The 1870 Census for Lewis Co., Washington Territory was transcribed from Microfilm Series M593, Roll #1683, pages 145-158, on file at the Pacific regional branch of the National Archives in Seattle, WA. The census was enumerated from Aug. 1 to Aug. 13, 1870, by P. D. Moore, Asst. Marshal. 888 people were enumerated (an increase of 504 people over the 1860 population).

Every attempt was made to faithfully and accurately transcribe the 1870 census. Any fields which were blank in the original census were also left blank in the transcription. Any questionable names are indicated with a "(?)". Alternative spellings are listed when appropriate. An explanation of the column headings included in the transcriptions can be viewed below. I have prepared an every-name index to the census. The census is also searchable from the main search engine.

The 1870 Census Images are also available, due to the generosity of Dwight Randall and S-K Publications.

I would also like to annotate the 1870 census with additional information on the individuals listed. If you are researching a particular family listed here, and would like your e-mail address, relavent website, or other information included in the "Comments" column, then please email Jenny Tenlen.

Alphabetical Index

A - D E - L M - Z

Precinct Index

Boisfort Pages 0145A, 0145B, 0146A
Claquato Pages 0147A, 0147B, 0148A, 0148B
Cowlitz Prairie Pages 0149A, 0149B, 0150A, 0150B, 0151A, 0151B, 0152A, 0152B
Newaukum Pages 0153A, 0153B, 0154A, 0154B, 0155A
Skookum Chuck Pages 0156A, 0156B, 0157A, 0157B, 0158A, 0158B

Explanation of Column Headings for Census Transcriptions:

Column 1: Line #
Column 2: Dwelling #
Column 3: Family # (in order visited)
Column 4: Last name
Column 5: First name
Column 6: Age
Column 7: Gender
Column 8: Race (W=white; B=black; I=Indian)
Column 9: Occupation
Column 10: Value of Real Estate
Column 11: Value of Personal Property
Column 12: Place of birth
Column 13: Father of foreign birth?
Column 14: Mother of foreing birth?
Column 15: Month of birth, if born within last year
Column 16: Comments and Annotations