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Rocky Nelson Sunday, December 10, 2000
I am looking for Gordon Althauser, son of Charles and Alma Althauser. Charlie and Alma lived in Mossyrock in the mid 60's to early 70's then moved to Centralia and then to Alaska. They are related to the Lawyer Althauser in Centralia. Their son Gordon was my best friend. I think Charlie passed away and Alma moved to Ellensburg, Wa.

Hope Benedict Thursday, November 30, 2000
Am looking for information on Lloyd and Edna (Miller) Benedict who lived just outside Centralia, WA for sure in 1927. Lloyd was born 10/1898 and Edna was born 12/1899 - I just don't know where and to whom. Perhaps they will be in the 1920 census. I believe they had two children - Alfred Richard (Or Richard Alfred) and Lloyd Richard. Any information would be appreciated.

Susan Lynn Chase Monday, November 20, 2000
My great Uncle and Aunt were Ezra LeRoy and Sarah Ellen Whisler. They are buried at Greenwood Memorial Park in Centralia. Susan (Susie) Whisler is supposed to be buried near by. Maybe her husband (Alfred) and sister Lydia Whisler too. I need all the info on Susan and Alfred I can get. Also some where in Lewis county is buried the girls' brother, Michael R. Hamilton and wife. Need wife's info.

Janie Bishop Campbell Monday, November 20, 2000
I'm looking for my GGGGrandmother's cemetery and gravesite. Her name was Kiziah Bishop Jones. She came across the US from KY in 1845 with her husband Gabriel Jones. She died in 1860 and was burried on the Cowlitz Prairie/Bush Prairie. Do you have lists for either of these places? Thank you.

Marjorie Tittle Fri., October 27, 2000
Am looking for information about the family of Francis (Frank) Marion Yeager and wife Amelia Patterson. Frank was born in Oxford, KS in 1847, died in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA in 1946. They had 10 children. Frank was the son of Joseph Yeager & Mary? of Oxford, KS. Would love to have any information about this family.

Kay Thurs., October 26, 2000
I'm searching for information on Edward Charles Schultz. I found an entry in the Polk Directory for 1914 - 1915, McCormick.

Whitney McMahan Fri., October 20, 2000
I am looking for information on my great great-grandparents Joseph F. and Josephine (Edwards) McMahan. They settled their family in the Swafford Ponds (Mossyrock) area. Anyone have any information on this family I would love hearing from you.

Cindy Greear Sun., October 15, 2000
Wondering if it would be possible to get newspaper obituaries from the years 1929 - 1945? Specifically looking for obits on 3 people who died during these years....Isaac Elbert GREEAR, William Freeland GREEAR, and Elvira BANNER GREEAR. All 3 are buried at the Napavine Cemetery. I do have actual dates of death.

Sharon Fri., October 13, 2000
I am looking for information on my g grandfather, Joseph Wymer. I was told he once lived in Centralia or thereabout. He came to WA around 1900 and probably worked in the logging business. He was born in Wood Co., OH in 1861 and moved to MI then to WA. I know he lived at least till 1936. I heard he had some children after moving to WA. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Love hearing from you.

David Houpt Tues., October 10, 2000
Looking for family of James Houpt b. May 19 1908 d. June 18 1995 who lived in Winlock, Lewis Co. WA. Looking for ties to my family line.

Marti Bobertz Tues., October 3, 2000
Would like to contact descendants of Justin Edgar Becker (1855 NY--1940 Centralia WA) and his wife Irene Jane St. Clair (1861 WI --1917 Winlock WA). Children are: Lillian Mary Becker (1880 WI--1971 Centralia) m: William Howard Weaver; Martin Edgar Becker (1882 WI--1905 Lewis Co) m Lottie Belle Crocker; William Albert Becker (1884 WI--1935 Oakland CA) m Edith Adra Baxter; Bion Huntley Becker (1886 WI--1926 Chehalis WA m Stella Farmer; Lester D. Becker (1895 Cowlitz WA - 1980 Sandy WA) m Florence Mabel Wilhelm; Mabel L (Becker) Davis (1899 Cowlitz WA--1946 St. Helen's OR) m Charles Davis; Irene Becker (1902 WA -?); Cecil Allen Becker (1903 Winlock WA--1942 Chehalis WA). Thanks, Marti Bobertz, 888 226 9753 toll free.

Mel King Tues., September 12, 2000
I need information on the LEURQUIN family. Antoine came to the Bremer area before 1895. Hubert came around 1902. They owned the 80 to 120 acres in Bremer, just across the Tilton River where the old foot suspension bridge used to stand. I have a lot of information about the SCHMITT family. They were in the Harmony and Bremer area after 1892 and were: Thomas S., Anna Marie, and the children: Catherine, William, Henry, Thomas, Otto, John, Christina, Annie L., Mary, Rose and Lilly. Anybody want to know about them?

Sharon Neem Fri., September 8, 2000
Dorothy BARNES, c. 1900, Centralia. I have two photographs of a young girl, with the name Dorothy BARNES on the back, taken c. 1900 Centralia, WA. I also have a photo of her as a young woman in 1922 by a photography studio by the name of Bachrach on the East coast of the U.S. Anyone proving a relationship is welcome to them.

John M. BENEDICT, c. 1900, Centralia, WA. I have a couple items of interest for anyone proving a relationship to J. M. BENEDICT who lived in Centralia, WA from 1889 to his deat in Nov. 1923. He had three children: John M., Jr., C.C., and Edith.

May Eliza BROWN, c. 1898, WA State. I have a wedding announcement for a May Eliza BROWN and William P. MANNING dated Sept. 8, 1898, Centralia, WA. If you can prove a relationship, you can have it.

Mildred & Marie CHRISTENSEN, c. 1909, Centralia, WA. I have numerous girlhood photographs of sisters Mildred and Marie CHRISTENSEN taken in Centralia, WA c. 1900. I also have a wedding photograph of Mildred marrying a Fred VEEVERS in 1954, probably a second marriage. If anyone can prove a relationship, you are welcome to them.

J.A. FIELDS, c. 1895, Centralia, WA. I have a couple photographs taken c. 1895 for anyone proving a relationship to a Mrs. J.A. FIELDS, or a Lillie FIELDS of Centralia, WA. Mrs. J.A. is middle age and Lillie a young woman when the photographs were taken.

J.B. or Ruby FRYE, c. 1900, Centralia, WA. I have a couple items of interest for anyone proving a relationship to a J.B. FRYE, or a Miss Ruby Blanche FRYE who were of Centralia, WA c. 1900.

Mary HUNTLEY/SEARS, early 1900's, Centralia, WA. I have a number of items referring to a Mary HUNTLEY who was raised by a SEARS family of Centralia, WA. She married Otto LEE Oct. 12, 1922 in Seattle. I also have a photo of two of their children, Robert and Charles John LEE. Anyone proving a relationship is welcome to the items.

Fritz KLOEPPER, c. 1920, Centralia/Seattle. I have a wonderful signed photograph of a Fritz KLOEPPER which belonged to my mother-in-law, Eulalie KAHLER (1893-1977) who grew up in Centralia, WA. She also lived in Seattle during the 1920's and 30's. He is not a relation of ours, and I would like to find a proper home for the photo.

Lelia LANDRUM, c. 1905, Centralia, WA. I have a girlhood photo of a Lelia LANDRUM taken c. 1905, Centralia, WA. If you can prove a relationship, you are welcome to it.

Edythe Lola MACHEN, c. 1908, Centralia, WA. I have a 1908 Centralia H.S. graduation announcement and "calling card" for an Edythe Lola MACHEN. If you can prove a relationship, you are welcome to them.

William P. MANNING, c. 1898, Centralia, WA. I have an item of interest for anyone proving a relationship to William P. MANNING, who married May Eliza BROWN Sept. 8, 1898 in Centralia, WA.

Minnie D. RODMAN, early 1900's, Centralia, WA. I have a "calling card" that belonged to Minnie D. RODMAN, early 1900's, Centralia, WA. If anyone knoiws of her, you can have it.

C. Loyle ROGERS, 1908, Centralia, WA. I have a 1908 Centralia H.S. graduation announcement and "calling card" for C. Loyle ROGERS. If you can prove a relationship, you can have them.

Arthur G. SEARS, c. 1922, Centralia/Seattle, WA. I have several items of interest for anyone proving a relationship to Arthur G. SEARS or his niece Mary HUNTLEY. I believe they may also have lived in Centralia, WA at one time.

Carlton I. SEARS, 1908, Centralia, WA. I have a 1908 Centralia H.S. graduation announcement and a "signature card" for a Carlton I. SEARS. Anyone proving a relationship is welcome to them.

Lizette Doris TREAT, c. 1908, Centralia, WA. I have a 1908 Centralia H.S. graduation announcement and a "calling card" for Lizette Doris TREAT. If anyone knows of her, you are welcome to it.

Skip Romine Thurs., August 3, 2000
Looking for information on a Catherine Barr, listed in Mary Ellen Tyre's 1936 Obit as being a sister and living in Chehalis, WA. Mary Ellen was the daughter of J.J. and Mary Kendall/Kendell. Any information about Catherine or her family, PLEASE e-mail me. Thank you.

Patricia R. Price Thurs., August 3, 2000
We are attempting to locate further information on our Great-Uncle who we understand moved to/died and is buried in Lewis County...... Our information says he moved to Chehalis Washington. His name is Samuel Ayre Price Born November 10, 1876 in Illinois, his parents are Josiah R. and Jennette C. Hutchinson Price. Any help or location of where he is buried and dates would be wonderful. Thank you..... Patricia R. Price, Flemming Iowa.

Duane Crimmins Thurs., August 3, 2000
Looking for any info on the following: WALLACE Nelson ROBERTS (b. 2/27/1861, OR - d. 2/17/1933, Toledo, Lewis Co, WA) MARTHA J. (LAYTON) ROBERTS (b. 11/11/1878, Lewis Co, WA - d. 8/27/1915, Toledo, WA). Both are buried in Warren, OR (near Saint Helens, OR.)

