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Mark Gullickson 29 Dec 2010
I am a historic logging researcher looking for information about the Champion Logging Undercutter Factory/Company that was once located in Pe Ell, Wa. There was also an individual, James W. Donahue, who had once lived in Pe Ell, patented different logging hand tools in c.1913, and is buried in the St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, of Forest Lawn, Pe Ell Cemetery. I have heard the building that once housed the Champion company was torn down in the last 10-20 years? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Denise Stocking 20 Nov 2010
Need your help in finding information on my uncle's biological family. His name is IRVIN WENDELL HURLBURT, he is 87 yrs. old and WANTS to find his family roots!. He was born May 23, 1923 at the MINNIE IPE Maternity Home in Centralia. What he was told by his adopted mother, was that "he came from a good home" and that his bio mother was about 16 yrs. old and from Pe Ell. We are uncertain if these are facts or comments made up. His adopted family is the HURLBURT/BRANT family. We feel that there could be a birth connection somehow with the IPE/MASON family. Please if you have any information please contact me, as my uncle is looking for any information that might bring some closure to this mystery. Thank you in advance.

John Ashworth 14 Nov 2010
Julius Plett, age 42, was killed in an industrial accident at the Union Mills Camp, Hannaford Valley, Lewis County, Washington, on 10th November 1920. Was he enumerated in the 1920 census, presumably at the logging camp or possibly in Chehalis?

Helen McCullough 10 Nov 2010
I am trying to find what happened to Frederick F. Broadbent's wife, Lily Mae (Temple) Broadbent. He died in 1922 at Morton. After his death she had with her two neices whom they adopted. Their names were Mrytle and Bernice (Starkey). I cannot find any record of the wife after Broadbent's death. Found Mrytle who married Chapman. Help please.

Gordon de Meurers 23 Oct 2010
In my possession, I have a medallion inscribed with Department of Washington and Alaska. In the top middle is inscribed The Hub City. AT the bottom middle is inscribed U. S. W. V. In the center is inscribed two soldiers with rifles and what looks like an Indian Maiden kneeling between the men. On the reverse is inscribed Compliments of Centralia. Wash. June 22-25, 1915. What was this medallion for?What was the event which caused it to be made? Just for the heck of it, does it have any value?

William G. Ormbrek 17 Sep 2010
My grandparents are featured in an entry on the Ormbrek-Harlan family, published on pp. 282-283 of "The History of Lewis County, Washington." The transcription states that photos of my family are included on p. 282 and p. 283. Would anyone with access to this book be able to scan these photos and send me a copy, please? Thank you for any help you can provide.

Zachary Pilz 7 Aug 2010
My mother's side of the family (Anderson and Brown) homesteaded or settled Adna, Deep Creek, Bunker Creek areas. in the mid to late 1800's. My father's side of the family (Pilz and Crocker) homesteaded or settled Pe Ell, Doty, Dryad areas in the mid to late 1800's. Most of my family moved into Washington during this same timeframe. I also have connections to the Winlock area and others. I am researching the following surnames. Please let me know if you are connected: My Mother's side: Andersen, Anderson, Brown, Bunce, Deeds, Omey, StonerMy. Father's side: Crocker, Damitz, Friend, Godfrey, Lusk, Pilz, Turner, Whipple. Below are some specific names in my family tree. Keep in mind that all names are maiden names: Arnold Turner Anderson 1894-1978; Grace Anderson; Lorena Anderson; Ethel Johanna Anderson; Allen Cornelius Anderson; Wallace "Hiball" Anderson; Stella Anderson; Alta May Anderson; Russell Anderson; Walter Anderson; Earl H. Anderson; Minnie Helen Brown 1898-1994; Myrtle Jane Brown; Thomas Jackson Brown; Charles Montgomery Brown; William Brown; Harold Walter Brown; Earle Brown; Gordon James Brown; Mary Brown; Ivan W. Deeds 1909-1993; Mabalas Olive Deeds; Clarence Deeds; Hazel Deeds; Glen George Deeds; Gerald R. Deeds; Geraldine Virginia Bunce 1937-1992; Mickey Bunce; Eva Lucile Bunce; Daphne Adele Bunce.

Katie Cline 6 Aug 2010
I'm a collector of old photos that I find in antique & junk stores. Recently I purchased a photo postcard that has a picture of 2 men standing on a log (I think that's what they're on!). Anyway, on the back is handwritten "James Blankenship & John Moore, Morton, Lewis Co., Wash." If these men are part of your family, please let me know. I dream of giving all my "rescued photos" a real home one day!

Juanita O'Shea 29 Jul 2010
I am looking for more information on Tom Chastain. I have some material that he resided in Veness, Lewis,WA 1920. He married Maggie Lee Benedict and living at Prescott, Lewis,WA in 1930. SSDI stated he died in WA January 1964. Need help as I think I have hit a brick wall, does anyuone have anything on him?

Brenda Conner 24 Jul 2010
I would like to make contact with my Binion cousins in the area of Lewis County. My father's uncle William (Willie) Binion and his Wife Armintra's Family. Willie had a twin brother named Charlie who died in Ohio. Wiliie and Charlie's parents are John and Martha Sparks Binion. They were born in Elliot County Ky.

Laurie Cullom Buscher 23 Jul 2010
Hello, my family moved to Vader in the early 1900s and lived there for 55 plus years. I graduated from Vader Grade School as did my two older brothers. My father Arlyn K. Cullom (known by everyone as PEE WEE) lived with my mother, Lorene for 55 years by the school and owned the gas station, a saw mill. My grandfather had a machine shop that my father took over and ran in town. He was good friends with all the Finns, on Finn Hill and used to drag a big sleigh behind his truck, with flares and bales of hay to sit on and all the kids in town would go sleighing and singing carols when it snowed enough to get out the sled. This was when the HWY would be closed and we kids would get hot chocolate at the barber shop, bon fires lit the route and the whole town would come out and sled down the hill from the top of the hill at Red Hollingers place down to the old bank bld. opposite my Dad's 2 business on opposite corners across from the post office. I hate to lose all this old Vader history, even the photos of KKK marching in our May Day Parade. Yep! My father was the justice of the peace and volunteer fireman, an active Mason and a good , well liked man. A town senior, one might say. He logged and fished to support our family until beginning work in Longview in his later years. for most of the 55 years in town. He and his father owned a lumber yard where the "the Litttle Crane Cafe" stood when I was a child there.Long story short... I have old photos, artifacts, etc. that may be of interest. My grandfather, Otto J. Cullom and his wife Mae were pioneers there. My father owned several businesses and employed many folks there. I moved to Vader ( was born there) in 1954. My Grandparents and parents were considered "old timers" back then...I am dying and in the process of moving to CA. in the next few weeks. If there is a historical society with items on display I would like to donate many years of photos of Vader, boy scouts, Maypole dances on disc, my mother recorded 55 years of Vader history and my Grandmother longer than that. If there is a way to honor them by donating some wonderful old photos, films and whatever as we keep unpacking, I would love hearing from someone there.Thanks you.

Kirk Lutz 23 Jul 2010
I am researching my mother's family the Grandos. I beleive they moved to Vader in the early 20s. My grandparents' names were Matt and Anna Grando; they both came from Yugoslavia. Their children's names were Jimmy, Mary, George, Nora and Violet. They were fishermen and owned and ran a hotel in Vader in the 20s, 30s and 40s. I am particulary interested in my uncle George who until recently, I knew very little about. I recently discovered that he was killed WW2 10/31/1944 and was a hero, [Distinguished service cross] all news to the family. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Dale Powell 20 Jun 2010
I am looking for information regarding Joseph Gilmore, died 1949, and Mollie Carter Gilmore, died 1973. Both are buried in Fern Hill cemetary and are my wife's grandparents. Any information regarding their history would be appreciated.

Diane L. Johnson 14 Jun 2010
I am researching my family from the Lewis Co Area. They are Francis (Frank) Hendricks 1845-1890, married to Anna Owing 1850-1881, parents of Margaret, Leven Nelson & Jessie Delilah Hendricks. I have photos and more information to share and would love to hear from other Hendricks family members.

Neil Virnig 4 May 2010
Regarding Evedene Bennett's query below: Henry Virnig and Goldie Irene's other son's name was Fredrick (died 6/20/2003), rather than Frederick. He married Michele. They have 2 children, Neil and Kathleen (Katy). Neil married Erin, no children as this time. Katy married Derrick Burns, no children as this time. Darrell's children: Chris married Robyn (both deceased). They had Lyndenn, Hannah and Kohlbe (Kohlbe died along with Chris and Robyn). Lisa married Rod Sawin, they have a daughter Ava.

Robert Hunt 4 May 2010
William Jasper Baker; A picture and any information, please. Morgan Hunt; My Great Grandfather. I have never seen a picture of Morgan. Does anyone have one? Please. Thank you so much for your time.

Rebecca McCartney 17 Apr 2010
In 1920 Census I located Joe W. Pine living in Morton and working as a physician in general practice. He is part of a family tree my mother's cousin and I are working on. In the 1920 census Joe is still listed as single. The only other information I can locate is that in 1930 he was an "inmate" at Camp Fremont, US Public Health Service Hospital #24, San Mateo, California. I don't know what happened to place him there. The 1930 census indicates he is married but his age at first marriage is marked "unknown."I realize that could be a mistake; I looked through the marriage records linked to on your site and did not find any record.I wonder if there is any other mention of Joe that you might have access to. Might the arrival of a new doctor in Morton have merited mention in a newspaper of the time?Joe's background was not in Washington. He was born in January, 1890, in Eureka, Humboldt County, CA to Norton H. Pine and Jennie L. Pine. His only sibling was Ruby Pine, born about 1898, his adopted sister (1900 census). By 1910 Joe's father had passed away and he was working as an "undertaker," probably in the Sanders Funeral Home in Eureka owned by his Uncle, Robert J. Sanders. We have a picture of Joe in uniform which is labeled, "Joe Pine in France, 1916." Since the US had not officially entered WWI at that time he may have been a volunteer; there were a number of volunteer ambulance drivers in France, then, though many of them hailed from Harvard and I don't know how a humble mortician from Eureka might have become an ambulance driver in France. Joe's 1917-1918 WWI draft registration lists him as a medical student at the osteopathic college in Los Angeles, CA with a financially dependent mother and no previous military experience (though volunteer service might not have counted). After the 1930 census I can find no record of Joe at all. I did not check cemeteries in your area because his family was all in Humboldt and Sonoma Counties in California.Thank-you for your consideration and input.

Evedene Bennett 10 Apr 2010
LARSEN cousins are coming from Denmark in Aug/Sept & hope to recontact Larsen descendants of brothers Ole Christian (Charlie) who settled 1888-90 in the Harmony area & Lars (Louis) settled in Chehalis. I am from the Louis line, & met these kinfolk in Denmark in 1983, but I have lost contact with the Charlie descendants who these Danes hope to meet as they met Alma Mullens when she took Charley back to Denmark before he died. The brothers married Core sisters & so Cores there would probably know of them. Alma Larsen MULLENS' 2 children are James; & Elizabeth who md John BRENNON & had Alfred Michael & Nelda Sharlee Brendon.Charley & Lizzie's other ch.b 1900-1914 who had children @1930s-1950s were:Alvin Carl md a Pearl & had 1-Lloyd had several ch in Prineville OR, 2-Donald Hamilton had Rob, Cathy, Doug, Debra & Greg; 3-Bonnie md a CULLEN & had Connie, Candie, Kevin, Charles & Shane Cullen, 4-Jack had Lee & Todd, & 5-Joe had Jill & Roy LARSEN.(These later generations b 1950s-70s.Laura Leona md Charles E. MONTGOMERY & had 2 ch: Ardell md a ?Burden? & had Lynda, Darrell, Sandy, Charles & Becky. Eugene md Myrtle Thompson & had John, Ronnie, & Brenda MONTGOMERY. Goldie Irene md Henry VIRNIG & had 2 ch: Darrel who had Chris & Lisa VIRNIG. Frederick - nothing more on him. Alice Rose md Ray DODRELL, don't know about kids, both dead by 1976 when I met & interviewed Melvin J Core, retired teacher in Silvercreek. Hoping someone in your group might know at least one of these. I thank you for whatever help you can be in reuniting these Danes with at least 1 cousin.

Dan Miller 10 Apr 2010
My wife is descended from Albert HARMS, son of Henry August HARMS. Albert is brother to Theodore W Harms. Searching for more information on Henry August Harms and wife Louis Godheart and their other children.

Robert F. Phillips 2 Apr 2010
My great grandfather, John W. Phillips was originally buried in Riffe Cemetery. The records indicate that when Riffe was flooded, he, and, I believe his daughter A.M. Phillips were both moved to Doss Cemetery in Mossyrock. A.M. Phillips is listed as buried there, but J.W. Phillips isn't listed. I do not live close enough to research this, but would like to know if he is buried at Doss Cemetery. Thanks.

Donald W. LeBaron 2 Apr 2010
My research on Clarence and Evangeline (Eva) LeBaron has hit a wall. Census records, (obituaries), and news paper documents reveal that they had 5 children (4 living)in 1900. My grandfather Ivan was born in Centralia in 1901. Eva died on 3/15/43 and Clarence died 7/27/31. The 5th child (not listed in any of the census records) died after only a few days/weeks and is buried at the downtown cemetary (across from Edison elementary school). The marker for this baby is a small slab (6"x10") engraved "BABY". The records for this cemetary are at Centralia Parks Dept. The information shows 4 plots. Three family members intered there: Clarence/Eva/Baby Eva. It would appear that the baby's name was Eva, but some thought the baby was a boy. My father passed in 1995 and had hoped to place a marker for this baby. Thank-you for your time and consideration.

