Index to: "Illustrated History of Lane County, Oregon"

The following is an index of biographies published in the "Illustrated History of Lane County, Oregon" [Published by A. G. Walling, Portland, Oregon, 1884]

Diana has transcribed all of the biographies from this book. [PLEASE NOTE: if their name does not appear in this index, then there is no biography for that individual!]

This book is also freely available from the Hathi Trust Digital Library.

Adair, L. G.
Armitage, George Henry
Ayers, Palmer
Bogart, Garret
Bonnett, A. T.
Bristow, Elijah
Bristow, William Wilshire
Bristow, Elijah Lafayette
Bushnell, James A.
Calef, E. N.
Callison, Gilmore
Cartwright, D. B.
Church, J. C., Judge
Cochran, Robert Bevins, Hon.
Cogswell, John
Conser, Jacob, Hon.
Cook, Isaac
Diamond, John
Dick, J. M.
Dorris, B. F., Hon.
Dunn, F. B.
Eakin, S. B., Hon.
Eaton, John J.
Fergueson, John B.
Folsom, Frederick W., Col.
Gillespie, Jacob, Hon.
Gillespie, Marcellus M.
Gray, Joseph G.
Hadley, H. G., Hon.
Harlow, Mahlon H.
Hayes, Richard B., Hon.
Henderson, Enoch P., Rev.
Henderson, James H. D., Hon.
Hendricks, T. G., Hon.
Hills, Cornelius J.
Holt, James E.
Hovey, A. G., Hon.
Huddleston, James
Hulin, Lester
Humphrey, George
Huston, H. C., Hon.
Hyland, Amos Damon
Hyland, B. S.
Inman, Joel C.
Keeney, Andrew J.
Kelly, John, Hon.
Kincaid Family
King, Alex A.
Laird, Patrick
Lakin, D. R.
Lawrence, John A.
Masterson, R. M.
Maxwell, G. S.
McClure, Vincent S., Hon.
Miller, Hulins
Millican, George
Morss, John M.
Ozment, George W.
Packard, N. L., Captain
Patterson, A. S., Hon.
Patterson, A. W., M.D.
Pengra, W. B.
Petrie, Jost D.
Ream, J. R.
Richardson, B. M.
Risdon, D. M., Hon.
Robinson, R. M.
Russell, William
Shannon, Wesley, Hon.
Skinner, Eugene F.
Smith, William
Soverns, George
Spencer, Septimus H.
Spores, Jacob C.
Stevens, William M.
Stewart, J. W.
Stewart, John
Tait, John
Vanduyn, Isaac
Ware, Joel
Whiteaker, John
Wilkins, Mitchell, Hon.
Wilmot, M. L.
Young, Charles Walker