Leslie Smith Thurs., August 3, 2000
My husband's Great Aunt was Lucy Joy CLAUNCH. Lucy Joy CLAUNCH; born Feb 1890 in Texas; died 6 Oct 1951 in Centralia, Lewis, Washington; married between 1906-1917 Jerome Joseph or Joseph Jerome BUTTERFIELD; died after 1926.

Lucy and Jerome had 6 children that I've found:
1. Merla Lorena BUTTERFIELD; born 17 Jan 1917 in Lewis County, Washington
2. Melvin Jerome BUTTERFIELD; born 27 Jul 1918 in Lewis County, Washington
3. Wilber Wayne BUTTERFIELD; born 6 Aug 1920 in Lewis County, Washington
4. Helen Josephine BUTTERFIELD; born 25 Aug 1923 in Lewis County, Washington
5. Norman Dale BUTTERFIELD; born 28 Jul 1925 in Lewis County, Washington
6. Leta Nadine BUTTERFIELD; born 18 Mar 1927 in Lewis County, Washington

Lucy later married Mr. HINDERMAN between 1941-1950. Lucy's sister also married a BUTTERFIELD. I assume they were brothers. Leora Albert CLAUNCH; born 13 Dec 1892 in Texas; died 29 Jun 1969 in Longview, Cowlitz, Washington; married between 1908-1914 Willis Wyman BUTTERFIELD; born 14 Jun 1887; died 14 Sep 1976 in Cowlitz County, Washington. I would love to hear from anyone who can help me out on this line.

Mike Cook Thurs., August 3, 2000
My third great-grandfather, Henry Reynolds STILLMAN, and his wife, Charlotte (PALMITER), arrived in Lewis County with their two children in mid 1853. He was one of the founders of Boistfort. In 1863, he built the first sawmill there. His son, Jay, nine years old when he arrived in Lewis Co., later became editor of the "Boistfort Chronicle." While at that newspaper, he published in it a series of articles taken from the journal he kept while on the year+ wagon train journey from Lima, Wisconsin. I would very much like to locate these articles. Neither the Lewis County Historical Museum nor the Washington State Archives have ever heard of this newspaper. Has anyone out there heard of it? Henry's daughter, Eunice Ann, married Frederick Andrew "F.A.." CLARKE on December 1, 1854, seven weeks short of her fifteenth birthday. Theirs was the fifth marriage recorded in Lewis Co. In 1852, F.A.. was one of the 44 delegates to the second territorial convention in Monticello. Henry's sister, Sally, and her husband, Paul CRANDALL, also came out on the same wagon train. Their family unit totaled eleven members. Other co-emigrants were a family of four headed by a Mr. A. GOODRICH, and a three member party under the name of Dr. STILLMAN. While this doctor had to be a blood relative of Jay's, he only refers to him in this informal manner. If anybody has information on these people, the sawmill, the newspaper, or the articles; please contact me. Thank you!

Joyce Wallace Thurs., August 3, 2000
I posted in September 1999 (see query #163) concerning Pharis Begley and his wife Polly Moore who were believed to be in Lewis Co. WA. I found them here in 1910. I also found Phariis's death in 1915, and Polly living with a daughter and son-in-law in 1290. The family, Alonzo Parks, wife Dolly, and children Talmadge, Leroy, Ruth and Marion lived in Auburn WA and Polly Begley lived with them. I find in the SSDI records a Leroy Parks b. 1908 who died in Gig Harbour WA in 1989. I would appreciate very much being contacted by any descendants of the Parks family. Dolly Moore (Clay) Parks was my grandmother's first cousin. Polly (Moore) Begley was my great-grandfather's sister.

More information:
Lewis Co. WA 1910 Census:
Dryad Precinct (page 330) HH 45/45
Begley, Pharis H; Head; M, W, 53, M2 (second marriage?), 20 (years married); Born in KY, both parents born in KY, English (language spoken?), Contractor (occupation), Builder (industry?), OA (works on "own account", not an employee), reads and writes english, Rents, House (versus farm).
Polly, Wife, F, W, 47, M2, 20 (years married), 3 (children), 3 (still living), self and parents all born in KY, speaks english.

Washington State, King County, Auburn Precinct 5, enumeration district 6, page 29, line 77, living at a house Alonzo is renting;
Alonzo M. Parks, age 59, born in Kansas, parents born in Ohio, working as a blacksmith.
Dollie, wife, age 36, self and parents born in Kentucky.
Talmadge, son, age 12, attended school, born in Washington.
LeRoy, son, age 10, attended school, born in Washington.
Ruth, daughter, age 8, attended school, born in Washington.
Marion, daughter, age 3 months, born in Washington.
Polly Bagley, mother-in-law, age 58, widow, self and parents born in Kentucky.

Social Security Death Index shows a Leroy Parks d. in Gig Harbour, Kitsap Co. WA in 1989. Polly Moore and Dolly Moore Parks' family would like to locate them.

George J. Plautz Jr. Thurs., August 3, 2000
I am researching the Maurin/Movrin family of Lewis County. John Maurin married Anna Jerman (Yerman) in Chehalis around 1890. They had several children of which two lived to adulthood. They were Joseph and Edward Maurin. The others all died in childbirth or near to that time. They were: Johnny 1893, Frankie, 1896, Anna, 1898, and Rudolf, 1903, died 1914. I have not been able to determine their exact dates of birth or marriage. Does anyone have knowledge of the birth records in Chehalis? I understand they are pretty daunting, wondered if anyone had searched through them. Also have checked St. Joseph RC Church records and have not found anything. Thanks for any assistance.

Jim Beiswanger Thurs., August 3, 2000
I am doing family research on the Huffman's of Southern Michigan. I find that Emma Huffman married Ezra Mabee in Hillsdale County of Michigan on 6/2/1907. At that time, Ezra was age 30 and Emma was 25. Sometime after that, they moved to Centralia, Washington and there is where the trail stops. I am looking for birth dates on both along with death dates, death locations, and burial locations. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Address: 4922 Martha Dr. Jackson, MI 49201.

Cindy Greear Mon., May 29, 2000
I am trying to find details about the life of ISAAC E. GREEAR, who moved to Chehalis area around 1903. I think he may have come from Virginia with the HAMILTON family. Would be interested in any history books of the area that might mention Isaac and family. He is buried in the Napavine Cemetery. Thanks.

"shurre" Wednesday, May 19, 2000
Searching any and all connections to the McCash family of Centraila area and of Michigan Hill in Thurston Co.

Phillip M. Heavner Saturday, May 6, 2000
LYDA, Thomas B. (1878? NC - 1918 WA) According to the information I have, one of my great-grandmother's brothers, Thomas B. LYDA, died in Winlock, WA in 1918. The source gave the town as Winglock (no such town). He was a logger, and in 1915, was foreman of a crew working in Clatskanie, Columbia Co., OR. Follow-up (6/16/00): Thomas did live in Winlock, WA. He is buried there. He was married, Grace, and had 4 children. Of his children, one son and a daughter-in-law (wife of the youngest son) are still living. I've actually spoken with her.

Peggy B. Perazzo Tues., May 2, 2000
I am seeking information on my great uncle and his wife, George Paris and Martha Emily (WALLACE) SEARS. They moved from Yolo County, California about 1884 with Martha's family to a farm on Winston Creek, Lewis Co., WA. Their children were Ella J. (SEARS) SEVERNS; John SEARS; Ruby (SEARS) BARTON; Belle (SEARS) CASSIDY; Maude (SEARS) PLANT; Mabel SEARS; Pearl D. (SEARS) CLAMPITT, KENNEDY; George L. SEARS; Grace E. (SEARS) FINSTAD; Veda V. (SEARS) YAW. I am descended from Albert B. and Augusta (RUGGLES) SEARS who lived in Yolo County, CA. Both George and Albert SEARS were the sons of Fielding Thomas and Elizabeth Cross (PARIS) SEARS who came to Yolo County, CA, in 1874 from Warren Co., Kentucky. I have information on the California Sears, the Kentucky Sears, and George Sears' family and would be glad to share.

Kim Harper Mon., Feb. 21, 2000
Looking for Grace Warring b8-4-1871 d 1937; m to Lewis extine 1892; came from Minn lived on Cowlitz Prarie then moved to Chehalis; her father C.V, Warring.

Jean Marshall Fri., Feb. 11, 2000
Hello, I am searching for any information on CERKAN/CERKANOWICZ in the PE ELL area. My grandfather Bolleck Cerkan married a Francis ? and Valentena HOMINSKI PIVONI. Any relatives or just anyone who has heard of them please contact me.

Denise Koos Wed., Jan. 26, 2000
Hi! I'm looking for a marriage record for Mabel Ellen Anderson & Herman Thomsen in the mid-1930's in Lewis County. Do you have an index for this??? Thanks.

Mary Kulp Tues., Jan. 25, 2000
PRICE /GARDNER / MELESKI / PHILLIPS: I am looking for any information regarding relatives with these names. My mother was Betty Mae Gardner and was born in Centralia in 1938. Her mother was Elma Estelle Price, also born in Centralia in 1912. She was married to Jack Gardner. I'd love more information about him, anything. My great grandmother lived in Centralia, Lewis County. She was born in 1890 and died in 1978. Her husband was George Daniel Price. I don't know anything about him either. His father was George Meleski. George Daniel Price changed his from Meleski. His parents immigrated here inthe late 1800's from Poland. They were August and Agnes Meleski. Phillips was my great grandmothers maiden name. Haven't found a connection to her parents yet either. I'd appreciate any help I can get. I live in Pennsylvania and it's not easy getting info via long distance.

Cecil Sherlie Fri., Jan. 21, 2000
I am interested in contacting anyone who might be researching the SCHERLIE name or any deriveration of it. Such as Shirley, Shirlie. The family came from Norway to Minnisota and North Dakota and then west to Washington where I was born.

