona, who survived him. There are many references to Mrs. Stanley Waltrip in the Daily Chronicle from Centralia-Chehalis in the 1950-1970 time frame. She was very active socially. Stanley was born on March 8, 1905 and died in February, 1984 in Olympia (in the hospital, I suppose). Thank you.

Letha 18 Jul 2011
David Gillespie Swapp married Anna Bell Kain at Lewis CO WA on 07 Jul 1905. He then re-married Mary Swapp at Greys Harbor WA on 02 Nov 1906. I would like to know if/when/where he was divorced, as he and Mary Swapp had been married since 1882 in England. The Swapp family moved to Jefferson CO WA after 1907 and lived there for over 40 years.

Sue Daniels Simmons 10 Jul 2011
Looking for any info on the Gustaf (b. 1890 Sweden) and Oma/Omie BROWN PAXTON (b.1886/87 NC) JOHNSON family. They were living in Temple, Lewis Co., Wa. in the 1930 Census. Gustaf showed to be a supervisor in the Cinnabar mine. They probably marr. btwn. 1918-1935, where (?). Oma had been married to Golie PAXTON, both from Newton Co., Arkansas. They had a son, Spencer PAXTON (b. 1906 Ar.) - he was living in Morton, Lewis Co., Wa. in 1930 with his wife Clara (LNU) and daus. Betty & LaVerne. Spencer also worked in the Cinnabar Mine. They had marr. abt. 1924. He also had a son, Michael. Oma and Gustaf were living in 1950 at SF, Ca., that's where she died. Spencer (marr.1964-div.1967 in Ca.) again to Frances Bucker and died in Napa, Ca. in 1973. [Editor's note: According to King Co., WA Marriage Records, Gustav L. Johnson and Omie Paxton were married in Seattle, WA on 13 Sep 1924.]

Thomas C. Ralphs 29 May 2011
I am trying to make contact with JILL HARRINGTON, who placed a query on March 25, 2004, Q332. She was looking for information on DORA D McNULTY, her husband Wilbur and any additional info. I have, positively, everything she wants re: Dora.I tried clicking on her name, with no results.Thanking you in advance for any help.

Darlean Bates 23 Apr 2011
I am searching for a Jimmy Taylor who would be the father of my 41 year old nephew Jeffrey Todd Taylor (Roseth). Jimmy Taylor lived in Centralia when last known in the 1970's. He served in the military. He was married to Janet Elaine Erwin in 1969 and had one child, Jeffrey Todd, in 1970. Jeffrey is currently living in Spokane, WA and is looking for his birth father since his mother died from a brain tumor in 2010.

Doris Mae Wallerstedt Guy 13 Apr 2011
Looking for family: Teri Lynn Eaton, born 1946-1947.

Kathy Peterson 11 Mar 2011
My great grandfather Charles Simmons was a blacksmith with the Western Logging Company in Winlock 1917-1921. I'm looking for a historical photograph of him as I have none. I'm hoping someone has photos of blacksmiths of this time and place that he may be a person in the photo.

Tim Foley 5 Mar 2011
I am looking for an obituary of Joseph Phelps (Death - 11 Mar 1897 - Centralia, Washington). I am looking for confirmation on whether he is related to a Bela Phelps. Joseph's daughter is Polly Ann Phelps whose biography is published in the Centralia first fifty years book, but there is very little information on Joseph. I have some evidence to connect Bela and Joseph, but I am still looking for the "smoking gun" information.

David Schorer 1 Mar 2011
I am looking for information on Theresa (Mann) Schorer. The information I have on her is from her obit in The Centralia News-Examiner dated February 10, 1905. Theresa Mann was born in Germany, July 20, 1870. Her family immigrated to America when she was six years old and lived in Oshkosh, Wis. When she was 14 years her family moved to the Centralia area. She was married to John Schorer on May 9, 1891. They had three children (Clarence Harrison, Raymond John and Ruth). John and Theresa lived in Centralia where John ran a grocery/dry goods store. Theresa was a member of the CentraliaDegree of Honor.I have not been able to find her parent's names or if she had any siblings. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Romy Klessen 21 Feb 2011
I am looking for relatives of Martin Klessen (d. 1963) and Sofie Sorensen Klessen (d. 1970), who are buried in Fir Lawn Cemetery in Toledo. They were my grandparents, but I did not know them. They were emigres from Randers, Denmark (near Aarhus) in 1922. Sofie and Martin had two adopted sons, Harold and Thorgel (my father). I believe they moved from Sioux Falls, SD to Washington State in the late 1940s. There were quite a few Sorensen cousins in the area, I have been told, as some of them left Denmark before my family. My sister and I are the only living Klessens of our generation.

Mary Ellen Piro 4 Feb 2011
[Editor's note: this is an update to Q494.] I have found a copy of my grandparents' wedding certificate. Mary Evelyn Pistemaa and John Henry Polkky were married in Tacoma, Pierce County, WA on March 21, 1913. I'm quite sure my grandfather was living in Carbonado, WA at the time. After her mother died in Winlock in 1912, my grandmother may have gone there to visit or stay with friends, because I have found a postcard written to her in Carbonado before she was married. The postcards in the collection belonging to John Pistemaa, that I mentioned in 2008, have all been transcribed. I now have another postcard collection that belonged to my grandmother, Mary Pistemaa Polkky that I hope to have transcribed sometime soon. I have found Pistemaa relatives in Lanesville, MA that I have been in contact with. Henry Pistemaa immigrated there from Finland in 1890. Would like to find out the year that he came to Washington. It was sometime before 1903. I have recently posted Pistamaa/Polkky family photos on Facebook. I am still interested in any information or photos of the Henry Pistemaa family when they lived in Veness/Winlock, WA. I am looking for several Pistemaa family members. Fanni Lillian Pistemaa, (Married name at one time was Rawley) She is the daughter of Henry Pistemaa and his second wife, Aili Holmberg Pistemaa. Lillian was born in 1920 in Poulsbo, WA. Lillian Pistemaa had a daughter, named Norma. Probably born around 1945 or 1946. Thank You.

Pat Walgamott 29 Jan 2011
I would like to know where Oliver S. Honeywell is buried. I ws at the Washington Lawn Cemetery today (1-29-11) and could not find either him or his wife, Mary. I am looking at a copy of the daily Chronicle-Examiner dated Mon Sept 27, 1915 and it stated he was interred at Washington Lawn cemetery.Please point me in the right direction....Thanks!

Don Horn 29 Jan 2011
I'm doing a play on Gracie Hansen who was married to Leo Hansen in 1941 and I believe divorced around 1956-58. Can you help me out with this? I want to make sure I get the records straight.She also adopted a little boy Sam in 1948 - can't find records of this either.One last thing...someone stated that she obtained a license to sell liquor and manage the Morton Liquor Store...is that something you can find out for me?Thank you so much!

Kevin N. Cantrell 26 Jan 2011
I'm attempting to locate the grave of Mitchel C. Whitaker (October 8, 1876- October 17, 1951). He was born in Floyd County Ky, to James O. Whitaker and Rebecca Puckett Whitaker. He was one of 19 children born to the couple. I believe he left for South America, and then for Chehalis, Washington (where he took up residence and died) sometime in the 1910's. He was never married, nor had any children. Also, M.C. worked for a logging outfit before being injured while on the job, and may have been a deputy.

Lori Garza 8 Jan 2011
Looking for any photos that may exist of the Shafer Bakery in Pe Ell which was open in the 30's and 40's. I have advertisements showing that it was owned by Walt Sherr starting in 1949. Thanks!