Mel Fuller 25 Mar 2010
I am looking for a contact to see if the Bozarth Family reunion is being held. My mother went when she was young and would like to go again if one is being held.Thanks for your help.

Diane Lorenzo Martin 28 Feb 2010
ADOPTION - I am looking for Baby Girl Paterson born on October 5, 1956. She was born in Centralia Washington, supposedly attached through a home for unwed mothers. It was a private adoption. I have a cousin out there somewhere that i would like to meet.

Carol Coleman Pearce 20 Feb 2010
I am looking for information on my Grandmother, Rosa Coleman. My Father, Ralph Floyd Coleman, I think told me there was a Blankenship connection, although he told about a lot of people and the names do tend to get confused. He mentioned Maude Swartz--a cousin?Any information will be greatly appreciated. I have grandchildren now and would like to leave as clear a picture of their ancestry. Thank You.

Patience Northern 29 Jan 2010 (updated 20 Feb 2010)
Looking for connections to Durin Davis, Mark Davis and Lanny Davis. Going back to those generations they are connected to my Coomes family as Amanda Davis married James T. Coomes. Particularly interested in information on the Coomes family from Grayson Co., Va.

In reply to Colette Sexton (Query #443): We are searching for information to verify our connection to Durin Davis of Lewis Co., Washington. Several families of Grayson Co., Va. moved to Grays Harbor, then to Lewis Co., Washington. Our James and Bealy Coomes were 2 heads of families who made the move. Jameses mother was Amanda (Davis) Coomes. We feel that she may be the sister of Durin Davis and that they may be the children of John and Sidney Davis. Also in 1870 James Tucker Coomes and wife Amanda (Davis) Coomes were careing for John Davis. According to the placement in the census they were living in John Davis' home and were listed as head of household instead of John. Sidney Davis was dead. Sidney was not listed so supposed dead. Also living there was an older Lydia Davis. We would like to know who she was and her connection with the family. John and Sidney Davis raised Amanda's first 2 daughters, Elizabeth b 1852 and Edna b 1854. Amanda married James T. Coomes in 1857.Any help to untangle this family will be more than welcome.

Tina 20 Feb 2010
I am trying to find information on an ancestor. the name is Pauline (Bieniek) Gronka. she was born in 1857 and died in 1929. her family lived in Lewis County. I am trying to find an Obituary or something with her parents names. I am researching my family history. any information will help. Her husband was Martin Albert Gronka.

Jean Morrison 20 Feb 2010
I am searching for someone who descends from the family of Eva Trout Stover who was in the 1930 Lewis Co. census with her 2nd husband Louis Maynard and her children, Fredierick Stover, Raymond R. Stover, Elaine H. Stover, Majorie B. Stover and Eda Stover or for someone who knows more about this family.

Katie Montanez 5 Feb 2010
My great-aunt, Elizabeth Gilbert Stone Santhuff, came to Adna on Oct. 7, 1911 to run the Plymouth Hotel. She and L.E. Young, a blacksmith in Adna, had been corresponding for a couple of years and he had arranged for her to lease hotel. The next night there was a fire that destroyed the Plymouth Hotel, the Adna Hotel, which was next door; the Field general store, and the homes of Henry Allen, Ed Harris, B.W. Blake, M. Bodine and L.B. or W.H. Smith. She was unable to escape from the burning building and she died. L.E. Young, who also was staying at the hotel, was able to escape. He originally denied that he had been at the hotel that night and to bolster this claim he told people that Elizabeth had left Adna on the evening train to go back to Tukwila. When her body was discovered it was thought she had been murdered and the fire set to destroy the evidence. L.E. Young was arrested and charged with her murder. However, eventually all charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. He said he lied about his whereabouts that night because he wanted to protect his previously good reputation with the people of Adna. So, what I'd like to know is: Does anyone have any photographs of the Plymouth Hotel before the fire or any Adna street scenes circa 1911? Does anyone have any family stories or histories about this fire? I'd love to hear what people might have written or said about this event. Does anyone know anything about L.E. Young? Apparently he'd only been in Adna for about 4 months prior to the fire. I haven't even been able to find out his first name. I've read some newspaper articles in the Centralia Weekly Chronicle and the Chehalis Bee Nugget about this fire plus some legal documents pertaining to the inquest that was held and I think that Elizabeth was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't believe L.E. Young had anything to do with her death, he just made the mistake of not telling the truth to begin with. Any help would be very greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for any information -- big or small! I'd also be glad to help with any postage or copying expenses.

Nicki Luth 29 Jan 2010
Looking for living ancestors of Mark Floyd Davis...His great Aunt Amanda Davis is my gggrandmother (I think). Have correspondence with Lanny and a sister of his from several years back. Please help!

Jan Warford Fisher 22 Jan 2010
I am researching my grandparents, Alice and Lucian Warford, who lived in Dryad from about 1908 to 1914. My great grandfather, Anderson Warford, and my grandfather, Lucian, ran the store in Dryad when it was owned by the mill. After that mill was privatized, it was bought by my uncles, Frank Mitchell and Bob Workman. They lived in Dryad and ran the store until they retired. Bob Workman was the last of the family to leave Dryad and that was sometime in the mid-40s.

Delania Workman 22 Jan 2010
My family lived in Riffe and Cosmos. Their names were Annie Workman (now Stamper, she married Tom). I have been trying to find out as much as I can. She has told me wonderful stories but if I can find out more that would be great.

I am also trying to find out as much as I can about Windom, Lewis Co., WA. In the little bit I have found out, My family had relatives that lived there and I have not been able to found out anything else. My relatives were James and Elizabeth Workman.

Sandra Fullington 22 Jan 2010
My grandmother, Hilda Landi nee Cook or Kuk was divorced from Gustav Cook or Kuk in 1914 or 1915. I believe they were living in Vader,WA. Could you find the date for me?

Sharon Truax 15 Jan 2010
Interested in information about George D McCormick, McCormick Lumber McCormick, WA.

Gloria A. Rose Hebert 28 Dec 2009
I am looking for a marriage certificate of my G. Grandmother-Florence Ella Mead who married a George Alden Poncin on 30 Oct 1901 in Centralia, Washington. My G. G. Grandfather Homer Leroy Mead died 16 Dec, 1907. Services were preformed by "the Baptist Church." He was buried on Seminary Hill. For a time he was the mayor of Centralia Washington. I'm sure she would have been married in that church. Thank you.

Betsey White 24 Nov 2009
An old friend of Barbara Jean Swanson (maiden name Bickel) has asked me to find out if Barbara has died. He last saw her ten years ago (or so). Thank you for whatever help you can offer. [Barbara Jean Bickel was listed in Central Washington University's College of Education yearbook, class of 1953.]

Brian Newell 22 Nov 2009
I am looking to find information on John (Jean) Baptiste Girard (1838 - 1903) and Margaret Ladue (1855 - 1925). John and Margaret are my maternal great-great-grandparents. Both the Ladue and Girard families seem to be early settlers in Lewis county as there are some references to them living in the Ethel area as well as in the Ethel Cemetery. I also believe Margaret Ladue is, in part, Native American. Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Larry 16 Nov 2009
Interested in pictures/info on Darigold Cheese Factory in Randle. Built around 1935.

Clifford Buck England 27 Oct 2009
Looking for any information about the England family who came from Robinson Creek, Ky and/ or near by Virginia. William and Tivis came to Klicitat and Onalaska first. They went back home and convinced John(?), Rachel(?) and children to move to Klicitat in approx 1910.

Margaret Church 20 Oct 2009
I am looking for the Mother of Alice Towner that was married to Albert Irish. Any info will help greatly. Thank You.

Dann Sears 11 Oct 2009
I had a Great Uncle that lived around the Randle area. His name was Walter Churchill, sometimes spelled Churchel. His wife's name was Etta. He was also known by family and and friends as "Hook". Thank you for any information.

Karen Griffith Vincent 25 Sep 2009
Hello, I grew up in Centralia and graduated from Centralia High School in 1970 and Centralia College in 1972 and I am wondering if there is anywhere I can locate pictures and/or postcards of downtown Centralia from the 1960s and/or early 1970s. I've searched online and find many old pictures from the early 1900s, but would like some pictures around the time I was living there. If you can help me, I will REALLY appreciate it!

Kathy Sinclair 25 Sep 2009
I am looking for photos of Mrs. Catherine KITCH and relatives who lived in Lewis County (Winlock & Chehalis & ?) from the mid 1880s into the 1900s. Among them are her daughters Mary KITCH (Mrs. C.B. QUICK) & Arletta/Orletta KITCH (Mrs. Elmer Foshier) along with step-daughter Frances Ellen KITCH (Mrs. Henry METZ). My great grandmother is another step-daughter, Emma/Emeline KITCH (Mrs. George Cable). I am especially interested in any photos from the April 1898 wedding of Harry B. Quick and Hattie A. Neely that Mrs. Catherine Kitch attended. I would like such photos to compare my mother's collection, among them an undated photo of an older woman taken by a professional photographer in Chehalis (we believe it might be Catherine Kitch) and other photos tentatively labeled as Metz & Foshier. Thank you.

Laurie (Dieringer) Houlihan 21 Sep 2009
My great-grandparents, MARTIN GORZELANCYK & HEDWIG DRZERWIECKI, immigrated from Poland in 1893 to Chehalis, Lewis Co, Washington with these children:

  1. Bromislawa/Bernice (1887-1958) m. Antone Zaikowski
  2. Josefa/Josephine (1890-1976) m. Howard Baxter
  3. Stanislaw/Stephen (1892-1969) m. Edna Judkins

    The following children of Martin & Hedwig were born in Washington:

  4. Andrew (1895-1975) m. Edith Winkler
  5. Helen (1897-1983) m. Henry Dieringer (my grandparents)
  6. Agnes (1902-1999) m. Jesse Ellis

I'm looking for information about where they came from in Poland and wish to make contact with any relatives.

DeLana Button 10 Sep 2009 [updated 9 Jan 2011]
I am looking for obituaries on any of these surnames of the Lewis County area. The Frelichs and the Radants were from the Winlock area, and I know that Leo Frelich's obit was printed in "The Chronicle", on or near 1969-1-9. The other families lived in or near Toledo. I already have an obituary for Sarah Ann Taylor, which was printed in "The Chehalis Bee-Nugget on 16 Mar 1928. Please contact me if you need more precise info. There were many family members of each of these surnames in the Lewis County area, and I would like as many obits as possible to acquire more family history. Thank you so much. [Editor's note: Leo Frelich's obituary has been found.]

Marianne Aarons 10 Sep 2009
I'm researching the Barr/Bär/Baer family -- in German it was spelled with an umlaut over the A, and various family members adopted various spellings as they anglicized/Americanized their surname. My GGGrandfather, Nicholas Barr, was a brother of Lawrence Barr, who lived in Centralia, 1891 - 1911, conducted a mercantile business, with his son, William Lawrence Barr as partner. Lawrence Barr was also one of the organizers of Farmers & Merchants Bank. In 1909 he wrote a family history, about his family's coming to America from Germany, which has been passed down in my family line, and which I will gladly share. In 1911 he was shot & killed by a bank robber in Centralia. Anyone else researching this family is welcome to contact me.

Carol Stephens 6 Sep 2009
I am doing some research and need a little help. I am trying to find out what happened to the original school house that was in Dryad,WA., around 1929/1930. Was it torn down and replaced by what currently exists at 127 Fifth Street, in Dryad, or was the original school building renovated and converted to what is now there? Does anyone know when the school closed and was converted to a multi family dwelling? I would also be interested in any photos of the current school from around the time period of 1945 to 1960. Any information and photos would be greatly appreciated.

Julie Bishop 26 Aug 2009
I am doing research on Dr. Laura Angst. Her family lived for years in Lewis Co. in Chehalis. She died 1963 in Seattle. Do you have anything on the Angst family? Thank you.

Debbie Jobes 2 Aug 2009
I am looking for a marriage certificate. In 1922, my husband's grandmother, Frances Evelyn Jennings, and grandfather, Orlando Emerson Howell, eloped to Centralia, Washington. They were both from Marysville, Washington. Wouldn't there be a marriage certificate in Lewis County, somewhere? Word has it that they eloped because Frances thought that it would be, "so romantic".

Linda Wohld Williams 30 Jul 2009
Looking for anyone that may have photos or any other information about the Wohld family in Lewis County. I have found on 2 pictures of my dad when he is young. Johan Conrad Wohld immigrated from Canada-he was born in Sweden. He married Lucy Dodge and they had 5 children: Paul; Everett, Dorothy, Shirley, and Doris. I am Everett's daughter. Johan's father Helge is listed on the 1930 Oakville census.

Linda Wohld Williams 30 Jul 2009
I am looking for photos or any information that someone could have on John Henry "Jack" Williams ancestors. John was born 1887 in Wisconsin d. 1957 Centralia. He married Florence Ellen Wisner b. 1900 d. 1961 Lewis County, WA. They had 3 children: Eugene, Merwin, and Thelma. His father's name was Henry Williams b. abt 1860? Wisconsin; his mother Margaret Jane Bulloe b. abt 1869 Canada and immigrated to US in 1879. (Margaret remarried George Vernier and Andrew Colleen following the marriage to Henry but I do not have specific dates). I am specifically looking for details on Henry and his ancestry. He lived in Wisconsin supposedly all his life, but I think he may have been in the military. Henry & Margaret had 4 children altogether that I know of. Clarence, who died as an infant; John Henry (above); Eva, who married a guy named Lowe and different guy named Peterson (they had only one child which was adopted named Celestine); and Everett who lived in Onalaska (I found him on the 1920 census in Lewis County) and married Myrtle Snyder. I will be heading to Utah LDS to seek more information soon, but am hoping that somebody local could possibly have pictures or other information available.