Jeanne Ostnes Fri., Jan. 14, 2000
Hello, I am searching for the surnames of SNOW, TOY, HENDERSON, CARNS, MORGAN and ISAACSON. The families were in the Winlock, Lewis County and Chehalis/Grays Harbour Counties in the late 1880's through 1920's for sure and even later on some of the lines. The SNOW and CARNS families were homesteading near Ainsley just south of Winlock. The HENDERSON, TOY, MORGAN families were in Winlock. The ISAACSON family had a farm across the valley >from the SNOW and CARNS homesteads. Thanks for any help.

John Losee Dec. 20, 1999
I'm searching for anyone connected to the AST/AUST family of Pe Ell, WA. My great grandfather Jacob AST, his wife Regina SABOLKA and their 2 oldest children arrived in Pe Ell in 1887, coming from Illischestie, Bukovina, Austria via Ellis County, KS. Arriving at the same time was Jake's sister Elizabeth and her husband John ROOS/ROSE (who died later in a logging accident - Elizabeth then married Peter HOGENSON). In Pe Ell, Jake and Regina had 2 more children, then in 1892 Regina was killed by a frightened horse. In 1893 Jake married my great grandmother Margaretta KOERBER, daughter of John KOERBER and Hannah/Anna PRUNER (The KOERBERs had come to the US from Germany about 1885. John died of frostbite 1885-7 in KS, and Hannah/Anna married August SCHNARR in 1887 in Chehalis). Jake and Maggie had 8 children. They changed their name from AST to AUST. In 1913 they moved back to Ellis County, KS. Maggie also had a sister Anna Barbara KOERBER who was married to Silas Orrin SAGE in Chehalis in 1895. Anyone possibly related - write me. Thanks, John Losee, Schenectady, NY.

Deborah Cody Dec. 17, 1999
Surname HANNON --I am looking for info on the Hannon family. Those living there in 1928 were Elizabeth Stewart Hannon, children Robert, James, Marguerite, Isabel and a cousin, Francis. Thank you.

Chris Nov. 24, 1999
Looking for information on my great grandparents, Spenser Bisby Ford and his wife Lillia Denton Ford, of Centralia, WA. Spenser Bisby Ford worked for the city of Centralia, WA in the road or highway department and died before 1937.

Phillis Bacon Nov. 17, 1999
I am trying to find our information on my husbands GGrandmother buried in Lewis Co. She came to the Centralia area with daughter Artie Bacon and Son-in-law E. A Bacon in about 1910-1915 from Oklahoma. She was born in Ohio, had lived in Kansas where daughter Artie Ann was born, Artie married E.A. Bacon (Elmer Adelbert) in Oklahoma about 1898, they had two children a son John "Burl" born in Jennings, Oklahoma on Sept 16, 1899, and Opal was born in 1903. GGrandmother Salina was listed in Yakima Co 1920 census, but she died in Centralia in Feb 1925. "Burl" Bacon and wife Nina Mae Sheidler Bacon lived in a location called Ford's Prairie just outside of Centralia. My brother-in-law Richard Burl Bacon was born in Centralia in 1922, and his sister Barbara Mae was born in Dec 1924 in Centralia, G Grandma Rogers died when Barbara was 2 months old. It was told she was buried in a cemetary on the north side of town. Any information about the cemetary location, Grandma Rogers, Or anything to help with this roadblock of our genealogy would be greatly appreciated. E. A. Bacon and his wife Artie Ann Bacon moved to the Yakima valley to a town in Washington state called Outlook. They are buried in the Outlook historical cemetery.

Marge Kinninmont Nov. 17, 1999
I'm looking for information on William F. HUGGINS and his wife Sarah Ellen PULLEY HUGGINS. Five of their children were born in Washington Territory. They were:
Charles HUGGINS - dob Sep 1889. He may have also died in Washington.
Hale HUGGINS - dob Feb 1891
Lottie (or Charlotte) HUGGINS - dob September 25, 1893
Austin HUGGINS - dob Feb 1896
Twin boys HUGGINS - dob and dod February 1899
Thank you for your help.

Chris Becker Nov. 6, 1999
Hi, I'm looking for any information on my great grandmother and/or my great great grandfather. My great grandmother's name was Effie Kuhns. The information I have states that she was born on September 15, 1887 in Chehalis, Washington. Her fathers name was George Washington Kuhns and her mother was Emma M. (Brandt) Kuhns. I don't have any official documentation of her birth or anything on George or Emma. I know she moved to Oelwein, LA when she was very young. Any information at all would be very much appreciated, especially in regard to George Washington Kuhns and/or his wife Emma. Thank you so much.

Rick Oct. 1, 1999
I am doing geneology on my grandparents and I was wondering if you would have any information on them. The names are Mae Elibeth Workman and John Gordon Collins. I think there buried in Doty, Lewis Co. at Sylvania Cemetery. Mae was born April 13, 1897 and she died about 1947. John Collins was born 7-24-1893 and died 6-17-1946. But I'm trying to find out any information I can. Thank you.

Joyce Wallace Sept. 25, 1999
I am searching for information on Pharis or Farris Begley who went from Ky or VA to Washington State in about 1890-1900. I'm not sure where he first lived when he arried there, but he is listed as having died in Dryad , Lewis Co. WA. Pharis married first Frances Hart in probably Johnson Co. KY before 1880, where they are listed in census with two small children. In 1890, he is listed as widowed when he married my g-g-aunt Polly MOORE in Dickenson Co., VA. From there, the family never knew where she was. I would appreciate anyone having knowledge of this man contacting me. My questions: Did he and Polly Moore have children? When/where did she die? Thank you.

Jesse Hack Mon., Sept. 6, 1999
My grandfather (Arthur Brunner) remembers the steamboat Toledo loading supplies in Toledo and heading South on the Cowlitz River to Kelso. I have looked for more information on this vessel and any others at the time and can't find anything. The closest is a picture in one of Toledo's grocery stores. There aren't very many people alive now that remember it. He was a young man at the time (probably in his teens). If you could find out anything please let me know. The boats ran up into the 1920's I believe.

Phillip M. Heavner Sept. 4, 1999
LYDA, Sylvanus Festus [aka ? William "Bill" Sylvanus Lyda]. I am trying to locate any information about my great-grandmother's brother, who the May, 1922, obituary of his father, William Washington Lyda (Henderson Co., NC), listed as a resident of Aberdeen, Gray's Harbor County, Washington. DOB: mid-1890, in Henderson County, North Carolina. His wife's name may have been Ruth. The family seems to have had no contact with him after the early 1950's. Another researcher gave me the following data: "William Sylvanus Lyda, 'Bill', d. ---, Pe Ell, WA". Since Pe Ell is in Lewis County, I hope some information will be also! His Social Security form, filled out in 1952, gives his name as "Sam F. Lyda". Since my mother's picture album contains several pictures of "Uncle Festus", I can reasonably assume that to be his middle name. I'm hoping to figure out exactly where he did live, since I now also have a copy of a note he wrote to some cousins back here in 1959 from Forks WA, where he is buried [along with his son and daughter-in-law]. I did find his wife's name as "Lillian Pattison Lyda". She was not mentioned in any later information, so I don't know what happened to her.

Shawn Flood Brown Aug. 30, 1999
I am searching for information on my ancestors in Lewis County, surname Flood and Neilan. Albert Edward Flood moved to Lewis County about 1888. He homesteaded property in Lewis County near Boistfort . He married Ellen, a/k/a Nellie Neilan in 1893. His residence was Boistfort at the time of marriage and hers was Dryad. Nellie Neilan's occupation was schoolteacher. I would like to find out where Nellie Neilan taught school and how she came to Lewis County. There was also a William John Flood in Lewis County in the 1880's and I would like to find out all I can about him. Thanks.

G. Gharst July 29, 1999
I am researching for a Ira John Gharst, Born in Kansas in 1877. I have a photo of him and on the Paper frame it reads, Gilberts Art Studio, Centralia, Washington. I would really appreciate any help with locateing any county records of him, Land records, death records, etc. Thank you.

Wilma Bland July 22, 1999
Do you know of anyone searching for info on Althauser family--- came to Centralia 1899 or 1900 from Des Moines or Dubuque Iowa I believe. I have some photos that might prove of interest to family. One is the only tintype of the Jacob Althausers (I think it is them but it may be Carl (Charles) Althauser.) Also have a few others taken in the Centralia area of family hop picking, family gathering etc.

Robert A. Moore July 20, 1999
Seeking any information on the descendants of John and Mary Moore of Newaukum, located just south of Chahalis, Lewis County, Washington. Between 1850 and 1880, the children were: Charles, Mary Elizabeth, Richard, William J., James O., Robert and Perry. John was born in Pennsylvania and married Mary in Iowa circa 1840. Their daughter, Mary Elizabeth Moore married first Sydney S. Ford, Jr. in Lewis County, Washington, 21 October 1860, and second John W. McEwen. Eager and thrilled to share my family information. Robert A. Moore, Incline Village, Nevada.

Talia M. Wilson July 18, 1999
Looking for any information on the descendants of the Arrington family, originating in Haywood County, North Carolina, and Jonesboro, Tennessee. My great-grandparents, Joseph Arrington & Martha Matilda Arrington, came to Lewis County in 1904 and may have resided in McCormick, Toledo, Reynolds, Chehalis, Centralia, Agate, and Pe Ell. Also looking for any information on any descendants of the Sage family--any relations of Silas Orin Sage, whose daughter Gertrude Sage married Robert Hartcell Arrington (my great-uncle). Any Matthews descendants that moved from Washington to the Coos Bay, Oregon, area, Smathers' originating in Jackson County, North Carolina, Wilson or Crites descendants from Colorado or Downs County, Ireland, Shelby descendants from Burwell, Nebraska/Rapid City, South Dakota, and House descendants in Washington state. Any information whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Please write to: P.O. Box 591, Chehalis, WA 98532.

