Index to: "A History of Central Washington, Including the Famous Wenatchee, Entiat, Chelan and the Columbia Valleys"

The following is an index of biographies published in the "A History of Central Washington, Including the Famous Wenatchee, Entiat, Chelan and the Columbia Valleys" [Lindley M. Hull, Compiler; Published by Press of Shaw & Borden Co., Spokane, WA, 1929]

has kindly offered to transcribe biographies from this book on request. Diana notes that many of these entries are short paragraphs, not quite a complete biography one might want to find, but still may have helpful information to a researcher. Biographies will be posted to the WABios project site as they are transcribed. [PLEASE NOTE: if their name does not appear in this index, then there is no biography for that individual.]

Adams, Ed
Albin, J. J.
Alexander, William H.
Allyn, Ephriam & Ed
Anderson, Axel F. & O. E.
Anderson, W. M.

Bailey, I. J.
Baker, Charles
Balch, E. T.
Ball, William D.
Ballou, J. B.
Barron, Frederick H.
Barton, William A.
Bates, James E.
Bauer, Casper
Beasley, J. F.
Bigham, Lester Allen
Bills, A. H.
Bills, H. G.
Bird, Fletcher M.
Bird, Milton W.
Bird, Rev. Mathew
Bjork, John
Bjork, O. G.
Blackman, Maude Morgan
Blair, George W.
Blankenship, William F.
Bolenbaugh, Jacob W.
Bollman, Thomas
Bonar, James C.
Bonar, James W.
Bonar, Jesse D.
Bonnell, B. C.
Bosworth, Jonathan W.
Bourgwardt, William
Bourn, Benjamin Franklin
Bowman, L. H.
Boyle, James T.
Brannigan, William
Bray, Ben F.
Brender, A. B.
Briskey, George
Briskey, William
Bromiley, Frank W.
Bromiley, Wilson
Brown, George W.
Brown, Noah N.
Brown, Reuben
Brown, Reuben Austin
Browne, Guy C.
Brownlow, W. H.
Brusha, Harriet
Burbank, Andrew S.
Burch, E. C.
Burgess, William W.
Burrell, Lyman S.

Cade, N. R.
Cahill, M. S.
Campbell, L. R.
Canaday, Ira
Cannon, Samuel P.
Cannon, T. J.
Cannon, W. F.
Carpenter, Sam, Will & Joe
Chapman, Benjamin M.
Chase, Judge James H.
Chisholm, S. A.
Christensen, Carl
Clark, Charles F.
Clark, W. T.
Clarke, George E. & Flora E. (Wilson)
Clayton, Albert P.
Coles, George
Compton, Isaac & Mary J. (Turner)
Compton, James & Frank
Cooke, Edwin N.
Cooper, A. R.
Cooper, Charles G.
Correll, Dave
Courtway, Anthony B.
Courtway, Francis X.
Cox, M. D. & Emiline (Ailor)
Cranmer, James H.
Cummins, Knott J.
Curry, Adelbert M.

Dallam, Frank M., Jr.
Davidson, William
Davies, John W.
Davis, Charles
Dennis, Edward William
Derifield, I. M.
Derry, Norman E.
DeTillion, H. G.
Detwiler, Lewis
Dickinson, Dick
Dickson, William
Dillon, Thomas J.
Doak, Thomas
Donalds, John
Doneen, John W.

Edmunds, William
Eikelberner, George C.
Eikelberner, Joseph E.
Emig, John & Nick
Erickson, Axle
Estes, F. D.
Estes, William B.
Ewing, Hulda (Harder)

Farnum, F. C.
Farrar, D. S.
Farris, David M.
Farwell, George H.
Ferguson, James W.
Fogg, Bert
Foote, Glovina E.
Ford, Edwin D.
France, O. G.
Frank, Emil
Freer, Ira
Freytag, Charles H. A.
Fuller, A. A.
Fuller, Otis Byron
Fulwiler, James