Rowena 21 Jul 2009
I am trying to find anyone who might know what happened to my grandmother in the 1930s. She disappeared fron Onalaska or near there. Her family thinks my grandfather's family killed her. My grandfather's family said she ran off, but no one has ever seen or heard from her and she never tried to see my dad who was 4 when she disappeared. Her name was Dorothy Berg, maiden name Arnold. My father was Lee Berg who died in 1951 in small plane crash in Chehalis. I have been loolking for years for info. I stopped awhile then tried again with the hope that someone might know something or have heard any stories about this. My grandfather on Dorothy's side had a private investigator look for her but found nothing. Thank you.

Judy Smoger 15 Jul 2009
I am doing genealogy research on the FERRIER, EVANS, CURTIT and CHRISTOPHER families. All migrated to Lewis County between 1870 and 1880. Lived in the Vader/Little Falls and Winlock areas. Most specifically, the Nathaniel Ferrier family. Would really appreciate any connections or information you can provide! Does anyone know what happened to the Ferrier grandchildren: Eveline, Leroy, and Anna Evans?

Patricia Baker 15 Jul 2009
I am a relative of the Baker family that lived in and about Chehalis, Wa. I am looking for any and all photos and writings and possible contributions that they may have made to their community.

Barbara Spitzner 27 Jun 2009
Does anyone know if the old pioneer cemetery on Market Street across from the Eagles had another name beside Greenwood Masonic Cemetery? I seem to recall that early records around 1918 and earlier called the cemetery "Sticklin" ?? I am not confusing the "Sticklin" with the one in Centralia. Would appreciate any info. Thank you.

Juanita 20 Jun 2009
ARUBA FANNY OLDS MANN SERGANT. Known as "Fannie". Daughter of WILLIAM and MARIETTA DAMARIS (JACKSON) OLDS. Widow of LEMUEL MANN and ISAAC SERGANT. Both died in Wisconsin. "Fannie" was born 15 Jan 1836 in Oxford, Chenango Co., NY and moved to Wisconsin. She died 27 Jan 1906 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA. Am seeking information on "Fannie", her ancestors and descendents. Any information appreciated. [Re-post of Query# 282]

Cheryl Williams-Weaver 9 Jun 2009
I am looking for the obituary's on Floyd N Falkner born 1869 in WV, Died Dec 8, 1925 in Mossyrock, Lewis Co, WA. I believe he is buried in Doss cemetery. I am also looking for the obit on his wife Mirinda Workman Falkner. Born Apri 10, 1871, died April 19, 1964, in Longview, Cowlitz, WA.

Geri Hawk 6 Jun 2009
I am looking for Charles and Emma Livingston who lived in Morton, in the 1920's. Emma was given a child while she was in Chehalis about 1920. She raised that child, who is my father. His name was John Livingston. He graduated from Mossy Rock High School in 1932. He was also a milkman in the Morton area. If anyone can help me, I sure would appreciate it. (Update to Q402)

William Amarok 31 May 2009
I know a couple of people from the 1910 Lewis county census, Forest Precinct. They are: Albert M. Martin, Farm owner; Robert E Lee Allen, Farm laborer. They list them as being half-brothers in the census. I believe they may be just cousins. It's the second man I am looking for, Robert E. Lee Allen. If he is the right one, he was born about 1867 in either Marshall, Harrison County, Texas or McLannen County Texas. His family in Texas has been looking for him for generations. I have a picture of him and his brother, which i believe was taken before 1910. Robert's brother Virgil M. Allen used to meet up with him every couple of years. Virgil lived and operated a saloon in Nome, Alaska during the goldrush, 1898-1901. I sure appreciate it if you can help me. Thank you.

Joyce Yam 31 May 2009
I am seeking birth information for my father, Norman Sexton. His father was Lonnie Sexton and mother Fanny (Frances E. Ware); they appear in the 1910 Lewis Co. Census page 129-09A (Mineral Creek). He was involved with the Shingle Mills and helped construct them up and down the west coast (I am told) he was also a mechanic by trade. Years this would be for the birth could be 1910-1912. Thank you for any help or info you may shed in this area.

Ang Smith 31 May 2009
Searching for information on Samuel Peter Baron, wife Anna Youna and family Mary, Stanley, Walter, Joe, Frank and Nellie. All were from Chehalis area. Sam and Anna passed away in 1975 and 1986, respectively; both buried in Alpha Cemetery. Sam and Anna were born in Ukraine in 1891 and 1893. Would like to make contact with other family members.

Ted Collins 2 May 2009

Primarily searching info on Inez (Blackstone) Burnett/Samuels who lived in Morton. She was married to Paul Burnett and following his death married a Samuels (Bud), date unknown. Date of death unknown.

Birth: abt 1892, Augusta, Richmond County, GA
Death: 9 Dec 1945, Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington
Burial: Washington
Occ: Paper Maker
Father: John H BURNETT (1862-?)
Mother: Nancy ?

Name on Paul A. Burnett Jr's birth certificate lists his last name as Burdette. Birth Certificate also lists one other child.
Name: Paul Burnett
Death date: 09 Dec 1945
Death place: Tacoma, Pierce, Washington
Gender: Male
Race or color (on document):
Age at death: 53 years 4 months 9 days
Estimated birth year: 1892
Birth date:
Birth place:
Marital status: Married
Spouse name: Inez Burnett

Birth: Jun 1897, Athens, Clarke County, Georgia
Death: ? , Washington
Father: Jesse Walton BLACKSTONE (1861-1952)
Mother: Emeline BLACKBURN (1870-1910)
She later married a Samuels (Bud?)
She and her husband(s) lived in Morton.

Children: Paul A. (1917-1984)

1.1 Paul A. BURNETT Jr
Birth: 10 Feb 1917, Covington, Allegany County, VA
Death: 23 May 1984, Louisville, Kentucky
Burial: Louisville, Kentucky

Sharon Frady Williams 2 May 2009
I am looking for any family of a Eugene Frady (1917-1985), son of Walter & Blanche Frady. I am his cousin from NC and I am hoping to find out info on this family. [Editor's note: according to the SSDI, Eugene Frady's last residence was Adna, Lewis Co., WA.]

Linda Beltz 8 Apr 2009
I am looking for the obituary and death of Hulda Beltz Nelson. She was in Forest, Lewis County, Washington on the 1930 census. Family stories say she died in 1931 or so. Her husband was Joseph Nelson and children were: Glenn D. Nelson, Belle Nelson, Jerry Nelson and Thomas Nelson. She was born around 1883 in Minnesota. She was the step-sister of my husband's grandpa Walter Beltz. Any help is most appreciated. Thank you.

Rodney Short 21 Mar 2009
I am looking for the family of James and Florence Short. They were both born in Virginia, James born about 1860 and Florence about 1865. They moved to Lewis County in the very early 1900's. I would like to find any documents on this family. I would love to correspond with some of their descendants. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Edith Pollitz 10 Mar 2009
My great-grandmother (Dora Epling before marriage) had a couple of siblings who moved to the Chehalis area sometime before 1910. One of them was Montaville Epling, whose wife was Jane. He was born sometime around 1878. The family lived in the Pikeville, KY/Grundy, VA area. I have recently found out that there were LOTS of people from the Appalachians who moved to Washington during that time. I'm interested in trying to find out about the Eplings who moved there and why so many people from the Appalachians moved so far west.

Betty Pearce 6 Mar 2009
I am looking for the first Husband of Clella Mae Sharp. They had 2 children John D Wilson born 30/7/1932 and Shirley Wilson. They divorced and she then married a gentleman named Westfall.

Linda Stockman 28 Feb 2009

I an new at genealogy, but I have found a conflict in information regarding my husband's family.

1910 census, Napavine Precinct, Lewis County, WA Disctrict 138-07A
Line #17 Eaton, Joseph as far as I know that information is correct
Line #18 Eaton, Ticie In previous census records she is listed as "Lizzie"
Line #19 Strakman, Roy This is my husband's grandfather. The last name should be STOCKMAN
Line #20 Strakman, Willie Last name should be STOCKMAN
Line #21 Strakman, Mary Last name should be STOCKMAN
Line #22 Strakman, Coldie Should be STOCKMAN, GOLDIE
Line #23 Strakman, Johnny Last name should be STOCKMAN The Ancestry.com 1910 census record has his first name spelled Johney. I do not have a "correct" spelling except for other census records.

According to my records and family stories the wife Lizzie Eaton was widowed on April 2, 1909. Her first husband Joseph Stockman was killed in a mine accident in Kopiah. Joseph couldn't read and was German so no one is 100% sure that STOCKMAN is the correct last name. The 1910 census from Illinois has the name as STOCKMAN.

Family members found the grave of JOSEPH STOCKMAN in either Centraliz or Chehalis. His tombstone has "U.M.W. of A" on it. He was a coal miner.

Michael McCallum 21 Feb 2009
I am looking for any information on a Ruby M. Smith who has a daughter named "Lu"....They are from the Centralia Washington area. Ruby has passed some time ago, but I would like to get in touch with her daughter.... her name is either Lucille or LuAnn..... unsure, all I know is they called her "Lu".

Lynda Stewart Mayhorn 21 Feb 2009
I am searching for information on my great aunt, Sarah Catherine Woods, who married Milburn Jackson Stiltner. My great grandmother, Nancy Woods, was Sarah's sister. I have heard family stories about a newspaper article about their trip West and that there may be a photo of them. I know they settled in Lewis County, WA and would like to connect with my cousins.

Wayne Gilbert 24 Jan 2009
Searching for info re the Ross family living in Lewis county WA in the era 1875-1920.

Sue Daniels Simmons 18 Jan 2009
Looking for info on Spencer Paxton, born abt. 1906, in Arkansas, son of Golie and Oma Brown Paxton. Believed to be in the 1930 Lewis Co., Washington census.

Cheryl Cross 18 Jan 2009
Does the valley that Deep Creek Rd, Chehalis, runs through have a name?

Nancy Reynolds 1 Nov 2008
My Grandmother was born in Dryad, WA in 1896. Her name is Mary Elizabeth Carruthers Reynolds. Her parents were John Carruthers and Laura Bates carruthers. John died in 1900 while working in a saw mill. How can I find out more information about John and the saw mill?

Ruth Fraser Davis 25 Oct 2008
I am looking for the cemetery in which my infant brother, Donald Henry Fraser, was buried. He died 20 Apr 1936 in Centralia, WA. Thank you for any help!

Jill Rector 18 Oct 2008
Looking for information on Edward Hale, married to Clara, and living in Winlock, WA on the Hale homestead on Hale Rd, from cradle to grave.

Ericka Willey 20 Sep 2008
I live in the two story (three if you include the basement) house that is between the Fischer Apartments and the Church of the Nazerene in Randle on the old main road of Randle, which is now the backroad of Randle called Silverbrook road. I was told that it was built in the early 1930's and I would like to know if any pictures and history exist on the house, and if there is, could I possibly bother you for copies of such items? I love this old house and would really love to go back in time and see how things are so different then and now! Thank you.

Eivor Pettersson 10 Sep 2008
I'm looking for relatives to my grandfather's brother Louis Holmes who have lived in Chehalis. Louis was born in the South-west of Finland in a small village, Finby, name of the farm is Nygrannas.
Louis was born October 2, 1884 and died 1964 in Chehalis.
Louis married Alma who was born in Värmland, Sweden. Alma died 102 years old 1992 in Chehalis.
Children of their own are Geraldine who was born about 1921 and Margaret who was born about 1925.
We have found them in census 1930 but not any further information have been found.

Louis had four brothers who also emigrated to State of Washington. Johan Alfred Holmes, Frank (Frans Ludvig) Holmes (Louis's twin brother), Erik Leonard Holmes (living in King) and Arthur Sigurd Holmes (died early in some accident).

They have all changed their surname from Holmberg to Homes. Louis has also changed his Christian name from Fritiof Ludvig to Louis.

Some of them have lived in Seattle, some nearby to Chehalis. Frank has lived and worked in Alaska. Grateful for your assistance.

Roxie Kline 1 Sep 2008
Lewis County Census for 1910 lists a Florenz M. Settemaier. There is also the same name appearing at the Greenwood Masonic Cemetery. I am looking for any information regarding this man or the surname Settemaier. If someone has access to the 1880 - 1900 Census for Washington or perhaps death records or obits that would be great.

Constance Hanby Foell 28 Aug 2008
I am a decendent of Sidney S. Ford SR., who had several children and his first wife was Harriette. Sidney SR was the frist judge north of the Columbia and thus Ford's Prairie was named. His grandson or great grandson was Ulysses Grant Ford who was my grandmother's father, her name and that of her sisters: Grace Ford, Phyllis Ford and my grandmother Emily Alice Ford. He passed away when my grandmother was one year old in 1905. I have seen his grave and that of a baby boy Joseph Ford, age 7 months who was my grandmother's baby brother who died of ? causes. I would like all the information I can find and am trying to locate as much family as I can. I know that the Waunch family is part of the Ford, perhaps Sidney Jr., or one of the other sons of Sidney Sr. The direct Ford name to me is of course via my grandmother who married Oscar H. Hanby October 10, 1922. They had twin sons, Ray and Roy Hanby, Roy Hanby is my father. In one of the census Sidney is listed, both Sr. and Jr., and for some reason an "e" is attached to the end of the Ford name, hence "Forde." I don't know how to correct that, but I can tell by the children's names and the rest that these ARE INDEED MY RELATIVES but the name is incorrect and should be shown as just FORD.