Pat Kay Walgamott July 18, 1999
Looking for LOONEY, BROCKWAY, MILLER, DOBSON. Maud LOONEY lived with the DOBSONS for about 10 years before marrying SMITH H. MILLER and moving to National Washington. W. BROCKWAY, and wife Almira, was a telegrapher in either Chehalis or Centralia in late '80's or early 90's. Does anyone have any info on the Pacific National Lumber Co? located at National, Wa? Thanks.

Peggy Sedivy Nielsen July 5, 1999
Does anyone in Packwood know George and Betty Greb? Would very much like to receive information on the family as they are related to Nettie Alvina Greb Alex who was my Great Grandmother. She died in 1968 in Havre, Mt. and not much is known about the rest of the family. Would appreciate any help.

Beverly (HIMES) BARGER July 4, 1999
KLOEPPER, NEWBY: Searching Lewis Co, Washington for descendants and any information for John Frederick KLOEPPER b. 11 Nov 1879 Clatonia, Gage Co, NEB. d.28 March 1959 Chehalis, Lewis Co, Wash. buried Greenwood memorial cemetery Centralia, Wash. married 17 Dec 1903 Lancaster Co, NEB. Margaretha WEGMAN b.19 March 1882 Martel, Lancaster Co, NEB. d.13 Feb. 1963 Chehalis, Lewis, Wash., buried Greenwood Memorial Cemetery Centralia, WASH. 7 Children:
Clara Melinda: 1904 Lancaster Co, NEB-1918 Farwell, TX buried Farwell, TX.
Martha Elizabeth: Nov 1906 NEB - June 1907 NEB.
Maria Katherine: Nov 1906 NEB - July 1907 NEB.
Dorothea Blanche KLOEPPER* b.17 January 1909 Beatrice, Gage Co, NEB; d.4 Feb. 1986 Albuquerque, NM; married 8 Aug 1929 Curry Co, NM Ralph Burns BARGER.
Frederick Henry KLOEPPER: 1913 O'Neill, Holt, NEB - 1991 Longview, Wash. married Edna NEWBY.
Lillian Alvina KLOEPPER: 1916 NEB - 1996 Centralia, Wash. married 1935 Calif. Oscar NEWBY.
Herman John KLOEPPER: 1921 Parmenter, Texas-Oct 1998 Chehalis, Wash. married #1 Barbara THOMAS m# 2 Maxine GLADON. Thank you.

Joyce Glover July 2, 1999
I am searching for information about the BREMER family who settled in Lewis county west of Morton in 1880. Adam and George Bremer were the first to settle in this area and they started the little town called Bremer. Adam died in either 1891 or 1905. George started the post office in Bremer. My great-grandfather was Adam BREMER, probably the son of either Adam or George. He was married to Lulu STUDHALTER (I don't know if Studhalter was her maiden name or the name of her first husband). Adam (#2) died around 1928 and Lulu died around 1950. Any information about these people and the family is appreciated.

Glenys Rasmussen June 3, 1999
Searching for any information on Jane L. Searle, widow of Joseph U. Searle. Jane died 1 Oct 1895 in Chehalis City, Lewis Co. WA. Joseph was a Veteran of the Civil War. On the 1890 Veterans Schedule Census for Lewis Co. Jane L. Searle is listed on p. 001 as in Joseph U. (deceased). I am trying to identify the parents and birthplace of Joseph U. Searle and hope I might be successful by finding information on his wife Jane. If an obituary exists for her in the Chehalis City newspaper of the time, I would be very grateful for a transcript of its contents. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Douglas L. Taylor May 21, 1999
The Taylor family lived in Toledo, back in the late 1800's and early 1900's. My father Ben Taylor was born in Knab. The Edward Taylor's purchased land along the Cowlitz River in Lewis County in 1877. I believe he was buried in Toledo in 1900 and his wife Sarah in Mar 9 1928. Thank you for any information.

Dina (Woods) Werho April 28, 1999
WOODS, WOOLSEY, WEST, HOLMES: I am searching for information on Samuel D. WOOLSEY b. 1859 in Ark, d Oct 20 1912 in Centriala Wa.... he was married twice. 1-Rachel ?.2- Mollie WEST. Samuel is the son of James P WOOLSEY b 1823 Ark d 1898 Ark and Nancy Rachel WOODS b 1830 Tn d 1914 Ark. If anyone can help me on this family please let me know. Thank you for the help.

Dawn R. Yurkas April 10, 1999
YURKAS surname: I am looking for any information on ANTHONY YURKAS, who came to Centrailia with his two boys Walter and Elmer YURKAS in the 1920's or 1930's. Anthony Yurkas would have been divorced from Rosalie, whom he married in Humbolt Co, Eureka CA. Elmer died in the 40's. I found a listing for an Anthony YURKAS who applied for his SS card in Centrailia. and died in 15 March 1997. Would any one be willing to look up and see if this obituary is listed in the local area paper??? I do not know if Anthony Yurkas remarried or not after his divorce from Rosalie. His marriage to Rosalie says he is a native of RUSSIA. I am living in VA, and would be willing to do a look up in return for someone who might need any old Virginia information. Thank you sincerely.

Carol Jeffries April 10, 1999
Looking for any information on William L. and Mary Catherine JEFFRIES. They moved to the Wallville and PeEll area around 1909. I have birth certificates for two sons born in the area (1910-1913). William died as the results of a logging accident in 1921; he was working for McCormick Log Works at the time. Mary continued to live in the area till her death in 1945 in Centralia. Their children were Blanche m George Hull; Lena m Rufus Gould (they owned Goulds Store in PeEll 40+ years); Arnold, Arval, Russell and James (Jack) m Helen Carlson. Would like any kind of information on any member of this family..or names of their descendants.

Barb Carter April 6, 1999
I would like to know if my Aunt Lida Jane Nickell got her divorce from Tilman Raines in Lewis County? Also was her marriage to "Red Brower" officiated there. The folks all lived in Wallville and McCormik at that time.

Cynthia Hughart April 1, 1999
My great grandmother Alice KINRADE b. ca. 1870 in Peel, on the Isle of Man, England; came to the US and married Wesley John MCKAGUE; she died in childbirth in December 1904 in Toledo, Lewis County, Washington. My grandmother, Lena MCKAGUE survived the birth but her twin, Leonard did not. I am having a hard time findng even records of my grandmother's birth or anything about the family. They may have been in the area only a short time and I heard that my Grandfather MCKAGUE was a logger. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Linda Smith March 27, 1999
My great-great grandfather, John Chesley Madden, came to Lewis County in 1905-06 and spent his last days at the home of his son, Sigle Madden, of Cinebar. His other children living in the Mossyrock/Cinebar/Harmony area were John and William Franklin Madden. John Chesley Madden is buried in the Salkum cemetery, according to family tradition, where a number of the Maddens lie. I believe all the Maddens from that area of Lewis County have descended from him. Do you have any info. regarding the early Maddens of Lewis County? I will share what I have on descendants of J.C. Madden.

Suzon Landeck Cameron March 23, 1999
Hello. My name is Suzon Landeck Cameron. I believe that my great-great grandfather, Samuel Edward Grimm, was elected the Lewis County Assessor in 1898 and 1900, and the County Treasurer in 1902 and 1904. He was a director of the old Union Loan and Trust Co. Samuel Grimm and his brother O.O. Grimm apparently surveyed the Olympia Peninsula. His sons included Warren O. Grimm, who was assassinated in the Cetralia massacre of 1919 and Huber Grimm, of whom you have a small listed biography. Warren Ort Grimm was my father's mother's father. I thought you might be interested in this information and might have further information on this family. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

Donna Walling March 18, 1999
I am searching for information on the following families, John and Sophronia HOWARD, and their children, Samuel A., James, Jess, and Ida Lee. Samuel (Gus) A. Howard married Olive (Donahoe) Dryer, about 1914-15 and moved to Idaho. Olives Father was the Honorable Francis Donahoe and mother Mary McDONALD daughter of Malcolm McDONALD. All living in the Centraila area. Anyone a cousin? Have more information? contact me!

Sharon Blankenship March 15, 1999
I am hoping to make contact with a member of the HUNTTING family of Silver Creek, Washington. I am searching for information regarding descendents of ADDIE VANKIRK HUNTTING. Her children are listed as Marjorie, Henry, Raymond and baby Marshall in a family history written by my great aunt May VanKirk Taylor. She refers to a trip she took in 1920 to visit family in that area. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Postal address: 943 Lee Avenue, Monticello, Indiana, 47960.

Dallas G. McColley Tues., March 9, 1999 (Updated 16 Jan 2004)
Seeking information / descendants of Dr Frank James Bickford, who was a physician in Centralia in 1934 (date from father's obituary). Frank was the son of Daniel and Mary (Lawrence) Bickford and was born in Waseca County, Minnesota in 1871. He married Hattie Crane in 1902 at Waseca County, Minn. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. Dallas G. McColley, 9240 - 330th Ave, Waseca, MN 56093-5010. Website: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/m/c/c/Dallas-G-Mccolley/

John Blair Mon., March 8, 1999
East end Families....I am interested in finding out about the Damron family that was in Mossyrock area around the turn of the century. Believe he was a Pastor at Mossyrock and there is a street named after him...(Don't have a first name). Also am interested in where the Compton family of Eastern Lewis Co. hailed from?.....My Comptons came from Pike Co. KY. Anyone help?

Caroline Wakefield Sun., Feb. 28, 1999
I am interested in finding children and relatives of Earl and Rose Wakefield of Winlock, WA. Earl died in 1983. Would like to know where he is buried, any other info on the family.