Gaines, Robert
Galler, John
Garland, Jasper
Gates, John Frank
Gehr, W. S.
Gellatly, Mrs. John A.
Gemmill, William
Giblin, Richard
Gilchrist, Dr. Colin
Goodfellow, John A.
Gray, George
Gray, George H.
Gray, William J. & Mary J. (Carpenter)
Greelish, Patrick
Greenaway, A. H.
Griggs, Ettie I.
Grill, Fred
Groff, George W.
Groves, T. J.
Gunn, Arthur

Haley, E. A.
Haley, William
Hanna, John & Maude E. (Pepper)
Harlin, Charles A.
Harper, Major Winfield
Harper, Martin V.
Harris, C. A.
Harris, Hyman
Hayden, William
Haynes, Paul
Hedding, C. E.
Henry, Thomas J.
Hickey, Elizabeth
Hickey, Mathias
Hinman, Charles H.
Hinman, Henry V.
Hinman, W. E.
Holcomb, B. B.
Holcomb, Pearl P.
Holcomb, Sam R.
Holmes, James B.
Holtzhauser, William F. J.
Honner, Howard
Horan, M.
Howard, George B.
Howe, George
Hoxey, Dr. G. W.
Hoyne, Thomas, Sr.
Huff, Thomas J.
Hughes, Taylor
Hull, Lindley M.

Ingersoll, Edgar D. & Clara A. (Gordon)
Irby, I.
Irwin, W. T.
Israel, Andrew

Jackson, Eugene
Jellison, Harvey
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Andrew P.
Johnson, J. M.
Johnson, John N.

Kamholz, Fred A.
Kampheur, John
Keane, James E.
Keller, Frank F.
Kellogg, Lucien E.
Kennedy, Robert C.
Kern, Paris I.
Kincherf, Nicholas
King, T. C.
King, William & Grace E. (Phar)
Kinzebach, O. W.
Kirby, Nellie (Ross)
Kline, George W.
Knapp, Frank E.
Kunkle, Stephen
Kyle, Charles O.

Lanham, John R.
Lanham, Josiah
Lanham, Z. A.
Larner, George W.
Larsen, Iver A.
Laurie, Rev. James A.
Lawrence, P. W.
Layfield & Peterson
Leahy, Michael R.
Lebeck, J. H.
Lee, William W.
Leonard, Dike
Lillis, John
Lindsay, Major A. S.
Little, William H.
Lockwood, E. W.
Losekamp, Franklin A.
Loving, O. E.
Mackie, George
MacLean, Laughlin
Maltbie, A. L.
Manchester, Dr. Le Roy B.
Mann, E. L. & Rose R. (Reeves)
Marble, Elias
Martin, Hettie (Bonar)
Martin, Philip M.
Mathews, John
McClimans, R. S.
McCoy, Delbert
McDermott, Captain Fred
McDonough, C. S.
McKenzie, William K., Sr.
McManus, O. C.
Mead, Dr. Eugene H.
Meier, William F.
Merriam, George S.
Merriam, William H.
Messerly, Elias
Middleton, Frank & Henry
Miliken, William H.
Miller, Emil H.
Miller, George J.
Miller, Jacob H.
Miller, John
Miller, John G.
Miller, John H.
Miller, Joseph P.
Miller, Parker H.
Miller, Philip
Miller, Sam C.
Mills, Samuel, Sr.
Mitchell, J. J.
Mitchell, William W.
Molke, Otto
Montgomery, Earl W.
Moorehouse, Al
Morgan, B. F.
Morgan, Dave
Morical, Sam E.
Morris, Enoch, Sr.
Morrison, Charles A.
Mulloy, S. J.
Munden, Andrew
Murray, Alexander
Murray, David C.

Newell, E. A.
Noland, S. D. & J. D.
Nolup, Charles G.
Norman, Amil

O'Connor, J. J.
Oliver, Frank & David L.
Oppel, George
Overturf, George H.