TK 28 Aug 2008
I am looking for any information on Martin Gronka family. His wife was Pauline Bieniek. I can't find anything on him except for census records. would like to know dates and places, maybe even his parents if possible.

Lorraine 28 Aug 2008
My Aunt, Betty (Fickett) Shorb is doing family research on the Cline Rd in Randle, Wa. She would like to know who was the Cline road named after. Please, if you could do so- would you be kind enough to email me back with any information you may have about this. Thank you.

Harold Conrad Oster 18 Aug 2008
This is in answer to GABE, Query # Q463. I believe the Jimmy you are looking for was my infant brother that died. I was born in 1928. If this is the child you are looking for, he's buried in the old section of the Mountain View Cemetery near Borst Park in Centralia, Washington. My Mother "Liela Melisa Martin" maiden name is also buried there along with my sister Ines. Contact me by Email if I can be of further assistance.

Pam Orr-Rayton 16 Aug 2008
I am trying to find any information regarding a mill fire in Centralia around the 1800's. Several people were killed and the mill was shut down and not rebuilt. Thank you.

Melinda Jacquier 16 Aug 2008
I am looking for a death certificate for my ancestor, Phoebe/Phebe Jan Rutledge (maiden name Cleveland) who died in Lewis Co. on April 10, 1903. I am trying to resolve the names of her parents. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Broaddus 19 Jul 2008
I am looking for any information on Celia Hanger who was the daughter of Andrew & Sarah Caroline Foster Hanger. She married Thomas William Nickels in Buchanan Co. Virginia around the early 1900's. She died July 1905. She is supposed to be buried in Lewis Co., Washington I would very much like to find where she was buried. Her husband Thomas William Nickels went to Lewis Co. Washington along with Celia's parents, Andrew And Sarah Hanger. Any help would be appericated. Thanks.

Jan Hedrick 19 Jul 2008
Anyone interested in purchasing a privately published book called "Memories from Family Albums - Mossyrock, Heart of Lewis Co." School District #206, published by the Mossyrock Grange #355 in 1976? Please contact me. I am happy to tell you if your ancestor is listed. 450+ page book with illustrations.

Kay Counts 19 Jul 2008
Anyone interested in sharing information regarding Henry S. Vance from Lewis County? I think I might have a picture of him and information.

John Mikota 28 Jun 2008
We are planning a Mikota reunion at the Mikota homestead in Napavine, Washington in July, 2009. I am a cousin to the Mikotas in Lewis County and my great-grandparents originally settled in Napavine at the turn of the century. The Mikotas in Washington, Idaho and Montana, California, Alberta and B.C. Canada, orignianlly came from the group that came from Spillville, Iowa and we all came from Purcarek, Czech in 1854. After living in the same black house for 300 years I guess once we got loose we spread all over!

Toni Collins 20 Jun 2008
I am looking for any information about E.E. Wilkinson. He was born in Union Co Oregon, then moved to WA. His father, Andrew Wilkinson, died in Vader, WA at E.E.'s home in 1926.

Jean Morrison 20 Jun 2008
Does anyone know anything about a school that existed in or around Centralia during the time period around 1915 which was an upper education institution? I have a photo of a class in front of that school and realize that my aunt travelled from Cowlitz county to go there.

Jenna Cain 4 Jun 2008
In regard to Jeanne Gordon's query about the McNitt house, the 1910 census shows the McNitts living at 215 W. Main in Centralia.

Jenna Cain 2 Jun 2008
I'm trying to find the night or nights of the week the Randle Theater was open in the 1940s. My sister ushered there in about 1946.

Lisa 21 May 2008
I am looking to find relatives/desendents of Lovina Sheldon and James Corpe of Chehalis,Washington.I am a late comer to genealogy,so please bear with me.Any informatoin would be greatfully accepted...I am hoping that there is family members living yet in the Chehlis area...Thank you.

Vesla Harris 9 May 2008
I am looking for the children of Halver and Betsie Harrison. I know they lived in Lewis county in 1914. [Editor's note: Halver Harrison was born about 1838 in Norway. Betsie was born about 1846 in Wisconsin. In the 1880 census for Albin, Brown Co., MN, their children were Emma A. (age 12, b. IA); John H. (age 10, b. MN), Minnie A. (age 8, b. MN) and Casper J. (age 1, b. MN). The Harrisons were in the 1910 and 1920 census for Chehalis, Lewis Co., WA.]

Harry Howard 19 Apr 2008
I am looking for info on John Howard son of Elias Howard, his wife Anna Pankratz or their children Amanda, Violet, Raymond, Leroy and Benjamin. 1920 Census has John and Anna living in Chehalis. 1930 census has them living here also. Leroy and Raymond both died and are buried in Chehalis. Raymond passed in 1991 and Leroy 1984. I do not have any children for Raymond but do show him married to a Lucretta. I have Leroy married to a Lola with the following children--Donald, Laella, Rosemary and Shellie.

Viola I. Dyer 1 Apr 2008
I am trying to locate where Jackson and Belinda (Hartsock) BARTON are buried in Lewis County. Their family were listed on two Territory of Washington Federal Census Reports take were taken.One in 1860 and one in 1870. The 1860 Census gave this information:

Jackson, Barton age 36 Male White Farmer Value of real Estate 2,000 Value of Personal Estate 4,000 born in Ohio
Balinda Barton age 28 Female White born in Pennsylvania. (Note: Barton's Wife)
Mary Barton age 9 Female White born in Missouri
Clark E. Barton age 7 Male White born in Oregon
Emelia J. Barton age 5 Female White born in Washington Territory
Emma Barton age 2 Female White born in Washington Territory
Henry C. Barton age 6/12 White born in Washington Territory
Page 41 Lewis County P.O. Cowlitz Landing
Enumeration Date 7 July 1860

On the 1870 Washington Territory Federal Census, Cowlitz Prarie Precinct P.O. Cowlitz Prarie Enumeration Date 11 August 1870 Pg. 3

Barton, Jackson 46 w. Farmer 12,000 13,000 OH
, Belinda 38 w. Pennsylvania
, Mary 19 w. Missouri
, Clarke E.17 w. Wash. Terr.
, Amelia J.15 w. Wash. Terr.
, Emma 12 w. Wash. Terr.
, Harvey C. 10 w. Wash Terr.
, Ella 8 w. Wash Terr.
, Effie 6 w. Wash Terr.
, Grant 3 w. Wash. Terr.
, Alvan G. 6/12 Wash Terr.born in Feb.

Denise Green 31 Mar 2008
I am researching the family of Gabriel Jones. He was married to Julia (Cramer) on April 29, 1882. They homesteaded on Jones Road in Winlock, and are the namesake for that road. Gabriel died in November, 1912 (obituary in the Lewis Co. Advocate, Nov. 15, 1912; on file at the Lewis County Museum). A posting in the Chehalis Advocate (Nov. 27, 1924) reported Gabriel Jones receiving a land patent on Feb. 24, 1892 (Book 2, #166) for 73 acres, plus another 160 acres at Lake Creek. At one of the family reunions the owner of the Family Bible handed me a photo copy of the family page, hand written records of the births, weddings and dealths of the imediate family. Children were: Robert, Lottie, Agnes (my great-grandma), William (Bill), Francie, Clara, Clarence. Seven Children born here "Near Winlock" which is correct; to this day Jones Road is not inside the city. I also have a copy of the Cramer family bible records. [Editor's note: this Gabriel Jones appears to be unrelated to the Gabriel Jones who emigrated to the Oregon Territory with the Michael T. Simmons party in 1844.]

Sandra Wakkuri 26 Mar 2008
In reply to a listing by Julie Parrish Barth: A World War 1, 1917-1918, registration card for Samuel E. Parrish lists his age as 26 years old, address as Table Grove, Illinois; birthdate May 21, 1891; birthplace Chehalis, WA; occupation rural letter carrier, U. S. Government, Table Grove, Illinois, married, one child.

In 1910 census he is living in Pleasant, Fulton, Illinois.

In 1920 he is living at Canton Ward 7, Fulton, Illinois, working as a carpenter, he is 28 years old, wife Sarah is 27, son James is 8; Sarah Switzer 70 is living with them.

Several of the census list Samuel's father's birthplace as Virginia, not Ohio.

Lynn Mortensen 17 Mar 2008
I am looking for descendants of the Charles Edward Chapman family. Edward and Minnie were married about 1886. He was born in Valparaiso, Indiana in October, 1866. She was born in August,1865 in Illinois. Their first child Elsie was born in Illinois, two more boys Elba E. and Q. Lester followed, born in Aberdeen, WA and Otto was born in Aberdeen or Morton. The family farmed in Morton between 1910 and 1920. By 1930, both Elsie (who had married John Jones) and her three children and Elba, his wife and two children were living in Chehalis. There is a death record for a Minnie Chapman in 1944, Pacific County but I don't know if that is the correct person. Charles Edward Chapman moved to BC where he married again and died in 1933. I'd be grateful for any information.

Julie (Parrish) Barth 17 Mar 2008
I have just begun to search for my family. My great-grandfather was named Samuel E. Parrish. He was born in Washington State in 1891. I have no idea where he lived in the state of Washington, but I have a picture of two small children (one girl and one boy) with the name of a photography business in Centralia, Washington so I am beginning my search in Lewis County.

I am really looking for information about Samuel Parrish's parents. I know that his dad was named James Parrish. James Parrish was born in Ohio. His mother was named Emma Roddis(Maiden) Parrish and she was born in England. They were married in Illinois in 1884. Some time between 1884 and 1891 they moved to your state.

The Lewis County 1900 census has not been fully entered online. I wonder if it is possible to know if the people I am looking for are on the census. I live in central Illinois, so it isn't possible for me to come there myself. I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me in this matter.

R. Tucker 17 Mar 2008
Delia Tucker b1871 d31Dec1940, m Knud Jensen Schmidt. Knud Scmidt m2 Myrtle Irene Loomis late in life. Myrtle m1 Britten Bruce Haskin. Seeking any marriage, burial, or children for Schmidt/Tucker.

Tracye Hughes-Carson 24 Feb 2008
Searching for info on Hosea William Drew. Born about 1893 in Posey County, Indiana. Married 1st time to a Stella. Married 2nd to a Agnes ca 1926. They had 2 children Marvin born 1926-27 in Washington and Leland born 1928 in Oregon. In 1930 census living in Vader, Lewis County, Washington. Hosea died 12 October 1950 died or buried at Yakima, Washington. Would love to hear from anyone with any info at all.

Terry Coyner 16 Feb 2008
I am looking for information about the William H. Anderson family listed in the 1930 Dryad census. Nora Anderson (wife) was, apparently, my grandmother's sister. The Anderson family and my mother's family have not had contact since another sister, Florence, died in the 1950's. The Anderson family had 3 children listed in the 1930 census -- Noble, Henry (Hervey), and Jean. My mother is 92 years old and is wanting to find out if any of the Anderson family are still in this area. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Robert Hayes 13 Feb 2008
I am tracing my family history and am seeking any information about my grandfather, Howard Hunter Hayes (dob 1891), who moved from Ohio with his mother, Laura Belle Mealy, and brother, Alexander Reed Hayes. She remarried James H. Miller before 1900 and resided in Chehalis and Mineral, Lewis Co., WA. They had a son, James H. Miller Jr.

Howard married Mary B. Ward and began their family life also in Mineral. Two children were born to this union: Laurabel Hayes 191 and Howard Hunter Hayes Jr. 1919. I only have US Census info concerning the families.

B. Joan Gallagher 3 Feb 2008
George Henry Tucker was the Lewis County superintendent of schools, I believe, in 1898 and was a teacher in several small schools in Lewis country following that time. Can you give me some of the names and locations of the schools that he supervised during his time as Co. Supt.? Do you have any information about the schools in Lewis Co. that Nellie (nee. Leonard) Tucker taught at during the late 1890's and early 1900's?

Lynn Chapman 27 Jan 2008
I am looking for descendants of William Chapman. He had sons James and William both born in Texas. William was born in Mississippi moved to Lewis County from Liberty County, Texas after 1880. He died in Lewis County around 1916. I am trying to determine if William was the older brother of my grandfather-in-law, John Henry Chapman. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Pat Drodofsky 21 Jan 2008
I am looking for obituaries on my mother and step-father. Residents of Centralia, Wa. My step-dad Donald D. Duryea passed away in Nov. 2007 and my mom Mary Elizabeth Patty Duryea, 10 years earlier. Please send me anything you may have on them. My step-dad was retired from the Marine Corps which he served in from the Korean war through the Vietnam war before he retired in 1964 or 65. He was the recepient of several medals which I did not maintain a record of for my son who is now in the army and has fought in Iraq. Thank you for any help you may give me.

Wes Tate 13 Jan 2008
Trying to find a descendant of my great-uncle, Thomas Richards. A descendant could be from any of these surnames: Richards, Barnes, Grindstaff, Greenwell. Thomas was born in 1889 in Texas County, Missouri as was his wife, Alta (maiden name unknown). They had 3 sons, Albert, Floyd and Earl, at the time they left MO and moved to Washington state, year unknown. At the time of the 1930 federal census they were living in Newaukum, Lewis Co., WA. In 1932 they had twins, Dorothy and Bob, born in Chehalis. At some point after that Thomas left WA and returned to MO, alone. I'm trying to find out what happened in WA to cause him to leave his wife and family and return to MO.

Jerry Plumb 7 Jan 2008
My father died when I was a boy and I wasn't able to get info from my mother about him. He was born Parley Otis Plumb in Centralia, WA, Lewis County in 1915 or 1916, and I think around Jan. 3rd. He died in March 1962 and is buried at Mountain View Cemetary in Centralia. I am unable to travel there and would appreciate confirmation of his birth date. Thank you.