Robert Fletcher Wed., Feb. 24, 1999
Interested in two Fletchers in Lewis Co., WA. They are as follows:
1. Ira Orr Fletcher, b 28 Dec. 1877, Elkton, Nuckolls Co., NE. and d 21 Nov. 1951, Centralia, Lewis Co., WA.
2. Joseph Carlon Fletcher, b 8 April 1883, Elkton, Nuckolls Co., NE. and d 9 Jan. 1951, Lewis Co., WA who married Frances B. Harris (b -- and d---) on 25 Nov. 1908, Hastings, Adams Co., NE. Any information most welcome.

"ikp" Fri., Feb. 12, 1999
Anybody out there related to John Hunt; his wife was Nancy Coleman. They lived in Glenoma area, and my grandmother was Della Allus Pearl Hunt. She married John Blomstrom. Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

John Blair Thurs., Feb. 11, 1999
Radmaker (Radamaker). I have 2 photos of a women from the Toledo area taken probably in the early 20's. Her name is listed as Louise Radmaker. My Great Grandmother Louisa Blair lived in Toledo and died in 1923 and Louise was a friend of hers. These pictures are very interesting, one is a studio pose, the other she is sitting holding a child. What makes them different is that Louise is wearing a veil. A thick veil over her entire head. Believe that possibly she had cancer or something that disfugured her face. Would like to find out who she was and her relationship to the Blair's if any. Thank You.

Ron Black Wed., Feb. 10, 1999
Letcher / Pike County Kentucky and Wise County VA. Trying to get some idea about which family groups migrated to Lewis County (Chehalis and nearby areas) from Letcher/Pike County KY. and Wise County VA. I have found many of the people / surnames who ended up in nearby Pacific County WA. but have no idea how many groups may have stayed in Lewis County or if there are any descendants of the early arrivals still there. Thank You, Ron Black Raymond, (Pacific County) WA. Descendant of: Holbrook, Stewart, Wright, Fleming, Sturgill, Short(tt), Standifer/Standefer, Boggs, Church, Hays(es) and many others from Letcher / Pike County KY and Wise County VA.

Linda Stockman Tues., Feb. 9, 1999
I would like any information regarding the Wilson Coal Co. coal mine that was located at KOPIAH. It was opened in the summer of 1906. I am researching JOSEPH PHILLIP STOCKMAN who died on April 2, 1909 from injuries sustained in a mine accident. Thank you.

"sdparr" Feb. 5, 1999
I am researching my father's family which has led me to my great grandfather Jacob Blankenship and his wife, my great grandmother Louretha Montagle Workman both from Lewis, County. Also looking into the Belcher family. My grandmother was Lovie Belcher who married Jacob and Louretha's son Alfred. My grandfather Alfred Blankenship was born on a farm in the Mossyrock area in Nov, 1907 to Jacob and Louretha (Workman) Blankenship. I assume they may have owned the farm. The family names did not show up on the 1850 Lewis County Census so they may have moved into the area in the late 1800's to early 1900's. In addition my father Collie Clinton Blankenship was born in May, 1937 in Mossyrock as well. His mother, my grandmother, is Lena (Lovie) Belcher. Her brother Jerry was born in July of 1913 in the Swofford Valley area. I don't know who their parents are yet.

Karen Jan. 8, 1999
BURCHARD-Clinton Andrew Burchard b. Feb 10 1848 d. Nov 29 1919. He was married to 1st wife Nancy S. Scott, 2nd wife was Clementine Emilia Maire, m. 1872 and his 3rd wife was Bridgitt Henrietta Keaf married in 1878. Looking for the children of the last two wives, we know there were two girls, but we don't know who the mother was. The mother died early and the children were raised with Clinton. The daughter's names were Eva and Mamie. Who was Eva and Mamie's mother Bridgitt Keaf or Clementine Maire??? It might show up on a Census of 1880 or 1890 before Clinton moved to Vancouver, BC Canada. They lived in Winlock and Bridgitt (Keaf) Burchard died in 1879 in Chehalis. Have pictures of Eva and Mamie, just don't know who their mother was. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

John Blair Dec. 23, 1998
BLAIR families of Lewis Co. I have been involved with 40 distant relatives putting together all our relatives primarily from VA & KY and I have left the closest relatives to last and now I need information from you. The 40 of us are involved in the "Jacob Blair Project" and our goal is start the publishing of a book this spring.....I need all information, stories, photos, dates, etc from our Lewis Co. lines which include 4 brothers. George & Mary Kazee (Keesee) Blair who settled in Toledo, William & Ida Fuller Blair who settled in Salkum area, Benjamin "Frank" & Emma King Blair who settled on the Ethel Flat. John Blair who never married and lived at Mayfield (Winston Creek) and Toledo. These 4 brothers' mother Louisa also lived at Toledo. These families all settled in the 1890's and early 1900's. Anything will be helpful! Thanks John Blair/Longview/ a grandson of Frank Blair.

Linda Thompson Dec. 4, 1998.
TAYLOR; TINSLEY: We are trying to find information on my husband's Mother and her family. LaVerne Nellie TAYLOR, daughter of James TAYLOR and Julia TINSLEY, was b: Jan. 16, 1906, in Winlock, and married D.N. Thompson, date and place unknown. Her siblings were, Mary; Jessie; Ruby; Loren & Charles. The places of birth for her siblings is unknown. We have no information on the date or places of her parents' death, but do know that after her mother's death James remarried. A sister to Julia TINSLEY, a Miss Rachel (Kate) Tinsley, also lived in the county for many years and died in Centralia, July 1956. If any one has information that will help us in our search it would be greatly appreciated.

Helen L. Allara Dec. 1, 1998
I am looking for information on my grandfather, Henry Lambert. He died January, 1909 in or around Chehalis, WA. He was married to Dovie Cordellia Durham Lambert. They had two children--Isaac Marion and Roosevelt Lambert. I do know that he is now buried in the Doss Cemetery at Mossyrock, WA. I have no idea when he was born or the actual date that he died. Can anyone help me?

Kit Niemann Nov. 20, 1998
I am Looking for Mrs. J.J. (Roundtree) Weaver. I am hoping some one can tell me who Mrs. J.J. (Roundtree) Weaver was. What is her given name? And any thing else about her. I have a news paper photo and short article about her, no date, 1919ca. She was born in Knox County, Ill., the daughter of James H. and Emaline Roundtree, She came to Oregon on the Murphy Wagon Train in 1850. The only address I have for her is: 718 Locust street, Centralia, Wash. She is very closely related to Elizabeth "Betsy" (Roundtree) Murphy (1823-1889) my great-grandmother. Thank You.

Mac Nov. 20, 1998
I am looking for anyone with information on one Harry Collins, born 01-02-1899 in Philly, PA. In 1937, he was living in Akron, OH. According to the SSDI, his residence was at Onalaska, WA when he died in October of 1971. Does anyone know in what newspaper an obit might appear for the Onalaska area or where the nearest substantial health care facility would be. Anyone with help please e-mail.

Caleb G. Teffeteller Nov. 9, 1998
STEWART: Looking for any cousins of mine living in Lewis County who share the same ancestor: Taylor Stewart, born 1875 in GA and died in 1967 at Chehalis. Buried at Claquato Cem. Had kids: Grant, Oda, Elsie, Rose, Arley, Ben, Grant, Rass and Brice. Rose was my grandmother.

Jackie Jardine-Moore Oct. 31, 1998 (updated: 23 Nov 2010)
Tilford and Amelia (Permelia) PARKER MOORE lived in Antelope, OR in 1880 census. Their son/step-son was tried for murder of their son-in-law in 1882. Then they disappeared from OR records. I have located her father David PARKER's will which specifies that she was living in Chehalis, WA by 1887. She should have had her younger children still with her at the time: Oliver F, Howard, May Lenora, Daisy, and Clair. (older children: Isaac, Josie, David, and John were adults by then). She might have been in the household of a PARKER or a MOORE. Does anyone have record of this family in Chehalis??

Glenys J. Rasmussen Oct. 26, 1998
I am searching for any information on George DREW who, in 1852 took a donation land claim of 636 on the present site of the Boys Ranch, on what used to be Drews Prairie, Lewis County, WA. Could someone with access to the 1860 census for Lewis County please check in the Winlock, Cowlitz or Toledo area for George Drew and *please* tell me he came from New Hampshire! Thank you for any assistance.

Joann Balmer Oct. 12, 1998
My research on the Cyril Ward family has taken an interesting twist. Seems we have picked up another daughter for Cyril Ward by the name of Ann. She was in the Hill Harmon Insane Asylum from August 1871 to September 1872. Does anyone have a thought on where Ann came from? She is not on the census from Stark County Illinois with the rest of the family (Mary Elizabeth, Martha, Ira, Henry Clay). Does anyone have any information on Susan Stewart Ward? She was a widow married to Cyril and she had two children when they married. Could one of these children be Ann? Any help would be appreciated. [This is an update to query #56]

Tami Quinton Oct. 10, 1998
On 7th of February, 1890, in Napavine, the Rev. Moore conducted the funeral services of Hannah Inman, the wife of John Inman. Does anyone know what Church Rev. Moore was affiliated with? Or the Inman family, for that matter. The obituary printed in the "Ch. Bee" (Chehalis?) says "...Rev. Moore, of this city" I am trying to track the Inman's thruough church records. Thank you. [This is an update to query #72]

Brenda Collins Dillon Oct. 9, 1998
COLLINS/SPENCER/GODFREY/WILLIAMS/......Westward Ho the Wagons 1902
These families left the mountains of Nicholas County, WVa. in 1902. They all raised large families and some remained in the mountains while others went west for what they concered a new and better life.

Armour GODFREY & his wife Louisa Jane COLLINS , both born in McDowell Co. WV, the parents of 11 children. Armour was in his later years carried the mail over the mountains of Lewis County by horseback to the lumber & railroad camps. He and Louisa are buried in Doss Cemetery.

