Index to: "Spokane and the Spokane Country, Pictorial and Biographical"

The following is an index of biographies published in the "Spokane and the Spokane Country, Pictorial and Biographical" [Published by S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, Spokane, Chicago, Philadelphia, 1912]

has kindly offered to transcribe biographies from Volume 1 of this book on request. (Volume 2 was transcribed by Nancy Pratt Mellon). Biographies will be posted to the WABios project site as they are transcribed. Please email Diana with your request [PLEASE NOTE: if their name does not appear in this index, then there is no biography for that individual!]

This book has been scanned and is available from the Internet Archives as a free download in several formats. [Vol. 1] [Vol. 2]


Abercrombie, Colonel William R.
Acuff, William Henry
Anderson, James A.
Armstrong, Major James M.

Belt, Hon. Horatio N.
Binkley, J. W.
Blake, Hon. Richard B.

Campbell, Amasa B.
Cannon, Edward James
Clark, James
Coman, Edwin Truman
Comstock, James M.
Cowley, Michael M.
Cunningham, John G., M.D.

Danson, Robert John
Day, William T.
Dennis, Graham Barclay
Dwight, Daniel H.

Flewelling, Albert Laurance
Forster, George M.

Gandy, Dr. Joseph Edward
Glover, James Nettle
Graham, Captain James

Hall, Oliver
Hansen, Charles T.
Happy, Cyrus
Harris, William J.
Havermale, Rev. Samuel G.
Hutchinson, Richard Ashton

Jamieson, Edward Herbert
Jenkins, David P.
Jones, Arthur D.

Laberee, O. G.
Larsen, Lewis P.
Ludden, William Henry
Luellwitz, Gustav

MacLean, Lauchlin
McCollough, Frank T.
Martin, Harry S., M.D.
Monaghan, James
Monaghan, John Robert

Nickerson, William J.

Paulson, Paul A.
Perkins, Hon. James Allen
Preusse, Herman

Roberts, Lloyd S.

Spalding, Ely P.

Tannatt, Thomas Redding
Taylor, Jacob R.

Wakefield, William J. C.
White, Aubrey Lee
Witherop, John W.

Yearsley, Wilbur Simpson

Ziegler, Louis
Zittel, Julius A.

Beck, George C.
Blewett, Arthur R.
Boyles, Elmore F.
Buchanan, James D.

Cullen, Hon. William C.
Cunningham, James Calvin

Dempsey, Christopher C.
Derbyshire, Glenn B.
Dewey, Adelbert M.

Garrett, Frank D.
Gray, Milton Clark
Green, Harry

Hansen, Ole
Harper, John Lawrence
Hesseltine, Charles R.
Hilscher, Frank W., M.D.
Howard, Harry M.
Hummel, John J.
Huntley, William

Jasper, Charles

Laidlaw, Andrew
Lane, Thaddeus S.
Long, J. Grier
Luhn, Henry Bernard, M.D.

MacGillivray, Duncan J.
Mabry, Bob
Mackenzie, Roderick
Merritt, Mark Wood
Moar, Thomas A.

Nethercutt, George M.

Oliver, Fred H.

Pettet, William
Prather, Hon. Leander Hamilton

Raymer, John
Reiter, E. D.
Richardson, Judge William E.
Ross, Edward S.

Samuels, Henry Floyd
Scott, Rudolph Bowman
Scott, William D.
Shine, Patrick C.
Smith, Frank L.
Strahorn, Mrs. Carrie Adell (Green)
Strahorn, Robert Edmund
Sutton, William J.

Tilsley, J. H.
Turner, Hon. George

Valentine, W. D., M.D.

Waterhouse, Leonard P., M.D.
Wharton, Samuel M.
Whitten, L. B.
Williamson, Volney D.
Wolfle, Conrad
Wright, Marcus D.