Mary Ellen Piro 7 Jan 2008
My paternal grandmother, Mary Pistemaa (daughter of Henry and Lizzie Pistemaa) and grandfather, John Polkky, were married in Winlock in 1913. I would like to find a news article or their marriage license. I have not been able to find when or if my grandfather was living in Winlock at the time he met my grandmother and married her. I have a photo, of their house with the four Pistemaa's on their porch. I also have other photos that were taken in the Veness/Winlock area. Most people, except for my relatatives, I do not have identified. Also have a collection of postcards that belonged to my great-uncle, John Pistemaa, that were written to him in the early 1900's when he was in Winlock and other areas. Some have photos of him with others in logging camps. They are all written in Finnish, so will need to get them transcribed sometime. I just learned recently from reading a series of articles, called the Finns of Winlock, that my Great-grandfather, Henry Pistemaa, was one of the first 3 Finns to come to Winlock and bought property from Jack Veness. The 3 men came from Carbonado. The story about how this all came about is interesting. Thank you for any help with my family research. [Editor's note: see updated query.]

Jeanne Gordon 7 Jan 2008
We are interested in any information regarding Frank T. McNitt. He owned a mercantile or hardware store (probably at the corner of Tower and Main). He was mayor of Centralia. He built a substantial home. We know it was moved, probably in the 1930s. Our point of interest is where the house stood initially. Any other information about the family would be of help. We are the owners of the McNitt home. Thank you.

Kira Krieg 5 Jan 2008
I am looking for information on Edward Earl Krieg, born in Vader Washington in 1895, died in 1964 in Corvallis, Oregon. His father was Albert Krieg, born near Bern, Switzerland and mother is Carolina Kaiser, unknown where born. It is unknown if they met before coming to the States. We have no further information on them or if there are any other children. Edward's wife was Nella Marie Hart she was born around 1900 in Casey County, Kentucky. Not known where they were married or exact date. Please any information would be a great help! Thank you!

Milly 15 Dec 2007
Ralph Martin born 1877 returned from USA to UK for WW1. According to his WWI Draft Card, he was living in Centralia in 1917, with Mrs. Lula Martin (his wife?) He was said to have left a wife and family behind in America. In 1910 he was in Tacoma, WA, aged 35, single, plumber, born England. How do I find a marriage record for him between 1910-14ish?

Donna Lange 14 Dec 2007
Looking for the date of death and burial for Christian Niemann, wife Dorothy, son Ernest H. and his wife Irene. Christian was a saloon keeper on the 1910 census in Little Falls. They are on the 1920 census in Vader. Ernest was born in Wisconsin. Thanks for any help.

Kathleen Fisher 14 Dec 2007
I'm looking for information on my family, My great-great-grandfather Brad Heading put the sewer system in Chehalis, my great-grandfather and his wife were Osteopaths in Chehalis at 1260 Lewis st. My biological great-grandmother was Iris Cox. Her father was a minister for the Latter-day Saints church in Centralia.

Bill Roberts 2 Dec 2007
I was searching the internet for old pictures of Lewis County and came upon your website. I am specifically interested in finding pictures of the town and/or houses that were present before Mayfield lake covered them up. I believe the town used to be called "Ferry". I was able only to find a picture of the bridge crossing the Cowlitz River, but nothing more. Any help identifying additional photos would be appreciated!

J. Hindman 13 Nov 2007
Searching for death (and burial) information on Charles James Williams and Katherine (Roman) Williams. 1920 Census shows them living in Centralia; Charles was 62, Katherine was 48. [Editor's note: according to the Washington State Death Index, Katherine E. Williams died in Centralia on 6 Mar 1954, age 82].

Don Workman 8 Nov 2007
Looking for Lewis County Workman's that originally came from West Virgina.

Wayne Gomez 14 Oct 2007
Tabitha Mannon was buried in Little Falls Cemetery, Vader, on Feb. 4, 1974. I would like to find someone who could find out if there are any other Mannons there, particularly, Henry Mannon, and also if there are people with the ff. surnames:
Harris esp. Ruby
Webster esp. Mabel
Johnson esp. Lena
Thank you very, very much!

William B. Levy 7 Oct 2007
Harry W. McCormick is my Great-Great Grandfather. I read a few years back some old clippings that my Grandmother has. Her name is Rita Marie Ryan. She is the Grandaughter of Mr. McCormick! I have a few photos of him. He owned the lumbermill from what I learned. You know this though. If anyone has any photographs or newspaper clippings or other information it would mean something to me. My grandmother is 88 so it's difficult to speak to her about things from so long ago.

Sandra Wakkuri 7 Oct 2007
In regards to Barbara Raabe's query: When leaving Vader going toward Ryderwood there is a Maschke Road. When I lived near Vader from 1938-1956 Martin and Adelaide Maschke and their two sons lived there. I understand that their son Bob Maschke lives at Toledo, WA. I assume they were likely related to the Maschke for whom you are seeking information. Also, there is information on Bertha Schultz on RootsWeb.com Home Page giving the ahnentafel of her Mother and listing Bertha's half siblings.

Barbara Raabe 2 Oct 2007
Looking for additional information on the family of Bertha Schultz Maschke and Gustaf Hoffman who were married in 1915 in Castle Rock and lived in the Centralia area for many years following their marriage. We are trying to trace their hometowns in Europe plus would like to know the locations and years of residence in Lewis County before they settled in Centralia. We know Gustaf Hoffman lived in Vader (Little Falls) when he first came to Lewis County and lived with the Winter family there sometime between 1912 and 1914. We know that Bertha Maschke lived with her mother and stepfather in Vader as is shown in the 1910 census. Are there any 'city' directories or other sources that would show where the family resided between the census years?

Barbara Raabe 2 Oct 2007
Grandmother Emma Kovinski Raabe, born 1890 Newaukum Hill, was the daughter of Anna Zachmann and Adam Kovinski. Her grandmother was Anna Koenig Zachmann. I have recently found out the Bukovina connection plus found their pedigree on familysearch.org. I have visited the Newaukum Cemetery where Anna Koenig Zachmann is buried and found a new tombstone for the Zachmann child that died the same year as she, 1897. I was unable to contact the Rumpel family to whom this family is connected but would like to reach others who are researching this family and share facts. Also, I am trying to find out where Adam Kovinski who died in 1900 in Chehalis/Newaukum is buried.

D. R. Holmes 2 Oct 2007
My father Alfred Parker and Joyce had a son named Harold in Pe Ell, WA. It was in the 1940s to 1952. I believe he was adopted soon after birth. Do you have any information on Harold? Thank you.

Becky Sutherland Chafin 12 Sep 2007
I am looking for Kiser cousins from Washington state. Descendants of Andrew Jackson Kiser and Malissa Selfe Kiser, originally from Russell County, Virginia. I have lots of info on the family, wish to share...

Bob Bradford 1 Sep 2007
I was born in National in 1919 and am trying to find pictures of National and information about the logging operation. My father was a cook there. I do have a few photos of me at the camp. I am also interested in learning whether there was a hospital at National. Thanks. [Editor's note: National was located in southeast Pierce County near the Nisqually entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park, only a few miles west of Ashford along present-day State Route 706. National was a company town built by Pacific Lumber Co., which also employed a number of Lewis Co. residents.]

Warren Boruff 1 Sep 2007
Regarding the Elmer Storm family. I saw a query from Sept. 2006 about info on Elmer Storm and three adopted children. Query was from a Laurie Gilbertson. Laurie, please email me for more info on Elmer Storm.

Isabelle 28 Aug 2007
Birth mother's name Joy from Chehalis. Would be 68 years old now. Used to be a waitress in the 70's. Baby girl born August 9 1974. Blond hair blue eyes. Father was a DJ. We think Joy has other children; I am also looking for them. The adoption was done by a Seventh Day Adventist agency. Please help me finding this lady. I am trying to help my sister-in-law to find her family. Thank you.

Linda Kinney 23 Aug 2007
I am doing a little research for a friend who recently told me that he was born/adopted in Chehalis in 1968. The only thing he knows about his birth mother is that her last name was Curtis. He was born at the hospital that was in Chehalis at the time. The adoption was arranged by a friend or doctor. He would like to find his birth mother. If you have any information that might help him, please email me.

Sarah Haude 23 Aug 2007
Does anyone have access to (or know where to find) old yearbooks for Chehalis High School? Specifically I am looking for a photo of Edna KIESEL who graduated from Chehalis High School in 1925. Thank you!

Sandra Wakkuri 20 Aug 2007
Regarding Q470: The Gehrmans appear to be buried at Holy Family Catholic Church Cemetery, Pacific County, WA. Going to Google and typing in Jacob Gehrman or the name of the above mentioned cemetery will bring up this information.

Katherine Aiello 20 Aug 2007
My husband has many family from Lewis County. I'm trying to trace some of where people went. His gr. gr gr. Grandfather (his grandmother's grandfather) was Newton Montogomery Gross who died 11-21-1931. Buried in Sticklin Cemetery, Centralia, WA. His second wife was Nettie Carr. Don't know where she is. NM Gross had a daugher named Laura Gross who married J.A Duncan. She died 3-3-1930 at age 47. Buried in Sticklin Cementary as well. She had 8 children. Beauford, Howard, Clebart, Ray, Vivian, Reba, Wilma, and Thelma. I'm unsure where all these Duncans went. Do any of these Duncans sound familiar? All of Centralia, WA.

Laura's sister Martha Gross married JW Mincher who lived in Centralia as well for a time. I only know she died in 1949 and do not know birth or dates. I know JW Mincher is buried in Vancouver, WA.

Dean is my mother-in-law's maiden name and Harry Evelyn Dean is her grandfather. I was wondering if this person was also buried in Centralia as well. Born 9-17-1894 - died 11-30-1980. His wife was Olive Mae Shaw Dean, born. 3-28-1892 - died 8-14-1971. Thanks for your time!

Sue Pukall 11 Aug 2007
I am trying to locate obituaries or other information on members of the GEHRMAN family that moved from Wisconsin to Washington in the 1890's. I believe they originally immigrated from West Prussia and am hoping to find the name of the village they came from.

Jacob and Augusta Gehrman: he died on Dec. 25, 1905 and she died March 7, 1909. I believe they lived in Centralia at the time of Jacob's death, and Louise went to live with their son Mike in Frances/Elk Prairie (Pacific County) after that. (They were my great-great-grandparents. My great-grandmother stayed behind in Wisconsin.)

They had a son Jacob (Jake) who died in Centralia in 1949, and I would hope to find some information, possibly an obituary, on him.

I believe there was also a son John Gehrman and his wife, Caroline, and I'm nost sure if they settled in Lewis or Pacific County. I'm pretty sure John worked in the Willapa Valley for a time. Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

JoAnn Wilson 2 Aug 2007
Joseph Windle and Catherine"Caty" (Harper) WINDLE moved to Oregon/Washington 1852 and are on the Washington State and Territorial Census 1857-1892.

Joseph Windle res.1857 - b1781 Lewis Co. WA
Catherine " res 1857-b1787 Lewis Co., WA

Need other information on this couple. Their dau. Rachel Windle married Jesse Jefferson Hood in Lawrence Co., Mo. They are my GGrandparents. Windle's are my GGGrandparents.

Would like to know when & where they are buried. Land they may have owned in Wash. and Oregon. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Mark Will 22 Jul 2007
Looking for an obituary for: Augusta FUSS. Died: September 11, 1946 in Chehalis, WA. Buried: in Claquato Cemetery.

Myron F. Foster 22 Jul 2007
Can anyone help me find obituaries for Harvey Lee Billings who died April 30, 2005 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA or Gladys Billings who died August 18, 2005 in Centralia, Lewis Co., WA. Any help with finding these would be greatly appreciated.

Lois M. Bozarth 22 Jul 2007
Can anyone confirm for me that Myrtle M. Cork who died 1975 in Chehalis was Myrtle Mae Mullins b 1902 in WV, who was married first to William McKinley Hackney 1916 in Southbend and second to Harry Cork? Believe Myrtle and McKinley were divorced after 1932. Thanx for any help anyone can give me on this.

Albert L. Notter 22 Jul 2007
A D. VanDeVoort made an enquiry on July 1, 2006 regarding the family of Milton Notter, buried at Claquato Cemetary in April 1959. I just came across it, doing a Yahoo search regarding my Dad. I am the youngest of Milton's 9 children, and am interested in getting in touch with D. VanDeVoort (if this is still an active enquiry). Thanks. [Editor's note: D. VanDeVoort's email is no longer working - if a new email address is available, please let Jenny know.]

Phil Mitchell 18 Jul 2007
Responding to Lindsay Arnold query regarding where John Arnold was located in 1900: June 26-27-28, 1900 Garnite Pct, Lewis Co Wash: T623-1747 pg 141 (205) ED 132 sh 9B Ln 55:
Arnold John w m Sep 1856 28 M 11yr B:OH FB:PA MB: NY farmer
Lillie f w Jan 1872 28 m 11 yr 5 child 5 living B: IA F&MB: Switz
Harry 9 B: WA
Isabell (?) 7 B: wa
Ellsworth 1892
Charlott 1896

Gabe 18 Jul 2007
Looking to find which cemetery my mother's younger brother is buried in. He died in Centrelia, Wa as an infant in the 1920's. His name was Jimmy Oster. Any help would be appreciated.

Leigh Spencer 18 Jul 2007
I am doing research on my husband's family. His parents Glenn Edgar Spencer (father Edgar Spencer, mother Marie Glenn) and Emilece Ermagene Hays Spencer (father Marcus George, mother Mabel White) were raised in Onalaska, had ties to California and Oregon, and died in Chehalis. Any information is appreciated. Thanks!

