Index to: "An Illustrated History of Whitman County, state of Washington"

The following is an index of biographies published in the "An Illustrated History of Whitman County, state of Washington" [Published by W. H. Lever, San Francisco, CA, 1901]

has kindly offered to transcribe biographies from this book on request. Biographies will be posted to the WABios project site as they are transcribed. Please email Diana with your request [PLEASE NOTE: if their name does not appear in this index, then there is no biography for that individual!]

Adams, Willis F.
Allen, Wilford
Anderson, Albert
Anderson, David F.
Anderson, George D.
Anderson, Leslie W.
Arrasmith, John W.

Bach, John
Baker, Joseph M.
Baker, Thomas
Bancroft, Amos J.
Barkhuff, George W.
Barnes, Thomas M.
Baxter, Marshall L.
Beard, Josiah S.
Beasley, D. A.
Benn, Benjamin T.
Billups, Francis M.
Billups, Henry P.
Boone, Daniel W.
Boone, H. M.
Boswell, Cal M.
Bowman, David S.
Brand, W. W.
Brockway, Lewis A.
Brown, Benjamin B.
Brown, Francis H.
Brown, Samuel
Brown, T. A.
Bryan, Enoch A.
Bull, V. E.
Burgan, E. S.
Burgunder, Benjamin
Burke, Iver
Burnam, Oran
Bush, Henry
Byrd, Francis M.
Byrne, Edward J.
Byrne, Michael

Calhoun, Andrew J.
Calhoun, L. L.
Canfield, Henry W.
Canutt, Alexander
Canutt, John L.
Canutt, Joseph E.
Chamberlin, Charles
Chandler, William
Chase, Charles A.
Choate, Mellville
Clement, John C.
Cole, Charles
Collins, Lycurgus H.
Collins, Orville M.
Coman, Edwin T.
Comegys, Ralph
Comegys, George
Corner, John F.
Cota, Nelson N.
Coutts, Robert
Cox, Anderson
Cox, Philip W.
Cozier, John C.
Cram, C. C.
Cram, Charles O.
Cram, Jay B.
Cram, William H.
Crampton, C. F.
Crampton, Josiah
Crane, Edward E.
Crawford, Leonard
Cronk, Upton E.
Crutcher, Samuel J.
Culton, Jeremiah W.
Cunningham, E. V.
Cunningham, John

Darling, Charles N.
Davenport, Walter J.
Davis, Joseph H.
DeLong, Joseph
Devenish, O. G.
DeYoung, John
Donahoe, Thomas F.
Donahoe, W. J.
Donaldson, W. A.
Doty, William
Dowling, Frank
Draper, George A.
Duff, Thomas
Duling, Joseph
Duling, William
Duncan, Charles B.
Durham, Ezra J.

Earley, William M.
Eastabrooks, Charles L.
Easter, George W.
Eaton, John D.
Einsiedler, George
Eitel, H. C.
Enos, William H.
Ensley, Henry
Ewart, James
Ewing, William V.

Ferguson, T. D.
Finch, John W.
Fincher, Emsley
Fleener, David B.
Flint, John H.
Fudge, Adam
Fudge, William

Gant, James O.
Gilkerson, James
Gordon, William A.
Greer, J. D.
Griffith, Irvan
Grimm, John F.

Hall, Oliver
Halpin, Thomas
Hamilton, Ortis
Hamilton, W. J.
Hammer, Ai
Harper, John M.
Harper, William
Harter, Martin
Haynes, Napoleon
Heater, C. M.
Heglar, Arthur L.
Hickman, Alexander
Hickman, Henry
Hill, Francis M.
Hill, George
Hill, George N.
Hinchliff, Charles N.
Hofer, Valentine
Hoffman, Frederick W.
Holt, D. M.
Hooper, William N.
Houchin, Andrew J.
Howard, George P.
Howell, George
Howell, George M.
Hubbard, Goalman
Hubbard, Junius H.
Hughes, Edgar B.
Hughes, Harry I.
Hulin, Beekman H.
Hunt, Henry S.
Huntley, William
Hurlbert, V. B.

Imbler, John W.
Inman, William A.
Inman, William

Jennings, Jasper
Johnson, Charles W.
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, George S.
Johnson, Joseph B.
Johnson, J. Mat
Johnston, J. O.
Johnston, Wilson
Jones, Eli C.