Washington SPENCER & his wife Marietta WILLIAMS also of Nicholas County, WVa. had several children. Washington was the son of James Spencer who was b. in Greenbrier Co WV and became the father of 21 children including 3 sets of twins. Washington was a friend of Armour Godfrey . Both Washington and Marietta are buried Dryad Cemetery, Lewis Co. Wa.

I would like to connect with the some of the many cousins I must have living out there. Washington & Marietta were my gggrandparents throught their son John Jones Spencer who remained in WVa. with his wife Hatta Bennett Spencer. Anybody connect to this line I would love to hear from you. I also have a website called APPALACHIAN MOUNTAIN FAMILIES. Regards, Brenda Collins Dillon, Lakeville, Massachusetts [This is an update to query #29]

Dianna Parks-Isam Oct. 8, 1998
NATHANIEL IRISH is my maternal gr gr grandfather. He was born in NY and he and his wife Margaret (Margarette) settled in Chehalis before statehood. He was the father of Mary Etta Irish Kain and Laffy Irish also of Centralia/Chehalis. He lived in Minnesota, North Dakota and finally Chehalis. Any family members who would share information would be a blessing. Especially I would like to know where they are buried.

Dianna Parks-Isam Oct. 8, 1998
HELP!! Searching for information on Mary C. Murphy Kain Shaw b. abt 1830 Starke, Herkimer Co. NY. She was the mother of Eugene P. Kain and Francis Kain and Gail Miller all of Centralia/Chehalis. Her first husband was Elias Petrus Kain and they married in Royalton, Niagara County, NY in 1849. After Elias' death in the last months of the Civil War (they were living in Minnesota) she married Hugh Shaw in 1869. They moved to North Dakota and from there to the Chehalis Valley by 1888. I have found the grave of her son Eugene P. Kain and his wife Mary Etta Irish Kain in the pioneer cemetery in Centralia. But I cannot find the elusive Mary C. Kain Shaw's death record. Any information would be helpful.

Cy Dodd Oct. 5, 1998
Pearson, Phelps, Lyon, I'm looking for any information on the Pearson and Phelps families. Thomas Pearson came to Lewis Co. in the 1860's, his 1st wife was Mary Ann and his 2nd was Jessie. The children were Frank J, Thomas Richard, William C, Eugene H, and Mary C Pearson. Thomas Richard Pearson married Margarett C Lyon, my Great aunt in 1872 and Mary married Albert Phelps in 1882. I have many old pictures some of them tintypes, but are unidentified. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Cyrus C Dodd, 1464 N.W. Island Lk. Rd., Silverdale, Wa. 98383.

"smithhorn" Oct. 5, 1998
Researching MOORCROFT (early pioneer family in Randle, Washington, originally from County Longford, Ireland circa 1880). Family members still in Randle and Packwood.

Melissa Cummings Oct. 2, 1998
I am looking for info on a Richard C. PARNEL, born Jan. 30, 1834. He married Sarah C. SHAFFER on Jan 6, 1872, and he died Nov. 28, 1912. They are buried in Cinebar (formerly Bremer). Anything you could find on him and/or his ancestors would be appreciated.

Rick E. Goodwin Oct. 2, 1998
WITHEREL, WITHERAL. Looking for any information about Edson WITHEREL and his family. Edson was born in 1837 in (Canada) died in 1895 (Harrison Michigan). His wife was Melvina Livingston. Children were: Seth L. WITHEREL, born 1864 (Seth's wife was Lillie HILSON); Effie Orletta WITHEREL was born in 1875, died in 1939 (Her husband was Henry Wynand MODDERS); Edna N. WITHEREL was born in 1878. She died in 1952 (Her husbands were Henry K. FINK); and Lee LITTLE. Edson was postmaster of Edson Corners, Missaukee County, Michigan in the late 1800s. Edson Corners would later be named Dolph, Michigan. Seth WITHEREL was a farmer and moved to Washington State (Lewis Co.?). Effie, and Edna WITHEREL were school teachers. Edna taught school in the Harrison Michigan area around 1900, later moving to Lakeview Michigan. Rick E. Goodwin, 4714 Water Road, Sanford, Michigan 48657.

Gayle Fuson Sept. 24, 1998
Have just found the correct name for the head of my Jones family. If anyone is familiar with what saw mill he worked at in Centralia, or when James "Bernie" Jones and his wife, Mary Taylor Jones died, please let me know so that I can acquire their death certs!. Thanks!!!! See also Query #23. [ed. note: please follow the Jones family link to view the descendants of James B. "Bernie" Jones.]

Diane Parrish Sept. 6, 1998
Winlock Cemetery: Does anyone have information for this cemetery, i.e. a listing. I am particullary interested in the surnames: Eells, Roberts, Anderson & Champs. Thank you.

John Blair Aug. 16, 1998
Could you please add the name BLAIR to your Lewis Co. Surname list. I was raised in Onalaska and have done an incredible amount of research on my Blairs and would be willing to share it with anyone. Thanks.

Janet Aug. 12, 1998
SPINNING: I am looking for information on Dr. Charles Hadley Spinning. He lived in Lewis County when the Indian Wars of 1856-7 broke out. According to an article in the Tacoma Spokesman-Review, several families, including Charles and his family, made their homes in the fort at Claquato. Charles is also reported to be the first physician on the Puyallup Indian Reservation. Thanks for any help you can give me.

June Marcus Aug. 4, 1998
POWELL, Charles Day. I am looking for this family I know that C. D. Powell born 1866 in NY, was a dentist in Chehalis, Lewis, WA and the Biography is in the database. I am looking for his death and place of death and burial. Charles wife was Nellie J. Wilson and they had three daughters, Dorothy, and twins Emogene and Josephine. Any help is appreciated.

Chris Foley July 20, 1998
Seeking information on Joseph WALLACE & his wife Mary Ada (Pinson) and their children. They lived in Toledo, WA from abt. 1918-1960. Copy of 1920 US census for Toledo, Lewis Cty., WA listing this family would be very helpful. Need Mary's date of death and burial location if known. Any info. on this family would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Michelle Day July 19, 1998
Does anyone have information regarding the Buchanan Creek that ran thru their DLC in Boistfort? It is shown on a 1935 map of Lewis County. Thanks for your help.

Joe Holder July 15, 1998
I am seeking any information regarding George B. Roberts. He was an employee of the Hudson Bay Company starting around 1830. He went back to Suffolk County, England and married Martha Cable in 1843 and returned to Lewis County in 1844. According to the 1850 Oregon Territory Census, he had three children:
George Roberts born 1 Aug 1845
Francis Roberts born around 1848
Emma Roberts born around 1849.
Any information about this Lewis County pioneer would be greatly appreciated.

Carolee July 11, 1998
Hello, I'm looking for info. on Henry FRANCIS and his wife Crystal Caroline (Reynolds) (Francis) HALL. Crystal and her 2nd husb. Thomas Hall are buried at Strickland(lin) Cemetery in Centralia. She died in 1949 aged 52. Crystal and Henry Ellsworth Francis were m.in Hamilton, Montana in 1915 and moved to Centralia between 1927-29. He was supposed to be a lineman for the telephone co. He left his wife and 6 child. abt.1930 and supposedly went to Portland, OR on his way to Alaska. He was seen a few years later supposedly on his way to Alaska via Idaho-Montana which doesn't make sense. No one ever heard from him again. There was a divorce but no one knows how or when and Crystal m. Thomas Hall around 1940, living in either Tenino or Centralia. Thomas was 1st married to Henry's sister, Edith Emily Francis. She died in 1936-37. They had one son Perry Hall. Crystal had a good friend named Hazel. I can't find Henry's name in WFT S.S.# Index, so he poss.died in the 30's or early 40's. S.S.#'s came out I believe around 1932-35, although I can't find quite a few people's S.S. #'s that I know were working in the 50'sand 60's. Any help at all would be most welcome. Thank you.

Sharon Bostick July 3, 1998
Searching for information on Andrew Beauregard Wells b. June 13, 1861 probably Gilmer County, Georgia . Spouses Anna Miloon, ? Ballard. d. January 1953 in Winlock, Washington.

"ikp" June 30, 1998
I have been trying to find info on my great grandfather John Otto Harms. He was born 1861 and lived in the Centralia, Chehalis area and died in 1939. He was married to Sarah (Edith) McCrory. His daughter Lola Harms married my grandfather George Hendricks and had my father Robert H Hendricks. Any info on John's family would be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Brenda Smith June 24, 1998
I am looking for information on a Kenneth Orin Johnson who was born in Chehalis, WA around 1927. Any information would be appreciated on him. Thanks.

Joe Holder June 23, 1998
I am searching for any information regarding the Cuttings of Lewis County. They arrived in Napavine in 1853. The family consisted of John Henry Cutting who died in 1854, wife Anna Maria Cutting remarried a Mr Lane. they had three kids. Mary Jane Cutting born 1837 in England, married John Malcolm Mac(Mc)Donald of Lewis County; Katherine Cutting who died 1889; and John W. Cutting who married Lydia J. Hendricks. I am told, the Cutting's where the first White settlers at Napavine and named it for an Indian princess. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Tami Quinton June 11, 1998
What churches were in the Napavine area 1885-1900? I am researching John Inman, who came to Lewis Co in late 1880s from Rock Co. WI and died 1890. They were protestant, but I don't know what denomination. Can anyone help with the churches established in the area by then? Thank you for your help!

Laura Dussault June 10, 1998
Looking for information on the Luther Patton family. Wife Georgina, children: Hazel, Inez, Clarence, Jerry, and Ted. Lived in the area from circa 1919 to their deaths after 1945. In 1920 federal census: Inez was an actress in vaudville and Luther, the father, was a constable in Centralia, Washington. Any help with this family would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Roger McCumber June 7, 1998
I am searching for information on ancestors, siblings, and descendants of Leander RHODES b Dec 1849. m Roxanne McCUMBER 2 Sep 1871 in Douglas Co. Oregon. Roxanne was b Jul 1853 to James H. and Mary Ann (SHAW) McCUMBER. 1900 federal census shows Leander and Roxanne living in Boisfort, Lewis Co., WA.