Gary Barnes 14 Jul 2007
I am looking for death and burial information on Dr. Thomas P Francis of Centralia and Wife Margaret H Laraway FRANCIS as well as their 3 children Herbert Francis, Ruth H Francis and Frank FRANCIS. I'd also like to know whe Ruth married if she did get married. She is in the 1900 and 1910 Census in Centralia.

Phyllis Ceratto Evans 5 Jul 2007
I am looking for info on Clifford S. Walker. He lived in Morton in 1920 according to census. Any help will be appreciated.

Lindsay Arnold 5 Jul 2007
I'm looking for any information pre-1900 on the Arnold Family (John Luther Arnold & Lillie Deggeller). I know they settled in Onalaska but they are listed under "Granite" in the 1910 Census. I'm unable to find any information before then. I was told they married in 1889 in Washington. All of their children were listed as born in Washington starting in 1890. Their son, my grandfather Elwood Arnold, was born in 1905, and will be 102 in November. Thanks.

Patricia Swanson 5 Jul 2007
Andrew W Warner spent several years in Winlock, Lewis county area( 1886-1891)--set up brewery---WARNERS SALOON in Winlock---was a civil war vet, recieved pension while in Winlock--died Jan 1 1891---his son Charles and family were in Winlock,Washington at that time helping with the business---we are trying to figure out where he was buried---are there any special Civil War Vet cemeterys about the area---any ideas would be appreciated---we do not know where he was buried---his son and family sold the property and returned to Nebraska by 1900. [Editor's note: Patricia has posted more information on Andrew Warner elsewhere on this website.]

Kevon Tracy 21 May 2007
Who were the Wolfenbargers around the Cutis/Biostfort Valley area? I came aross this name a place called the Wolfenbarger site and a state referance number. I was raised in thia area and have had familly there for about 100 years I have no recollection of this name; any info would be nice.

Jan 4 May 2007
I am looking for any information on the Lola Stout or John D Allensworth and his wife Fiola Allensworth? The once lived in the house I now own and trying do some historical background on my home.

Carole Thomas Wiskirken 4 May 2007
Looking for One-Room Schools that were in Ethel, Lacamas, Salkum and Silver Creek in 1900.

Colette F. Sexton 4 May 2007
(This is an update to Query #443) Our cousin discovered on Ancestry.com Washington Births 1907-1919, another child for Frank E. (son of Frank D. and Lena "Farr" Sexton) and Effie "Fiscus" Sexton. Helen Anna Sexton born 22 July 1916 in Lewis county Female, white. This is a child we have not heard of before.

There were several of the Sexton children that did not live long. Gilbert died at age 1 year and we do not have dates of birth or death for him, only a burial gown picture (like funeral prep clothing) - the back of the picture states age 1 year. Delores Sexton died 9 May 1927 at age 6 years. Louise Sexton died June 1934 at age 14 years and Ernest Sexton died 1925 at age 19 years. We do have obits for these four, but not Helen. Thank You for your time.

Lynn Chapman 12 Apr 2007
I am looking for any descendants of Samuel Houston and Nancy Chapman Johnston. They were living in Lewis County in the early 1900's.

Carol Parkhurst nee Blowers 12 Apr 2007
Iam looking for info on a Minnie Davies who was born in England around 1894. i understand she had a brother and neice living in the Centralia area.

Cerissa Ramsey 6 Apr 2007
My family comes from the Tulalip Reservation. We can trace our family back to Antoine Gobin (white) who married an Angeline (Indian). Angeline was and Indian from what is now the Tulalip Tribes. They had Thomas Gobin whom married Nancy Boomhouse Jones. They had Jopete Gobin whom married a non indian- Ruth Gobin. They had Bernard Gobin whom married Delores Young of the Tulalip Tribes. They had Patti Gobin, who is my mother. I am very interested in any info about Antoine and Angeline Gobin. Antoine was said to be either an interpreter, or fur trader or worked for the Hudson Bay company. He was French Canadian, and him and Angeline may have met near Nisqually. Please get ahold of me for more info such as dates, and other stories passed down regarding Antoine and Angeline. If you have ANY ino I would be greatly appreciative!

Krisit Keller Milanowski 31 Mar 2007
I am trying to find out the name of a particular men's hat that the Keller and Aust men began wearing back in the 1940's and became their trademark. The hats were white and resembled a flattened mushroom. My cousins and I call them the "Keller" hats, but there has to be another name for them. A revival of the annual Keller/Aust/Rose picnic is being planned at Fort Borst Park on July 28th, 2007, and we would like to revive this distinctive family custom. Does anyone know the name of those hats and where they were purchased and if they're still available? Thank You.

Dean Knudsen 29 Mar 2007
I am attempting to locate the burial site of Marcus L Noftsger. He was a Civil War veteran who served in the 7th Iowa Cavalry. He is listed in the 1890 census as a resident of Chehalis, WA. In 1900 his widow Lucretia is listed as residing in Seattle with two sons, so Marcus seems to have died between the years 1890 and 1900. Any help in determining his date of death and burial location would be very much appreciated.

Regina Taylor 29 Mar 2007
I am looking for some "lost relatives" in the Lewis County area - Miller family that moved there in the 1900s or later. Lula Miller and Arnold Miller, both born in 1914 or so, Washington. They are the children of Robert B. Miller and the son of Samuel J. Miller (my gr grandfather) who died in TN we believe around 1890. He never migrated to Washington state but his sons all did. His wife did as well (my gr grandmother Sophronia Miller from NC). My question is how and whre do i look go to find decedants of these people? I only know the list of children back in the 1900s such as the children ofThomas Ottinger (Fred and not sure of daughter's name)bert above.

I am also researching the Ottinger family, ie; my gr grandmother's daughter maried a Thomas V. Ottinger . They had two children...Frances Ottinger was 53 in 1930 and Thomas was 58. Thomas died in January 5, 1983 at age 73. Do not have a cemetery. Is there an archive that i can pull up obits on these people?

Shelby Keane 24 Mar 2007
I am the great-grandaughter of John H. Frodel and Magaret (Johnson) Frodel. Margaret was born in Winlock, and John in Germany. They Marrried in Winlock. They had 1 son while in Winlock. Edward, they then moved to Hoquiam and had 3 more children. I am in the process of researching the Frodel side of my family and be willing to share what information I have, and am looking for someone who may know more about the Frodels.

I am also looking for information about Charles E. Johnson, his wife Charolette Bergstom Johnson and their children; Carl, Edna, Ralph, Adolph, and Mable. They are the family of my great grandmother Margaret Johnson Frodel. They lived in Winlock, I believed they owned a farm for some time. Charles, Adolph, and Mabel are burried in Winlock. They belonged to the Secred Heart Parish.....That is about the extent of my knowlege about the Johnson family.

Shirley A. Weber 18 Mar 2007
Looking for information on my grandmother's KRAY family that left MN abt 1912 for Chehalis area. Father's name was Valentine KRAY bn MN 1865, wife Anna SCHOLZ bn Ger.1866, she died in Littell in 1916. Their ch. John bn 1892, Al bn 1895, Joseph bn 1897, Frank bn 1899, Ceclia bn 1901 and Fred bn 1906. Thank you.

Dan Brown 10 Mar 2007
I'm hoping someone who has access to yearly Polk directories for Lewis County and to a scanner can help with a project. I know from family tradition and other sources that my Browns lived in Lewis Co for many years since about 1910. Besides Chehalis and Centralia, it's possible that my Browns might be found in any town or lumber camp such as Vader, Ryderwood, Doty, Pluvius, Ashlock, Pe Ell, Dryad, McCormick, Walville, Frances, Lebam, Holcomb, Menlo, Adna, Ceres, Meskill, and others including the upper Cowlitz area of Morton and Mossyrock.

I would like to eventually have a collection of scanned images of all pages with Brown names within any of the Lewis Co towns and for all years available.

Richard Marlatt 6 Mar 2007
I am looking for any information on a J. L. Taylor born about 1876 in North Carolina, he married Julia Tinsley and they moved to Doty, Lewis, Washington. Their children's names are:

Loren Lester Taylor
Born: 6 Jan 1902 N.C.
Died: 11 Feb 1980

Chester C. Taylor
Born: 18 Jan 1904 WA
Died: 10 Sep 1968

LaVerne Nellie Taylor
Born: 16 Jan 1906 WA
Died: ??

Jessie T. Taylor
Born: 20 Apr. 1907 WA
Died: 19 Dec. 1989

Ruby Taylor
Born: About 1909 WA
Died: ??

Mary E. Taylor
Born: 18 Jul. 1911 WA
Died: 6 Feb 1990

I am struggling to find information on the parents and the daughters LaVerne and Ruby. If any one knows of any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Colette F. Sexton 5 Mar 2007 (Updated 24 Mar 2007)
We are looking for information on my husband Richard Allen Sexton's great-grandfather, Frank Doty Sexton aka F.D. Sexton. Our cousin received today F.D. Sexton's death certificate and from it his date of birth 5 September 1850. He died in Chehalis 7 March 1938 at age 87 years 7 months and 2 days. He is buried at Fern Hill. Per certificate name of father still Unknown and per informant name of mother unknown. He was born in PA or Kentucky, as some census state Pennsylvania other Kentucky. His mother was Betsy J. Wiley and step-father James L. Wiley this information from the Lewis county 1880 census. He was married to Lena Farr born in Canada. F.D. & Lena had 3 children; Frank E. (my husband's grandfather) Born in Lewis county 15 June 1882 (per his Teamster Registration Card), Grace L. Born in Lewis county 20 July 1884 died 20 Aug 1892 and Edna Violet born in Lewis county 1887 and we believe she married Golden Temple. Lena died in Lewis county 2 Mar 1888 at age 27. Grace and Lena are buried at Fern Hill.

Frank then married Katherine "Katie" and they had children, Francis b 1891, Mabel b 29 April 1893, Mayo M? b 1894,Mary E b 1895, John b 1896 Infant b June 1898 died Dec 1898 and William b 1902. Katie b 1870 & died at age 40 16 Mar 1910. We do not know where Katie is buried. Sometime after Katie's death F.D. remarried a lady named Minerva and moved to San Juan County @ Friday Harbor WA, where he was the Town Marshall and street commissioner. We went to Fern Hill in 2004 and there was a headstone F.D.Sexton with no dates, so we do not know if he is buried there or not. His mother, step-father, and half-sister Mary Katherine "Wiley" Dean are buried there as well as his son Frank E. and daughter in-law Effie "Fiscus" Sexton. The Stockand's were half-brother to Lena "Farr" Sexton.

We would really like information other than census on F.D. and his children, also his date of birth and death. His father's name and place of birth would be very helpful.

My husband's other grandfather George K. Miller was married to Laura Elizabeth Davis of the Mark Floyd Davis family and I know that there is a lot of information already available for them. We have the History of Lewis County Washington we purchased at the Historical Museum in Chehalis several years ago. In that there is a James Sexton on the Davis Spouse page - wondering if anyone knows how he is related?

Anyone with connection to any members of this branch of the Sexton Family Tree, please contact us. Thank You So Much. We are truly grateful for any help available.

Marilyn Daniels 4 Feb 2007
I am looking for any information on an Arnold Park. He was born March 19, 1900 and died December 1972 in Randle, Lewis County, WA. He was the second husband of Laura Whitney Barnett. They were married in 1939. Also any information on a man, last name of Davis, possibly James A.? He was the third husband of Laura (Whitney, Barnett) Park. They probably married about 1974. I believe they lived in Glenoma, Lewis

John Blair 29 Jan 2007
Hoping to connect with any of the Rhodes clan that live and lived up on Burnt Ridge (Onalaska). Thanks.

Carl Adcock 28 Jan 2007
I am seeking ANY information on Helen Beacon. She was a resident of Chehalis in May 1976. She had died by October 30, 1993. Her maiden name was Dowd; she was the daughter of Gertrude Helen Dowd of Chehalis.

Dan Brown 27 Jan 2007
Hoping someone can find obits for my cousins who died in Lewis co.

Delbert Brown died 13 Oct 1981
Ida E. Reinkens died 22 Jul 1972
Donald Prill died 17 Aug 2002
Ronald Wayne Brown 2 Dec 1982 b in Claquato Cem

Thanks for your assistance.

Jonnie Linscott-Cortez 21 Jan 2007
I am looking for information about my mother's father. Her maiden name was Delores M. Litke. She was from Chehalis. Her father's name was Carl Litke. Her mother's maiden name was Clair Linscott. When her mother married Carl, her name was Rhyner from a previous marraige. Carl worked in a dairy, maybe making powdered milk. He was German. He died when my mother was around 4 so that would be between 1933 and 1935. My mother is in a nursing home and it was always her wish to find out more about her father. She missed him all of her life, and I would like more information before she dies.

Mark Justus 13 Jan 2007
If anyone wants information on their line of the Norman family that moved from Webster County, WV to Lewis County, Washington in the early 1900's, I may be of help to them. This family would be the descendants of Louisa Cornel and Henry Bell Norman.

AnnaLee Zenkner Jones 13 Jan 2007
Looking for information about Anna Zenkner (Berry), Anton Zenkner, Austin Zenkner, Claude Zenkner. Also would like info on Zenkner Valley. Thank You.

Patricia Somerville 24 Dec 2006
Somerville and Baker family genealogy--does anyone have any information and would it be possible for me to contact them? My grandfather and great-grandfather were owners of the sawmill.

Elizabeth G. Sholund 16 Nov 2006
I am searching for the obituary for Margaret Emery Comings (b. 2 Jun 1909, d. Mar 1985) who is buried at the Claquato Cemetery.