Kay, Henry D.
Kelley, John F.
Kennedy, W. F.
Kenoyer, J.
Kincaid, G. D.
Kite, George W.
Knight, Riley
Knox, Thomas

Laird, John H.
Larkin, Henry
Lawrence, John C.
Lawrence, Stephen P.
Lawrence, William J.
Lawrence, William P.
Ledbetter, H. J.
Leid, Harrison
Lemon, Henry
Lemon, James T.
Lennox, George H.
Leonard, R.
Liddle, H. M.
Lindley, J. L.
Lindley, L. J.
Lippitt, Julius
Lloyd, Abner T.
Lobaugh, J. T.
Logsdon, Tyrah H.
Love, Lewis C.
Lowry, George W.
Luce, Isaac K.
Lyman, Alfred H.
Lynch, Alexander H.
Lyons, John A.

MacKenzie, Charles L.
Manchester, Benjamin T.
Manning, Benjamin
Manning, Patrick
Manring, Alvin
Martin, Christian
Martin, Edward O.
Martin, George I.
Martin, George W.
Matlock, John E. C.
Matlock, John H.
McCaig, Ralston
McCornack, John K.
McCown, Thomas H.
McCoy, James F.
McCroskey, J. P. T.
McCroskey, James H.
McCroskey, John Franklin
McCroskey, Robert C.
McCroskey, Samuel M.
McCroskey, William E.
McKenzie, Daniel G.
McNeilly, William
McQueen, George H.
Mechling, A. W.
Meuli, Michael
Miller, A. A.
Miller, Charles B.
Miller, John J.
Milne, James
Mitchell, W. A.
Monlux, Ezra
Mood, George H.
Mood, William
Morgan, John N.
Morley, Chester B.
Morley, Chester W.
Moys, Charles R.
Mulkey, Thomas G.
Murray, E. C.

Naffziger, Joseph
Neace, Lewis T.
Neergaard, R. J.
Neighbor, Albert E.
Nichols, William A.
Nifong, James

Overby, Asa Jr.

Paige, G. W.
Palmer, Frank M.
Palmer, G. W.
Parkman, Nathan B.
Parvin, James
Patterson, Garrett R.
Penn, J. T.
Perkins, J. A.
Phelps, Alma
Phillips, James
Putman, Daniel B.

Raby, Charles G.
Ransom, Walter E.
Reed, John M.
Reed, M. O.
Renfrew, William W.
Richards, James W.
Richardson, James M.
Richardson, John R.
Richardson, Richard
Ringer, John T.
Ringer, L. M.
Roberts, Ralph W.
Rose, M. A.
Russell, J. C.

Savage, Thomas W.
Saylor, John A.
Schlee, John J.
Seagle, James M.
Seagle, William C.
Sheahan, Patrick
Shoemaker, Stephen B.
Shroll, Valentine
Siler, Sidney B.
Simpson, Dickey
Sly, George A.
Smith, A. J.
Smith, George N.
Smith, H. D.
Smith, Richard K.
Smith, Thomas J.
Southard, William K.
Spalding, Henry Hart
Sparks, O. M.
Spencer, Samuel
Squires, John
Staley, D. F.
Standard, Oliver W.
Standard, W. A.
Stemm, John H.
Stephenson, William B.
Steward, A. L.
Stewart, Neil
Stone, Frank J.
Stough, John D.
Stover, George H.
Stover, John H.
Strange, N. L.
Strevy, James L.
Stuht, A. E.
Swain, William
Swank, Lewis J.
Swift, Levinus M.

Tannatt, Thomas R.
Tant, Samuel J.
Taylor, Benjamin F.
Taylor, Edward C.
Taylor, Minerva J.
Thayer, John F.
Thorn, John M.
Throop, James C.
Throop, Calvin
Trimble, David F.
Troub, Henry F.
Turner, John C.
Turnley, R. P.

Vaugniaux, James
Verhagen, Aloysius A.
Vosburgh, Nelson A.

Waldrip, Thomas R.
Waldrip, James
Wallace, John T.
Ward, William P.
Waters, C. W.
Weinberg, E. W.
West, Mahlon H.
Westacott, Bryan
Whealen, Nicholas
Whitlow, M. W.
Whitman, E. A.
Whitney, David
Willard, A. B.
Williams, James H.
Wilson, Benjamin P.
Wilson, Jasper
Wood, Charles
Woodward, S. D.

Young, Henry J.