David Stielow May 24, 1998
WHITESIDE - Researching the Hugh Porter WHITESIDE family. Hugh P. WHITESIDE was born in 1853 and married Cora GLOVER. Issue: William, born 1880 and Jessie born 1882. Both are believed to be buried in the Winlock Cemetery (Winlock, WA). Would to find additional information on their descendants and if they are indeed buried in the Winlock Cemetery. E-mail or write to: P. O. Box 10373, Burbank, CA.

Gloria Lund May 8, 1998
Looking for John Carr, Angeline K Miller Carr, Lizzebell Kenicutt Kurtz Robado, all lived around Centralia, Lewis Co., WA. Decendents of John and Angeline were Sam Carr(grandpa), Russell Carr, Rosa Carr, Mary Carr, Charles Carr, Katherine Carr, Alice Carr, Walter Carr, Sarah Carr. Will share information.

Douglas Daniels April 25, 1998
I am looking for one of my relatives and his name is James Wesley Hendricks - he was in Lewis County (Mossyrock)in the 1800's; also George E. Hendricks- he was also in the 1888's in Lewis County (Mossyrock) - any info. please let me know...

Chris Hampel April 19, 1998
Looking for info on family and descendants of Carl BUEGE b.Feb-1861 Germany d.between 1920-1938, married 29-May-1885 in Petawawa Twp, Renfrew Co., Ontario, Canada to Adelia HAMPEL b.Dec-1865 Silesia, Prussia, d.17-Mar-1947 Tacoma WA. The family moved from Canada to Washington state possibly in 1893, first settling in Winlock (1900 cen.) and later in Chehalis (1910/1920 cen.). Carl and Adelia had four known children: Anna b.Feb-1886, Charles b.Dec-1887 d.30-Aug-1960 Tacoma WA (m. Madeline ?), Emma b.May-1890 (m. Frank KRUEGER/KROGER), Walter b.06-Aug-1900 WA, d.15-Dec-1974 Seattle WA (m. Ellen ?). According to Walter's obit., he was the father of Marlene A. MILLS of Beaverton, Oregon.

Carol Hess April 5, 1998
I am searching for information regarding HENRY COPE, my ggreat uncle. He was living in Winlock, WA in 1930, although he was born in Luzerne Co, PA about 1847. If you have any knowledge about this individual or any of his descendants, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Cynthia Isbell Krynock March 2, 1998. (updated 14 Aug 2005)
My name is Cynthia Isbell Krynock and I have been trying to find out information on my father and grandparents for over a year. Raymond and Evelyn (McCarthy) Isbell lived in Winlock, WA in 1912, and gave birth to my dad Elliott Ethelbert Isbell on May 27th, 1912. I have tried the WA Vital Statistics and they have no record of my dad being born in Winlock or the state of Washington. I recently found a photocopy of my dad's Cradle Roll Certificate from the M.E. Church in Winlock . It was dated August 5th, 1912, and the pastor was Scott E. Wieulbeuil(r,i, I can't tell) I am not even sure of the last name's spelling. Both my dad's Navy discharge papers and his death certificate both state Winlock as his place of birth. His brother's name was Lozell, and his sister was named Margaret, but she was called Peg. Lozell was the oldest, then Peg, then my dad. I don't know where to go from here. I have been hitting dead-ends for so long now. I would like any information on any of the names, or the church that anyone might possibly have, or where I can get this information. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank-you!

Shirley Taylor March 1, 1998.
I would like any information on IVA BELL SMITH first husband is EZRA FULLER second husband EMMETT RAY. She was a sister to my grandfather. I remember as a young girl being told that she was a cook at the Elks Lodge in Centralia. She was born October 3, 1880 probably in Satsop, Wa. to Edward L and Anna Smith. Thank you.

Casey J. Haas Feb. 15, 1998.
I am seeking the decedants of Donald LITZEBERG. He may have changed his last name to DARREL. Donald was born 16 Nov 1898, in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. His parents were Thomas Litzenberg & Fannie Hale. He married Irene Lindell on 9 Feb 1923, in Phoenix, Arizona. He was last known to be living in Chehalis, Wash. in 1944. Thank You.

JoAnn Balmer Feb. 13, 1998.
I am searching for information on the James Tullis family, Amos Frances Tullis Family and the Cyril Ward family. They settled in the area between 1847 and 1850. I am particularly interested in contacting any living descendants of these two families. I may be reached through e-mail or P.O. Box 1057, Ocean Shores, WA 98569

Brad Aumick Feb. 12, 1998.
I'm looking for Silas M. AUMICK, b. 8 Aug. 1876, in Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pennsylvania; married 4 Apr. 1907, in Boulder Colorado, to Emma L. SORRELLS, b. 1887, South Dakota. The AUMICK family moved to Vader in 1918. Emma (SORRELLS) AUMICK died in 1941, in Vader, Washington, and Silas AUMICK died on 29 May 1956, in Retsil, Washington. Any info on them greatly appreciated.

Jean Jackson Jan. 11, 1998
Searching for information on Robert STOVER, born 1844 in PA. He appeared in the Lewis Co. Census in 1900 with wife, Mary, born 1855. He had children, then, Carol b. 1882, Richard b. 1884, Sherman b. 1886, Pearl b. 1896. He was located in Township, Union Pct. Where is that? He is probably related to my grandfather of Cowlitz Co. Eugene Stover, born 1859.

Cathy Jan. 7, 1998
Searching for the following families in Lewis Co: Grant HUTCHINSON, Leon, James, Lucinda, Wayne, and John GHALMERS, and Nellie ANDICOT.

Dallas Jean GODFREY Carley Jan. 5, 1998
PETERSON,William Walter, (b. 02-28-1878) married MCATEE, Marie Elizabeth. Children: Norma M., Juanita E., Treva I., Helen I., Kathryn E., Walter D. , and Donald O.
Norma M. married Percy L. GODFREY, 1 child: Dallas J.
Juanita E. married Herbert L. RANDALL, 1 child: Dean Allen
Treva I. married Earl ARMSTRONG, 1 child: Clarice Earlene
Helen I. married Clinton E. MCCARTHY, 4 children: Joanne, Shirley Joy, John and Kathleen.
Walter D. married Eileen FURRER, 5 children: Toni M, Dawn L., Terese, Dee Ann, Jo Lee
Donald O. married Imogene BELL, 1 child: Victoria.

Kim Harper Jan. 2, 1998
Looking for Estelle and Estaire Extine. Estelle married Clarence F.Johnson. She died 1940. Clarence born 10/30/1906. ANY info on above people appreciated. Lived in Napavine, Winlock, Tacoma (Pierce Co., WA) and Portland (Multnomah Co., OR).

Lucy Ann Baird-Clark Fri., Nov. 14, 1997
Would like to correspond with the decendants of the following people - SAMUEL BAIRD, b. April 26, 1814 Ohio, m. ELIZABETH HARMON. b. March 16, 1814, their son, ELIJAH MURDICK BAIRD, b. abt. 1837 in Ohio, m. December 31, 1867, MARTHA SPANGLER, b. July 17, 1847 in Pennsylvania. All except Elizabeth are buried in the Winlock cemetary. JOHN SPANGLER, b. abt. 1844 in Pennsylvania, the brother of Martha above. Their mother, MARY SPANGLER, also buried in Winlock. My grandfather was WILLIAM ALFRED BAIRD, son of Elijah and Martha.

Michelle Ann Day Thurs., Nov. 13, 1997
I am trying to find informatoin on half way house that was owned by John BUCHANAN. He happened to reside in Boisfort, Lewis County, Washington when he arrived there in the early 1850's. It was used as a stage coach stop before the train arrived, once that arrived he sold it. He also owed several businesses in Centralia in which there was the "Buchanan Block." Thanks for your help.

Rick Sun., Oct. 12, 1997
Bell family: Looking for info on the Bell family around the Chehalis or Tacoma area. A Reuben Bell lived in Tacoma after 1900..D:? married:? A John Martin Bell lived in Chehalis abt 1904 and died there. Any other brothers or sisters?

Sharon Neem Mon., Sept. 22, 1997
KAHLER -- Researching the Andrew (b. July 31, 1845 McConnelsville, OH, d. March 22, 1922 Centralia, WA) and Angeline (b. March 18, 1855 John Day, OR, d. Dec. 10, 1929 Centralia, WA) KAHLER family who moved to Chehalis in 1889, and later to Centralia where Andrew ran City Drug Store from 1888-1906, and later had a greenhouse. They had a home at 301 J Street, and were prominent in their Methodist church work. They had 6 children, Frank, Maude, Ross, Troy, May and Eulalie. Eulalie is my late mother-in- law. I am trying to collect as much information about the family as possible to include in an album for her grandsons. Thanks for any and all help!

Charlie Wymore Wed., Sept. 3, 1997
I am looking for information on my Grandparents and family (father, aunt, other relatives) in the Chehalis area, lived (farmed?) around Newaukum Hill. Grandfather's name was Robert WYMORE, Grandmother was Mary Dorcus WYMORE (WYMORE was also her maiden name). Father's name was Joseph Giphart WYMORE (br. 14 July 1906) and Aunt is Margret (Maggie) WYMORE MADSEN. There were other relatives in the area although I'm not sure of the relationships. Robert was from Wymore, Nebraska and Mary may have been from Kansas and they met in the Northwest. Both died in the late '40s in Aberdeen, WA . Joseph married Mildred Tulip in 1943-44 and Joseph died in Long Beach, WA in 1976.

Bill Proffitt Sat., Aug. 23, 1997
Samuel Lehman "Lee" PROFFITT, d 1958, Centralia, WA. w/Wilhemina Proffitt, son Lehman Proffitt; son Dean A. Proffitt d. Palm Desert, CA Buried Tumwater,WA; Grandson (from Dean Proffitt) Dean A Proffitt Jr d 1994? Centralia, WA; Joseph Lee Proffitt b. Centralia, WA Apr 28, 1933, d. Olympia, WA Jul 27 1997, buried Tumwater.