Laura (Dorning) Hendricks 6 Nov 2006
I was just looking For the name Sam L. Dorning - I saw it in the 1910 Napavine census. His uncle's Name was Roy, I remember my dad taliking about a Lynn Dorning (b. abt 1897, Kansas). Am looking for any other information on the Dorning family in Lewis County. Thank you.

Linda McCormick 6 Nov 2006
I'm looking for anything about

WEST: John H. (the father) Listed in 1920 U.S. Federal Census as living in Doty, Lewis Co., WA. Age 66, born abt. 1854 in MO. Living with Wife Alice West, age 51. and Son John H., age 10 (born OK abt. 1909) and some stepsons and boarders.

Would like John H. (the father) death/burial date/place. Whereabouts of John H. (the son) after 1920 census (or father's death) and any family members. Any contact with family or researchers of John H. West. Thank you very much.

Donna Berglund 6 Nov 2006
Could someone check Obits. for John Paivarinta, who died April 1968, in Chehalis, Washington, buried in Claquato, WA, AND John Rinne, who died August 1973 in Everett, WA (perhaps his Obit. isn't in Lewis Co, but he and his wife are buried in Winlock Cemetery).

Linda Carman 21 Oct 2006
Charles Fish was my great-grandfather, I would appreciate any information that anyone can give me on him. [Editor's note: Charles Fish is buried with his wife, Grace E., at Silver Creek Cemetery in Lewis Co., WA.]

Ken Dully 5 Oct 2006
I read the Black genealogy with great interest. As a preschooler Evelyn Townsand (Mrs. Orval Lee Black) was our housekeeper for a short time after the death of my father in 1929. After her marriage to Orval, they moved to Ryderwood. My brother and I spent a few weeks one summer with them (they lived in a 'skid shack'. In 1940 we visited for the summer and remained for that school year. A repeat stay occured in 1942-43. I recall a visit to Orval's dads farm for harvesting hay. Great corn on the cob. His dad seemed like a nice older man. In '42 a coouple of friends & I went to that farm area by the bridge over the Chehalis river to see if we could get some work for a little spending money. A nearby farmer offered us a job helping bring in the hay. We slept in the field with the admonision not to smoke. Breakfast was huge! We finished the work in one day and were paid and unemployed. Hitchiked to Chehalis, a movie and back to the farm area ending up asking Orval's dad if we could sleep at his place. He let us sleep in the hayloft (no smoking!). Sleeping was ruined by a hayfight, we retired to the barnyard and slept on the ground. Orvals dad looked out the window in the morning and was stuned to see us sleeping on the ground with the cows walking all about us. How we missed steping in the cow pies is a mystery. Orval and Evelyn came to Mt. View after Ryderwood closed and became a school custodian my brother got him the job). I visited Evelyn in the Morton Nursing Home twice, once taking her on a ride to revisit Ryderwood, then to the old farm area, Centralia and back to Morton. Orval told me he left school in the 3rd grade after throwing an ink bottle at the teacher (it missed) He went home to his grandfather's and said he wasn't going back. Orval had a stammering problem but got it under control as he grew older. We called him Uncle Orval and he was a great fellow with a swell voice for 'My Wild Irish Rose'. Perhaps someone in the family tree will find this information interesting. I certainly appreciated the Black influence in my life.

Tina 5 Oct 2006
I recieved a letter over 30 years ago from my great grandmother (she's still alive)...while doing a school project..with all my family history in it from that side of my family. It was put away and recently I came upon that letter. I'm now doing searches via internet on my family history comparing with this letter and have found that the Bassetts (James, Catherine, Temple, James, Stewart, Esther and Homer) and the Alexanders (Margaret and Robert) as in my letter are listed in the 1910 Lewis Co. Census. I'm very interested in finding out more information and have also found both of my great great grandparents (James and Catherine Bassett and Margaret and Robert Alexanders) are buried at Fern Hill Cemetery.

Rita Parker 1 Oct 2006
Am looking for any information on the Rhodes family: George, Wiley and Melvina who immigrated to Lewis County around 1912 from Pike County, Kentucky. My husband is descended from George's son, Russ Rhodes from Pike County. Thank you.

Trish Padget 23 Sep 2006
I am looking for any information or photos I can get on my father whose name is HENRY GILBERT ALDRICH. He was born in North Dakota on 12 September, 1917 and moved to the Washington area. He enlisted in the US Army on 5 February, 1941 and served in Queensland, Australia and New Guinea. His residence at time of discharge was Centralia. He died on 27 August, 1981 in Chehalis and is apparently buried in Claquato Sunset Memorial Cemetery.

Donna Berglund 21 Sep 2006
Known about JOHN PAIVARINTA: Born in 1888, Finland. Died 1968 in Winlock, WA. Had a chicken farm. Bachelor. Anyone who could look up an Obit. on him would be appreciated. Hopefully, will indicate where he is buried.

Michael Schwarz 17 Sep 2006
Looking for any information on my family. My father (David A. Schwarz 10/16/1932) has never been forthcoming with information except for the fact he was raised in Lewis County.

Ami Minear Moore 17 Sep 2006
I am looking for information about my great-grandfather, Floyd Fillmore Duell and his wife Mae Duell, who resided in Chehalis in the early 1900's. My grandmother Elizabeth Jane Duell was born in Lewis Co. in 1922 and married my grandfather Walter H. Minear in 1945. If there are any articles or photographs they would be much appreciated!

Tina Santee-Mortensen 17 Sep 2006
I am looking for any information and pictures of a candy store that was owned and operated by my great grandparents in Chehalis Washington. The candy store was named "SANTEE'S SWEET SHOP" delicious candy made in our own candy kitchen. I have some of the ribbon used to wrap around the candy packages and this is what is written on the ribbon. I am not sure of the years. The store was owned by Raymond and Jenny Santee.

Laurie Gilbertson 9 Sep 2006
Looking in the areas of Vader, Ryderwood, Longview, Portland. Nancy Shackleton was my grandmother and graduated from Toledo High school class of 1937. Also looking for my great-grandmother Anita Moraga. She possibly may have used her nickname of "Teddy", and was married serveral times - to a Jackson, to Elmer Storm, and to Chester "Chet" Branson (in Lewis Co., WA). Photo's, death certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates or any and all information would be GREATLY appreciated! We are trying to learn more about what was happening during that time and track down three siblings who were possibily adopted out to the Storm family. Good or bad information is great!

Hildegard Fringeli 25 Aug 2006
I'm looking for Arnold Eichmann from Switzerland. My grandmother was his sister. He has been working in 1905 at Dryad at Luedinghaus Bros. I have found some letters sent to his parents in Switzerland telling he worked at the lumbermill after it burned down. He worked as an maschine engineer and built a steam whistle which was very loud. He was at this time 29 young and single. Later on he is also wrting about Tolt, which is, if I understand right called Carnation. My question: does still someone know about an Arnold Eichmann in this region? Where is he buried? I very much appreciate any information about him. Thank you.

Carole Bonnell 25 Aug 2006
I am searching for the following from Lewis county, WA.

Thank you.

Vivian Grooms 20 Aug 2006
I am trying to find my ggg aunt but am haveing no luck at all. I have a post card from Centralia WA. dated back in 1942 and she was at a ggg uncle's funeral in 1943. She was asked about whether or not she knew of where some other relatives were but said she did not know anything about where the family was. If there is anyone out there that knows of a MARY C. COOPER born 1849 Knox CO. IN. or of her marriage please let me know. Her father was Alexander Cooper, mother was Sarah Salyers and they divorced in 1871 in Knox CO. IN. Father went to Alvord CO. TX. and mother went to GREENE CO. Arkansas. Her brothers and sisters are Noah, James H., William Henry, Daniel Harmon, then MARY C., Nancy E., Jacob Houston, Alexander JR., Liddia E., Joseph, Christopher Columbus, and Simon Peter Cooper. She was in Arkansas for Christopher Columbus's funeral on September 03, 1943. But that was the last anyone has heard from her. I do not know if she was ever married,or where she died at. I hope someone knows of her or can help me. Thank you very much.

Jeanne Johnson 20 Aug 2006
I am looking for Edmound Lowery's 2nd wife Lillian B. married abt 1908 in Washington He was first married to Annie Catherine Madden. Lillian was married first to ?Chilberg, 2nd husband ?Gray. I have a 16x20 portrait of Lillian and I would like to find a family member to give it too. The portrait was found behind a deer picture that was given to my grandmother Anna Rayton from Lillian Lowry. They were living near Claquato, Lewis, Washington. Thank you.

Charles R. Schafer 20 Aug 2006
I am looking for the descendants of Robert T. Davis. His parents are my GGGgrandparents, Richard & Edna Thomas Davis. Both died in Clackamas Co., OR. Anything would be great. I found this site with the Davis name. There is a Heather Agee I believe that submited this info on Marion Carl Davis but her link is not accessible. Thank you.

Leo Vandervort 20 Aug 2006
I am looking for any info on Knox family, living in the area in the earlier 1900's and later, Info on where the cemetary are, my mother uncle or grandfather I believe was in that area, and later a Charlie Knox was in the Chehalis area in the 50's. Thanks.

Susan Manz Graham 6 Aug 2006
I am researching the family of Lulu M. and Elmer E. (Preston) Varney who lived in Ainslie in 1910. Their children were Dale, Gladys, Harold, Claude and Lyle. I have the census and basic stats information available on ancestry.com, but am running out of resources. Claude married Mary in about 1927, but had no children in the 1930 census. My connection is through Elmer's great grandparents, Jedediah and Eleanor Varney - they are my 3rd great grandparents. Thanks!

Emily M. L. Norris 5 Aug 2006
I was wondering if there was any more information on a lady by the name of Florence C Brossard b. 1885- d. 1963, who is buried at Claquato Cemetery. She could possibly be the wife of a Timothy Brossard..I am trying to piece some family history togeather, this being my mother's father's family. We don't have any more information past him -it would really help if we knew if she was his wife, as I cannot find her anywhere in Canada.

Judith Hardy 5 Aug 2006
I found a plate of china by W. S. George and on the inside of the plate, in gold lettering, it says "Compliments of Chas. W. Winsberg Morton, Wa." It is a beautiful dinner plate bowl type. I just would like to know if anyone would perhaps want this pretty dish as an heirloom or to display in a local city office or museum? If so, please contact me. [Editor's note: there is a Charles Winsberg in the 1910 census for Mineral Creek. His wife Louise is enumerated in the 1920 census for Morton, widowed.]

Maureen Vernon 5 Aug 2006
Reuben and Mary Jane Barstow were Cinebar pioneers and my GG Grandparents. I know they are buried in Shoestring cemetery. Their daughter was Phoebe DeMore. Are there any Barstow or DeMore connections left in Lewis County?

Kathy Gibbs 5 Aug 2006
I'm looking for relatives who resided in Centralia, Lewis Co., Washington. My Great Great Aunt was Cora B. Harlan who passed away in 1950. Her daughter was Mary A. Ormbrek, I'm not sure when she passed. Any information would be appreciated.

Richard La Brosse 5 Aug 2006
I have been searching for my great uncle John La Brosse for five years now and I think I may have found him. I am about 99.9 percent sure. Census tracking took him from Oconto County Wisconsin to Upper Michigan where he married Alice L and then to Thurston county in 1920. I know this to be the Michigan John as his wife was listed as Alice L.

Now I find a John La Brosse who died on Sept. 30, 1930 in Centralia, Lewis county. So, he missed the 1930 census so I can't verify that the Lewis County and Thurston county Johns are the same.

The funeral notice in the Oct 1, 1930 Centralia paper states that this John had a daughter, Anne Keightley and one son living in New York. All the La Brosses living in New York as of today, do not lead back to Washington state, so it may be that he moved back at some time. Louis R. La Brosse, born 1-26-08 and died Dec 1988 with the last benifit being paid in Lewis County, Centralia leads me to think this may be the son. I havn't investigated that yet, but plan on sending for his SS application.

Anne Keightley was the daughter of the Lewis county John. She was born 9-25-00 and died at Tacoma on Oct 19, 1984. I have sent for her obit and SS application today with the hope of it giving some family information.

I guess I am just putting this out here in the hopes that someone else may have some little piece of information. If I am right and the Lewis county John is my great uncle, there may be living relatives I would like to find.

According to my living relatives, my great uncle John was supposed to have been killed by a gunshot wound while playing cards. I have never been able to verify that.

Either way, I put what I found out here so even if I am not right, somebody else may save themselves some leg work.

Sheila 5 Aug 2006
I am trying to find anyone who may have information on the Banjuh family of Boistfort, WA. My grandmother was Anna Banjuh and married William Leroy Carns Sept 18, 1910. She had several brothers and sisters all born around the 1890's. Her parents names were Thomas Banzuck? and Susie Kolesar Bandzuck. Spelling may be off as they didn't speak english and name was changed to Banjuh. From Austria. Thank you.

Wilma Bland 5 Aug 2006
Trying to reconnect with Althauser researchers --- lost Bob's email address. (see previous query). Also, a HUGE reminder to anyone having photo files on their computer/ hard drive: Print them out and also burn a cd. I lost several files on my hard drive when it died. Luckily I still had the originals and could rescan and edit, etc.

Nancy 13 Jul 2006
I am interested in finding any descendents of John Alpha Norman in Salkum, Lewis Co., WA. John came from Webster Co., WV. I understand he and second wife Ruth E. Newell are buried in the Cemetery there. He also had a first wife Bennie (from WV) who died there after having about 8 children. She may have died after having her last in 1917. She may also be buried in this cemetery. My husband's dad was named Alpha by John Alpha's sister. Would like to know the dates of any Normans buried there.