Padoshek, Martin
Padoshek, Vincent & John
Page, Eugene & Bertha A. (Gibbins)
Parr, W. O.
Parrish, George W.
Parrish, Tom
Pate, William N.
Patterson, Harry B. & Mary E.
Perkins, S. W.
Phillips, Scott W.
Pitcher, Alexander
Pitcher, George A.
Porter, John E.
Powell, Jacob
Pratt, James M.
Preston, Charles E.
Prewitt, William W. & Amanda (Coon)
Proctor, Jay C.
Prowell, W. R.

Ralston, Howell
Ralston, Mary
Rarey, W. T.
Reed, Charles B. & Mary A. (Edy)
Reed, Henry
Reeder, Charles E.
Reeder, W. D.
Reeves, Belle (Culp)
Reeves, Frank
Reeves, Fred
Reeves, I. W.
Resburg, William Henry
Reves, H. C.
Richardson, Dr. D. A.
Richardson, George T.
Rickman, C. C.
Robinson, W. J.
Rogers, Claude
Rose, Conrad
Ross, George A.
Ross, John D.

Sampson, O. S. & Jennie (Lee)
Sanders, Frank Marion
Sanders, W. A.
Scheble, Ellsworth D.
Scheble, Francis M.
Scheble, Percy F.
Schildnecht, H. R.
Schmidt, John
Schuber, Julius F.
Shaser, Dan F.
Shazer, George
Shearer, J.
Shehan, Thomas F.
Shepard, Albert Victor
Sherman, I. W.
Shotwell, Harvey C.
Shotwell, Joseph
Shugart, E. D.
Simmons, H. S.
Simmons, I. N.
Simmons, Mrs. H. S.
Skolopia, Jacob
Slack, Thomas
Slawson, Frank D.
Smith, E. W.
Smith, Harry B. & Ellen
Smith, I. O.
Smith, John A. C.
Smith, John Brown
Smith, William K.
Soule, Perry E.
Spencer, George
Stahl, Eugene C.
Stedman, William L.
Stein, Fred W.
Steiner, Judge R. S.
Sterling, S. F.
Stevens, A. A.
Stevens, Wendall E.
Steward, O. J.
Stewart, John A.
Stewart, Squire
Stine, David
Stone, James E.
Stowell, Elmer E.
Streamer, Frank
Strong, Dennis
Stuckey, Osta H. (Hamilton)

Tandy, Robert & William
Taylor, Frank V.
Tetherow, S. S. & Nancy J. (Crosby)
Therian, Richard
Thomas, James Albert
Thomas, Vance & Al
Thompson, Adam
Thorp, Frank S.
Thrall, Russel
Timmins, James
Titchenal Family
Trask, Egbert
Treadwell, David
Trimble, William Sarson
Tripp, Tallman & Arzilla (Brusha)
Trumble, R. Edward & Rose May (Charlton)
Tupper, Amos
Turner, James

Ustad, O.
Utter, Rev. Frank B.

Vaughn, Austin
Voice, John E.

Wagner, E.
Walker, Albert
Walker, Percy
Wallace, Oliver V.
Wallberg, Edmund
Walsh, John
Ward, Charles Clarence
Warner, W. J.
Weatherly, Hubert
Webb, R. P.
Wells, L. V.
Weythman, George W.
Weythman, James L.
Wheeler, Peter, Sr.
White, August H.
White, John H.
Whited, Kirk
Wiedrich, Joseph
Wilcox, Myron D.
Wilks, Sam & James
Will, Charles F.
Williams, J. L.
Willis, W. H.
Wilson, David C.
Wilson, W. R.
Wolf, William
Wood, P. P.
Woods, Lon
Wright, Charles A.
Wright, J. C.
Wright, R. A.

Yockey, Daniel
Yocum, Thomas Byam & E. B.

Zahren, Herbert & Clarissa
Zimmerman, Charles
Zimmerman, Eli P.
Zimmerman, Louis
Zimmerman, Theodore