Cal Palmer Sat., Aug. 2, 1997
I would like to know more information about my father's background. He was Leslie G. PALMER, born 1/22/1912 and raised on Bunker Creek near Dryad / Centralia. His mother's name was Lucy. I know nothing of his father, although they had three children: Leslie, Ted and Wilma. Lucy Palmer was previously married to a Jerome? Butterfield, and they had four children that I'm aware of: Merla Butterfield Hazelwood; Melvin "Bud" Butterfield; Dale Butterfield; and Leta Butterfield. Any information you have on my father's family would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

Paula Yount Thurs., Aug. 7, 1997
I would like to find information about Jesse Lane and Margarette (Redmond) ALLRED. Jesse Lane Allred died in LEWIS CO, WA on either the 4th or the 14th of June, 1880. Margarette died 6 Nov 1892, also in LEWIS County. I would like to locate obits or family information for them.

C. Woodring Thurs., Aug. 7, 1997
Looking for information on George W. Woodring and Joseph Shepperd in Lewis Co., WA.

Rebecca Oliver Sat., July 26, 1997
I am interested in finding information about: Bennetta "Nettie" May Albritton, she married Sidney C. Pier.
(Sidney's history)...was born in Irvington, Kossuth County, Iowa on November 18, 1874, and died January 2, 1932. His mother, Emma (Peer) Pier died the day he was born. Within the next year-and-a-half his father remarried, and in the mid-1880s the family moved Chehalis, Lewis County, Washington where his father, Sideny J. Pier homesteaded at Boisfort Mountain. Sidney C. married Bennetta "Nettie"May Albritton. Children: Emma Cleora 5/23/1900 Emmett Calvin 5/31/1902 lived in Cowlitz Co. Laverne Sidney 9/12/1907 Gertrude Vivian 11/3/1912 Mildred Josephine 1/25/1917 Beatrice Frances 3/22/1924 Cowlitz Co.?

Diane Parrish Sat., June 21, 1997
Trying to fine where my great-grandmother is burried and when she died. She was Minerva Farnsworth Eells Roberts, born 1849 in PA, died 1900 in Lewis County. Her first husband was Charles Darwin Eells who died 28-05- 1888. Burial in Winlock cemetery. Their daughter was Lora M. Eells. Her son was Gordon Eells Anderson

Brenda Collins Dillon Thu., June 12, 1997
In 1902, Washington SPENCER and Armour L. GODFREY left Nicholas Co. WV w/their large families for Wash. They settled in Lewis and Pacific Co. I am interested in communicating with relatives connected with these families. I have much info on these families before they went west. Surnames linked to these familiesare: COLLINS, WILLIAM, O'DELL, PLANT, LUSK, WISEMAN

Wayne Galvin Wed., June 4, 1997
     I'm a researcher for the Lewis County Historical Society in Chehalis, Washington looking for info on the Veness family that operated a large mill at Independence, OR in 1880-1890s.
     John (Jack) Allen Veness (1847 - 1925) came west to Salem with his wife Carrie (nee Hall) from New Brunswick in the early 1880's (m. 1872, imm. 1872) who bore him one son Fred (1878 - 1953) at Fairfield ME. His brother George (1857-1919) joined Jack in 1884. George married Laura Jeannie (Jane) Keithly in Buena Vista, OR in 1886 and two weeks later Jack married Augusta (Gussie) Baldwin also in Buena Vista. No divorce records on Jack and Carrie in either Polk or Mason counties! In 1888 Jack, George and families came to Winlock, Washington Territory and Jack bought into the Prescott & Furber mill. Rumor has it Carrie went to Seattle with Jack's son Fred who later rejoined his father in Winlock. Jack still maintained the mill at Independence and a residence in Oregon because he served in the Oregon legislature (House) in 1891. In the 1900s Jack was elected to the Washington legislature, one term in the house, two in the Senate. In 1904 Jack and Gussie moved to Portland where they built a palatial home (811 NW 20th) and lived at least until Jack's death in 1925. An obit in the Astoria Budget shows Gussie died in 1940.
     I'd like to find divorce records on Jack and Carrie and know what happened to Gussie after Jack's death.
     Jack and Gussie had one daughter, Genevieve Marie; she married Frederick Newman of Oakland CA in 1913 -- I believe they resided initially in Portland where Mr. Newman practiced law. Later they lived in Seaside, OR. As far as I know they had one son, John (1921-?). I'd also like to know what became of Marie Newman, her family and decedents.
     The Venesses were major players in the early Northwest timber industry and the building of Winlock. Unfortunately their story has all but disappeared into the mists of time. I am trying to uncover and document it before it's too late.

Bob Frink Mon., April 28, 1997 [Updated 30 May 2011]
Researching BRAUN,Frederick F.,b.1/1/1880 in Berlin,Germany, d.7/1/1925 in Centralia. BRAUN,Agnes C.,b.11/4/1880 in Germany, d.7/5/1910 in Centralia. Have death certs. for both and Cemetery name, but Cemetery records do not list location of graves (Mountain View in Centralia).

Gayle Fuson Fri., April 4, 1997
Hi, I would like to submit the surnames I have for that area. SAM FUSON b. abt 1863 unknown area d. 12 Jun 1921 Lewis Co. WA; m. abt 1883 to: MARIETTA / MARY ETTA DELANEY b. 1866 d. 6 Apr 1934 in Lewis Co.
BERNIE T. JONES b. 1862 MN, m. abt 1882 to MARY TAYLOR; dau: JENNY AMELIA JONES b. 1879 in Mankato, MN, d. 20 Jan 1945 in Lewis Co, WA.
Jenny Jones m. 1905 to CORDELL M. FUSON b. 17 Nov 1883 in Kitsap Co. WA.
Thanks so much!! Having a hard time finding out anything on these Fuson's! Gayle Fuson Port Angeles, WA

Rodney Veitschegger Thurs., March 6, 1997
ROBERTS, Jacob: b. 1861, moved to Lewis Co., WA from McDowell Co., WV, Sep. 1901; had many relations to the Christians, Godfreys, and others in eastern Lewis Co. Interested in any connections.

Jack Glasgow Mon Feb 10, 1997 (Updated 16 Jan 2004)
Thomas W. Glasgow secured DLC in then Lewis in the 1850s. He married one Julia Patkanim, daughter of Chief Patkanim, one of the principle signers of the Point Elliot Treaty. They begat several children. Of particular interest is a son named John who appears with Glasgow on the 1850/51 Census. What happened to John? Also had two daughters and appar- ently another son named Isaac who was signed over to a Rebecca Howard in Olympia in 1862 before Glasgow and his new wife Ellen Horn returned to the Eastern US. What happened to Isaac Glasgow (Howard)??

Joyce Sinnett Sun Feb 9, 1997
Allen Stuart(Stewart)REED, b.11 Feb 1861 Calhoun Co., WV d. 21 Apr 1938 WA
m.[1] Elizabeth PARSONS, WV
m.[2] Ida E. SCHOOLCRAFT, WV; children: Mary J. REED b. 1847; William REED b. 1850; George M. REED b. 1857
m.[3] Isabella PRITT, WV, divorced; child: Elizabeth Daisy REED b. Aug 1883
m.[4] Gilla F. SCHOOLCRAFT, WV 17 Apr 1885; child: Allen Stewart REED Jr b. Aug 1890
m.[5] Julia L. O'DELL
m.[6] Enid SCOTCH
In 1884, Allen gave his daughter Elizabeth Daisy REED (mygreat-grandmother) to William & Charlotte Cottrell for adoption. In 1896, Allen moved to Washington State where he reportedly remarried and became rich in the timber business. This information is from a handwritten history by Elizabeth written about 3 years before her death.

Mike Frichette Fri Jan 31, 1997
Looking for information on William David Frichette and his wife Laura Lavina Sprague. Will and Laura came to Washington abt 1908 or 1910. Will went to work for the railroad in Everet, and lived there for a couple of years. He became section foreman - down the canyon (old road) for 2 years. The moved to Easton Milwaukee R.R. section house. Had a son James Chester (Chet) born in 1919 and a year later bought a house in Easton. They had several more children: Adamore (m), Theodore (m), Earnest (m), Stephen (m), Manford (m), and Lavina (f). Highway bought the out and they moved to Morton Washington. William and Laura and some of the children are buried in the Cle Elum cemetery. Any information on the Frichette family would be appreciated.

Louise Ager Belsby Tue Jan 7, 1997
I am searching for information on Joseph Ager (b. ca 1873) and his wife Mary A. Bartlett and family that lived in the Yakima area. Joseph is a son of George Kingsley Ager and Nancy Symonds who lived in Marion Co., Ore and Lewis Co, WA and Whatcom Co. WA. Would like to correspond with other Ager researchers.

Bill Fuller Sat Jan 4, 1997
Joseph Clevinger Family - Seeking information on Joseph Clevinger b. 1857, m. Virginia Purdue in 1875 and moved to Lewis Co., WA in 1910. I am a descendant of the Virginia Clevingers and would like to exchange info on the Family. Any assistance would be appreciated. Bill

Andrew F. Stiltner Fri Dec 27, 1996
I am looking for the relatives and ancestors of Mac/Max And Granvill Stiltner. They visited my father John M. Stiltner abt. 1935-39. I have my family branch together. And would like to fill in some more branches. I think Max and Granvill lived around the Morton, Wa. I am in contact with Ray B. Stiltner in Centralia, Wa. Ray tells me he has heard of Max and Granvill but does not know of any relatives. I also called Mr James Greover Stiltner in Yakami, Wa. He had never heard of them. Any help I can get will be appreciated. Sincerely, Andrew F. Stiltner.