D. VanDeVoort 1 Jul 2006
Looking for info on family of Milton Notter, who died 1959 and is buried at Claquato Sunset Memorial Cemetery.

Jason Eastman 30 Jun 2006
I grew up in Morton washington and currently live in Hillsboro, Oregon. I'm trying to find the parents of Mark O. Eastman Sr. He is my Grandfather and might be related to the Eastmans buried in Claquato. He was married to Ethel Stiltner and lived in Glenoma Washington.

I have been researching for a while and I'm stuck!!! I do have his obituary for the chronicle but still no records of his parents. ODDLY...my father...Wesley (Pete) Eastman said the his dad never talked about them :).

Eastman, Mark O. Jr. 31-Oct-36 13-Jan-85 USN
Eastman, Mark O. Sr. 1912 1964 marr/09 Nov 1935

Any helped would be great!

Andrew Brown 30 Jun 2006
Charles A. BEVANS c1859IA- d.WA LVD:1910:Elbe\Pierce\WA m Mary ?(c1859IL-)
living in Randle\Lewis\WA in 1930
--------------?Wade BEVANS 1908-1985.Packwood\Lewis\WA SS:OR
Seek fate and contact with descendants.

Kathy 25 Jun 2006
I'm looking for information about Mitill-or-Metta bennett.No idea of what her maiden name was. She was married to Charles Bennett(he was a barber in Doty). She died between 1920-1923.On her grave headstone is mother-wife. No other info. If you know anything-even exact death date I would appreciate it.

Jolyn Wright 25 Jun 2006
Do you have any information on a family by one of these names in the Winlock/Vader/Ryderwood/Toledo area. They were a big logging family in the late 1800s to the best of my knowledge. I am having a hard time finding any information on them.

Geri Hawk 25 Jun 2006
My father, John W. Livingston, graduated from Mossy Rock High School in 1932. My problem is that Livingston is not his birth name. He was given to a couple, Charles and Emma Livingston, when he was about 5 years old. I do know he was born in Oregon. I am trying to find the records that show his enrollment in the school system. Hopefully this can give me some leads on who he is. I do know he was on the basketball team. He died in 1949 and now I am trying to do some family research and am coming to a stumbling block. Hopefully someone can help me.

Leta DeMello 11 Jun 2006
My grandmother was Maxine Kloepper, who was in a second marriage to Herman John KLOEPPER: 1921 Parmenter, Texas-Oct 1998 Chehalis, Wash. married #1 Barbara THOMAS m# 2 Maxine GLADON.

Corey 9 May 2006
I am researching a notorious train robber and escape artist named Roy Gardner. He was considered famous, but was an outlaw in a unique place and time. He was a Western bandit in the gangster era. After Roy escaped from federal marshals a second time on a moving train to McNeil Island, he eluded officers at Castle Rock and then came to Centralia, Washington. Roy checked into the Oxford Hotel after he had plastered his face with bandages to hide his indentity. He told the proprietor, Gertrude Powell, that he had been burned in a gasoline explosion at Tacoma, but she became suspicious and Officer Louis Sonney arrested the outlaw and the townspeople had there photo taken with him. It was said that women baked the handsome, charming outlaw pies and waved goodbye to him as he was finally sent to McNeil Island where he would once again escape and would end up at Alcatraz. Have you heard of him? I have heard that Louis Sonney, an exploit pioneer, had a son named Dan Sonney, also in exploitation, and Louis's daughter, Rosa Lee Sonney said that everytime their family story begins, it begins with the mail train bandit Roy Gardner. Would you know how to contact the Sonney family? I think the Oxford Hotel still celebrates the capture of outlaw Roy Gardner.

Kay Counts 9 May 2006
I have found marriage record for Sabina.. Still looking for marriage record for Esther McCutcheon. She is somehow related to Dr. Charles McCutcheon of the Fanny Paddock Hospital, Dr. William R. McCutcheon of Thorpe Wisconsin, George McCutcheon of Alaska and Samuel who stayed behind in Ireland. These are all brothers... John W. was the other brother Teacher who lived in Adna and married Jane Tweed Dandy..Esther married first William Bartlett and then Charles (for Issac) Gochnour. I'm looking for this marriage record. This marriage would have taken place around 1909-1914. Please help me find my GGrandmother.

Darlene Hiatt 9 May 2006
Harold SLAYTON and Arleen (Overstreet?) reportedly met picking fruit during the depression in Stockton CA area. Marriage request look-up about 1940 because they had a daughter, Judith Ann SLAYTON who was born 4 Dec 1940 in Eugene, Lane, Oregon, who passed away last month in that same town. They had only lived there for 3 ½ months prior to the baby’s birth. He was a fireman at a plywood mill there. Her Nativity: Cowlitz, WA. Will you PLEASE do an obit look-up for Arleen I SLAYTON,died in Los Angeles, 30 Mar, 1971, CA. She was in the Women’s Inactive Reserve Army Corps during WWII and enlisted from Portland, Oregon. Her grandson is seeking Indian certification to possibly join the tribe for the benefit of the g grandchildren to know their heritage. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Diana DeForrest 5 Apr 2006
Mildred Altman married in Lewis County, Washington in 1942. Either in Centralia or Chehalis. She was around 15 years old at the time. The marriage was annulled. The father of my sister was her husband for a short time. His name was Schroeder (sp) or Schrock (sp). Thanks for your help finding this document. There are medical implications.

Delbert Broyles 28 Mar 2006
Edward and ida Doyle were my grandmother's aunt and uncle. My mother visited them in 1928 and said they had a farm on the Skookumchuck. Any information would be appreciated. I'm trying to make a connection since my gr-grandmothers record is not available. Thank you.

Melinda Johnson 25 Mar 2006
Regarding the entry in the "History of Lewis County, WA" for James SCHUFFERT: On this page (http://files.usgwarchives.net/wa/lewis/history/lch-idxrs.txt), under Schuffert, it should be ammended to say:

(James and Alice were the parents of daughters Elizabeth and Dorothyann.)

On this page (http://files.usgwarchives.net/wa/lewis/history/lch-pt9.txt), under James Schuffert, it should be ammended to add James Schuffert's wife's name: Alice Rose Klein Schuffert.

Dorthyann (now deceased) was my mother.

Is there a copy of this somewhere on-line with photographs? Did my mother ever submit any? Somewhere (I don't know where since I moved, but will eventually), I have a great photo of my grandpa with his foot up on the cowcatcher of a big locomotive. I also have (in my computer) a great picture of my aunt Betty and mom as children. Grandpa started out as a fireman, worked up to being a brakeman, and then to being an engineer for Great Northern, out of Centralia.

I was looking in the copies of the census at the web page, but I didn't see my grandfather on any of them. I don't know when he first moved to Centralia. He was very active in the Masons. They also had a summer home on Mud Bay. The furnace exploded one evening while he was at a Masonic meeting, and the place burned to the ground.

Gale Wagner 24 Mar 2006
Looking for my grandmother's and great-grandmother's maiden names, and family info. Grandmother was Myrtle G. Wagner - husband, George W. Wagner. They lived in Tenino and Renton, and were in Lewis Co., WA. They had one son - Wayne Preston Wagner, born 1923, died in Oregon in 1966. Myrtle divorced George and later married a man named Baker. She is buried at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland, OR. I do not have dates.

Great-grandmother was married to Henry D. Wagner, and he and their four children lived in Lewis County (1910 census for Napavine shows Henry D. as a widower). They moved to Washington from Virginia. Children were George W., Henry C., Jennie and Phillip L. Wagner. Any help will be appreciatively received.

Charles Peter Kane 24 Mar 2006
Would like any info on Pete Kain or Paul Kain. Born Centralia 1896-99 They are the sons of Eugene P. Kain, a Centralia Pioneer who died in Centralia in 1926.

Kay Counts 23 Mar 2006
Still looking for anyone who know my Grandparent's... My grandmother was Esther Gochnour born in 1871 Canada. She married Charles I. Gochnour (second marriage), she married him sometime between 1910-1914. Charles's brother was George and his father was Josiah. They also had a sister Viola Palmquist (Palmquist being her married name). Trying to locate my grandmother and her son James B. Gochnour/Bartlett (James was born from first marriage). Any information would help. Charles I. is buried in Mt. View Cemetery in Centraila, WA. Lots of records show him as Charles R, but it is Charles I Gochnour. Died in 1940. Help me find my Great Grandmother and Great Uncle. [Update to Q374.]

Elizabeth Hicker 28 Feb 2006
Surnames: Spangler, Metter, Booth, Nolan, Trahanes, Curtit, Ferrier, Doc. Campbell, Walter S. Bowen, Pinto Family. Hi, I'm looking for information regarding Little Falls "Vader". Old family stories, pictures, and business around 1860's through 1950's. Interested in information on old pioneers including patents, any information on the four clay companies especially the Toronto Clay Company in Vader proper. I'm very interested in corresponding with family members, and those who lived on Cougar Flats. I need pictures of the old Cougar Grange located on the side of Hwy. 506 near the Stillwater creek and Little Falls Cemetery. I have quite a bit of information in bits and pieces and would very glad to share what I have.

Tammy Stewart 19 Feb 2006
I am looking for any information/stories you may have on the Charles and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Riedel family. They lived in Vader, WA. They had 10 children (Herman, William, Chris, Ernest, Arthur, Grover, Roland, Clara, Doris and John. I know that Charles owned a general store in Vader. I know a lot of basic details about all the children except William who was sick with TB and Ernest. I need to know when both were born and died and where. Any interesting stories you have on the family would be greatly appreciated.

Mary Hutchins 19 Feb 2006
I'm looking for any information on the family of Dell Fred VanOrnum. He was born on June 26, 1889 in Lewis County, WA. His parents are Henry & Mary (Hardy) VanOrnum. I know that he had brothers and sister. Would appreciate anything I could receive.

Sharon Estrada 11 Feb 2006
I am doing some research on William J McMillan and Ollie McMillan Darnell and her son Buddy. Dr. McMillan was my grandfather. He was married to Ollie (Olive) Hubbard. They lived in Randle from 1930 - 1935. She had the Midway Tavern in Chehalis in 1939, I cannot seem to find their marriage record or anything about her son Buddy. [This query is an update to Q376]

Pat Wahl 9 Feb 2006
Looking for the obit of Louis Larsen who was born in Denmark about 1866 and died 22 Feb. 1945 in Chehalis. Tried Interlibrary Loan but did not find anything. Any help would be appreciated in locating this document. Many thanks.

Mary L. Donovan 26 Jan 2006
I am researching the family of my g-g-grandfather, Charles F. White, b. 7-9-1815, Hillsboro Co., NH. Charles and his wife, Elizabeth Buchanan White, arrived at Boistfort, WT, in 1851, from Peoria, IL, to take advantage of the allocation of a donation land claim. Charles and Elizabeth lived out their lifetimes in Boistfort and are buried in the cemetery there. Also present in Boistfort, at an apparently later date, is to be found another White family as pointed out in the book The Wooden Bench by Priscilla Tiller. I understand that at least six generations of this family have lived in Lewis County and I am wondering if there is a descendant who might know if there is a connection between our two families.

Richard La Brosse 16 Jan 2006
John Labrosse died on September 30, 1930 in Centrailia, Lewis County. He was married to a lady, first name of Alice L. She died five years prior. They had two children. Anna La Brosse who married a man with the last name Keightley and the son went to New York. I am almost positive that this John Labrosse is going to be my grandfathers brother who has been missing to all the family, here in Wisconsin, since the late 1800's. I figured if I could find a relative of the daughter, Anna Keightley, I may get some much needed information. Thanks to all of you who replied to my other posts on all the county boards. That is how I located this John Labrosse.

Elmer V. Koski 8 Jan 2006
Wondering if anyone remembers Clyde Ricketts, Winlock, Washington. I went to school with him in 1st and 2nd grades about 1936 to 1938. Have often wondered what might have become of him.

Elmer V. Koski 8 Jan 2006
The following person's e-mail address seems to have disappeared. The query concerned people from Harlan County, Kentucky who moved to Lewis County. One was Tip Rogers. My brother (Charles Koski) was married to Tip Roger's daughter, Judy, and tried to send information to Jeanette Thurber but it was returned as Undeliverable. (I am a grandson of Henry Koski who moved to Winlock in 1903, one of three Finns who moved there. There was a rather large number of Finns up until about 1950 residing in the area. Last time I checked the phone directory they seem to be mostly gone.) Elmer Koski, Winlock, Wash.

Linda Allred Cooper 8 Jan 2006
I would like photos of the Allred graves in the BUTTERWORTH'S CEMETERY, also known as MOUNTAIN VIEW CEMETERY PIONEER SECTION, CENTRALIA, LEWIS COUNTY, Washington. Is there a volunteer who would be willing to make these photos for me? I am willing to pay costs. The graves are:

Allred, Edward----26 Jul 19281848
Allred, Jessie179918801637
Allred, Jessie L.02 Nov 180706 Nov 189216 -- b.KY
Allred, Jonnie L.02 Aug 187529 Mar 18771637
Allred, Lettishia31 Jan 187829 Jun 18831637
Allred, Margrett180718921637
Allred, Mary E.18671927 1637
Allred, Mary W.12 Mar 183727 Aug 19111637w/Solomon
Allred, Russ O.184119171637MO Mil Cav
Allred, Solomon A.183222 Aug 192816371st MOSM Cav
Allred, Thomas185919211637
Allred, Virginia A. --------1341no dates

Linda Allred Cooper 8 Jan 2006
I am interested in swapping info about Jesse Lane Allred (1799 - 1880) and family. This family is buried in Butterfield Cemetery, Centralia, Lewis County, WA.